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Oviously there's some serious reasons, why 1000+ brands and MNCs and corporations have taken our training all of us.
Its our growth performance and way of customize the best for them.


Data Science Course

Ministry of Defence

Soft Skills Program to Top Officials

Canara Bank

Oracle SQL, PLSql, and DataBase Classes for Technical Staff


Data Analytics Training for Professionals

Maruti Suzuki

Data Science and Advanced Artificial Intelligence AI Course


Microsoft Azure and Data Bricks

Victoria's Secret

Full Stack Web Development Training


TIBCO, GCP, Adobe Experience Manager and Cloud BigData,


Azure Integration Services and Azure DataBricks


Software Testing SDET Course for New Hired Freshers

IMS Hospital

Salesforce Developer and Marketing Cloud

Mouri Tech

Salesforce Admin and Developer, Mulesoft for Laterals


Devops, Docker and Kubernetes

Mu Sigma

Python, Spoken English and Microsoft Mysql

Press Ganey

Amazon web services AWS Training


Full Stack JAVA with Kafka, Frond and Back end Developer Courses


Mulesoft and Cloud Data Platform CDP Classes

Sapna Book House

Digital Marketing Course


Softskills and Spoken English Classes


Data Analyst with PowerBI

Saraswati Sugar Mills

Microsoft .NET Full Stack Course


PowerBI and Tableau

VR Della

Mobile Andriod and iOS App Development Courses, Python Training

6D Technologies

C, C++, Data Structures and Linux for Newly joined Employees


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Improved Employee Performance, Bridge skill gaps, enhance knowledge, and boost employee
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Inventateq's Data Science Course transformed our team's analytical skills. The curriculum was comprehensive, and the instructors were industry experts. We've seen a marked improvement in our data handling and decision-making processes. Highly recommended for any business aiming to leverage data for strategic growth.

— Sarah Agarwal

CEO @ GreenLeaf Technologies

Our marketing team benefited immensely from Inventateq's Digital Marketing training. The course covered everything from SEO to advanced analytics. The hands-on approach and real-world case studies were particularly valuable. We've already seen a boost in our online presence and conversion rates.

— Dr. Anand Kapoor

Founder @ Medicure Clinics

Inventateq’s DevOps Training was a game-changer for our IT department. The course provided deep insights into CI/CD pipelines, automation, and monitoring. The practical sessions ensured our team could apply what they learned immediately. Our deployment times have drastically improved.

— Priya Rao

CEO @ MyTukTuk Tours

Inventateq’s Salesforce Marketing course helped us streamline our customer relationship management. The trainers were knowledgeable and provided practical insights into leveraging Salesforce for maximum impact. This training has been pivotal in enhancing our marketing strategies and customer engagement.

— Vikram Singh

CEO @ AgriTech

The Web Development Training at Inventateq was exceptional. Our development team gained proficiency in modern web technologies and frameworks. The interactive sessions and project-based learning ensured we could implement new skills effectively. We've since launched several successful web projects.

— Shreya Mehta

CEO @ Recycle Craft

Inventateq's Software Testing course was thorough and detailed. Our QA team learned advanced testing methodologies and tools. The practical approach and case studies helped us improve our testing processes, leading to higher-quality software releases and fewer post-deployment issues.

— David Patel

Co-Founder @ InstaDeliver


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Data Science Corporate Training

Online Data Science

Master Data Science Skils like Machine Learning, Python, Artificial Intelligence AI, Deep Learning, Tableau, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Statistical Analysis .

 Beginner  1729  4.9


Digital Marketing Corporate Training

Digital Marketing Training

More than 55+ Modules: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, Youtube, Mobile Apps, Wordpress, Content Marketing, Earning Money and So on.

 Beginner  926  4.9


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Corporate Training

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, CDP, Interaction Studio, Cloud Intelligence,Vlocity and other sfdc modules.

 Beginner  391  4.9


DevOps Corporate Training

DevOps Training Online

20+ DevOps Tools like Jenkins, Puppet, Maven, GIT, Chef, Ansible, Slack, SaltStack, AWS, Nagios, GIT, Splunk, Docker, Build and Release.

