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  • Practice on Real Time Projects
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  • Resume Prepration support on all job portals
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About DevOps Course with Placement

Why Should You Learn DevOps Course in Bangalore?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a methodology that unites development and operations teams to streamline software delivery. It promotes collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement for faster, better releases and business agility.

Why DevOps?

DevOps skills are in high demand, providing a competitive edge in a dynamic job market. Organizations benefit from improved agility, stability, and reliability, adapting swiftly to market changes.

Why Inventateq?

Get 100% Ready for Every Interview Round, We teach DevOps Course for both freshers and professionals to industry standards and Our distinctive blended learning method combines DevOps certification Training with interactive labs to give you practical experience.

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Who is the Best DevOps Trainer?

Facilitate your DevOps endeavors with the assistance of our knowledgeable devops trainer. Gain practical expertise, industry insights, and guides and materials. Develop your proficiency with the support of an experienced DevOps expert.

Sushira (Sr. Cloud Devops Engineer)

Sushira brings 11 years of IT expertise, specializing in DevOps and Cloud for 5 years. With a stellar 4.8 instructor rating and 9351 students taught, he excels in DevOps, Cloud Computing, and Storage Testing. His proficiency extends to VMware, UNIX Servers, SAN, and optimizing various services. Well-versed in AWS services like EC2, VPC, Route 53, and more. He is proficient in continuous delivery using Git, Ant, Jenkins, Docker, and Vagrant. He demonstrates robust Config Management skills, particularly in Chef, for multi-tier application automation. Proficient in scripting with Shell, Python, AWS CLI tools, and Python boto module. Valuable experience in Release Management, ensuring smooth releases and quick issue resolution.He will also guide you on how to work on live projects?

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What DevOps Certification Is Required for a Better Job?

Secure your career with our Top 8 Best DevOps Certifications Course in Bangalore. A certificate validates skills, enhances credibility, and boosts marketability, ensuring better job opportunities in a competitive market.

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Docker Certified Associate

Validates proficiency in Docker technologies and containerization concepts.

Kubernetes Certification
Kubernetes Certification

Demonstrates expertise in orchestrating and managing containerized applications using Kubernetes.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam

Recognizes advanced skills in implementing and managing DevOps practices on the AWS platform.

Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam
Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam

Affirms mastery in utilizing Azure DevOps tools and practices for efficient software development and delivery.

Puppet Professional Certification
Puppet Professional Certification

Certifies competence in automating IT infrastructure and managing systems using Puppet.

Architecting With Google Cloud Platform
Architecting With Google Cloud Platform

Verifies the ability to design scalable and reliable solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

Free DevOps Course near me
Free DevOps Course (LinkedIn)

Acknowledges completion of a DevOps course on LinkedIn, indicating foundational knowledge in DevOps principles.

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Inventateq DevOps course completion certificate

Confirms successful completion of the Inventateq DevOps course in bangalore, showcasing acquired skills in DevOps methodologies.

Learn The Best DevOps Tools & Technologies

The best DevOps tools are essential for seamless collaboration, automation, and efficient software delivery. These tools help DevOps teams automate procedures, collaborate better, and deploy software faster and more reliably

Version Control Systems Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Configuration Management
Travis CI
Containerization and Orchestration Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Monitoring and Logging
ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
Collaboration and Communication Testing Cloud Platforms
Microsoft Teams
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Scripting and Automation Database and Storage) Security
Shell scripting (Bash)
MySQL, PostgreSQL
Amazon RDS
Amazon S3
OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy)
Other Tools

Reviews - Voices of Success from Our DevOps Course Alumni

"Coming from an IT support background, I was a bit hesitant about diving into DevOps course. However, Inventateq's well-structured course eased my transition. The trainers were patient, and the learning environment was collaborative. I now feel equipped to implement DevOps practices in my workplace, thanks to the solid foundation I gained from them."


Backend Admin

"I appreciated the emphasis on practical application at Inventateq. The course focused on theoretical knowledge and implementing DevOps tools and methodologies in real-world scenarios. This approach gave me the confidence to apply what I learned immediately in my job. I am thankful for the hands-on experience that I got durin."



