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About Tosca Training

Why Should You Do Tosca Training in Bangalore?

What is Tosca?

Tosca, short for "Test Optimization and Scalability Acceleration," is a comprehensive software testing tool designed to enhance and streamline the testing process. It offers a model-based approach to automation, ensuring efficiency and flexibility in testing various applications.

Why Tosca?

Choosing Tosca for your career brings industry relevance, efficiency in testing, and scalability to handle complex software environments. It aligns with the industry's focus on innovation and productivity, making it a strategic choice for a dynamic career in software testing.

Why Inventateq?

Inventateq is your ideal choice for Tosca training in Bangalore due to our commitment to providing quality education. Our expert instructors provide a deep understanding of Tosca's functionalities. We prepare you for implementation with live projects and industry relevance, making it career-oriented.

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Discover Tosca excellence with our top trainer. Elevate skills under their guidance and access the latest Your journey to guides and materials.mastery starts here, with unparalleled expertise and support.

Mr. Prasanna (Sr. Test Engineer)

Our Tosca Certification Training, led by certified specialists with 9+ years of experience, combines theoretical depth with practical insights into the Tosca testing automation tool. Our faculty, connected to multinational recruiters, ensures real-world relevance by staying updated on the latest Tosca developments. What sets our program apart is the instructors' hands-on experience in diverse real-time projects, providing a holistic understanding of Tosca applications. Beyond technical expertise, they prepare students for success with guidance on interview questions. Our comprehensive Tosca training empowers you to navigate automation challenges effectively, offering a pathway to professional success through industry-driven education.

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Which Tosca Certification is Essential for Professional Growth?

These are the certifications for particular cloud computing systems or Tosca-supporting technologies. The following are a few potential certifications to advance your career

tosca Certification course
Tosca Fundamentals (TF1)

This certification validates your understanding of core Tosca concepts, terminology, and functionalities.

Test Design Specialist Level 1 (TDS1) Certificate classes
Test Design Specialist Level 1 (TDS1)

This certification validates your ability to design and develop test cases using Tosca.

Test Design Specialist Level 2 (TDS2) Certificate training
Test Design Specialist Level 2 (TDS2)

This certification validates your advanced skills in test case design and development using Tosca.

Automation Engineer Level 1 (AE1)
Automation Engineer Level 1 (AE1)

This certification validates your ability to automate test cases using Tosca.

Automation Engineer Level 2 (AE2)
Automation Engineer Level 2 (AE2)

This certification validates your advanced skills in test automation using Tosca.

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Test Architect

This certification validates your ability to design, implement, and manage a test automation strategy using Tosca.

how to get Automation Specialist Level 1 (AS1) certification
Automation Specialist Level 1 (AS1)

This certification validates your ability to manage the testing process using Tosca.

how to get Automation Specialist Level 2 (AS2) certificate
Automation Specialist Level 2 (AS2)

This certification validates your ability to develop custom extensions for Tosca.

Learn The Best Tosca Tools

In TOSCA training, students typically learn a range of tools and technologies associated with test automation and software testing. Some key components include:

Tosca Commander Tosca Studio Module-based Test Automation
  • Primary interface for designing, executing, and managing test cases.
  • Graphic tool for intuitive creation and editing of test case modules.
  • Understanding and implementing TOSCA's model-based approach for efficient automation.
TOSCA API Scan Tosca BI Scan Integration with CI/CD Tools
  • Testing APIs for seamless integration
  • Analyzing and testing Business Intelligence components.
  • Incorporating TOSCA into CI/CD pipelines for automated testing in agile environments.
Web and Mobile Application Testing Data-driven Testing Version Control Integration
  • Using TOSCA for automated testing of web and mobile applications.
  • Leveraging TOSCA for comprehensive test coverage with different data inputs.
  • Implementing version control using tools like Git for test assets.
Advanced Reporting and Analytics Cross-Browser Testing
  • Utilizing TOSCA's reporting features for detailed test result analysis.
  • Automating tests across different web browsers using TOSCA.

Graduate Stories: A Symphony of Unmatched Success

"Inventateq is amazing! The Tosca course here is top-notch. The instructors break down complex concepts in simple terms. I feel confident in my skills and job-ready!"



"Highly recommend Inventateq for Tosca training in Bangalore. The classes are engaging, and the trainers make software testing easy. Practical projects prepare you for real-world scenarios. Great experience!"


Manual tester

"Choosing Inventateq for Tosca training in bangalore was the best decision. The course content is relevant, and the instructors are supportive. I appreciate the emphasis on practical applications. Thank you!"


Test Engineer

Thumbs up for Inventateq's Tosca training! Earlier, I was doubtful about my skills, like if I would be able to learn testing and AI. However, their teaching methodology is effective, and the emphasis on practical skills is invaluable. The support from the instructors makes all the difference. .


