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Latest Tough Manual Testing (Manual and Testing) Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced and Freshers

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  1. Manual Testing
    1. What is Validation and Verification in software testing?
    2. What are the types of testing?
    3. What does a test plan and test report document contains?
    4. What is your approach to perform a manual testing?
    5. Which SDLC you are following and explain the process?
    6. Write down the test cases for a pen.
    7. Write down the edge cases for the login.
    8. What is process defect tracking?
    9. What are the test case design Techniques?
    10.Tell about is Traceability Matrix?
    11.List out the test scenarios for the cart page in the ecommerce application.
    12.Explain about testing process (STLC)
    13.What is your approach if you found a bug?
    14.What is testbed and test coverage?
    15.What is severity in bug and how will you decide it?
    16.What is smoke testing?
    17.What is sanity testing?
    18.What is functional and non functional testing?
    19.What is usability testing?
    20.What is regression and re-testing?
    21.What is unit testing?
    22.What is system testing?
    23.What is big-bang approach?
    24.What is top-down approach?
    25.What is UAT?
    26.What is the difference between error and defect?