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  • 100 % position uphold for any or any of the researchers.
  • Complete the educational program for the Data Science course in 3 months with 8 to 10 hours of training for seven days.
  • Complete live continuous undertakings and update your resume.
  • Backup classes according to the necessity for all the researchers.
  • Recorded talks to enable re-to to learn readily available the ideas.
  • One to one doubt sessions.
  • Learn with industry pioneers with 10 + long stretches of Data Science experience.
  • For Mock Exams, train yourself.
  • Be prepared for the interview with Mock Interviews.
  • Learn the trick to handle telecommunication interviews.
  • To grandstand your ability, get an industry-perceived authentication.
  • Work centred prospectus for MNC with training articles.
  • Support for everybody, even after the finish of the course.

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Skills You Will Learn

Big Data Analytics


Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Python Programming

Tensor Flow

R Programming

Neural network



SQL Database

Data Mining and Visualization

Average Salary Hike

Career Options
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Real-time projects to assist you to learn better and faster

How can I learn Data Science for free?

Industry Projects that provides you real-time experience and Hands-on learning

Project 1

Taxi Service Fare Forecast

The model permits the specialist co-op with an ascent sought after to support benefit and control the taxis.

Project 2

Score planning on an eCommerce stage for changed things.

The feasibility of the product will be tried to zest up income by assessing the positioning of the product before its conveyance.

Project 3

Proposal on Social Media

The venture is expected to graph the client's conduct and send him various suggestions and help in alleviating extortion by assessing client subtleties.

Project 4

Deals Details from Wallmart

Become familiar with the different approaches to manage an outsized measure of data and recognize basic gatherings helped by the same. The objective of the task is to assist you with understanding the various circumstances coming about because of on the web and disconnected information and how to adapt to the same.

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Vivaan Got Job in SAP as a data scientist with 13.25 Lacs Package.


Ananya got placed in JPMORGAN CHASE as a Data Analyst with 8.45 Lacs rs Salary per Year

  Senior Data Science Specialist

Ramesh has offered by Senior Data Science Specialist company located in Bangalore with 9.7 Lacs package


Arjun got job in Amazon located in Sarjapur Road with 6.2 Lacs package

  Bosch Group

Prathibha has Placed in Bosch Group as Data Engineer with 5.8 Lacs per year


Muhammad has been hired as Senior Engineer – Cloud (GCP) Flipkart with 7.9 Lacs package


Mahendra Mehra got a job in as Machine Learning Scientist Rapido and the offered salary was 62000 Rs per month.

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Know your Data Science Instructor

For 10 + a long time in preparing, with 13 + a long time inside the business, he has been a DATA SCIENTIST tutor. He has completed his tutoring from an excellent school and incorporates an affection for training.

InventaTeq is devoted to offering novel and best-learning aptitudes for all scholastics. Other than monetary experience, the two coaches have the explicit ability in the region of educating. The square of the educator tests licensed human information from Google or IBM. At InventaTeq, we seem to accept that touchy and hypothetical, each square measure is critical to be advised and our experts confirm that to make the most significant level of learning information for anybody or everybody. Dealing with their data to keep away from botches in working together is stressing for organizations. With around 3,000 understudies taught on information, InventaTeq Science has perceived the essential of every understudy and checks that for the span each understudy gets extraordinary learning aptitude.

During this pandemic, don't settle on your learning until you have to partake in the classifications online from your advantageous scene, else, you will be essential for our room program at our Bhubaneswar instructing office focus. It gives you the option to be educated by modern specialists at your speed and time. InventaTeq reclassifies the data innovation educational program modules for its underlying procedure and expects to make it simpler for additional understudies to be told the course.