Test Engineer

"I can't praise Inventateq enough for their Tosca training in bangalore. The instructors are friendly, and the learning environment is conducive to growth. I now feel ready to tackle real-world testing challenges and ready to crack the interview.


Software Engineer

Tosca Training in Bangalore with Placement

Inventateq's Tosca Training goes beyond education, seamlessly integrating placement assistance and internships , into the learning journey. With a comprehensive curriculum and expert instructors, students not only gain proficiency in Tosca but also receive support for placement opportunities and valuable internship experiences at top MNCs..

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Resume Enhancement

Craft a compelling resume highlighting your skills and experiences, providing a distinct advantage in the job market.

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Interview Excellence

Improve your interview abilities, communication, and response to typical inquiries.

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Professional Networking

Increase your professional network with us. Attend business events, network with prominent people, and build your career profile.

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Placement Assistance

Find suitable jobs, perform well in interviews, and get help with placement for a smooth career shift.

What Will You Learn in the Tosca Training

Introduction to Tosca
  • Understanding the fundamentals and principles behind TOSCA.
  • Exploring the history and development of TOSCA as an industry standard.
Tosca Language Overview
  • Learning the syntax and structure of Tosca templates.
  • Understanding how Tosca describes the topology and orchestration of cloud applications.
Tosca Simple Profile
  • Exploring the TOSCA Simple Profile, a lightweight version of TOSCA with simplified syntax (TOSCA Simple YAML).
Service Templates
  • Creating service templates to define the architecture and components of cloud applications.
  • Specifying relationships and dependencies between different components.
Node Types and Relationship Types
  • Understanding the various node types and relationship types in TOSCA.
  • Defining the characteristics and behavior of different components within a TOSCA template.
Tosca Orchestrators
  • Working with TOSCA-compliant orchestration tools and platforms.
  • Hands-on experience with tools like Cloudify, Alien4Cloud, or other TOSCA orchestration solutions.
Deployment and Scaling
  • Implementing TOSCA templates to deploy and manage cloud applications.
  • Scaling applications using TOSCA to adapt to changing requirements.
Integration with Cloud Platforms
  • Integrating TOSCA with different cloud platforms, such as OpenStack, AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Understanding how TOSCA facilitates cross-platform application deployment.
Best Practices and Use Cases
  • Exploring best practices for designing and implementing TOSCA templates.
  • Analyzing real-world use cases where TOSCA is beneficial.
Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • Identifying common issues and errors in TOSCA templates.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting TOSCA-based deployments.
Security Considerations
  • Addressing security concerns and best practices when working with TOSCA.
  • Implementing secure deployment strategies.

FAQs on the Tosca Training in Bangalore

Why is Tosca important?

Tosca provides a standardized way to describe and orchestrate complex cloud applications, making it easier to deploy, manage, and scale applications across different cloud platforms.

Who should enroll in Tosca Training in bangalore?

tosca Training in bangalore is suitable for software testers, quality assurance professionals, and anyone interested in mastering automation testing. It caters to beginners and experienced individuals looking to enhance their Tosca skills.

What are the benefits of Tosca Training?

Tosca Training in bangalore provides several benefits, including proficiency in a widely-used testing tool, improved efficiency in test automation, enhanced career prospects, real-world project experience, and the ability to contribute to agile development environments.

Is any prior experience required for Tosca Training?

While prior testing experience can be beneficial, Tosca Training in Bangalore is designed for individuals with varying levels of expertise. Beginners can grasp the fundamentals, while experienced testers can deepen their knowledge and skills.

Are there practical components in Tosca Training?

Yes, Tosca Training in Bangalore includes practical components such as hands-on exercises, real-time projects, and simulations. This practical approach ensures that students gain valuable experience and are well-prepared for real-world testing scenarios.

Is certification provided upon completion of Tosca Training?

Many Tosca Training programs offer certification upon successful completion. Certification validates the skills and knowledge acquired during the training, enhancing the individual's credibility in the job market.

Is Tosca training vendor-specific?

Tosca itself is a vendor-neutral standard, but some training programs may focus on specific Tosca-compliant tools or platforms.

How long does Tosca training typically last?

The duration of Tosca training in bangalore can vary. Short introductory courses may last a few days, while more comprehensive programs could span several weeks.

Are there any prerequisites for Tosca training?

Prerequisites can vary, but a basic understanding of cloud concepts and infrastructure is often beneficial. Some courses may have specific prerequisites, so it's advisable to check with the training provider.

Can I apply Tosca principles to any cloud platform?

Yes, Tosca is designed to be platform-agnostic, allowing you to apply its principles to various cloud environments.