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  • Industry norm InventaTeq-certified DevOps.
  • About 5000 + InventaTeq-certified students.
  • Over 1.1 Lacks of DevOps resources across India.
  • Extra Student Classes as per requirement.
  • 24/7 Technical assistance offered.
  • Offered remote to promote executive training.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate professionals.

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Skills You Will Learn

Continuous Testing

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Continuous Integration (CI)

DevOps LifeCycle

CI/CD Pipelines

Software Version Control

Configuration Management

Agile Methodology

Continuous Deployment (CD)

Average Salary Hike

Technical Opportunities
Highest Salary

Hiring Partners


Online DevOps Course Methodology

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Course Module is distributed Online

Training begins and Practice on 2 Mock Test

Prepared for Live Projects

Assistance in Interview and Resume Preparation

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Which is the best Devops course online?

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Which certification is best for Devops?

Advanced DevOpsProjects to enhance your learning and understanding

How can I learn Devops online for free?

Working in real-time for Technical and Training programs

Project 1

Online Support, Remote assistance, Video Simulation

Use the Docker tool and learn to manage and monitor the docker container
Get started with the Dry tool to manage and monitor your docker containers. Learn to create an account with docker hub,

Project 2

Online Support, Remote assistance, Video Simulation

WordPress deployment on Kubernetes Cluster
Learn the full roadmap to hosting the world’s most popular website framework, WordPress on top of Kubernetes Cluster.

Project 3

Online Support, Remote assistance, Video Simulation

Use Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to deliver a product to a Production Server which requires multiple versions of code and multiple environments to deploy.
Learn the use of tools like Git, Docker, Maven and Jenkins to implement the CI/CD Process with high quality and reliability.

Project 4

Online Support, Remote assistance, Video Simulation

Migration project
Build a project that helps with standard procedures in moving the information from one database to another.
(e.g. Microsoft SQL to Azure SQL Database)

Online DevOps Course Training Structure

#4.9/5 Ratings Given by Trainees
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Online course helps to cut down on unnecessary expenses and
you can learn from anywhere around the world from our Industrial experts having 10+ years of experience..

I need to learn DevOps from scratch, where do I start?


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of our Students Who Got Job Recently

Our Learners Get help with Creating Resume and Promoting in Job Portals, Interview Preparation and Personality Development sessions


Vivaan Got Job in SAP as a data scientist with 13.25 Lacs Package.


Ananya got placed in JPMORGAN CHASE as a Data Analyst with 8.45 Lacs rs Salary per Year

  Senior Data Science Specialist

Ramesh has offered by Senior Data Science Specialist company located in Bangalore with 9.7 Lacs package


Arjun got job in Amazon located in Sarjapur Road with 6.2 Lacs package

  Bosch Group

Prathibha has Placed in Bosch Group as Data Engineer with 5.8 Lacs per year


Muhammad has been hired as Senior Engineer – Cloud (GCP) Flipkart with 7.9 Lacs package


Mahendra Mehra got a job in as Machine Learning Scientist Rapido and the offered salary was 62000 Rs per month.

5+ Years of DevOps Excellence

Take DevOps training course Online and learn from Experts with 5+ years of experience

Know About DevOps Instructor

Your mentor is an industry veteran with an estimated over 5+ years of experience working with several organizations. He has been a licensed DevOps practitioner for 7 years, and in the past 5 years, he has trained more than 3000 students on DevOps online and offline. He has worked with companies such as HCL, HP, and IBM.

InventaTeq ensures that the trainees receive fair care and the same amount of training. If there's someone left behind, we're doing our best to keep him on board with our backup and extra lessons. InventaTeq offers real-time assignments to its trainees and the trainers ensure that each trainee completes all of the tasks during the course. Trainers also make the students work on live projects that they have been working on and make them understand how to work in the exact situation of the corporate culture.

If you are in Mumbai and are having trouble learning and mastering DevOps, then enter InventaTeq. It is one of the top educational and placement institutes in Mumbai. The facility centre is fitted with state-of-the-art technologies to support DevOps training.

