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All the training delivery will be done by the faculties having a 14+ year of experience in the industry working with clients like IBM, HCL, Infosys, etc. The trainer holds a Master Degree from a renowned university and has trained approximately 10,000+ students in Python.

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  • InventaqTeq provides 100% assistance in placement of the students.
  • The course can be undertaken by students, freshers, Job Seekers, Professionals, and Freelancers.
  • Live projects with simulation will be provided to the students for better understanding.
  • Recognized certification for Python students from companies like Infosys, IBM etc.
  • InventaTeq support in getting freelance projects in Python development for extra income.
  • Resume Preparation Support
  • InventaTeq helps in getting multiple Internship opportunities in various industry.
  • 12000+ professional have been trained by InventaTeq who are working in multiple industries.
  • Approximately 1,75,000+ job opportunities in Python are waiting for you.
  • Interview Preparation Support
  • Backup classes for all the students to support them in training.
  • Each individual will be provided with Remote assistance online.
  • Every online session will be having a limited number of participants.

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Skills You Will Learn


Python frameworks

Familiarity with ORM libraries


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Python libraries



Object-Relational Mapping



Average Salary Hike

Career Transitions
Highest Salary

Hiring Partners


Online Python Course Methodology

Theory Class

Practical Class

Assignments on Live Projects


Assistance in Interview and Resume Preparation

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Which is the best Python course online?

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Get Hands-on Real-world Python Project during Online Training

How can I learn Python online for free?

Hands-On Learning Through Industry Projects

Project 1

Online Support, Remote assistance, Video Simulation

The Hangman Game
Create an online hangman game and run it in the web-browser.

Project 2

Online Support, Remote assistance, Video Simulation

Speech Recognition System
Create a speech recognition system using python and libraries.

Project 3

Online Support, Remote assistance, Video Simulation

Conversion of Numbers in Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal

Project 4

Online Support, Remote assistance, Video Simulation

Encryption Decryption using Python

Online Python Course Training Structure

Learn to share data with other connected devices and reduce the cost and working hours of your organization with Online Python course training. Without leaving your current job, become advanced in your filed, and lead the group.

Inventateq offers advanced Python Online Training from Experts that have years of experience and practice of training students. Get student-friendly lectures and One-to-one interaction with trainers for doubt solving or any other related issues

Join Virtual Python Course Training with the following benefits:

  • Manage customer relation and future risk
  • Get Trained from your desired location
  • Lifetimes access to lectures and course modules
  • Practice Mock and Get Interview Training

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Online course helps to cut down on unnecessary expenses and
you can learn from anywhere around the world from our Industrial experts having 10+ years of experience..

I need to learn Python from scratch, where do I start?


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Our Learners Get help with Creating Resume and Promoting in Job Portals, Interview Preparation and Personality Development sessions


Subha Got Job in IBM as Python Developer.


Priyanka Gupta got placed in Accenture with 5.2 Lacs Package


Gayatri has offered by Capgemini company located in Pune with 4.7 Lacs package


Mr Sidharth got job in Genpact located in Sarjapur Road with 4.2 Lacs package


Gowtham has Placed in IMSHealth as Python Developer - Associate with 2.8 Lacs per year

14+ Years of Python Excellence

Take Python training course Online and learn from Experts with 14+ years of experience

Know About Python Trainer

python programmer and trainer with 10+ years of experience with MNCs and individual training can handle both basics and advanced corporate training on: • Python Programming and Django • Desktop Application Development using Python and PYQT5 • Selenium - Python • Web Scraping • Basic Data Science Overview Training
Top clients in 2019-20: Cisco, Vodafone, Amazon, Orange, Morgan Stanley, United Technologies

Trainer for Python has a world-class experience of 14+ years and holds a Master Degree along with PCPP certification. He has trained more than 10000 students in the past 8 years of training. He has worked with companies like IBM, Infosys, HCL etc. He has an average rating of 4.5/5 in training and holds an experience in individual, batch and corporate training.

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Best Python Tools Covered






Robot Framework


Beautiful Soup





We Make learning interactive by constantly engaging students with questions and hands-on training

Placement Support

  • Professional Resume Preparation for every student
  • 100% placement support will be provided based on your location for all the students.
  • Scheduling of MNC’s job interview for all the candidate trained in InventaTeq.
  • All the candidates will be prepared for the interview via means of Mock tests and Interviews.
  • Online Python certification will be provided to all the students’ based on the level of course completion by the candidate from InventaTeq end.
  • 6500+ candidates have got an opportunity in different industries for an internship, OJT or Jobs.
  • More than 5000 alumni are working in MNC globally after being trained through InventaTeq.

Online Course

  • All the course modules will be made available with the backup of the classes.
  • ‘A-grade’ trainer with 14+ years of industrial experience will facilitate the training.
  • 50-60 hours of online training on Python through online mode.
  • The Python training is backed up with remote assistance from the trainers online and provide hands-on-training with real-time examples.
  • Backup classes along with recorded classes provide the students’ a better and new experience of the online-training system.
  • The students’ training module is capsuled in such a way to facilitate the trainees and prepare them for online interviews.
  • The one to one training provided by InventaTeq with the limited number of participants (trainees) in the online mode helps the student clear the doubts well enough to maximize their learning experience.

Topic Covered

  • Python Data Types
  • Operators in Python
  • Debugger
  • Different loops
  • OOPs Concept
  • Use of Python
  • Python for Data Science
  • Python for Machine Learning
  • Python for Web Development
  • Django
  • Kafka

Get Trained Get Certified

All the trainees will be facilitated with a training certificate from InventaTeq in partnership with companies like Infosys, IBM, HCL etc as per the level of certification completed and passed the exam on the same.


Python learning is a process of making yourself ready for the future. InventaTeq has tailored the course in such a way that the process of learning through online modules is redefined.

Upgrade your career online to change your life.

Learn Python Courses Online, Best Python Online Training with Free Certification for Begineers in India

InventaTeq provides the faculties and students proper guidance so that the students and faculties optimize their time to understand the concepts fast and easy. Moreover, InventaTeq takes care of providing all the online facilities and make sure to get all the students placed for jobs, internship etc. based on their geographical locations. Book your slots by reaching out to us on the mail or phone.

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10+ Modules at Online Python Course

you need to learn for Better Job Opportunities

Python- Introduction

Learn how to install Python and different versions of Python

Python Scripts

Python Scripts

Learn how to execute standalone script in Windows and Linux

Parameters- Command Line

Parameters- Command Line

Learn about the different types of variables and strings and their uses.

Control Flow

Learn how to install XAMP and WAMP and scope of Python in website

Data Sequence

Learn how to use different sets, lists, tuples and dictionaries in Python

Functions- Defination

Functions- Defination

Learn how to pass parameters using a function in Python programming.

Text Files

Text Files

Learn how to read data and output data to a text file using Python.

Sets and Dictionaries

Sets and Dictionaries

Learn how to use the values from dictionary, sets and handle the exceptions with try/except.

Module - Defination and Use

Learn how to create module, use of function aliases within the program.



Understand different expressions used in the Python programing and do complex calculations.

Standard Library

Standard Library

Learn the use of standard Python library to send mails, grab webpages, compress files etc.

Classes in Python

Classes in Python

Lear the OOPS concept and how to use it in Python for parsing the Data.

Python for Data Science

Understand the use of Python for Data Science and its importance.

Python for Web

Python for Web

Learn how to do web development using Python.

Python for ML

Python for ML

Learn and understand the use of Python in the field of Machine learning and its necessity in ML.

Advantages of Python

Understand the advantages of using Python and how Python can be a resource for all development works including AI and ML.

Our Hiring Partner for Placements

Do you want to build your career in Python?

Are you struggling to complete projects on time, let your engineers learn Advanced Python?

Get your resume highlighted for Python jobs. Certify yourself. Grab the recruiters’ attention. Get certified with Python. Help them reach out to you with your certification putting a value on your resume.

Course Content of Online Python Course (10+ Modules)

Python- Definition
Version of Python
Script Structure
Run Standalone script in Windows
Rub Standalone script in Linux
Variables- Types and Uses
Strings- Types and Uses
Operators and Expressions
Command Line- Definition and parameters
Reading from Keyboard
Installation of XAMP and WAMP
Website- Static and Dynamic
Scope of Python in website
Operation List
Method List
Special List- Strings
What is a Function?
Global Variables
Local Variables
Passing Parameters
Returning Values
Overview of Text I/O file
Text File- Open, Read
Binary Data
Pickle Module
Write to a text file.
Dictionary- Overview
Creating a Dictionary
Dictionary functions
Fetching keys or values
Elements- Introduction
Deleting elements
Errors and Exception Handling
Dealing with syntax errors
Handling exceptions with try/except
Module- Definition
Import Statement
Function Aliases
RE Objects
Pattern Matching
Complex substitution
RE – Tips and Tricks.
Operating System
Grabbing web pages
Sending email
Filename wildcards
Use of datetime
Compressed files
OOPs Concept
Define a Class
Class Methods and Data
Data Science- Introduction
How Python is used in Data Science?
Why Python is used for Data Science?
Web Development- Introduction
Web- Using Python
Machine Learning – Introduction
Use of Python in ML
Why Python?
Content Hours Available
Industry Projects
Practical Sessions
Expert Coaching Sessions
Python Tools

Benefits of Python training and


  • Python is used in many areas, learning Python as a student makes your hiring capability higher.
  • Candidates who are interested to be a professional dynamic developer must learn Python.
  • If you love coding, Python is a must to have in your resume.
  • Development, Data Science or Analytics, use of Python is everywhere. Learn Python to build your career and give a boost to yourself with a certification.


  • If you are aiming for big projects in Python, get your staffs trained on Python for professionals.
  • Want to increase the productivity of your employee, help them learn python for development, analytics, etc.
  • The Python certification course will boost the productivity for an individual.
  • Upgrade your employees with certified courses from InventaTeq.


  • If you are a Python Developer, then complete the course to become a professional developer.
  • Learn Python and get certified to upgrade your career using Professional certification in Python.
  • Python allows you to switch your career from development to data science/analytics and vice-versa.
  • Boost your career with the certification in Python from InventaTeq.


Classes will be conducted Online with student-friendly patterns of teaching and as per the current market norms. Modules are prepared as per the present Industrial requirement and demand.

Your module will be sent through email and all aspects of the Python Course will be covered.

Inventateq offers 24*7 Online technical support and doubts are solved as soon as the queries are received. Experts make sure that lecture give is student-friendly and easy to understand.

2 Mock exam, interview preparation, grill during the interview, and questions are asked as per the current requisite. We are with you even after the course and all doubts are solved as an when required.

Do not worry, you will have access to recorded lectures that would be available even after the completion of the course. Attend as per your convenient time and get 24*7 support.

Career option after the completion of Online Python Online Course

you can choose after completion of Python Online Course

  • Web Developer (Freshers and Experience)
    Salary (3 LPA to 10 LPA)
  • Software Developer (Freshers and experienced)
    Salary (3 LPA to 15 LPA)
  • Data Scientist (2+ years of experience)
    Salary (5 LPA to 12 LPA)
  • Research Analyst (7+ years of experience)
    Salary (8 LPA and above)

Latest Python job openings in Bengaluru, India.

We have tie up with Many IT and Non IT Companies, From whom we keep on get regular Job Openings which are listed below

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Are the Python classes going to be online?

Yes, all are online with an interface having the ability to handle 1-to-1 basis classes as well resulting in as high effectiveness as the physical mode of teaching.

Does InventaTeq Offer Job Assistance?

Inventateq Provides Placement Support by giving a guarantee of data scientist Interviews with some of the top companies in Bangalore with good pay. It is a certified Training institute and has Tied-Up with Many Analytics Companies in India to deliver JOBS and Transform your career.

What if I miss a few classes?

You will get access to the recorded classes to make up if there is any doubt the backup classes will be a source for you to clear the doubts.

What Certifications do you provide in Python?

We provide industry recognized IBM, Microsoft and Coursera certifications which can showcased in your Linkedin Profile and Resume to Grab High Salaries.

Is there an option of having a FREE Demo class?

Yes, there are free demo online classes before you proceed for payment of fees. Call and let us know your interest to lineup the demo class for you.

Are the trainees get a chance to work on Python live projects?

Yes, trainees are going to work on live and simulated kind of projects.

Where are the trainers from?

All the trainers are from the industry with a minimum of 13+ experience working with MNC’s.

Do You provide technical support after the Python course ends?

