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Front end and Back end developer, HTML, CSS, Angularjs, Backbone, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, DOM and SQL

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  • You will be writing HTML, CSS and JS code to create webpages, using various plugins and frameworks will help the final output shine. Like jQuery, Ajax UI, Bootstrap, PHP,Mysql, Mangodb, Modernizr, AngularJS, Node js & Reactjs.

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Best Web Designing Tools Covered


UI Development

UI Designing & HTML 5 Web API & CSS

Layout vs. Content vs. Style

Bootstrap, XML,JSON

Java Script Project With Ajax and Real time Data

Jquery Frameworks with Real Data

AngularJS & Node Js








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Learn or Refine your skills with Practicals designed to inspire.

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UI Development training in bangalore with Placement support
  • Guaranteed Job Support After Course Completion
  • We get your Web Developer CV Ready to attend interviews
  • Interview Preparations
  • Write Technical Exams before attending Interviews
  • Mock Interviews
  • Pre-Requisite:Freshers (BE, BTech, BSc, BCA, MSc, MCA & any other graduates*) and designers who want to make career as a web developer, Front End Developer, User Interface (UI) Engineer, User Interface (UI) Developer, HTML/CSS Developer, Web Application Developers
  • Live Projects to work on
  • Latest and Advanced Course Contents as per corporate standards.
  • ONE-to-ONE Tuitions to make Students UI Developer Experts
  • We Share Job Openings coming from small, mid & Big Size Companies
  • Real Time case studies to practice
  • Free Technical Support after Course Completion

Course Duration

UI Development  training courses in btm
  • Training mode

    • Classroom training
    • Instructor LED online training
    • Corporate Training
  • 3 - 4 Months Practical Classes
  • In Class, You Get In-Depth Practical Knowledge on every Topic
  • Weekdays Classes Available
  • Weekend Classes Available
  • Location: Courses are run in our Bangalore training centres (BTM Layout, Marathahalli, Jayanagar and Rajaji Nagar)
  • Corporate Training and Online Classes Available
  • Pay only after Attending one FREE DEMO CLASS
  • Back up sessions
  • LAB Facility 
  • Free Wifi to learn subject
  • Latest Study Material
  • Attend 1st Class Free
  • Fast Track courses

Main Topics covered

UI Development  training courses in btm
  • UXD, UI Development
  • UI Designing
  • HTML 5 Web API & CSS
  • Layout vs. Content vs. Style
  • Bootstrap
  • Java Script Project With Ajax and Real time Data
  • AngularJS
  • Node Js
  • Jquery Frameworks with Real Data
  • Full Stack - Mean Stack Development
  • Front end and Back end development
best UI Development  tools and real time projects

Learn by working on Hands-on Real Time UI Projects

Project 1

Create you Own Website

Learn how to creat Dynamic Responsive and beautifully designed SEO ready website, Writing your first HTML code,Applying the styles in the CSS to the HTML, Starting your CSS (cascading style sheet).

Project 2

Create an Mobile App for Android and iPhone


Project 3

Software Application to track and maintain Business Data

The purpose of this project was to

Project 4

Wordpress Installation and Development

Learn how to Create a free website or build a blog with ease on WordPress.com. Dozens of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes Available to choose from.

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best UI development trainer in bangalore btm and marathahalli

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UI Development  Certification UI Development  Certification

Web Development and ui ux design course in bangalore

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Popular User Interface UI Modules you need to learn for Better Job Oppurtunities

UI Development modules

UI Web Developement & Design Course Overview

This course is designed to get you acquainted with the whole workflow of creating a website project. Making a website requires plan, understanding user needs, designing the output, coding webpages, using frameworks, attaching plugins, and many more steps.

Which institute is best for web development?

Bootstrap RWD Frameworks Course Overview

Also it is called Front-end-framework.Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first web sites.

Which is the best full-stack web development training in Bangalore

HTML5 & CSS Course Overview

HTML 5 stand for (hypertext markup language) is one of the hot web technologies and widely used to create responsive mobile websites compatible for all browsers and screen resolutions. CSS stands for Cascading style sheets. This CSS is used to control the whole website document in most easy and simple way.

Which is the best training institute in Bangalore for a web design

Javascript, Jquery, DOM

Jquery programming open source software and it is designed to make it easier to navigate a document. Javascripts Used for client side scripting languages.