 Beginner  188  4.9


AWS Cloud Operations Corporate Training

AWS Cloud Operations

Cloud Computing, AWS Sys Ops, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

 Beginner  489  5.0


Python & DJango Corporate Training

Python & Django Training

Learn Python Topic Based Development & Training for Employees. These certificate courses enable students to boost their career.

 Beginner  839  4.8


Web Development Corporate Training

Web Development Training

HTML5, CSS, Php, Mysql, Angularjs, Nodejs, Reactjs, Wordpress, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Bootstrap. Tailwind & Bulma CSS Frameworks.

 Beginner  1192  4.9


Software Testing Corporate Training

Software Testing Training

Web App, Mobile Apps Testing & Software Testing for companies and ensures a better output and grow your market.

 Beginner  205  4.9


Oracle Cloud Corporate Training

Oracle Cloud Training

Train about Oracle Cloud development, cloud resources and Cloud Computing development over the years on the go.

 Beginner  580  4.8


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  •   We Offer Customized Training
  •   Diverse Training Methods Available
  •   Flexible & Highly Cost Effective
  •   CERTIFIED Trainers & Consultants
  •   Hands-On Practical Experience Training
  •   Industry Recognized Certification
  •   Highest Quality of Service & Training
  •   Enhanced Employee Engagement


Any doubts about our Trainings?

How can I be sure Inventateq Corporate Training will address the specific needs of my company?
At Inventateq, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to Corporate Training doesn't work. That's why we take a consultative approach to every project. We begin by scheduling a needs assessment meeting with you to discuss your company's goals, challenges, and current skill gaps within your workforce. We'll also explore your preferred training methods and budget constraints. Following this discussion, our team of experienced learning and development specialists will curate a customized Inventateq Corporate Training program specifically tailored to your organization's unique requirements. This ensures that the training directly addresses your most pressing needs and delivers measurable results that contribute to your overall business objectives.
What types of training methods do you offer in your Corporate Trainings program?
We recognize that everyone learns differently. That's why we offer a variety of training methods to cater to diverse learning styles and preferences in our Inventateq Corporate Trainings. Our core offerings include:
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions: These interactive sessions provide a collaborative learning environment where participants can engage directly with our expert trainers.
  • Online Learning Modules: Our online modules offer a flexible and self-paced learning experience for individuals who prefer to learn independently or on their own schedules.
  • Blended Learning Programs: These programs combine the benefits of instructor-led sessions with the flexibility of online learning, providing a well-rounded learning experience for your Corporate Training needs.
  • Workshops: Our focused workshops offer in-depth exploration of specific topics, allowing participants to gain practical skills and strategies.
In addition to these core methods, we are also open to discussing and exploring alternative training methods that may be a good fit for your organization's needs.
How do you measure the success of your Corporate Training programs?
We believe in the value of data-driven training. That's why we utilize a comprehensive approach to measuring the success of our Corporate Training programs. Our methods include:
  • Pre- and Post-Training Assessments: These assessments allow us to gauge the participants' knowledge and skills before and after the training program, demonstrating the impact of the training on their skill development.
  • Feedback Surveys: We solicit feedback from both participants and management to identify areas where the Inventateq Corporate Training program excelled and areas for potential improvement.
  • Performance Tracking: We work with you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to the training goals. This allows us to measure the impact of the training on business outcomes.
By utilizing these methods, we can demonstrate the tangible benefits of our Corporate Training programs and ensure that they are continuously refined to deliver the best possible results for your organization.
What is the investment involved in your Inventateq Corporate Training programs?
The cost of our Corporate Training programs varies depending on several factors, including:
  • The specific training needs and goals of your organization
  • The number of participants
  • The chosen training methods (e.g., instructor-led vs. online)
  • The duration of the program
However, we are committed to providing training solutions that are accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. We offer flexible pricing options and are happy to work with you to develop a program that fits within your budget. To get a more specific quote, we recommend scheduling a free consultation to discuss your training needs in detail.
How can I get started with a Corporate Training program for my company?
Getting started with Inventateq's Corporate Training programs is easy! Simply contact us through our website or give us a call to schedule a free consultation. During this consultation, we'll discuss your company's specific needs and goals, answer any questions you may have about Inventateq Corporate Training Companies in India, and provide you with a customized training proposal. We are confident that we can develop a program that will empower your workforce and propel your business towards success.
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