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  • 60 Hours + Capstone Project
  • 2 - 3 Months
  • Free Internship | 100% Guaranteed Placement Support

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Program Overview

Comprehensive and practical Salesforce Vlocity Training course!

The Salesforce Vlocity training course focuses on providing you with all the insights into the Vlocity platform of Salesforce. At InventaTeq, we are providing you with a deep understanding of the Vlocity platform coupled with practical experience.

The course provides you training in different aspects of the platform starting from the basics to advanced concepts. Throughout the course, the team will guide you through each and every step of the course. A student-dedicated support team is also provided to help you resolve your queries instantly.

Who should take this program?


This course is appropriate for students pursuing or who have completed degrees in sales promotion and commerce.

Working Professional

This course is ideal for those who work in the CRM industry or in the Salesforce environment.

"Build streamlining solutions and gain tons of experience salesforce vlocity certification course. Be a part of vlocity community and learn the knits and grits about this field."

With our placement assistance, you can start your career to the next level!

Our experts assist you in selecting the best career path for you by analysing your skills and providing complete placement guidance. We successfully organise numerous contests and career fairs with the help of 150 hiring partners to assist you network and communicate with other professionals in your industry.

Discover industry perspectives from the top decision-makers!

Remain ahead of the game by learning interview techniques and tips from industry experts. Learn the fundamentals of interview etiquette and impress your next employer.

Create a competitive profile in order to land a good prospect!

Your abilities and profile are what set you apart from the crowd. With InventaTeq, you can select from the most recent industry-relevant projects and begin working on them to improve your implementation skills. Such initiatives can help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Course Curriculum

Gain the industry-exposure with expert-led course!

Learn everything about vlocity program in our expert-oriented and industry-defined vlocity cloud CRM certification course which covers all the fundamentals of vlocity. Arm yourself with better knowledge with our certification.

Course Duration

Become a certified vlocity developer in two months!

Reap the benefits of our online training module and be a part of real-world projects with our two months vlocity cloud CRM certification course designed keeping in mind your convenience and comfort.

Training Mode

Online course curated by experts!

Don’t trip, don’t hesitate or don't think much when it comes to ideal learning. Enrol in our online velocity course and be a part of cloud wave and all of its interesting technologies.

Expert Certification

Be expert certified with Inventateq!

Learn cloud CRM from scratch and build a strong foundation of both basics and advance with our best-in-class certification which is designed keeping in mind industry standards.

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Learners’ Journey

  • Step 1

    Visit the InventaTeq website

  • Setp 2

    Complete your course successfully.

    • Overview of Salesforce Industries.
    • Learn about Salesforce Omni studio.
    • Lightning web components introduction.
    • Use cases of flex cards.
    • Learn to use states and conditions.
  • Step 3

    Complete and submit your project.

  • Setp 4

    Have the project evaluated by InventaTeq professionals.

  • Step 5

    Obtain certification upon successful submission.

  • Setp 6

    Register for the FutureSkills assessment.

  • Step 7

    Obtain a FuturePrime Skills certificate.

  • Setp 8

    Seek government incentives.

True Reviews by Real Students

As a working professional, this online course by InventaTeq was very helpful to me. The flexible schedules have helped me manage the classes as per my schedule, especially when it comes to the recorded session.


InventaTeq has provided me with all the opportunities to network with people from the industry having the same kind of interests. The placement cell has also helped me build my resume and portfolio according to the job requirements and positions.


The InventaTeq's curriculum is designed to make students industry leaders. The team was very motivating throughout the course and has helped me at all phases of my course, including the project.


If you are like me and looking for industry exposure, InventaTeq is the perfect place for you. The team ensures that each student has mastered practical implementation of concepts learnt in classes and is ready to work in the corporate culture.


Why learn the course?

Did you know?

The acquisition of salesforce vlocity is around $1.33 billions!

This shows how salesforce velocity is adding value for the customers.Gain enough velocity exposure with premium VLOCITY CLOUD CRM CERTIFICATION COURSE and get pre-built solutions on salesforce platform to solve all the needs of a particular industry.

Helpful for developers

As there is a boom in customers seeking the velocity solutions, there is a need for developers to master in the vlocity products for better customization and integration with them.

Forefront in Salesforce

Earlier the salesforce was only focussed on the strategic solutions. Now, it offers a more holistic view by providing better solutions and being involved in every field. So you can take the best advantage of it.

