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Job Assurance: 100% Placement Assistance
Duration: 30 - 35 hrs training classes
Location: Courses are run in our Bangalore Coaching Centres (Marathahalli, BTM Layout, Rajaji Nagar, Jayanagar) or can be on-site at client locations (Corporate Training)
Timings & Schedules: Both on Weekdays / Weekends
Pre-Requisite: Graduate/Software Developer who want to learn ETL tool
Extras: Mock Test and Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course
LAB Facility: The Training is designed tentatively for each batch with Hands on Experience exposures in the Lab session. The Lab sessions are followed along with the Theory in the respective day itself.

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Data Warehousing/Data Stage Course Content:

Course Objectives :

    • Understand what Data Warehousing means
    • Realize the Need, Advantages & Challenges in implementation of a DW Solution
    • Understand Data Warehouse Architecture and its components
    • Understand IBM Reference DW-BI Architecture
    • Understand IBM’s IOD initiative and realize how DW-BI helps in achieving this objective
    • Know the DW-BI Tools and Products, the trends in DW-BI
    • Know your Growth Prospects in the DW-BI Arena within IBM

Module 1 : Data Warehouse Evolution

  • Topic 1. Data Warehouse Definitions
  • Topic 2. Data Warehouse Evolution
  • Topic 3. Need for Data Warehouse & its Advantages


Module 2 : Data Warehouse Concepts

  • Topic 1. OLTP, OLAP, ODS
  • Topic 2. Why OLAP for Data Warehouse
  • Topic 3. OLTP to OLAP transformation steps
  • Topic 4. Differentiate between OLTP, OLAP, & DW
  • Topic 5. Data Warehouse system qualifiers


Module 3 : Data Warehouse Architecture – Part 1 – GENERIC

  • Topic 1. Data Warehouse Generic Architecture
  • Topic 2. DW Components - Terminology


Module 4 : Data Modeling in DW-BI

  • Topic 1. Types of Data Model in DW-BI
  • Topic 2. ER – Relational Model
  • Topic 3. Dimensional Model


Module 5 : Data Warehouse Architecture – Part 2 – SPECIFIC

  • Topic 1. Data Stores – Responsibilities in Data Warehouse
  • Topic 2. The Inmon Data Warehouse
  • Topic 3. The Kimball Data Warehouse
  • Topic 4. The Inmon versus Kimball Data Warehouse
  • Topic 5. Data Warehouse – Architecture Types
  • Topic 6: Data Mining – An Introduction
  • Topic 7: Data Governance – An Introduction


  • Datastage Course Content 8.5 :

Course Objectives
•DataStage Clients and Server
•Setting up the parallel environment
•Importing metadata
•Building DataStage jobs
•Loading metadata into job stages
•Accessing Sequential data
•Accessing Relational data
•Introducing the Parallel framework architecture
•Transforming data
•Sorting and aggregating data
•Merging data
•Configuration files

Module 01: Introduction

  • List and describe the uses of DataStage
  • List and describe DataStage clients
  • Describe the DataStage workflow
  • List and compare different types of DataStage jobs
  • Describe two types of parallelism exhibited by DataStage parallel jobs


Module 02: Deployment

  • Identify the components of Information server that needs to be installed
  • Describe what a deployment domain consists of
  • Describe different domain deployment options
  • Describe the installation process
  • Start the information server


Module 03: Administering DataStage

  • Open the administrative console
  • Create new user and groups
  • Assign suite roles and product roles to users and groups
  • Give user DataStage credentials
  • Log on to DataStage Administrator
  • Add a DataStage user on the permissions tab and specify the user’s role
  • Specify DataStage global and project defaults
  • List and describe important environment variables



Module 04: DataStage Designer

  • Logon to DataStage
  • Navigate around DataStage Designer
  • Import and Export DataStage objects in to file
  • Import a table definition for a Sequential file


Module 05: Creating Parallel jobs

  • Design a simple Parallel job in Designer
  • Define a job parameter
  • Compile your job
  • Run your job in Director
  • View the job log


Module 06: Accessing Sequential data

  • Understand the stages for accessing different kinds of sequential data
  • Sequential File stage
  • Complex Flat File stage
  • Create jobs that read from and write to sequential files
  • Create reject Link
  • Work with NULL’s in sequential file
  • Read from multiple files using file patterns
  • Use multiple readers


Module 07: Platform Architecture

  • Describe parallel processing architecture
  • Describe pipeline parallelism
  • Describe partition parallelism
  • List and describe partitioning and collecting algorithms
  • Describe configuration files
  • Describe the parallel job compilation process
  • Explain OSH
  • Explain the Score


Module 08: Combining Data

  • Combine data using the Lookup stage
  • Define range lookups
  • Combine data using Merge stage
  • Combine data using the Join stage
  • Combine data using the Funnel stage


Module 09: Sorting and aggregating data

  • Sort data using in-stage sorts and Sort stage
  • Combine data using Aggregator stage
  • Combine data Remove Duplicates stage


Module 10: Transforming Data

  • Use the Transformer stage in parallel jobs
  • Define constraints
  • Define derivations
  • Use stage variables
  • Create a parameter set and use its parameters in constraints and derivations


Module 11: Repository Functions

  • Perform a simple Find
  • Perform a Advanced Find
  • Perform Impact Analysis
  • Compare the difference between two Table Definitions
  • Compare the differences between two jobs


Module 12: Working with Relational data

  • Import table definitions for relational tables
  • Create Data connections
  • Use Connector stages in a job
  • Use SqlBuilder to define SQL Select statements
  • Use SqlBuilder to define SQL Insert and Update statements
  • Use DB2 Enterprise stage


Module 13: Metadata in Parallel Framework

  • Explain Schemas
  • Create Schemas
  • Explain Runtime Column Propagation (RCP)
  • Turn RCP ON and OFF
  • Build a job that reads data from a sequential file using a Schema
  • Build a shared Container


Module 14: Job Control

  • Use the DataStage job sequencer to build a job that controls a sequence of jobs
  • Use Sequencer links and stages to control Sequence of set of jobs
  • Use Sequencer triggers and stages to control the conditions under which jobs run
  • Pass information in job parameters from master controlling job to the controlled jobs
  • Define user variables
  • Enable restart
  • Handle errors and exceptions


& Many more real time scenarios…..


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Inventateq: Best Datastage Training Centers in Bangalore

BTM Layout Branch
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BTM Layout 2nd Stage, BTM Lake Road
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Bangalore – 41.
Marathahalli Coaching Center
No. 43, 3rd Floor, Marathahalli,
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Bangalore - 37
Jayanagar Office
No. 1578, 2nd Floor, 11th Main Road,
Jayanagar 4th 'T' Block, 
Next to Domino's (OR) Jayanagar Post-office,
Bangalore – 41.
Rajaji Nagar Centre
No. 16, 1st Floor,
Rajajinagar 6th Block, Magadi Main Road,  Near Prasanna Theatre,
Bengaluru - 560023.

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