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Best DevOps Tools Covered


Apache Camel












ELK Stackify










Sumo Logic




Code Climate


New Relic




Job Oriented Training

  • It offers guaranteed internship opportunities for every student.
  • Each student receives several calls for a Job Interview.
  • All the projects are from the industry to help the students understand each other well.
  • Daily Quizzes support the placement students
  • Computer-readable strategies for students to resume construction.
  • Alumni 1000 + working at MNC offers guaranteed internship opportunities for every student.
  • Each student receives several calls for a Job Interview
  • All the projects are from the industry to help the students understand each other well.
  • Daily Quizzes support the placement students.
  • Computer-readable strategies for students to resume construction.
  • Alumni 500 + working at MNC.

Duration of DevOps course

  • DevOps takes from 32 to 44 weeks of qualification training anywhere.
  • Everybody gets professional assistance 24/7.
  • Support provided after course completion.
  • Different timing for the working professionals.
  • The batch consists of 8 to 10 students only.
  • Course curriculum designed after multiple consultations with industrial experts.

Topic Covered

  • DevOps Methodologies
  • Version Control System
  • Containerization with docker
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Software and Automation testing frameworks
  • Configuration management tools
  • The Nagios Grafana ELK Stack continuous control
  • Cloud DevOps
  • Deploying Kubernetes clusters
  • Git workflows
  • Git cheat sheet
  • Jenkins Management
  • Docker File
  • Container
  • Ansible
  • Write Playbooks
  • Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Cluster
  • Kubernetes Dashboard
  • DevOps using AWS
Get a Globally Recognized Certificate at Inventateq

Get your InventaTeq DevOps certificate along with the support for the placement

DevOps certification lets you demonstrate your DevOps expertise to the employer and recruiters through your curriculum vitae at first impact. InventaTeq lets you crack the interview by equipping you with all the DevOps skills. InventaTeq Certification is recognized all over the globe. Using advanced resume-building strategies taught with InventaTeq course to get the recruiter's attention on your profile. InventaTeq is Mumbai's Best DevOps Training Provider.

  • Your credential is the secret to work interviews and will provide you with several chances.
  • The experience is illustrated by the degree of your certificate you are completing in DevOps.
  • In the current scenario, the DevOps certificate plays a major role in separating you from the job rat race.
  • In today's world, the credential has become the key to opening the work interview door. Your credential is the secret to work interviews and will provide you with several chances.
  • The experience is illustrated by the degree of your certificate you are completing in DevOps.
  • In the current scenario, the DevOps certificate plays a major role in separating you from the job rat race.
  • In today's world, the credential has become the key to opening the work interview door.


You can showcase your skills on DevOps with valid Amazon Certification. Study DevOps, and apply to InventaTeq for AWS certification.

Get DevOps certificate with AWS

If you have completed the course and become eligible for AWS certification, InventaTeq will provide you with the Industrial-recognized DevOps certificate.

Get Inventateq Certification

Transform your career and take over your life

best devops Training in mumbai and DevOps Certification Courses with Placements in Thane West, BANDRA, Andheri East, Ghatkopar, Borivali

InventaTeq has emerged as one of Mumbai's premium training and certification institute for DevOps training and. In consultation with Industrial experts, all modules for the course were set. The students ' daily feedback system and evolving trends in the innovation and technology field have helped InventaTeq become the best DevOps training provider in Mumbai with a valid certification.

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10+ Modules at Online DevOps (Internet of things) Course

you need to learn for Better Job Opportunities

Infrastructure Setup

Learn how to configure DevOps Infra, and use EC2.

Software Version Control

Software Version Control

Learn how to use DevOps for handling changes in your code.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment

Learn How to Deploy via DevOps.

Configuration Management using Ansible

Configuration Management

Learn how to use Ansible for continuous support in management.

Continuous Testing using Selenium

Continuous Testing

Use Selenium testing to ensure the perfect project.

Continuous Integration using Jenkins

Continuous Integration

Mastering the methods of continuous integration using the CI / CD pipelines.

Continuous Orchestration

Learn how to Orchestrate Kubernetes.

Continuous Monitoring using Nagios

Continuous Monitoring

Learn how to track the system and hold records continuously.