High in Demand

Vlocity has the potential to enhance the resources of developers. This concept is growing its importance in every field as there are many entrants involved in salesforce technology. So learning the technicalities is essential for budding developers.

Industry-specific Applications

As vlocity is a leading software tool which gives industry-related applications on your salesforce platform. Therefore, getting enrolled in the specified courses and learn more about it is never a bad idea.

Program Attributes

  • Developed to comply with national occupational standards.
  • The Indian government has recognised this VLOCITY CLOUD CRM CERTIFICATION COURSE.
  • Learn to use OmniStudio Data tools like data transformation, importing data, calculation procedures and matrices.
  • Become a master at building OmniScript structures.
  • Learn skills like error handling and validating.
  • Sign up for FuturePrime Skill assessments and become certified.
  • Everything is covered to get you prepared for the industry, including resume creation, profile development, and interview preparation.
  • Complete career support for candidates looking to start their career paths in the Salesforce profession.
  • InventaTeq experts can provide you with an industry-recognized Salesforce certificate.
  • Get your hands on the advanced concepts of Vlocity including data import, pdf and email creation, and access to performance features.

Unfolding every aspect of vlocity cloud CRM certification

We keep you at the forefront of salesforce technology by gaining sufficient industry exposure. We unfold every aspect of vlocity in our industry-specific curriculum to help you gain better insights of this popular technology.

"Be a changemaker, be a pro in Cloud CRM and be the techie to kickstart your career in the right path. With Inventateq instructor-led course, open opportunities gates in salesforce field."

Know Your Trainer

Become a tech-master with the expert !

Working as a Vlocity developer, our trainer has an experience of over 10 years in this field. Throughout his career, he has worked with many clients from different domains and helped them achieve scalable solutions. After working in the industry for a long time, our trainer has decided to join the InventaTeq team and train students to become the master of the Salesforce platform.

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Skills you will gain

Learn instrumental skills to impress recruiters!

Vlocity is the most amazing addition in salesforce arsenal. Unleash the power of this platform and upscale your skill by enrolling in the Inventateq’s course that caters to the needs of industry standards to help you soar high in success.

Partnering with Inventateq

Boost your career prospects!

The vlocity certification by Inventateq is for one and all. It is curated meticulously to shape your career in the right direction. As the concept is here to stay so you can’t go wrong in joining our best-in-class certification program.

Master Course

Be a part of comprehensive course!

As the course is designed to cater the vast range of CRM platforms, it helps you gain valuable insights by getting you well-versed with latest tools and certain types of industry standards.

Better Support

Experts guide you all the way!

Join the hands of our experts and complete your training with a badge of certification. With our expert course, we help you build a strong foundation for a better tomorrow.

Doubt Sessions

We resolve all your doubts!

All the queries related to sessions, topics or training modules are solved instantly. Our mentors encourage everyone to come up with the queries so that they can better solve the problems and analyse their performance.

Resume Add On

Adding a new skill in resume is never bad!

Vlocity cloud certification is a trending concept and getting its certification would be a plus point for your resume as it will give you an edge over the other competitors. Moreover, it makes your whole portfolio strong.

Training Methodology

Expert curated training modules!

We believe in hands-on learning by imparting the practical knowledge. By fulfilling the industry-related standards we have designed vlocity cloud CRM certification course that will help you learn everything in the most efficient way.

Discover the Inventateq Difference

Be a part of change makers!

Inventateq believes in actions and outcomes. With premium courses and certifications, we help you stand tall in the realm of cloud technology and climb the ladder of success with us.

Join our community of nerds today!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Vlocity developer develops and integrates custom solutions like Visualforce, Apex Classes, and Vlocity.

Although, there are no such preliminary requirements to learn Vlocity but if you have a prior knowledge of coding, it will be beneficial for you.

Vlocity is now becoming an integral part of many organisations and it caters to the requirements of all the fields including healthcare, education, utilities and more.

InventaTeq offers its courses in online mode to allow people to learn at their own pace and convenience.

In case you have missed any session, you can always access recorded sessions. These sessions are updated on a regular basis.

Salesforce is considered a top customer relationship management platform of today. This one has the capability for raising developer resources by reducing the cost. For that reason, salesforce vlocity developers would have substantial demand in today’s market.

Yes, there is a need to write certain codes in the standard code platform for the vlocity. Though, if you have prior programming experience it would be easy for you to write codes.

There will not be a specific requirement for learning vlocity. Any person without a prior coding experience will understand Salesforce Vlocity without any type of hindrance as there will be no code or the common code platform.