How to Setup an SEO-Friendly Website Architecture

Best Site Structure - Here's how you can build an SEO-friendly website

Google use your site structure to find, crawl, and rank content on your website.

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Seo process -

Black hat techniques report : on page and off page

White hat techniques : on page and off page

On page:

2.1) research and analysis:
2.1.a) studying the client website:
2.1.b) client requirements
2.1.c) seo audit report
2.1.d) competitor analysis


2.2.2) Making a site seo friendly: what all the changes you need to do in your website as google guidelines which will be help to increase seo score / keyword rankings will increase/ visitors / sales/ revenue


Mens - footwear - shoes - sports shoes - walking shoes - puma shoes - product

We suggest to create separate page for shoes category, sports shoes category , walking shoes category, puma shoes category.

2.2.b) URL Structure:

We suggest to what should be the url for each page . Seo friendly - the url should consist of targeted keyword

For Mens category suggest url is

Already sport shoes this is the current url - dynamic urls which are not seo friendly

We suggest to rewrite the dynamic url in to static url as suggested below

Seo friendly url for each page.
Having targeted keyword in the url

For shoes page , below is the suggested url

For sports shoes page , below is the suggested url

For walking shoes page , below is the suggested url

For puma shoes current url is

We suggest to rewrite the old url to new seo friendly url as shown below