Our Hiring Partner for Placements

Finding a job? Want a better career? Switch on DevOps

DevOps offers several certifications. You need to understand what best suits you so recruiters can land up to your profile and you will be recruited. To understand the certificate best suited for you, visit the InventaTeq site.

Course Content of Online DevOps Course (10+ Modules)

EC2 Walkthrough
Installation of DevOps Tools on cloud
Software Development - Definition
Software Development Life Cycle
Traditional Models for SDLC
Why DevOps?
DevOps- Definition
DevOps Lifecycle
DevOps Tools
Version Control- Definition
IoT sensor
Types of VC System
Introduction to SVN
Git- An Introduction
Git Lifecycle
Git Commands
Git-Working with Branches
Merging Branches
Resolving Merge Conflicts
Git Workflow
Docker- Introduction
Docker Lifecycle
Docker Ecosystem Components
Docker Operations
Creating a DockerHub Account
Committing changes in a Container
Pushing a Container Image to DockerHub
Creating Docker Images using Dockerfile
Docker Volumes- Introduction
Deploying a Multi-Tier Application using Docker Network
Using Docker Compose to deploy containers
Container Orchestration
Container Orchestration Tools
Docker Swarm
2-Node Cluster using Docker Swarm
Configuration Management
Configuration Management Tools
What is Puppet
Puppet Architecture
Setting up Master-Slave using Puppet
Puppet Manifests
Puppet Modules
Applying configuration using Puppet
Puppet File Server
What is Ansible?
Ansible Architecture
Setting up Master-Slave using Ansible
Ansible Playbook
Ansible Roles
Applying configuration using Ansible
Continuous Testing- Definition
Introduction to Selenium
Maven- Introduction
Maven with Selenium
Test Cases using Selenium
On Chromium Web Driver running test cases
Headless Mode
Continuous Integration
Jenkins Master-Slave Architecture
CI/CD Pipelines- Introduction
Creating an end to end automated CI/CD Pipeline
Introduction to Kubernetes
Docker Swarm and Kubernetes - Difference
Kubernetes Architecture
Deploying Kubernetes using Kubeadms
Alternate ways of deploying Kubernetes
YAML Files
Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML
Services in Kubernetes
Ingress in Kubernetes
Case Study – Kubernetes Architecture
Introduction to Continuous Monitoring
Introduction to Nagios
Nagios Architecture
Monitoring Services in Nagios
What are NRPE Plugins
Monitoring System Info using NRPE plugins
Content Hours Available
Industry Projects
Practical Sessions
Expert Coaching Sessions
DevOps Tools

DevOps Preparation and
Qualification Advantages


  • DevOps course for a fresher is a good way to learn how development takes place and how the activity is managed while being exposed to all Software development processes.
  • Learn coding and joint operations in DevOps Associate School.
  • DevOps demand is growing, getting the certification from the early stages of employment is nice.

Working Professional

  • Learning DevOps to work with several projects together is very useful to a developer.
  • Professionals get the best advantage of course DevOps as it helps quickly in the promotion.
  • Businesses are recruiting for their business professionals trained DevOps men.
  • DevOps plays a significant role in developers in wage hikes.


  • DevOps helps to minimize the development time and to improve the company's efficiency.
  • DevOps helps to build projects which are more reliable and checked with ease. Getting your developers trained on DevOps is helpful.
  • DevOps preparation helps companies get a better workforce and also helps to bag several tasks.


DevOps training is an instructor-led training and qualification program to be carried out at our Mumbai training centre.

The timings of the classes depend on your batch. If you are a specialist then we have a separate batch, and we have separate batch timing for students and freshers.

If you miss a class we'll arrange for a backup class. We also aim to schedule classes in a way that all the students in a batch can attend the classes without fail.

2 Mock exam, interview preparation, grill during the interview, and questions are asked as per the current requisite. We are with you even after the course and all doubts are solved as an when required.

We do provide a free tutorial for our students and professionals for them to experience a sample class.

We have a cell dedicated to the placement. InventaTeq begins the interview process from the day you join, by knowing your profile and interest in the company environment. We strive to give our students the best placements.

