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About Spoken English Training

Why Should You Learn Spoken English Course in Bangalore?

What is Spoken English?

Spoken English emphasizes voice-over writing. Pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversational fluency are vital for social and professional communication.

Why Spoken English Classes?

Learning spoken English boosts communication, career prospects, and global opportunities. It's an essential investment for success.

Why Inventateq?

Inventateq is perfect for spoken English Classes because of its skilled professors, practical training, and real-world focus. It guarantees a relevant and results-driven learning experience and provides skills for success in many situations.

best spoken english classes near me

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Who is Our Best Spoken English Trainer?

Introducing our top-tier English-speaking faculty, boasting unmatched expertise and a sincere dedication to empowering learners

Dr. Ravi Kumar

Our spoken English trainer is a seasoned language professional, elevating language skills with a track record of training over 6,000 students, garnering a stellar 4.9/5 rating. Proficient in both classroom and corporate training, they bring enthusiasm, effective teaching methods, and a deep commitment to helping learners achieve proficiency. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, their dynamic approach integrates structured lessons with practical exercises, guaranteeing a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Join Inventateq for a transformative journey towards Speaking fluency and confident communication.

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Which Spoken English Certificate is Required for a Better Job?

Our Spoken English course is specifically created for freshers, promising that you receive a solid foundation in Writing and Speaking English language skills. We focus on essential vocabulary, grammar structures, pronunciation, and conversational phrases that are necessary for effective communication.

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Certificate in Spoken English

Basic certification for completing a spoken English course.

Diploma in Spoken English
Diploma in Spoken English

A more comprehensive certification for successful completion.

Advanced Certificate in English Speaking
Advanced Certificate in English Speaking

Indicates proficiency in advanced spoken English.

Proficiency in Spoken English Certificate
Proficiency in Spoken English Certificate

Recognizes a high level of proficiency in spoken English.

Certificate of Achievement in English Communication
Certificate of Achievement in English Communication

Awarded for written and spoken communication excellence.

IELTS/TOEFL Preparation Certificate
IELTS/TOEFL Preparation Certificate

For courses preparing students for international English proficiency exams.

Business English Certificate
Business English Certificate

Focuses on English communication skills in a business context.

Advanced Spoken English Course Certificate
Advanced Spoken English Course Certificate

Given upon completion of an advanced level spoken English course.

Fluency in English Certificate
Fluency in English Certificate

Acknowledges a high level of fluency in spoken English.

Professional Communication Skills Certificate
Professional Communication Skills Certificate

Recognizes enhanced communication skills in a professional setting.

Levels in the Spoken English Classes in Bangalore

In spoken English classes, the content and structure of ten vary based on the learner's proficiency level. Generally, English language courses are divided into different levels to cater to the needs of learners at various stages of proficiency. The common levels are:

Beginner Level Elementary Level
Basic Vocabulary
Greetings and Introductions
Everyday Conversations
Pronunciation Practice
Expanding Vocabulary
Grammar Basics
Simple Conversations
Listening and Speaking Activities
Intermediate Level Advanced Level
Intermediate Vocabulary
Grammar Development
Pronunciation Refinement
Advanced Vocabulary
Complex Grammar Structures
Debates and Discussions
Public Speaking Skills
Proficient Level
Fluency and Accuracy
Idiomatic Expressions
Cultural Competence
Advanced Pronunciation

Success Tales from Our Graduates in Spoken English Training

The English course at Inventateq is awesome for your job atmosphere. The teachers are great, and the course covers everything you need for business talk. It helped me get better at speaking in meetings. If you're a professional, check this english speaking course near me out

Sachin Rathod

Graduate in BE

After college, I needed to improve my English speaking to get the job. The Inventateq English course was perfect. The Englishs Speaking classes were practical, and the teachers cared about each student. I feel ready for job interviews now. If you just finished college, this course is a good choice.


BSC IT in computer science

"I was shy about my English, but Inventateq changed that. The trainers are patient and make you feel comfortable. We did role-plays and group discussions – real stuff! Now, I can speak without overthinking. Inventateq, you guys rock!"

Palleni Sasidhar

B Tech Fresher

"I never thought learning English could be this fun! The classes are super engaging, and the trainers are awesome. They don't just teach; they cheer you on. The small class size is a big plus, and we get to do a lot of speaking exercises. Now, I feel more confident chatting in English. Thanks, Inventateq!"