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Data Science Tools Covered

Data Analytics with Python

Data Science with R Programming

Data Science with Julia

Tensor Flow


Scipy, Numpy and Pandas

Linear Regression

Deep Learning with NLP, Keras

Hadoop with spark& Scala

Big Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Hadoop with spark& Scala

Tensor Flow

Data Visualisation

Supervised and unsupervised

Decision Tree


Modelling Techniques

Unix, Git, SQL

Data Visualization with Tableau


Data Science Course subtleties of the Data Science Course with 100% position help

We Make learning interactive by constantly engaging students with questions and hands-on training

Job-Oriented Training

  • Our placement body will help you with 100% determination help and set up the resume arranged for the exchange.
  • We will keep you alluding to new chances and send your resumes to any or a portion of the organizations anyplace we want to be roundabout or offer you connects to utilize.
  • Preparation for the meeting would be in genuine trouble, zeroed in to a great extent on the experience and proposals to raise the same.
  • Real-time appearances can assist you with rehearsing the course rapidly and see certifiable issues.
  • Multiple takes a gander at papers and an inquiry bank will be offered for more noteworthy anticipating meeting preparing of responses.

Data Science Course Duration

  • 3 months or twelve weeks, 8 hours every week.
  • 24 by seven Technical Assistance on-line
  • Online help just after consummation of the course
  • The re-designed course as wanted by industry and request.
  • Recorded gatherings will be traded
  • Backup classifications for the scholastics according to the helpful season of the student
  • Doubt sessions

Topics Covered during the course

  • Simple Linear Regression and Multiple Linear Regression
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Analytics using R Programming
  • Deploying Models on Azure & AWS
  • Generalized Regression Models, Forecasting
  • Data Mining, Text Mining
  • Machine Learning in Python
  • Hadoop & Spark for Data Science
  • Tableau & Statistics
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Supervised/ Unsupervised)

Learn Data Science and prepare ensured to become an industry expert.

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It is extraordinarily essential to have involvement with a region, yet it is difficult to portray constantly in a short meeting period. Putative and extravagance organization square affirmations test the single strategy to legitimize your mastery. In this way, train with InventaTeq and discover the least complex organization in Bhubaneswar to be authorized.

  • Be an expert in Data Science and go after positions with MNC.
  • Get acknowledged alongside your honour, because your supervisor gives you a high need.
  • Get yourself overhauled and get your advancement in your organization faster.

Employment follows with the certificate you hold


Become an IBM certify information science partner certificate to improve your mastery and encourage yourself to get occupations, get an advancement or dispatch a contemporary calling.

Start your profession as an information researcher by acing the Python and SQL course and getting yourself guaranteed to change how an enrollment specialist shows up on your profile.

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Preparing is the most huge piece of life and it is critical to utilize the open door when it is straightforward and agreeable. Join the present Data Science course and get prepared yourself. Connection for instructional exercise classes at our office in Bhubaneswar with InventaTeq.

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Artificial Intelligence

However, understanding and perceiving AI assists in future predictions. Developing algorithms and predicting the results with or without human interference.

How do I get free online Data science course from IBM


Study entirely new methods of knowing the trend and optimising the market result by covering multiple subjects such as empirical strategy, exploration of information, etc.

Python Data Structures

Data Science with
R Programming

Think about the facets of data mistreatment research. R Programming. Become an R Programming market specialist and use entirely distinct knowledge and trends

Data Science
with Python

Learn a way to use Python and its tools to perform entirely different operations in applied mathematics and visualise the data.

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

Data Science
with SAS

Learn how to provide technical support, prognostic research, police investigation, etc. through the use of applied features of mathematics in the science of information.

Data Analytics

The market for knowledge analysts is growing with the increase of eCommerce trading. Companies look for an associate technical analyst to use the data to draw the trend.

Applied Text Mining in Python, explore exciting opportunities for AI Artificial Intelligence applications

Use SQL and
Excel for Business Data

In various kinds and types, learn a way to use surpass and find insight into the data.

Is there any website where we can learn Data Science for free?

MS Excel

The specialised MS Excel training allows you to understand the details and interpret the data and run several operations on the same data collection.

Where can I find online free tutorials for Data Science?


Learn how to use the tableau to organise bulk data, gain insights into the data, and use graph and graph formats to simplify data readability.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning


To help you understand different math libraries and use them easily for various data science and data flow programming, understand the Tensor flow.

