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5 Main Software Testing Issues and Methods to Resolve Them?

Are you aware that 50% of the total expenditure in Software Development is accredited to testing? 

Facing challenges is the key to growth! 

This phrase can apply to any situation in life. In this blog we will apply it to the spectrum of Software Testing. 

Sounds massive right? 

This might make you want to learn some of the Software Testing skills which can come in handy anytime! 

For starters you can opt for Software testing courses or a software testing certification course

In order to determine the time and resources required for running the program, we must analyze the complexity of the software.

But that is not entirely true, there are several softwares rolled out and other malware which ultimately result in slowing down the program. 

In this blog we will be discussing some of those issues and how you can resolve them on your own. 

5 main software testing issues and how can you resolve them? 

When it comes to software testing, inaction definitely leads down a difficult path. 

The Software Programmers are completely aware of the fact that the fullest potential of a program cannot be determined until it has been tested. 

Look out for the following software testing issues:

Insufficient testing schedule

It is extremely important to allot an equal amount of time to testing as well as development. 

The issue arises when the team managers postpone the testing schedule of the program until the very end. 

How to fix the situation? 

They say look both ways before crossing a path. 

There is always a fix out of every problem! This will leave little to no room for error and the program will ultimately be executed smoothly. 

Unavailability of proper testing technology

Did you know that testing tools and technologies are  the backbone of any program development? 

The lack of which can lead to poor execution of the program. However, this is not the only problem faced in this regard. 

A lack of proper testing environment can also play a huge role in slowing down the testing process. This is generally caused due to over-reliance on the process of manual testing. 

How to fix the situation? 

The team managers have to make sure of the fact that proper configuration tools are made available for carrying out the testing process. 

This shall include both testing hardwares and softwares. 

Automated testing tools such as Testing Whiz, Selenium or others can be employed if there is a lack of proper human testing. 

Lack of proper testing mindset

A right mindset is all that a developer needs! 

Rather than detecting its flaws and defects, the program developers are often concerned with checking out the functionality of the program. 

This is something which should not be overlooked in any development program, since it will ultimately lead to poor execution of the program. 

How to fix the situation? 

A great leader can only direct the path, but you have to walk the path on your own. 

Hence, it is the task of the team manager to solidify the notion in their teammates that testing is conducted for the primary purpose of figuring out the flaws and defects. 

Ignorance of testing lessons

Ignorance is certainly not ideal for this scenario. Imagine a situation of software breakdown in the middle of an important meeting! It would be a nuisance for everyone present. 

This is precisely why it is important to conduct proper testing lessons especially for the beginner level developers. 

How to fix the situation? 

If there is a problem detected in this area then it is definitely the failure of the management team. 

It is the responsibility of the management team to cultivate new ideas and methods of testing. This way the team can avoid facing similar testing issues in every other project. 

Poor execution of engineering and testing processes

We have already discussed that testing and development must go hand in hand. 

This does not mean that your program should be pre-maturely tested. The ideal time for testing a program would be to wait till it serves the basic parameters. 

However, in the context of different projects we cannot employ the concept of one shoe fits all. 

How to fix the situation? 

The testing team is solely responsible for making sure to test out the subsystems and components only when the program is old enough to be tested. 

This is why it is utterly important to have perfect coordination between the engineering and testing team. 

It is clear from what we have discussed that the testing and management team should collaborate on all levels to be able to execute the program at its fullest potential. 

Talking through the whole process, and being open for discussion is enough to avoid these problems. 

But, if you feel that you lack in the basics of the testing and programming skills itself then check out some of the Software Testing Courses listed below. 

Software Testing Certification Courses

There are certain software testing course certifications which you may enroll in. These includes: 

Certified Associate In Software Testing (CAST) 

This course is best suited for individuals who are looking for their big break in the software development industry. 

Certified Software Tester (CST) 

If you are looking to gain competence in the area of quality control and its practices, then this course would be the best option for you. 

ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL) 

Moving to a more advanced level, this course demonstrates the abilities of software testing, designing and planning a software test and product management. 

Wrapping Up

From Photoshop to Google, there is not much that software programs have not been able to attain these days. 

Designing the ultimate software that caters to the needs of the client certainly requires a good amount of teamwork along with other exponents. 

According to us, the optimal choice if you are planning on reaching milestones in the career of Software Testing would be: 

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