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Master Selenium, Webdriver, Xpath, TestNG, Cucumber, API, Performance Testing and more.

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  • Project Based Experience on Manual and QA Automation Testing

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About Software Testing Course

Why Should You Learn Software Testing Course in Bangalore?

What is Software Testing?

Software testing checks a software application to ensure it meets requirements and functions correctly. Its goal is to identify and fix defects, thereby enhancing overall quality prior to the release of the software. Manual or automated testing is necessary to create reliable, error-free software.

Why Software Testing?

A Software Testing course is vital for career advancement, providing skills to ensure top-notch software quality. This expertise meets industry demand, offering efficiency improvements and adaptability in the development process.

Why Inventateq?

Inventateq provides Software Testing training in Bangalore with Placement, Project Based Learning from expert instructors and TOP Software Testing Interview Question and Answers. Our powerful module, developed with industry specialists, helps IT workers compile data. Our well-equipped facilities and competent educators make learning realistic and comprehensive.

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Who is Our Best Software Testing Trainer?

Our trainers bring years of expertise to the Software Testing Training Institute in Bangalore, providing students with valuable insights, practical knowledge and testing guides and materials to learn in the dynamic field of software testing.

Mr. Prasanna (Sr. Test Engineer)

Our trainers bring over 10 years of diverse IT experience, excelling in Software Quality Assurance, Testing, and Software Development roles. With a robust background in manual, automation, and performance testing projects for major corporations, they have conducted 300+ classrooms and 50+ in-house corporate trainings across India. Their practical, real-time case study-focused approach ensures attendees become testing experts, primed for high-paying job placements. Our training audience ranges from Quality Directors to entry-level engineers, university students, and professors. Notable corporate clients include HP, Textron, IMS Health, Emerson, Syncronus, RedBus, and more. Our trainers wil help you with Manual testing sinterview questions and resume preparation.

Training Delivered

1200+ Batches

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Trainer Certified as

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Corporate Trainings


Which Software Testing Certificate is Required for a Better Job?

The choice of a Software Testing certificate in Bangalore for a better job depends on various factors, including your career goals, the specific industry, and the type of testing you want to specialize in. Some widely recognized certifications in the field of Software Testing include

software testing Certification course
ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board)

Foundation Level

Advanced Level

Expert Level

Google's Professional software testing Certificate classes
CSTE (Certified Software Tester)

Demonstrates expertise in orchestrating and managing containerData Engineerized applications using Kubernetes.

software testing Professional Certificate training
CSQA (Certified Software Quality Analyst)

Recognizes advanced skills in implementing and managing DevOps practices on the AWS platform.

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ISTQB Agile Tester Extension

Affirms mastery in utilizing Azure DevOps tools and practices for efficient software development and delivery.

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Selenium Certifications

Certifies competence in automating IT infrastructure and managing systems using Puppet.

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Certified Agile Tester (CAT)

Verifies the ability to design scalable and reliable solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

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Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

Acknowledges completion of a DevOps course on LinkedIn, indicating foundational knowledge in DevOps principles.

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Performance Testing Certifications

Confirms successful completion of the Inventateq DevOps course, showcasing acquired skills in DevOps methodologies.

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Inventateq Certificate

Verifies the ability to design scalable and reliable solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

Learn the Best Software Testing Training Tools

The software testing tools available today cater to various testing needs. The best tool choice often depends on a project's specific requirements. Some of the top software testing tools include

Selenium Jira Appium TestRail
LoadRunner Postman Cypress JUnit
TestNG SoapUI Katalon Studio QTest

Testimonials of Achievement from Software Testing Course Graduates

I highly recommend Software Testing Courses to interested students from Inventateq. The curriculum is well-structured, covering both manual and automated testing extensively. The trainers are industry experts, and the interactive sessions made learning enjoyable. Their placement assistance helped me secure a job in a reputed IT company. I'm grateful for the skills and confidence I gained through this program.



I want to express my gratitude to Inventateq for their top-notch Software Testing Courses. The hands-on experience with various testing tools and real-world projects gave me the confidence to excel in the field. The flexible schedule allowed me to balance work and learning effectively. I am now a certified software tester and owe a significant part of my success to the excellent training.


Python Developer

I am grateful for the exceptional Software Testing Training provided by Inventateq. The trainers were patient and supportive, making complex concepts easy to understand. The training equipped me with technical skills and enhanced my problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities. Highly recommended!


