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How to Craft the Perfect SEO Title Tag

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Learn How to Create a Page Title and Description Tag That Will Enhance SEO

SEO PROCESS: 1 . Black hat techniques

2. White hat techniques - on page
Research and analysis
Making a site seo freidnl:

site structure: all the products,products, category, separate page
For each page, seo f- url, having keyword
Keyword planner tool, for every page we have decided what all the keywords we are going to target.
1. Keyword included url - home page
Shopping online - 29 - 1
Shopping sites - 200 - 1
Shopping India
Best shopping sites
Online shopping in India

Mobiles online
Buy mobiles phones
Mobile phones online
Latest mobile phones
Smart phones online

2. Meta tags:
Title tag:


Tips to write title:
include targeted keywords
Character length should be max 70
Pixel length - 400 - 500
dont repat same keyword more than 2 times
If title is like meaningful sentence
Special charecters, and &
Start the title with a main keyword

Mobile phone online, Latest smart phones to Buy under 20000 price

META DESCRIPTION: user friendly, include keywords, price, discounts, - clicks - CTR click trough rate is high, then ur seo score will increase

Description shown in search results are pulled from 2 places, within the page content, meta description tag

User friendly by including targeted keywords
Character length should be max 160
Pixel length - 1100 - 1200

If description is like meaningful sentence

Meta keywords:

Dummy tag

3. Content optimization: