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  • 35 Hours + Real Time Projects
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Program Overview

Instructor-led Salesforce Customer Data Platform courses for all!

This course focuses on providing you with all the industry knowledge regarding the Salesforce customer data platform. Explore the CDP platform as well as learn to implement the concepts.

The course focuses on important concepts of the Salesforce customer data platform like identity resolution, unified records and data mapping. This course is perfect for anyone who wishes to enrich their Salesforce knowledge and work on one of the largest CRM systems.

Who should take this program?


A suitable program for students who wish to make their career in CRM. Students who have completed their graduation or are pursuing graduation in management or CRM background must choose this course.

Working Professional

This course is a perfect fit for those professionals who have been working in management or customer relations and now wish to explore a new direction in this field.

Career guidance to help you choose the right path toward success!

From helping you choose the right path to getting placed, InventaTeq has got your back! Our industry experts provide you with personalised career assistance to help you get placed in the correct company. Moreover, with our job related guidance and tours, we give you all the industry exposure you need to begin your job.

Mock interviews conducted by industry leaders!

Nothing is better than attempting a real-life interview with real people. Throughout your course, multiple mock interviews are conducted by experts in the industry to give you an understanding of interview techniques and generally asked questions. Get honest and unbiased feedback from experts to improve and crack your interviews in one go!

Experience-based learning is our forte!

With InventaTeq, you get a chance to learn beyond just books. Take part in multiple Industry-specific projects and validate your skills by working on them. Add these skills to your resume and build an impressive and competitive profile for your next employer.

Course Curriculum

Preparing you for data journey ahead!

With a full-fledged customer data platform course, we help you create better data strategies, use data, get valuable insights, engage in experiences and much more. We help build strong foundation for a bright career.

Course Duration

Enriching you with right data knowledge!

In just two to three months, we make you ready to face the cloud world. By arming you up with the right skills, we help you gain better knowledge.

Training Mode

Certified salesforce customer data platform courses!

To enrich your salesforce knowledge and provide you with industry-specific knowledge, we offer the best-in-class instructor led training sessions from our industry experts.

Expert Certification

Get industry-exposure in the most efficient way!

Learn every single detail of Salesforce customer data platform by power your career in the right direction. Earn the badge of certification from our experts.

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Learners’ Journey

  • Step 1

    Enrol on the InventaTeq platform.

  • Setp 2

    Complete the whole curriculum

    • Introduction to Salesforce CDP.
    • Preparing Salesforce CDP.
    • Understanding identity and data in Salesforce CDP.
    • Get hold of Salesforce CDP for admins.
    • Learning Salesforce CDP data modelling and Ingestion.
    • Segmentation in CDP.
  • Step 3

    Work on your Capstone Project.

  • Setp 4

    Get your project assessed by the InventaTeq team.

  • Step 5

    Obtain your certification.

  • Setp 6

    Join FutureSkill Assessment.

  • Step 7

    Get FuturePrime Skill.

  • Setp 8

    Get incentives from the Indian government.

True Reviews by Real Students

I switched my career to being a Salesforce administrator and have got placed with almost 100% hike in an MNC, all thanks to the support provided by the faculty and the InventaTeq team. Without their constant support and unbiased feedback, it could not have been possible.


Looking back at the time I spent learning Salesforce from InventaTeq, I realise how seamlessly and easily the team has helped me grasp all the knowledge that I have today. The team supports you throughout each phase of learning and beginning your career.


The way of teaching of the faculty perfectly depicts their knowledge and experience of the field. Rather than only teaching what's written in the books, the faculty makes sure to incorporate the latest trends and tools to keep students updated.


This course from InventaTeq is perfect for people who wish to learn something new in their busy lives . The recorded sessions and student support has truly helped me catch up with the course pace and complete it on time without missing anything.


Why learn the course?

You must be surprised to know!

78% of the high performers use Customer data platforms for varied purposes!

