RPA Blueprism UiPath Interview Questions with Answers, Tips for Cracking Interview in RPA Blueprism UiPath 2020

Latest Tough RPA Blueprism UiPath Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced and Freshers

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1. What is RPA? Explain the importance of RPA.

Answer: RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation and it is an automation technology for the business process. It functions on the concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence) or robot software.

RPA uses machine learning language for handling repeatable and high-volume tasks usually performed by the human race in past such as calculations, maintaining records or transactions, and queries.

2. Does Blue Prism come under RPA Tool? Do you know about any other RPA tool?

Answer: Yes, Blue Prism come under RPA tool. Some other RPA tools are UiPath, WorkFusion, OpenConnect, NICE, Automation Anywhere, Contextor, KOFAX, G1ANT, and KRYON.

This is one of the most common blue prism interview questions that you may come across. Interviewer may ask this question to check if you have some knowledge about the other RPA tools.

3. What are Business Objects and what’s their use in RPA application?

Answer: A real process is needed to do some useful tasks and, in any organization, to do so, there is a need to implement RPA system. It is needed to work on external applications.

The application interface is not contained in the diagram process but in the separate diagram and this diagram is called Business Object.

4. What are thick clients and thin clients?

Answer: Thick clients are those applications which provide a large number of attribute properties while using the RPA tools. The examples of such applications are internet explorer, calculator etc.

Thin clients are those applications which do not provide any attribute properties while using RPA tools. The examples of such applications are any virtual environment and Citrix.

5. Is Robotic Automation Platform of Blue Prism auditable and secured?

Answer: In the Blue Prism robotic automation platform, Auditability and Security are inbuilt at many levels. The runtime environment is quite different from the editing process environment.