What are some good training courses for web development course in bangalore with placement

Angular JS & Node JS

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. It can be added to an HTML page with a script tag. AngularJS extends HTML attributes with Directives, and binds data to HTML with Expressions

Our Hiring Partner for Placements

Our Hiring Partner for Placements

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UI Developer, Designing, Html5, CSS, Angular & Node JS, Jquery & Jscript COURSE CONTENT

What Is UI/Web Development?

  • 1. What is web how it works?
  • 2. What is UI Development?
  • 3. Basic overview of application architecture
  • 4. Key elements and technologies in UI
  • Development

    UXD Overview

  • 1. Strategy
  • 2. Scope
  • 3. Structure
  • 4. Skeleton
  • 5. Surface
  • 6. Misc(Wireframe, Information Arc, Interaction Design, Accessibility, Usability etc)
  • UI Design Html/Html 5 Elements

  • 1. What is html?
  • a. What is tags and elements
  • b. What is attributes
  • 2. Purpose of html
  • 3. Html Document anatomy
  • 4. Html Validation
  • 5. More about Doc types
  • 6. Html Document Head
  • a. Title
  • b. Meta tag
  • c. Charset
  • d. Style tag
  • e. Script tag
  • f. Link tag
  • g. Base tag
  • h. Complete overview of head
  • 7. Html Body
  • a. Content types/ Data types
  • b. What is Semantic?
  • c. Block vs Inline elements
  • d. Text format
  • i. Display different type of text content
  • ii. Header tags
  • iii. White spaces
  • iv. Formatting etc
  • e. Html entities
  • f. Links
  • i. Anchor tags
  • ii. Target, title attributes
  • iii. Relative vs Absolute
  • iv. Id links and External id links
  • v. Access Keys ………
  • g. Html Lists
  • i. Unordered list
  • ii. Ordered list
  • iii. Definition list
  • iv. Nested list
  • h. Table
  • i. Table structure
  • ii. Semantic Table structure
  • iii. Rows – Columns
  • iv. Col Span
  • v. Row Span
  • vi. Cell padding, Cell spacing
  • vii. Borders and formatting table
  • i. Images and objects
  • i. Embedding images
  • ii. Working with Transparent images
  • iii. Embedding Video audio
  • 1. Object tag with params
  • 2. Html5 video audio embedding system
  • 3. Browser compatibility issues and how to over come
  • j. Html forms
  • i. Form tag
  • ii. Input types
  • iii. Accessible forms
  • k. URL Encoding
  • l. Layouts and semantic html layout structure
  • m. Usability & Accessibility standards
  • n. Creating pure html template
  • o. Conditional statements
  • p. Improve Performance
  • q. HTML 4 vs HTML 5
  • What are JS Frameworks? / JQuery

  • 1. What is JQeury?
  • 2. Embedding JQuery to html documents
  • 3. Jquery Selectors
  • 4. Jquery Css
  • 5. Jquery Dimensions
  • 6. Manipulation
  • 7. Traversing
  • 8. Jquery Events
  • 9. Jquery Effects
  • 10. Ajax
  • 11. Data manipulation from Dynamic sources
  • 12. Services
  • a. REST
  • b. SOAP overview
  • 13. Form Validation
  • 14. Project With JQuery
  • 15. Plugins
  • 16. Exploring Jquery UI


  • 1. What is css?
  • 2. Types of css
  • 3. Syntax
  • 4. Selectors
  • 5. Colours
  • 6. Lengths & Percentages
  • 7. Formatting html elements
  • 8. Css box model
  • 9. Grouping
  • 10. Nesting
  • 11. Pseudo classes and elements
  • 12. Floats
  • 13. Display property
  • 14. Positions
  • 15. Layers
  • 16. Background images
  • 17. Shorthand properties
  • 18. Css specificity
  • 19. Css 3 new features
  • a. Rounded corners
  • b. Gradients
  • c. Embedding fonts
  • d. Transitions
  • e. Miscellaneous other features
  • 20. Layouts
  • a. Fixed layouts
  • b. Fluid Layouts
  • c. RWD
  • d. UCD
  • e. Discussing other layout types
  • 21. Working with project
  • 22. Embedding Fonts
  • 23. Media queries
  • 24. RWD
  • a. What is RWD
  • b. RWD View ports
  • c. RWD Videos/Images
  • d. Working with RWD project with core technologies
  • e. RWD Frameworks Overview
  • 25. Improving Performance
  • 26. Optimizing css
  • 27. Css Browser Hacks
  • 28. Compatibility issues and how to solve
  • Bootstrap RWD Framework

