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SEO Technical Subjects

SEO Modules:-
1) On page Optimisation: Making a website completely SEO friendly as per google guidelines.
2) Off Page Optimisation: Set of methods we follow to build backlinks to a page

3) Reporting: By means of Google Webmaster tools: Google Search Console & Google Analytics (Adobe is used by big corporations).

Timeline for SEO Improvement:-
Can be calculated based on 3 factors:
a) Keyword competition,
b) Who is the SEO competitors and their strengths.
c) Our SEO plan of action or the quality of work we plan to implement.

Core SEO Technical Terms

1) SEO Strategy: Page by Page and Keyword by Keyword.
As per user requirement the relevant page and then the data to be showed.
SEO is to be done on each page and the SEO score is then calculated on each keyword.
2) SEO Techniques:
White HAT: Ethical SEO techniques implemented on the page to rank it high on google.
Done as per GG and will naturally take a longer time.

Black HAT: Unethical SEO techniques implemented on the page to rank it high on google within a short period of time.

Is not done as per GG.

Blue Hat & Grey Hat…???

3) Google Crawlers/ Spiders/ Robots :
Is the google software that scans the internet with the help of backlinks
In Google type Cache: “Website address” to find if google crawlers have visited the website and when.
The visiting frequency of the crawlers is based upon the how often the website is being updated.
A more updated website gives a higher SEO score.

Auto Crawling: Google will automatically find your website if the hyperlink is linked to any other existing website which has been crawled.

Manual Method: Go to “Google search console” -> URL Inspection tab -> if page is crawled or not can also be checked -> If not can be done or if
required also updated - > then press Request Indexed.
- In case full site with multiple pages needs to be crawled, Sitemap option to be selected.

4) Backlinks:
Links are of 2 types, Inbound (That are in other pages and forward traffic to your page) and Outbound (which forward traffic to other pages).
If a website link is available in a hypertext format (Internet address format in blue and underlined) then that link is called a backlink.
Backlink checker tools: G Search,
Ways of backlinking:

1. Directory submission
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Article Submission,
4. Press release.
5. Periodical Blog Updates.
6. Questions raised and answered in forums.
7. Classified submissions (Paid)

5) Google page rank:
It is a numerical value between 0-10 given by google for each and every page and tells us how important the page is on the web.
Google gives this rank based upon no of quality backlinks and the Domain age (How old is the website).
- Google page rank checker tool is to be used.
- Has no significance to overall SEO score.

6) Domain Authority and Page Authority (DA & PA).
How good / Trustworthy/ overall quality of the website.
The score is from 0-100, With 100 being the best.
MOZ website authority. For checking the DA or PA.
Quality of backlinks from a higher score website will give a higher SEO score.

7) Alexa traffic rank.

Is a rank given to a website based upon the volume of traffic coming to it or the most popular.
Also lots of other important information regarding the traffic is also shown to understand the user / Potential customer behavior’s
A backlink from a higher rated website profoundly helps in an SEO score.

8) Blogs
We can create a free page.
Login-> Create Blogger profile-> Create Blog-> Title (Target Keyword) -> Address ____, Themes- > Subject.

Set of methods we follow to build backlinks is off page (Hyperlink)
2 Types of Backlinks : Quality & Spam.
Quality backlinks - > White Hat - > Positive SEO Score
Spam backlinks - > Black Hat - > Negative SEO Score.

1) If the backlink coming from same business related page then it is a quality backlink.
If a backlink coming from unrelated page then it is considered as spam backlink.
2) Natural Backlinks comes free W.H, Paid backlinks comes under spam if google feels it is not natural (wrong category)
3) Backlink coming from good quality sites W.H, Backlinks coming from low quality sites and is considered spam.

Backlink checker tools -> Multiple free tools for getting total no of backlinks.
SEM Rush is a good and popular Paid SEO tool for detail analysis of quality or spam backlinks.
Reports such as -> Rankings, Site Audit, On Page optimization errors & Suggestions, Social Media Tracker.
Linkforms -. Site containing only links for ad purpose.
Low quality Sites such as for Porn, Drugs, Dating, Virus effected sites, Linkforms, Directory submission sites, Social bookmaking sites, blog
comments, Forum posting sites. Any backlinks coming from these sites is considered as SPAM!!.

How to remove spam link - >
1) contact the website owner, But most of the time our competitors who create spam links to our website.
2) Disavow links tool -> Part of our search console
Paste all spam backlinks to notepad and submit to remove spam backlinks.