Software Engineer

"I had an incredible experience with the software testing training course in Bangalore. The course was updated, covering all aspects of software testing in-depth. The hands-on projects provided a practical understanding of testing methodologies. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to excel in software testing!" .


Data Engineer

"Inventateq's Software Testing Training exceeded my expectations. Batches are small, so teachers focus on every student and are always ready to clear their doubts. The practical sessions and live projects were really helpful. "I'm really thankful for what I learned in the Software Testing Training here.


Software Engineer

Software Testing Course in Bangalore with Placement

At Inventateq, our Software Testing Training ensures top-notch education and guarantees 100% placement. We focus on preparing students thoroughly for job readiness, internships , leading to successful placements in core companies with competitive packages. Our track record of placing students at MNCs sets us apart from other software testing institutes. Choose Inventateq for a promising career.

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Resume Enhancement

Craft a compelling resume highlighting your skills and experiences, providing a distinct advantage in the job market.

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Interview Excellence

Improve your interview abilities, communication, and response to typical inquiries.

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Professional Networking

Increase your professional network with us. Attend business events, network with prominent people, and build your career profile.

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Placement Assistance

Find suitable jobs, perform well in interviews, and get help with placement for a smooth career shift.

What will you Learn in the Software Testing Course?

Testing Fundamentals

Understand the basics of software testing, including different testing levels and types.

Testing Life Cycle

Gain insights into the various phases of the testing life cycle, from test planning to execution and reporting.

Manual Testing

Learn hands-on manual testing techniques to identify defects and ensure software functionality.

Automation Testing

Explore automation tools like Selenium for efficient and scalable testing.

Performance Testing

Understand how to assess the performance and scalability of applications under different conditions.

Test Case Design

Develop practical test cases to ensure comprehensive testing coverage.

Defect Tracking

Master identifying, logging, and tracking defects throughout the testing process.

Agile Testing

Learn testing methodologies adapted for Agile development environments.

API Testing

Understand the essentials of testing application programming interfaces (APIs) for seamless integration.

Testing Tools

Familiarize yourself with various testing tools to enhance efficiency in the testing process.

Selenium web drivers

Apply your knowledge through hands-on experience in real-world Selenium web drivers projects, simulating actual testing scenarios.

FAQs on Software Testing Training in Bangalore

Review the FAQs for the latest information before enrolling in a Software Testing course.

What is the duration of the Software Testing Couse in Bangalore?

The duration of the Software Testing Training in Bangalore varies based on the specific course and curriculum. Typically, it ranges from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the depth and intensity of the training.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the Software Testing Training?

The prerequisites for Software Testing Training may vary depending on the course. Generally, a basic understanding of software concepts and a willingness to learn are beneficial. Some advanced courses may have specific prerequisites, so checking the requirements before enrolling is advisable.

What topics are covered in the Software Testing Training?

The Software Testing Training covers various topics, including testing fundamentals, manual and automated testing techniques, test case design, performance testing, and real-time project experience. The curriculum aims to provide comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills.

Is the training suitable for beginners with no prior testing experience?

The Software Testing Training is designed to cater to individuals with varying experience levels, including beginners. Courses often start with foundational concepts and gradually progress to advanced topics, ensuring all participants can grasp the material.

Does the training include practical, hands-on sessions?

The training includes practical, hands-on sessions to reinforce theoretical knowledge. Participants gain a practical understanding of software testing scenarios through the incorporation of real-time projects and simulations.

What sets the Software Testing Training in Bangalore apart?

The Software Testing Training in Bangalore stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum, experienced trainers, and practical approach. Bangalore, being a technology hub, provides a conducive environment for learning and offers opportunities to interact with industry experts.

Are there placement assistance services provided after completing the training?

Yes, most Software Testing Training programs offer placement assistance services. It includes resume building, interview preparation, and connecting participants with potential employers. The goal is to support graduates in securing suitable positions in the software testing field

How can I enroll in the Software Testing course in Bangalore?

To enroll in the Software Testing course in Bangalore, you can visit the official website of the training institute, check the testing course details, and follow the enrollment instructions provided. Many institutes also offer the option to enroll online or through direct contact with their admissions team.

What certifications or accreditations can participants earn after completing the training?

Information about certifications or accreditations associated with the training program can be valuable for participants' career advancement.

What is the software testing training cost, and are there additional fees?

Clarity on the overall cost, including any hidden fees, helps participants plan their budget.