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OBIEE - Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus (Oracle BI EE Plus) is a comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. Featuring a unified, highly scalable, modern architecture, Oracle BI EE Plus provides intelligence and analytics from data spanning enterprise sources and applications—empowering the largest communities with complete and relevant insight. Oracle BI EE Plus also bundles key Oracle Hyperion reporting products for integrated reporting with Oracle Hyperion financial applications.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Implementation - We are in a Unique position to provide you with expertise few possess. we are forging innovative ways of delivering that insight directly to the oracle business intelligence community.

Oracle OBIEE Consulting Services includes:

 Ensure the success of your Oracle Business Intelligence project by learning from an experienced Oracle Business Intelligence expert.

* Get a pragmatic learning experience in Oracle Business Intelligence 

* See industry best practices for choosing a  Business Intelligence  platform and supplemental  Business Intelligence  tools.

* Understand the evolution of  Business Intelligence  needs, from tactical data to hypothesis testing and forecasting.

* See how to use Oracle Business Intelligence for advanced linear regression, predictive modeling and trend analysis.

* Learn proven methods for ETL and data cleansing.

* See how to collect and analyze terabytes of operational data.

* See how to create executive dashboards for strategic data analysis.

* See how to build Oracle  Business Intelligence  Interactive Dashboards for executive management.

* Understand the secrets for hypercharging your Oracle Business Intelligence queries.

* See how to leverage the Oracle  Business Intelligence  Server.

* Learn to use Oracle  Business Intelligence  Answers for sophisticated trend analysis.

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You’ll have proactive support from us to answer any questions you have. You will receive regular updates to make you aware of ongoing progress and changes to your Projects.


Just as I won't be sharing my worst secrets with anyone, I won't share your project details with your friends or competitors. Your information will be as safe with me as it is with you.


I will be happy to AMAZE you with my work. I will really appreciate if you please let me know your project requirements.

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At Inventateq you learn only real-world applications, this Oracle Business Intelligence training class is taught by an experienced Oracle Business Intelligence experts who teaches OBI secrets and tips.

OBI training course can also be customized according to your specific needs along with follow-up supplemental mentoring to guarantee your success in your Business Intelligence deployment.