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What is Covered in Informatica Training Course Online?

If a company is moving from its legacy infrastructure to digital processes, chances are it will
hit a snag during data integration, which is one of the most critical aspects of digitization.
During data integration, all data from multiple manual sources are integrated into a single
source for better accessibility and to facilitate automation. That’s where your knowledge of
Informatica proves to be beneficial. On that note, let’s understand what entails when you
enroll in an Informatica course online.  

What is Informatica?

Informatica is one of the leading companies providing data integration software to
enterprises worldwide. The software and services allow businesses to integrate data, and
manage it from multiple sources, like applications, the cloud, and databases. The following
data processing services are covered by Informatica:

 1. Data integration
2. Data governance
3. Master data management

4. Data quality and security

Organizations can improve the quality of their data while adhering to regulatory
compliances using Informatica. Hence, its knowledge is essential for data professionals, who
can hone their skills through Informatica training online.  

What does an Informatica Course Online Entail?

An Informatica course educates people about using the software efficiently for their data
integration needs. It can benefit:
? IT professionals
? Data scientists
? Data analysts
? Business analysts

There are different levels to the Informatica training course, which are beginners,
intermediate, and advanced levels. Here’s what you can expect from a standard informatica
training course:

? Introduction to Informatica – Architecture, components, and other essential features
of the platform. 

? Data Integration – Connecting to data sources, extracting data and transforming it. 

? Data quality – Data profiling to identify issues, data cleansing and ensuring data

? PowerCenter – everything that one has to know about Informatica’s flagship
product, PowerCenter. 

? Cloud-based data integration solution – How to integrate data from cloud-based
applications and services. 

? Master data management – best practices to manage master data across all

? Data Governance – Best practices to ensure data integration and management align
with regulatory compliances. 

Why Should You Enroll in an Informatica Course Online?

According to recent market reports, enterprise data integration will surpass $204 billion by
2028 at 13.8% CAGR. In the coming days, there will be an increased demand for Informatica,
which automatically increases its relevance. So, it seems wise to enrol in a program to hone
your skills, so your career gets a significant boost. 

Getting certification solidifies one’s position as a knowledgeable data professional. It will
attract better job roles, increased salaries, and a better life, not to mention a bright career
ahead. Informatica training online is great for working individuals. The timing is flexible, and
they can learn at their convenience.  

Concluding Note
What’s more important than learning about Informatica is to enrol in a notable institute,
like Inventateq, which has proven its credibility over the years. We are a top training
institute offering Informatica courses online taught by qualified instructors with 10+ years of
experience in the IT industry. We are accredited by NASSCOM and offer 100% placement
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by Mumtaz