  • 1. What is bootstrap?
  • 2. Exploring bootstrap
  • a. Layout system
  • b. Grid system
  • c. Components
  • d. Exploring all other features
  • 3. Creating Project with bootstrap
  • DOM

  • 1. What is Dom?
  • 2. Working with dom?
  • 3. Dom structure
  • 4. Traversing Dom
  • 5. Working on CRUD with DOM
  • Angular Js

  • 1. What is Angular Js?
  • 2. Exploring Angular Features
  • 3. What is MVC Architecture?
  • 4. Angular MV* Structure
  • 5. Directives
  • 6. Expressions
  • 7. Controllers
  • 8. Filters
  • 9. Other DOM Activities with Angular
  • 10. Components
  • 11. Angular Module
  • 12. Ajax
  • 13. Angular modules overview
  • 14. Angular Project modular based with latest APP architecture.
  • 15. Varies App structure overview
  • Node js

  • 1. Node Js Fundamentals
  • 2. Application Environment setup with Node , Bower etc

  • 1. Exploring HTML5 new features
  • 2. GEO Location
  • 3. Drag/Drop
  • 4. Local Storage
  • 5. App Cache
  • 6. WEB Workers
  • 7. SSE


  • 1. Data types
  • a. Numbers
  • b. Strings
  • c. Boolean
  • d. Undefined
  • e. Null
  • f. Arrays
  • g. Objects
  • 2. Variables
  • 4. Operators
  • a. Arithmetic operators
  • b. Comparison operators
  • c. Logical operators
  • d. Assignment operators
  • e. Conditional operator
  • 5. Conditional Statements
  • a. If , if else, if else if
  • b. Switch
  • 6. Loops
  • a. While loop
  • b. Do while loop
  • c. For loop (Advance concepts how to optimize)
  • d. For in loop (will be discussed in objects)
  • 7. Functions
  • a. Defining function
  • i. Types of defining functions and types of calling functions
  • ii. Function statements
  • b. Working parameters
  • i. Passing params to functions
  • ii. Working with ‘N’ number of params
  • iii. Special Arguments array
  • c. Return statements
  • d. Anonymous functions
  • e. Nested functions
  • f. Function that return functions
  • g. Self-invoking functions
  • h. Literal functions
  • i. Scopes
  • j. Lexical scope
  • k. Closures
  • l. Closures in Loop
  • 8. Objects /Prototype & patterns (Object oriented javascript)
  • a. What is objects?
  • b. Defining Objects?
  • c. Properties and methods
  • d. Inheritance
  • e. Prototype
  • f. Js patterns
  • i. Singleton pattern
  • ii. Constructor pattern
  • iii. Discussing about other patterns
  • g. Linking objects with another object
  • h. Accessing other object properties and methods
  • i. Data Structures
  • j. Application Data Structures
  • k. Looking into other frame works (special topic)
  • 9. Arrays
  • a. Defining arrays
  • b. Exploring arrays properties
  • c. Exploring array methods
  • d. Working with multi-dimensional arrays
  • e. Looping array data
  • f. More Advanced concepts in Arrays and array methods
  • 10. Javascript Built in Functions and objects
  • a. String
  • b. Date
  • c. Math
  • d. Regex . . .
  • e. BOM, DOM, Window,
  • 11. Events
  • a. Exploring event types
  • b. Binding events
  • c. Optimal way of attaching events
  • d. Event Phases
  • i. Capturing
  • ii. Bubbling
  • iii. Targeting
  • e. Event Delegation
  • f. Prevent Default
  • g. Stop propagation
  • h. Stop immediate propagation
  • i. Exploring other event methods
  • 12. Working with timeout functions
  • 13. Ajax with Core javascript
  • 14. Form handling with javascript
  • 15. Working with Core javascript project
  • 16. Cookies
  • 17. Error Handling
  • 18. Debugging
  • 19. JS Miscellaneous

UI Developer Course Benefits for


  • UI developers Designers are in high demand today
  • Get a job in IT Companies
  • Can able to make websites like facebook, flipkart etc.
  • Scope of ui deisgn Course is Fantastis and Growing in demand

Working Professionals

  • biggest benefit in learning UI web Developer is that you will be able to make $15/hour doing coding as a freelancer
  • A web designer who wants to improve his developer skills can also take up this course.
  • Any web Application is built using UI Front end tools
  • Much Better and Promising Career

Career Options you can choose after completion of UI Developer Course

Senior Front End Developer (UI)
(4 to 6 Yrs Exp.)

Salary: ₹18,00,000 - ₹20,00,000 a year

As a Senior UI Developer, you'll work with everything from front-end HTML, CSS and JS (AngularJS and other).

UI Developer
(1 - 2 yrs exp.)

Salary:₹25,000 - ₹40,000 a month

Required experience HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Spring, Front End, Angular Js.

Jr AngularJS/ UI Developer

Salary: 20000 rss to 30000 rs per month)

Must be well versed in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Angular JS * Must be well versed in all modern CMS (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, SquareSpace)


UI needs Lakhs of Software Developer, UI Developers

  • Innov4Sight Health & Biomedical Systems


    Desired Skills and Experience:

    • 3 - 8 years of experience in UI Developement
    • Front End UI Developer
    • Primary Skill: Java Script, Spring, HTML,Kendo UI
    • Secondary Skill: Angular JS
    • Work Location : Banglaore/Hyderbad
  • HCL Technologies LTD


    Role and Responsibilities

    • The web developer role for KGS supporting Digital &Mobile Solutions projects will work as part of a project team building desktopand mobile web applications and web sites.
    • This team member will need to beable to work on tasks efficiently and independently while also collaboratingwith other software developers and designers to implement large scaleapplications.
    • The ideal candidate will possess experience in web developmentbut will also enjoy learning new technologies and techniques and will want tobe challenged to implement advanced, forward-thinking solutions with engaginguser experience.
    • Required Non-Technical Skills
    • Excellent written and spoken English languageskills
    • Must be able to collaborate with other softwaredevelopers and designers on tasks
    • Accountable for meeting deadlines andcommunicating status to technical leadership
    • Required Technical Skills
    • Some experience with either C# or Javaserver-side development
    • Angular JS
    • Node JS
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Creation of reusable components in webtechnologies
    • Ability to implement a responsive design Desirable Technical Skills
    • The candidate must be proficient in JavaScript,HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • CGI


    ROLE DESCRIPTION: Design, develop, and configure software systems to meet market and/or client requirements either end-to-end from analysis, design, implementation, quality assurance (including testing), to delivery and maintenance of the software product or system or for a specific phase of the lifecycle. Apply knowledge of technologies, applications, methodologies, processes and tools to support a client, project or entity.

    Basic UX Skills and understanding of:

    • 1. Mobile and Web layout concept, RWD
    • 2. Working knowledge in graphic design tools (Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch)
    • 3. Concept in hi-fi/lo-fi Wireframe and Visual Design
    • 4. Principles of UX, Information Architecture


    • Bachelor/Masters degree in SW Engineering, Informatics, or equivalent
    • Minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience in (networked) product development as Web Front End Developer
    • Set of strong technical skills in Object Oriented JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Type Script and certainly Angular JS. Test Driven Development is your way of developing high quality software.
    • Preferably working experience in responsive layouts, performance optimizations, Web Workers
    • Experience in Cloud Foundry is an advantage

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Where do the classes take place?

Classes will be Both In-Class & Live Instructor-led online. The online interface lets you and the Trainer have a 1-to-1 interaction. It's more effective and as same as sitting in a physical classroom.

What if i miss the classes?

Will i get Technical Support after completion of course?

Will i Get FREE Demo Class before i pay Fees?

Website Development Courses in other cities


Do you provide Placements?

Yes, We do provide Placements Support. We have Dedicated placement Officer taking care of the Students placement. Over and above we have tie-ups with so many IT Companies where the prospective HRs and Employers contact us for placements & internships. you are updated on various job opportunities for web developers in Bangalore and Chennai and depending upon your interest in those your resumes are shared and the process is taken ahead

Do We Get To Work On Live Projects?

The entire W training has been built around Real Time Implemenation, You Get Hands-on Experience with Industry Projects, Hackathons & lab sessions which will help you to Build your Project Portfolio, GitHub repository and Showcase to Recruiters in Interviews & Get Placed

Will i Get Technical Support Even after Completion of Course?

Yes, You can Ask any technical Doubts/Question to Trainer and get Clarify, Even you can Reattend Classes for the topics you want Revision. While Pursing, You should complete your course sincerely by doing Assignments Regularly given by trainer.

What all certifications you provide?

We provide industry recognized certifications which are:
  • UI Developer Certification coursera
  • Web developer Certification

Who are the Trainers?

Our Trainers are chosen not only for their knowledge and expertise but also for their real-world experience in the field they teach. We Will Help you Get Resume Ready and Provided Interview