With demo projects, all our students start learning and slowly work with their mentors on live projects. Instructors are industry-specific and highly skilled because they have several live projects.

Your trainer is a member of the business. They work for a company or work as a consultant for several companies as a freelancer. There will be a lot of real-time initiatives to include the preparation.

Career Options in DevOps

  • DevOps Architect. (7+ years experience)
    Salary 9 LPA to 15 LPA
  • Release Manager. (4+ years experience)
    Salary 4.2 LPA to 20 LPA
  • Security Engineer. ( 3+ Years of experience)
    Salary 7 LPA to 15 LPA
  • Automation Engineer. (Fresher to 4 years experience)
    Salary 2.8 LPA to 7 LPA
  • Software Tester. (5+ years of experience)
    Salary 10 LPA to 15 LPA
  • Integration Specialist. (2+ years of experience)
    Salary 3 LPA to 12 LPA

InventaTeq has a strong MNC-placement record in DevOps. In the past, with an average pay of 5 LPA, 3 batches the average placement has reached 85 per cent in MNC. InventaTeq is pleased to report the last batch putting 100 per cent with a minimum package of 5 LPA.

Average Salary of Employees in DevOps by location

DevOps Jobs in Hyderabad - ₹ 5,95,311 per year
DevOps Jobs in Mumbai- ₹ 5,66,848 per year
DevOps Jobs in Bengaluru - ₹ 6,00,000 per year
DevOps Jobs in Pune - ₹ 5,50,604 per year
DevOps Jobs in Chennai - ₹ 5,01,500 per year

Latest DevOps job openings in Bengaluru, India.

We have tie up with Many IT and Non IT Companies, From whom we keep on get regular Job Openings which are listed below

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Near By Locations: OMR Road, Adyar, Tambaram, Anna Nagar, T-Nagar, Pallikaranai, Perumbakkam, Guindy, Porur, Thiruvanmiyur, Siruseri, Vadapalani.

How long would it take to learn DevOps?

Depending on the qualification you want, and your experience, you will learn Devops within 20 to 30 weeks.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the coordination between the software and the service team so the codes can be distributed for output at a faster pace.

What are the DevOps learning requisites?

You must be familiar with scripting languages and have a clear understanding of automation software if you want to take the DevOps course.

Is DevOps hard at learning?

DevOps learning is full of difficulties, it takes a huge amount of expertise to understand the complex technological issues.

Does DevOps require coding?

DevOps methodology is the development of software, which collaborates with gradual adjustments. They don't code from scratch but they need to learn the codes well.

Is DevOps a difficult job?

The skills required for DevOps vary considerably from regular employment. DevOps demand is growing but the qualified workforce is less so it raises a little bit of stress on the professionals.

Does DevOps suit Freshers?

Several certifications can help freshers start a DevOps career, but the freshers need to make sure they need a high degree of dedication to do the job and develop at a significant pace.

Is DevOps a good Career choice?

If you can cooperate and execute the tasks with multiple camps, DevOps is a great profession otherwise DevOps is not for you. Comprehend this before you take it on.

Which is Mumbai's best DevOps learning coaching centre?

In Mumbai the best DevOps training centre is InventaTeq. They have a collection of career counsellors who can give you valuable advice. Before going for DevOps training one must have good knowledge of Version Control System (VCS), cloud server, deployment of codes.

Does DevOps have a future?

Given that cloud technology is growing day by day and the need for containerization is high, demand for DevOps would grow at a steeper pace.

Please Note : Students studying DevOps at our Mumbai training facility will be eligible to participate in all the placement drives. Please ensure you register with our placement cell and provide the correct details and keep us up-to-date to help you find the best work possible.
In the time to come, DevOps would have a wide variety. As the technology moves toward AI and ML they need the DevOps definition for faster and more accurate performance. DevOps' breadth is huge and never will stop. Also, there are very few who become a DevOps expert so if you can be the one, go ahead with DevOps. The DevOps pay is high compared with production work.

Covered Modules : DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, Containerization, YAML, CI/CD, Selenium, etc.