"I recently completed the DevOps Certification Course at Inventateq, and I can confidently say it was a game-changer for my career. They assist me in getting a job in a top MNC after the course. The supportive learning environment made the entire journey enjoyable. I highly recommend the course and institute to anyone looking to excel in DevOps."


Software Engineer

"I had been searching for a proper DevOps course, and I'm glad I chose Inventateq. The course material was up-to-date, covering the latest trends and technologies in the DevOps domain. I am grateful for the support I received from the Inventateq team throughout the course. This certification has opened new doors for me in the IT industry." .


aws engineer

"I enrolled in the DevOps to enhance my skills and stay relevant in the fast-paced IT industry. The course not only met but exceeded my expectations. The instructors were knowledgeable and approachable, always willing to clarify doubts and provide additional guidance. Inventateq's DevOps course is necessary for anyone looking to stay ahead in this ever-evolving field."


linux administrator

DevOps Training Institute with Placement

Our best institute for devops in bangalore assists candidates in developing exceptional resumes, conducts simulated interviews questions , and provides insightful advice that boosts confidence. Our dedication extends to securing placements and internships with leading MNCs, ensuring candidates embark on DevOps careers with the right skills and opportunities.

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Resume Enhancement

Craft a compelling resume highlighting your skills and experiences, providing a distinct advantage in the job market.

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Interview Excellence

Improve your interview abilities, communication, and response to typical inquiries

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Professional Networking

Increase your professional network with us. Attend business events, network with prominent people, and build your career profile.

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Placement Assistance

Find suitable jobs, perform well in interviews, and get help with placement for a smooth career shift.

What Will You Learn in the DevOps Course?


Embrace automationprinciples to streamline workflows.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Master the efficient and constant software delivery practices.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Explore the concept of IaC for scalable and consistent infrastructure management.

Big Data Technologies

Explore the principles and applications of big data technologies like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark for processing and analyzing large datasets.

Configuration Management

Learn to automate and manage system configurations for consistency.


Dive into containerization technologies like Docker for lightweight and portable application deployment.


Understand the importance of collaboration between development and operations teams.

DevOps Tools

Gain hands-on experience with popular tools like Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and more.

Real-world Scenarios

Practice with real-world situations and case studies..

FAQs on the best devops training in bangalore

Discovering DevOps: Your Queries, Our Answers – Navigating the FAQs on our Azure Training Course.

Who is this course designed for?

This aws devops course is designed for IT professionals, developers, system administrators, and anyone interested in mastering DevOps principles and practices.

Why is DevOps important?

DevOps helps organizations achieve faster and more reliable software delivery by breaking down silos between development and operations, fostering collaboration, and automating processes.

What will I learn in this course?

The devops training in marathahalli covers critical DevOps principles, automation, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), infrastructure as code (IaC), containerization, collaboration, and popular DevOps tools.

Do I need prior experience in DevOps?

No prior DevOps experience is required. The course is structured to accommodate beginners and those with some experience in the field.

How is the aws devops course with placement structured?

The devops training institute in marathahalli includes lectures, hands-on exercises, real-world scenarios, and case studies to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

How will this course benefit my career?

devops training in bangalore will equip you with the skills needed to excel in DevOps roles, making you more competitive in the job market and providing opportunities for career growth.

Can I access course materials after completion?

Yes, you will have continued access to course materials, ensuring you can review and reinforce your learning even after completing the aws devops training near me .

Is programming knowledge required for DevOps training in bangalore?

While not mandatory, a basic understanding of programming concepts is helpful. DevOps involves scripting and automation, and programming skills can enhance your effectiveness.

How practical is the aws devops training for real-world applications?

DevOps training near me often includes practical exercises, case studies, and real-world scenarios to ensure participants can apply what they learn in their professional settings.

Can I implement DevOps practices in my current workplace after completing the devops training and placement?

DevOps training aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to implement DevOps practices in their organizations.