Lipsa priyadarsani

Civil Engineer

"Inventateq made learning English feel so natural. The trainers are down-to-earth, and the classes are like a conversation with friends. I used to hesitate a lot, but now I'm more at ease. It's not just about the language; it's about expressing yourself. Highly recommend them for Spoken English!"

Lipsa priyadarsani

Civil Engineer

Spoken English Course in Bangalore with Placement

The English language instills confidence, eliminates hesitation, and unlocks doors to various career opportunities. With proficiency in English, you can confidently pursue jobs across diverse industries. Our program goes beyond language skills; we assist you in crafting a compelling resume, offer interview preparation, and connect you with numerous multinational corporations.

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Resume Building

Craft a standout resume with our guidance, highlighting your skills and achievements and setting the stage for a successful job search.

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Interview Preparation

Boost your interview confidence with our tailored sessions, providing insights, mock interviews, and valuable tips for a polished performance.

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Job Opportunities

Tap into our extensive network to discover diverse career opportunities aligned with your skills and aspirations.

top spoken english coaching centre near me
Placement Events

Engage in exclusive events connecting you with top employers, fostering networking, and opening doors to exciting career prospects.

What Will You Learn in Spoken English Training?

Vocabulary Building

Expand your word bank for practical expression.

Pronunciation and Accent Improvement

Refine your pronunciation and develop a clear accent.

Grammar and Sentence Structure

Learn grammatical rules and enhance sentence construction.

Conversational Skills

Develop the ability to engage in various conversations confidently.

Listening Comprehension

Improve your understanding of spoken English through diverse audio sources.

Fluency Enhancement

Work on speaking smoothly and maintaining a natural flow.

Idiomatic Expressions

Familiarize yourself with commonly used idioms and expressions.

Public Speaking Techniques

Gain skills for effective public speaking and presentations..

Professional Communication

Learn language nuances for formal and workplace communication.

Interview Preparation

Receive guidance on effective communication in job interviews.

Self-Assessment and Improvement:

Providing strategies for ongoing improvement outside the classroom.

FAQs About the spoken english classes near me

Here's an overview of frequently asked questions that often come to mind when students consider language learning:

How much time does it take to master spoken English?

The time required varies for each individual. Regular practice, immersion, and dedication are vital factors. Generally, it can take several months to a few years to become proficient, depending on the learner's starting point and the intensity of practice.

What is the importance of pronunciation in spoken English Course Near me?

Pronunciation is crucial for effective communication. Good pronunciation enhances clarity, understanding, and confidence in spoken English. Training often includes exercises to improve pronunciation and intonation.

How can I practice spoken English outside of the classroom?

Engage in frequent practice by conversing with fluent speakers or language exchange partners. Indulge in conversations, listen to podcasts, watch movies or TV shows in English, and participate in language meetup groups. Consistent practice is essential for improvement.

Are there different levels of spoken English courses?

Yes, spoken English courses are often divided into beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and proficient levels. The content and complexity increase with each level, catering to learners with varying proficiency.

Do I need to focus on grammar in spoken English Coaching?

While the primary focus is on speaking, a basic understanding of grammar is essential for constructing clear and accurate sentences. Grammar is usually integrated into spoken English coaching to support effective communication.

How can I overcome nervousness or hesitation when speaking in English?

Practice is vital to overcoming nervousness. Start with simple conversations, gradually increasing complexity. Join language meetup groups, engage in discussions, and celebrate small victories. Confidence improves with regular practice.

Can I take spoken English classes if English is not my first language?

Spoken English classes cater to learners of various language backgrounds. Courses are designed to help individuals improve their verbal communication skills regardless of their native language.

What should I look for in an excellent spoken English training program?

Look for programs that offer a balanced approach to speaking, listening, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Interactive classes, real-life situational practice, and opportunities for feedback are essential components.

How can I measure my progress in spoken English?

Progress can be measured by tracking your ability to engage in conversations, understand spoken English, and receive feedback on pronunciation. Some courses may also provide assessments or proficiency tests. Self-assessment and continuous improvement are crucial indicators of progress.

What teaching methods are used in the training?

The training employs a mix of interactive sessions, practical exercises, role-playing, and real-life conversation scenarios to enhance language skills.