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About Data Science Course

Why Enroll in a Data Science Course in Bangalore?

What is Data Science?

Data Science involves extracting insights from complex data sets, aiding decision-making, and predicting trends. It's a multidisciplinary field crucial for innovation and problem-solving.

Why Data Science?

Data Science empowers organizations by providing data-driven insights, optimizing processes, and identifying opportunities. It's a high-demand career path for those seeking to contribute to diverse industries.

Why Inventateq?

Inventateq is a top-notch education provider known for quality data science training in bangalore. It offers industry-relevant courses, expert instructors, hands-on projects, and placement assistance, ensuring a practical learning experience. With Microsoft and IBM certifications, it trains students well for their careers.

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Who is Data Science Trainer?

Our trainers are seasoned and certified data scientists dedicated to delivering personalized instruction and student support. With a collective industry experience of 18 years, our instructors bring a wealth of practical knowledge to the classroom, ensuring a valuable and insightful learning experience for our students. They will provide you with all the free guides and material you need to complete the data science course.

Mr. Harsha - Senior Data Scientist

Harsha is among India's best data science instructors, with extensive experience in cloud-based industries. With a rich background, he has been a key player in the Data Science domain for several years. Harsha's journey began with the development team at Amazon Web Services, and later, he contributed to Microsoft's Big Data platform. His expertise extends to conducting workshops and webinars and providing consultancy on Data Science technology. He brings a wealth of practical insights and real-world experience to his data science training, making him a valuable resource for individuals seeking to delve into the intricacies of Data Science.

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Which Data Science Training Certificate is Essential for a Better Job?

Data Science certifications from top universities, industry leaders, and recognized organizations are valued in the employment market. Google, IBM, and Microsoft certifications demonstrate expertise in specific technologies and platforms. Data Science Institute in Bangalore offers a variety of accreditations

Data Science Certification course
Data Science Specialization Certificates:

These certificates, focusing on specific areas like machine learning, data analysis, or big data, showcase expertise in specialized domains.

Google's Professional Data Engineer Certificate classes
Google's Professional Data Engineer Certificate

Google's GCP-focused certificate validates expertise in designing and deploying data systems and machine learning models on the Google Cloud Platform, highlighting practical skills in data engineering.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate training
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM's certificate signifies data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization proficiency. Recognized globally, it's valuable for roles in data science, showcasing hands-on experience with industry-standard tools.

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Inventateq Data Science Institute Certificate

It validates completing a data science course in bangalore, signifying proficiency in essential concepts and methodologies—a testament to one's commitment and skills in data science.

Learn the Best Data Science Tools & Technologies

Data science involves using various tools and technologies to collect, analyze, and interpret data for informed decision-making. Here are some widely used data science tools and technologies, and you can see what you will learn from projects.

Programming Languages Data Analysis and Visualization Machine Learning
Big Data Technologies Database Management Systems Data Processing and Cleaning
Apache Hadoop
Apache Spark
SQL (Structured Query Language)
MongoDB (for NoSQL)
Apache Kafka
Apache Flink
Cloud Computing Platforms Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) Version Control
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Microsoft Azure
Jupyter Notebooks
Statistical Analysis Natural Language Processing (NLP) Artificial Intelligence
SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)
Chat GPT
Jasper AI
DRIFT AI to create Chatbots

The Reviews of Our Data Science Course Graduates

I would like to share my sincerest gratitude to the Inventateq for helping me one step closer to my goal. The Inventateq provides you the Data Science course content that satisfies market conditions. Data Science Classes happened regularly. The assignments they provide are also good and all the concepts are covered in the assignments. Apart from that, mentors are really amazing and are very helpful. Also the management is outstanding. Trainers for assignment section are very helpful. I just want to say I am forever grateful to the inventateq which is best data science training institute in btm layout.



I Got a JOB after completing data science training in marathahalli provided by Inventateq, Great Course! I Would recommend to all those would like to set up a career in Generative AI and ChatGPT and learn about it's tools. The modules discussed are very effective and easy to implement and practice.The teaching faculty is so supportive and motivating!


Python Developer

I have just completed my Data Science Course from Inventateq. Must say what a great course curriculum it has. The structure of the data science training was in a very balanced way. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, enhancing the overall quality of my learning journey. I would recommend Inventateq Institute in marathahalli to others who want to become data scientist. Special thanks to my trainer! He explained us the concepts of data science clearly in practical way.


