Best Artificial Intelligence Projects Online for Students to Practice and prepare AI Resume

simple artificial intelligence projects with source code

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1. Abnormal Event Detection in Videos Using Spatiotemporal Autoencoder
2. Handwritten character recognition using OpenCV
3. Multiple face detection and attendance using Open CV
4. Content based Image retrieval using K-means algorithm
5. Object detection, tracking and alert system for visually impaired persons
6. Realization of Test Paper Score Cumulating System Based On Digital Image Processing
7. Contrast in Haze Removal: Configurable Contrast Enhancement Model Based on Dark Channel Prior
8. Generative Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection in Crowded Scenes - IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 2019
9. Image Deblurring using Deep neural networks
10.Detecting Regions of Maximal Divergence for Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection - Pattern analysis and machine intelligence IEEE 2019
11.Hierarchical LSTMs with Adaptive Attention for Visual Captioning
12.Attention Based Fully Convolutional Network for Speech Emotion Recognition
13.Sequential Outlier Detection Based on Incremental Decision Trees - Signal Processing, IEEE Feb 2019
14.Handwritten Hindi character recognition using Neural Networks
15.Skin lesion classification using hybrid deep neural networks
16.Traffic and accident prediction for Images and Video using Deep Learning techniques
17.Text extraction from Audio and Text Classification using Natural Language processing
18.Tamil character recognition using machine learning techniques
19.Hindi Audio text extraction (Audio Indexing) and Retrieval