Dedication and commitment are the first qualifying requirements for a DevOps course. If you are committed to studying the best and completing your Bachelor's and Master's degrees then you can opt for DevOps. Besides, you are likely to be involved in techniques of coding and teamwork to collaborate with different teams to support the company at a faster rate.

In the past InventaTeq has proven to be the best DevOps training school. InventaTeq believes in advanced modules of course which are in demand with industry. We continue to refurbish our modules in consultancy with industry experts to provide our students with the best learning experience.

Communicate with us
Mobile 7676765421/7899332878/9986917655/ 8050585880
Cell:080 - 42108236/42024661 /41502315
You can also give us your question on the mail ID below.
Registration in the course can be achieved using different online methods. In case of any doubts/ information/suggestions feel free to contact us.

Top institute for DevOps | DevOps Course Institute | 100% placement assistance DevOps course, Selenium, Automation, Data Science, Analyst, Decision making, Data Warehousing, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET Technologies, SQL & PLSQL, PHP, Cisco CCNA, SAAS Training. For better prospects get trained and interviewed.

DevOps Workshops

Get InventaTeq educated on DevOps along with certification. The method of learning encompasses both scientific and non-technical elements. It lets you learn skills such as communication, teamwork, and other operations along with the development of the project i.e. coding, algorithms, etc. Using InventaTeq to take the opportunity to learn DevOps.

Looking for Mumbai's Best DevOps Training Course?

Join InventaTeq just to learn from the experts. Sign in with us.

DevOps has helped the companies minimize a project/software development period. That helps the organisations in many ways. DevOps is a blessing for the organisations in the age of speed and precision.

The course aims to ensure that the trainees are qualified enough to enter an organisation and begin their work on day 1. DevOps demand in the industry is on the rise. DevOps is a job extensively paid for. To work together the job requires many skills. Learn the skills to scale up your level of education with our industry specialist trainers.

Learn to share data with other connected devices and reduce the cost and working hours of your organization with Online DevOps course training. Without leaving your current job, become advanced in your filed, and lead the group.

Inventateq offers advanced DevOps Online Training from Experts that have years of experience and practice of training students. Get student-friendly lectures and One-to-one interaction with trainers for doubt solving or any other related issues

Join Virtual DevOps Course Training with the following benefits:

  • Manage customer relation and future risk
  • Get Trained from your desired location
  • Lifetimes access to lectures and course modules
  • Practice Mock and Get Interview Training

Reviews by the students

Student Testimonials

“A very fascinating experience and a successful one. I learned a lot and in the fundamentals, it gave me a solid grounding. It made me think, and I liked how it made it possible for me to communicate through realistic work with people.

“The course helped me explore many sides. By following the curriculum and the Inventateq analysis set out, I learned a lot. Assignments were quickly corrected, with much positive feedback from the tutors ..”

“InventaTeq is your place of trust to be an upgraded individual.. It is one of the best DevOps education centres. If you're looking for a DevOps training that will change your life in time to come, enter InventaTeq and you'll see the difference from the first lecture itself.

“Leaning to DevOps isn't easy. I asked at several institutes about the course, but none were prepared to provide the course that would suit my timings. It was InventaTeq that gave me research versatility as per my timing, as I am a busy working person. Rahul made the finest arrangements to make sure that I didn't miss any topics and also made sure that I was in for the ventures. Thank you, to Rahul and InventaTeq.

DevOps Certification course at InvetaTeq.

In today's technology-driven world age, updating with the latest technologies is very important. DevOps is one of the industry's latest technology which has emerged as a solution. People employed in DevOps are highly trained and work with various teams to ensure that implementation time is shortened and projects are completed more quickly. In the IT industry, the demand for DevOps engineers is rising.

I was referred to Inventateq by a collegue who saw me struggling to upgrade my skills. From day 1 InventaTeq still took care of my timings and lessons. The faculty is strong and has given us a realistic approach. I am delighted with the efforts InventaTeq has put in on me. I suggested a couple of friends too. It is Mumbai's best place for DevOps to learn and work to perfection.

For the first time, InventaTeq is offering a discount !! Grab the opportunity to learn DevOps with us.