Software Engineer

Inventateq is a top data science training institute in bangalore.we have plenty of options to attend classes when we required .we can switch with different lecturers and also we can get recorded class. They provide pre placement mock interviews and prepare us thoroughly for the placement, resume building sessions are also provided with great mentors assisting us.The staff assist throughout the job training till the placement.


Data Engineer

Data Science Course with Placement

Inventateq provides placement assistance and prepares you for what interview questions can be asked . What makes us unique is our help in finding job opportunities after you finish the course. We foster connections between students and various companies, from local enterprises to prestigious multinational corporations (MNCs). We are committed to helping you discover many job options and internships. Our goal is to ensure your career goals match well with successful companies worldwide.

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Resume Building

Craft a standout resume with our guidance, highlighting your skills and achievements and setting the stage for a successful job search.

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Interview Preparation

Boost your interview confidence with our tailored sessions, providing insights, mock interviews, and valuable tips for a polished performance.

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Job Opportunities

Tap into our extensive network to discover diverse career opportunities aligned with your data science skills and aspirations.

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Placement Events

Engage in exclusive events connecting you with top employers, fostering networking, and opening doors to exciting career prospects.

What Will You Learn in Data Science Training in Bangalore

Data Analysis

Understand how to explore, clean, and analyze data sets using statistical techniques and programming languages like Python or R.

Machine Learning

Gain proficiency in building and deploying machine learning models for predictive analytics and pattern recognition.

Data Visualization

Learn to create compelling visualizations to communicate insights effectively using tools like Matplotlib, Seaborn, or Tableau.

Big Data Technologies

Explore the principles and applications of big data technologies like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark for processing and analyzing large datasets.

Programming Languages

Develop coding skills, particularly in languages like Python, used extensively in data science for data manipulation and analysis.

Statistical Concepts

Grasp foundational statistical concepts for making informed decisions based on data patterns and trends.

Database Management

Understand database systems, SQL (Structured Query Language), and other tools for efficient data storage and retrieval.

Artificial Intelligence

Evryone talks about Latest AI tools but inventateq makes you to build them through hands-on projects, solving real-world problems, and gaining practical experience. .

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a method in artificial intelligence (AI) that teaches computers to process data in a way that is inspired by the human brain

BigData vs Data Science vs Data Analytics

at Inventateq, we teaches you what is and what are the difference between BigData vs Data Science vs Data Analytics with clear examples.

FAQ About Data Science Course in Bangalore

Explore the possibilities of our Data Science training course by diving into these frequently asked questions.

What are the class times for the Data Science training in marathahalli?

Our class schedules are designed to accommodate diverse learners. We offer flexible timings to suit both working professionals and students. timings we can discuss and schedule in both branches like best data science institute in btm and top data science training in marathahalli.

How long does the Data Science training last ?

The duration of our Data Science course varies, providing options to match your pace and availability. We offer comprehensive programs that cater to different learning preferences.

What is the Data Science Course curriculum like?

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to cover essential topics in what is data science with examples , including programming languages, Artificial Intelligence, statistical analysis, what is machine learning , and practical applications. It is regularly updated to align with industry trends.

Do you provide hands-on experience with real-world projects?

Absolutely! Practical application is a cornerstone of our training. You can work on real-world projects, applying the skills and concepts you learn in class.

Are the class materials accessible outside of scheduled sessions?

Yes, we provide resources and materials you can access outside of class hours, ensuring continuous learning at your own pace.

Is the course suitable for beginners with no prior coding or data science experience?

Yes, our data science courses are designed to accommodate learners with various experience levels. We provide foundational modules to support beginners and advanced topics for those with existing knowledge.

How are assessments conducted during the data science course in bangalore?

Assessments are a mix of quizzes, assignments, and practical projects. They are designed to gauge your understanding and practical application of data science concepts.

Will I Get a FREE Demo Class beforing joing data science training in bangalore?

Yes, at Inventateq attend a free demo class led by an industry expert before deciding and joining the best data science training institute in bangalore.

Can I get more information on data science course fees and payment plans?

Certainly! Contact inventateq's admissions team for detailed information on data science course fees and available payment plans.

Are there opportunities for networking with industry professionals during the data scientist course?

Yes, we organize networking events and provide opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals, fostering valuable relationships for future career growth.