Deep Learning and
Neural Network

An important part of Computer Science has now been deep learning. Learn the key parameters and how to create and implement a neural network.

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Different Techniques of Data Science
Tools and Career in DS
Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Introduction to Probability
Bayesian Inference
Bernoulli Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Statistics with R
Frequency Distribution
Different Charts: Histogram, Scatter Plot etc
Skewness in the Graph
Variance and Covariance
What is Hypothesis
Rule of Rejection
Type 1 and Type 2 errors
Linear Regression
Cluster Analysis
Logistic Regression
Modelling using Regression
Introduction to R
Linear Regression using R
Logistic Regression using R
Decision Tree using R
Naïve Bayes modelling using R
K-mean using R
C-mean using R
ETS modelling using R
Time Forecasting using R
Neural Network using R
Introduction to Python
Linear Regression using Python
Logistic Regression using Python
Decision Tree using Python
Naïve Bayes modelling using Python
K-mean using Python
ETS modelling using Python
Time Forecasting using Python
Neural Network using Python
Deep Learning – Introduction
Neural Networks using TensorFlow
Keras API
Introduction to Big Data
Data Collection
Eliminating Bad Data
Data Analysis- Tools
Qlik View
Qualitative Analysis
Data Cleaning using Excel
Data modelling using Excel
Regression using Excel
Data Analysis using Excel
Graphical representation using Excel
Lookup Functions
Statistics Tools like Solver integration etc
Report Writing
Reporting- using Tableau
Report Preparing
Reporting Mechanism- using Excel
Data connectivity
Data endpoints
Communicate with Software products using a Text file
Integration of the software- Basics
Integration of the software- Detailed
Content Hours Available
Industry Projects
Practical Sessions
Expert Coaching Sessions
Data Science Tools

Advantages of Data Science training


  • Learning Data Science permits you to be an individual fueled by information.
  • Fresh open doors for business
  • Data science confirmation makes you ready to rapidly go after MNC positions.
  • There is a high market for Quality Institute freshers.


  • Helping organizations make long haul estimates
  • Better proficiency with the assistance of an information-driven procedure
  • Render the subtleties intelligible and close from it.
  • Time-Saving, Cost-powerful
  • Get their staff prepared in information science


  • Win advancements inside the association
  • Pay hikes.
  • Inside the market, more possibilities
  • Fine-tune working models to help organizations


The exercises are held at our Bhubaneswar instructing focus. The talks are all on instructor drove.

The information science course module can be downloaded via mail and the printed copy is likewise imparted to you inside the training community.

For concerns, separate inquiry clearing meetings are masterminded by the region unit and understudies will also lift any worries inside the live classes.

There is a solid interest inside the business for information researchers and information examiner groups. There is the huge capability of information science in the coming time, because of the information from different workloads up and entryways.

You will go to it with enlisted exercises on the off chance that you skirt a class or an additional class will be offered on account of the understudies' reinforcement class.

Career Options in Data Science

you can choose after completion of Data Science Online Course

Data Science Fresher

Salary: 3 LPA to 6 LPA
InventaTeq data shows that the situation inside the field of Data Science has a mean of 4 LPA with 3.2 LPA being the base compensation for a first-year recruit. The regular compensation for a partner talented individual is 6.5 LPA with 20 LPA as the most significant salary with InventaTeq situation cell.

A learned having an experience of 6 to 9 years gets a compensation bundle from 9 LPA to 25 LPA.

Data Science employee salaries by location

Data Scientist in Bengaluru - ₹ 8,75,040 per year
Data Scientist in Pune - ₹ 6,17,633 per year
Data Scientist in Hyderabad - ₹ 6,98,459 per year
Data Scientist in Chennai - ₹ 5,92,426 per year

Latest Data Science job openings in the Republic of India

InventaTeq has many IT and Non-IT MNC ties. Once a whole new void is up, we tend to get them and share a dream job with our students as long as possible.

