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Artificial Intelligence

Industry Expert Certification

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Why Learn RPA?

Have you heard?

More than 78% of firms who have already incorporated RPA in their systems, are more likely to increase investments in ROI in the next three years!

Are you wondering why such companies are ready to increase their investments? The answer is: visible ROI results!

With the help of RPA, processes are now automated which makes the whole system more efficient. This has helped systems to get more returns.

Artificial Intelligence

Defined processes

Structuring and streamlining processes is an important part of any organisation. However, when you have to repeat a certain process again and again, there can be issues in streamlining these processes. In such a case, to increase process efficiency and productivity, process automation is done. It streamlines the process by eliminating the need to perform the task repeatedly.

Artificial Intelligence

Increased Workforce Capacity

Imagine yourself doing the same thing again and again. Will you have the same productivity like you had the first time? The answer will be a no for most of us. But at that same time, no one can deny the fact that in a business, most processes are repeating. This ultimately affects the workforce capacity and productivity. By automating repeating processes, you can always analyse how productive your team actually is.

Artificial Intelligence

In-demand Skill

Staying ahead of your competitors is the only way to survive in the industry. By learning RPA courses online, you can always stay ahead of your competition. Hence, make sure to join RPA certification training courses in Mumbai to get insights into the latest trends of the domain.

Artificial Intelligence

Bring Visible ROI to Business

Increasing productivity simply means increasing your revenues. With RPA, you can automate your time taking processes and increase productivity. This will help you work in a more efficient way which will result in better ROIs.

Artificial Intelligence

Profile building

Add relevant credentials to your profile!

Your credentials and skills are what makes you different from other candidates. Enhance your skills by working on real life use cases throughout your online RPA session in Mumbai and add worthy credentials to your profile.

Interview Preparation

Know the knits and grits of cracking an interview!

Preparing for an interview is the first step to crack an interview. Sign up for our RPA online session in Mumbai and get a chance to learn about the latest questions, trends, and rounds of interviews conducted in top firms. We help you practice some important interview questions and answers in RPA.

100% placement assistance

Career guidance to help you choose the right path!

Explore wider job openings in RPA by networking and communicating with top leaders of the industry. Take part in job hackathons and tours arranged frequently during your online RPA training in Mumbai and get a chance to network with people from the same industry.

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Course Curriculum

Learn everything relevant about RPA in one course!

To thrive in the industry, it is important for you to learn relevant information rather than learning each and everything.

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Course Duration

Rigorous and practical 2 months of learning!

InventaTeq stands tall as the top RPA training in Mumbai because of its unique and rigorous approach. This approach helps you learn RPA in only two months. Our course covers each and every concept of RPA in this duration along with providing you with interview preparation classes.


Online Training Mode

Making learning flexible and easier!

Whether you are just sitting at your home or you are travelling, with InventaTeq's RPA training, you can now learn anytime. Access the portal and attend classes anytime and anywhere.


Certification From Experts

Certification to lead the industry!

Take the first step towards leading the industry by getting certified by top leaders of the industry and get noticed to get placed.

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Students Who Loved Us

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Become a master with masters!

  • After acquiring and exploring the RPA domain, our expert is all set to provide our students with the best knowledge in the domain. Our expert has expertise in different concepts Including Citrix manipulation, tools like UiPath and queue management system.
Artificial Intelligence

What will you learn in this course?

Get ample opportunities to learn to work in the corporate world!

Key highlights:

  • 2 Months complete RPA training for all.
  • Course designed to meet needs of the corporate world.
  • Hands-on RPA learning in Mumbai.
  • Experienced and the best RPA trainer in India
  • Online training mode.
  • Career services to help you begin or enhance your career.

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Online RPA session in Mumbai is for one and All!

At InventaTeq, we have designed our courses in such a way it suits everyone. Whether you are a fresher or a working professional in the RPA field, every RPA session in Mumbai with InventaTeq will have something new for you.

Top online RPA training in Mumbai!

InventaTeq has been delivering quality education since ages and has acquired a reputable place in the industry. From providing you knowledge about RPA to helping you prepare for your interviews to providing placement support, InventaTeq has got your back.