YES we do provide FREE Technical Support even after Course Completion

Is it easy to learn Python?

Yes, Learning Python is easy. One can learn Python and become programmer fast and the Python learning curve is gradual.

How can I learn Python by myself?

To learn Python on your own you must code every day, surround yourself with those who are learning Python, Build something and submit them on open sources to get feedback and improve daily.

What is the Python course?

Python is a programming language which can be used for both small and large programs/ applications. One can also learn to bridge the gap between data science and web development using Python.

Can I get a job if I learn Python?

Learning Python only may land you in a job but you also need to have an understanding of multiple things. As only Python cannot be used for making an application or a web development or in Data Science. It is just a language and you need to have other understandings as well.

Is Python a good career?

Yes, Python plays a major role in multiple careers. Learning Python is going to help you secure a job easily in different paths. Python as a backend for software development or web development is a great choice.

Can I learn Python without any programming experience?

Yes, you can choose Python as your first programming language and start learning Python.

Can I learn Python online?

Yes, you can learn Python online through various institutes and academies which provide online training such as InventaTeq.

Is python in demand?

Yes, Python developers are always in high demand because Python as a language has become a solution in multiple areas.

Where can I get Python training in Bangalore or online?

If you are looking for Python training institutes in Bangalore, then you can opt for InventaTeq. They have both classroom and online training modes available.

Please Note : All the candidates getting certified from InventaTeq and interested in the job opening of the companies must contact the placement office of InventaTeq so that we can share your resume to the companies directly and schedule the interviews. You can also attend the counselling session online for placement.
Python is a good career as this opens up your scope to be a web developer, data analyst, Python Developer, Data scientist, etc. The presence of Python is almost in every aspect, so it is high in demand. The certification has three levels namely entry-level (PCEP), Associate level (PCAP), Professional Level (PCPP). InventaTeq has re-engineered the course in such a way that it can be helpful for every individual be it fresher or corporate guys to learn the same online. InventaTeq also provides online corporate training for professionals.

Covered Modules : Python, Scripting, Unix, XAMPP, WAMP, Apache, Selenium.


Any graduate or post-graduate with a technical degree like BE/B. TECH/ ME/ M. Tech or relevant and interested in making his career with Python as a programming language must learn this course module. Trainees with experience must get the course for them to upgrade their knowledge and a valid certification which would help them in career growth.

To deliver the best in class training, InventaTeq has designed the module in such a way that every individual topic is being covered and detailed by the trainers. This is going to be a job oriented training which will help the trainees to get a better career ahead of them in Python.

You can receive more information about the Python course by contacting us on the following numbers.

Communicate with us
Mobile 7676765421/7899332878/9986917655/ 8050585880
Cell: 080 - 42108236/42024661 /41502315
Email: info@inventateq.com, inventateq@gmail.com

Enrollment in the course can be done through various online methods. In case of any doubts/ information/ suggestion feel free to contact us.

Top institute for Python| Python Course Institute | 100% placement assistance Python course, Selenium, Automation, Data Science, Analyst, Decision making, Data Warehousing, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET Technologies, SQL & PLSQL, PHP, Cisco CCNA, SAAS Training. Get Certified and interviewed for better opportunities.

Student Testimonials:

The trainees come from different background to take the training from InventaTeq, It includes IT industry, E-commerce, Production, Development, etc. InventaTeq has served as a one-stop solution for all the candidates either looking for a job, change of career, upgrading their career etc. We have changed the career goals for thousands of students so far and will remain committed to doing so.

Please check what trainees have to share about InventaTeq and their experience.

Python certification students’ reviews about their Training Experience at InventaTeq.com

12000+ students got trained from InventaTeq. The trainees have become a great source for the MNC’s for hire. The talent pool created by InventaTeq is great.

After completing my Bachelor Degree in IT, I came to the lake city of Bangalore in search of my dream job. I struggled for approximately 4 months before I landed up at InventaTeq office. I was depressed and had no idea when I met Rahul Sir. I had an hour of conversation with him and then decided to take admission in Python course. I got two internship offers during my course and got placed as a Python developer in MNC. I owe to my alma mater for the same.

Written by Saroj Panda, Inventateq.

Our Rating:
4.5/ 5 Inventateq Python Certification Course.
4.7 /5 InventaTeq.