Best Data Science Real Time projects in Python for Resume

Practice data science projects with source code in python

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1. Students grade prediction using machine learning techniques
2. Rainfall prediction using Machine Learning and Neural Networks
3. An Internal Intrusion Detection System Using Data Mining Techniques
4. Movie recommendation system using Collaborative filtering techniques
5. Parkinson disease prediction using Multiple Symptoms
6. Stock price prediction using SVM and Random forest algorithm
7. Chatbot system using Intent and Entity
8. Restaurant recommendation from Yelp dataset using Collaborative Filtering techniques
9. Youtube video recommendation using content base collaborative filtering
10.User Location prediction on Twitter using machine learning Techniques
11.Hepatitis B prediction using Decision Tree algorithm
12.MusicMood: Predicting the mood of music from song lyrics using machine learning
13.Cricket Team Selection using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
14.Prediction of Benign and Malignant Breast Cancer Using Data Mining Techniques
15.Profit Maximization Mechanism and Data Management For taxi Trip Time Prediction
16.Spam Filtering In SMS Using Recurrent Neural Networks
17.User's Next Location prediction using Machine leaning
18.Landslide prediction using machine learning
19.Robust Malware Classification from Opcode Dataset