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People Also Ask

For Data science, what is the contrast between R and Python?

In information science, both R and Python have different executions and can be utilized for any information science mission. In any case, from multiple points of view, each has its capacity. Python is unmistakably appropriate for profound learning research, while R is very useful in the exploration of applied mathematical demonstrating. Everyone is utilized for all the tasks.

Accomplishes Work Assistance is given by InventaTeq?

InventaTeq offers 100 % arrangement help to any or all researchers and makes each endeavour to initiate them in Hyderabad/Bangalore/Chennai/Delhi and so on prime organizations. We intend to draw in with numerous MNCs to make the best situations and our position group works exclusively towards another option.

What is information science course qualification?

For an information science course, a Bachelor's certificate holder is appropriate. Nonetheless, on the off chance that one is truly occupied with science and numbers, at that point the course will perpetually be chosen

Imagine a scenario in which I miss a couple of classes.

If you avoid an exercise, since every one of our exercises is enrolled, you will be given recorded talks and there will be far fetched clearing meetings to clear up all the doubts too.

Is there any chance of getting a FREE Demo class?

A free instructional exercise class can be gone to by those intrigued by the course. Call to let us comprehend your enthusiasm for setting up the demo class for you.

What Certifications does one give in Data Science?

IBM, Microsoft affirmations are allowed to all researchers who complete the course, which can be found in your Linkedin profile and resume to procure significant compensations

Are there plans to be on the web/disconnected in information science classes?

At our midway found instructing office in Bhubaneswar, the Data Science courses will be held disconnected. You would be qualified to participate in our online projects if you might want to take online classes.

Are students permitted to sort out live tests for information science?

All the learners chipping away at daily routine comes because the mentors have experienced constantly accompanies them on which they have to perform.

Where are the mentors in the territory unit?

InventaTeq mentors region unit from the MNC with 13 + a long time ' involvement with the exchange. In instructing and advancement, the DS school has seven years of involvement.

Who may be a researcher with information?

Somebody who constructs calculations to look through the subtleties and draw derivation is an information soul. You'll have the option to do the accompanying after the course is finished:
  • Gather and cycle the information
  • Peruse the Details
  • Examine and estimate the information and
  • Show the results

What is the standard compensation for a researcher's information?

All things considered, those with wanted abilities with one to a few years of involvement will get five LPA to seven LPA. As you build up your gifts, in five to seven years of training, one can wrap up with higher bundles to fifteen LPA.

Is the study of knowledge tiring to learn?

Nonetheless, for somebody reasonable in number-crunching AND arithmetic checking out information science, information soul is hard for freshers, it gets clear.

How might I purchase occupations in the study of information?

When you finish the course, a broadly perceived accreditation will be acquired. We will make a few organizations take your resume for openings. Continue applying through LinkedIn for various chances:
  • Check for information on soul work
  • Read a verbal synopsis
  • Updating the resume accurately
  • Get occupations

How might I gain proficiency with the study of comprehension on the off chance that I've been obliterated previously?

Enter classes on the web, cut the overabundance costs, get a level markdown. You can set aside a ton of cash and you will gain admittance to the course for quite a while.
The Free Demo class encourages you to find out about the organization before you pay.

What amount of time would it require to comprehend the study of information?

You will contemplate science in a quarter of a year with eight hours of data for each week. The classifications will get an opportunity of recorded talks that you will have the option to experience to comprehend the exercise for Everyone World Health Organization comes up short. Additionally, we have a 1:1 inquiry meeting with the end goal that no understudy gets lost and thinks that its irksome to contemplate science.

Do I need arithmetic to be a study of information?

Learning the study of knowledge is firmly connected to measurements and calculations. Math practice renders DS learning clear.

What field unit is the most remarkable data science spots to be educated?

InventaTeq gives the best information on science in Bhubaneswar. A will be picked either on-line or disconnected. With 13 + long stretches of a master instructing, you will ace the course. Be essential for classes that are understudy inviting and end up in your fantasy vocation.