Artificial Intelligence

Connect with like-minded people and network through our job fairs and hackathons conducted throughout your RPA online training in Mumbai!
Do not wait for your favourite batches! Get enrolled today before all batches get full!

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Are you aware of what is the best RPA online session in Mumbai?

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Get a chance to learn from top instructors from all over the world and add a new certification to your profile.

In our RPA learning course in Mumbai, work on live use cases and some good RPA projects to build a stronger portfolio and increase your standing among your competitors!

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Skills You Will Gain

Master industry-relevant skills from industry leaders!

What makes us different from other RPA training institutes in Bangalore is our industry-relevant RPA course syllabus. The course covers all the important skills including RPA implementation methods, RPA tools, UiPath tool, user interfaces of UiPath, and Excel automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes InventaTeq the best RPA learning training in Mumbai is our approach to training. Here, we ensure that each of our students obtain theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in a balanced way. We help you learn every basic starting from what is RPA & why it is important to how to start your career in RPA.

InventaTeq offers you a course of duration of 60 hours or 2 months.

RPA technology is now being widely used in almost all industries. This has increased the demand of RPA professionals. To meet this demand, companies are hiring RPA professionals on high salaries. So, if you are looking for a lucrative career, getting RPA training is always a good idea.

Yes, you can learn RPA in 3 months. Fortunately, with InventaTeq, you can now RPA in 2 months in our RPA classes in Mumbai.

Learning any new technology is difficult. Therefore, it is always a better option to take professional training. So, if you also wish to make your learning process easier and learn RPA, book your seats in our RPA online lessons in Mumbai.

The team of InventaTeq provides you with complete placement support to help you get placed in a good company.

With our job-oriented RPA classes in Mumbai, we help you acquire the required skills to work in a corporate culture. Other than this, with the help of our hiring partners, we conduct multiple hackathons and job tours to give our students industry exposure.

In our RPA courses, we teach you RPA concepts from the beginning. This includes introduction to RPA, automation, UiPath, data scraping and automation tools.

No, you do not need to learn programming to sign up for RPA training. However, candidates who know coding can understand RPA more easily.

To contact us, you can call us on our phone number or email us on our id. Other than this, you can also fill up the contact form and our team will get back to you.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Say goodbye to dull edges in your career with InventaTeq!

InventaTeq is the top RPA institute in Chennai with Placement which is working day and night to transform the lives of our students. With our industry-relevant courses, we have successfully helped many students master the RPA domain.


Hands-on Learning

You remember it when you do it!

At InventaTeq, we believe that there is no better way to learn than implementing things on your own. This is why, in your RPA certification training classes in Mumbai, we help you implement the concepts that you have learnt and master them.


Resume Preparation

Learn the art of portraying your credentials in front of an employer!

Do you know why most people even fail to get an interview scheduled for them? It's because of their inability to portray their skills in the right way. At InventaTeq, we help you create a resume based on your qualifications and certifications so that you make the right impression on your employer. We keep our RPA resume samples for freshers updated to help you create your one efficiently.


Recorded Sessions

Learning should never stop!

Along with our live RPA training classes in Mumbai, we provide you with recorded sessions. This helps you get the flexibility to learn whatever and whenever you want depending on your schedule.


Track your career growth with us! The team of InventaTeq has got your back from the very first day of your Mumbai RPA classes till the first day of your job!

So, sign up today with us and get started on embarking a new journey of your life!

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Artificial Intelligence

Training Methodology

Practical and simulated Mumbai RPA training by leaders!

Providing the best and relevant knowledge is our forte and we follow the same in our training methods as well. At InventaTeq, we follow a blended training approach in which we first work on making the foundation strong for students and then we help them apply their learnings in live projects. This gives our students complete insights into the knits and grits of RPA.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Are you looking for an RPA course in Mumbai with placement?!

InventaTeq is your place for it! Get enrolled in our job-oriented RPA courses in Mumbai with InventaTeq and acquire Job-relevant skills from leaders of the domain.

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