When the Data Science course closes, would you be able to offer specialized help?

Furthermore, after the course is done, we want to give FREE specialized help.

Please note The position cell will be told promptly by all researchers enlisted with InventaTeq with an enthusiasm for any work openings. This will advance the utilization of the resume straightforwardly and the understudy's choice to the proper firms.

Organizations are as yet searching for guaranteed specialists who can execute the exploration at an incredible speed and clarify the activities on which they have been utilized. Right now, InventaTeq is extraordinary compared to other instructional hubs for understudies who need to update themselves to have homeroom preparing in Bhubaneswar. At the rate you spend, it is attempting to offer the full.

Covered Modules: R, Big Data, Python, Statistics, Excel, Graphical Modelling, Data Extraction, Data Analysis, Data Modelling.

Eligibility Any Individual who needs to get familiar with the speciality of perusing the information from the crude and make it significant for them or the association can become familiar with the course. Information Science is the course which is for information-driven methodology. Aside from similar anybody with graduates and Masters are the most appropriate understudies for the course. InventaTeq ensures that all understudies with our specific techniques and programming are furnished with high-class guidance. The course modules were planned with the away from of building up employment arranged learning experience for the course.

InventaTeq assures to supply high-toned training to all or any the scholars with our advanced techniques and tools. The course modules are designed with a particular purpose of creating the task homeward course surroundings for learning. You can receive more information on any doubts by contacting us on the following numbers.

Communicate with us
Mobile: 7676765421/7899332878/9986917655/ 8050585880
Cell: 080 - 42108236/42024661 /41502315
You can also mail us your query on the following mail ID.
Email: info@inventateq.com, inventateq@gmail.com

The Data Science course can be availed using various online/ offline methods either by visiting our Bhubaneswar centre. For further information/suggestions feel free to contact us.

Top institute for Data Science| Data Science Institute | 100% placement course of DS, Data Science, Data Analysis, Decision making, Data Warehousing, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET Technologies, SQL & PLSQL, PHP, Cisco CCNA, SAAS Training. Get Certified and interviewed for better opportunities.

Student Testimonials:

InventaTeq has a differing pool of IT, web-based business, industry, coordination, and so forth students. A significant number of certified experts have become business visionaries to help others in making work and supporting the administration.

If you don't mind check what students need to state about their comprehension of preparing and learning?

Surveys to understudies for Data Science capability on their instructive involvement with InventaTeq.com

With the developing requirement for information researchers in the business, InventaTeq has urged understudies to become information science specialists. We've instructed more than 3000 information specialists in research. As InventaTeq, we go about as the MNC’s inventiveness pool and assist understudies with getting dream work.

"I joined InventaTeq for the course of Data Science. After the course, I can see how to remove the data from the information. The most significant part is to clean the information, to get the right understanding. On the off chance that you are searching for elevated level preparing on Data Science, join InventaTeq."

Get with our understudies in our survey segment

Give your vocation with a course in Data Science a lift and be an affirmed master.

InventaTeq has made the culmination of the Info Science course brisk and simple in the relentless climate. It doesn't make a difference whether you work with another course or attempt to sort out that you are essentially in. Even though you are in gathering or on vacation, you will even now consider information science.

Data Science Labs

Finding Data Science with InventaTeq and getting authorize is simple and clear. We've built the course so that you can rehearse it from anyplace on the planet. So be eager to get some answers concerning InventaTeq 's most limited Data Science course.

In Bhubaneswar, looking for the least demanding preparing suppliers? It's the most ideal approach to hitch for your planning, collaborating with InventaTeq.

The course in Data Science has its advantages. This urges a professional to comprehend what information says and become an information-driven resident. The entire world spins around the information.

Become familiar with the different age of instruction and preparing system, redone to oblige the researchers of every age and industry, with our expert mechanical mentors from around the globe and experience.

Inventateq Data Science Course Reviews by Students Bhubaneswar

For the first time, InventaTeq is offering discount !! Grab the opportunity to learn Data Science with us.