With data becoming the central hub, the customer data platform courses are gaining utmost importance. This hottest new piece of marketing technology is popping up in every company’s report. So, it is vital to take up the related course.

Better knowledge

With a premium Salesforce Customer Data Platform course, you can know the knits and grits of customer’s data from data collection to data unification to data activation, you can learn everything in one course.

Data Exploration

With the help of Customer data platform, you can get limitless exploration related to your customers data. It will help you create better custom visualizations to understand the loyalty or value of customers.

Covering All Domains

Preparing and defining data models is essential in every field. From healthcare to technology to education to every other field, CDP cover all domains as essential.

Real-time Insights

AI powered customer insights let you make smart decisions regarding your data and the overall company. With trusted sources you can build valuable knowledge regarding customer’s data.

Program Attributes

  • Grasp all the knowledge related to customer relation management and customer data platform.
  • Recognised by the Indian government
  • Designed and developed to meet national occupational standards.
  • Build a strong foundation of unified individual profiles, objects required by maps, and resolution rulesets.
  • Obtain an industry-recognised certificate from InventaTeq experts.
  • Take part and get certified in FuturePrime skills.
  • Learn in detail about setting up and installing the Salesforce Customer Data platform.

Unfold every aspect of salesforce data platform

With the premium tools and covering every fundamental in our curriculum, we unleash every concept in detail. Our forte is our hands-on and skill-based learning. We curated our course in a way so that every detail is covered.

"Add the most-rewarding data skills to your kitty and get an add-on in your resume with the skill-based learning course of Inventateq"

Know Your Trainer

Get a chance to validate your skills and get certified by leaders!

To provide you with a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical training, our expert is dedicatedly working. He ensures to implement his 15 years of experience in the marketing field to design a suitable and industry-relevant curriculum for you. Working as a Salesforce administrator, he is well-versed with the knowledge of using the tool and makes sure to help you master the tool as well through his lectures.

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Skills you will gain

Skill Up for the Future!

Earn resume-worthy credentials by learning salesforce, digital and soft skills required to succeed in the digital landscape. Demonstrate your expertise with expert-led salesforce customer data platform certification.

Partnering with Inventateq

Join the Trailblazer Salesforce Community Today!

There are millions of jobs in the arena of customer data platform. To get your dream job you need to do something out of the box. By taking part in salesforce customer data platform certification, you will definitely gain an edge over other competitors.

Customised Course

Course curate as per your needs!

Get your hands-on the course that is customised based on your requirements and wishes. The instructor-led course covers all necessary domains of CDP.

Working on Tools

We believe in practical implementation!

Our course is designed in a way so that you can get well-versed with all type of tools and technologies required to upgrade your skills. This will only going to benefit you in the future.

Interview Preparation

We help you prepare for the interviews!

With our online instructor-led sessions and placement assistance we help you get ready for all the upcoming interviews so that you can score well.


Work on fruitful projects!

With our mentor classes, we get you an opportunity to work on various live projects so that you can get better industry insights.

Training Methodology

Expert curated training modules!

We give you a proper mix of practical and theoretical learning. To help you build your career in right direction, we make your basics clear so as to lay a strong foundation.

Discover the Inventateq Difference

Master Salesforce and its related concepts!

With Inventateq expert-oriented, outcome-based and technology-driven Salesforce customer data platform sessions, we give you a platform to kickstart your career on the right footing.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this Salesforce CDP course, you will learn in detail about the platform from scratch. The course teaches you in detail about important topics like data ingestion, data modelling, and segmentation.

The course classes are conducted online. So, all you need to do is to access your portal and attend the class from wherever you want.

To attend the course, you need to have a computer system and a stable internet connection. Also, make sure to have working headphones and mic to easily interact with your trainer.

InventaTeq's sheer dedication to provide quality and practical training to all its students is what makes it different from others. Not only the curriculum covers crucial theoretical topics of the tool but also makes you well-equipped with the knowledge to implement the same.

Yes, since many companies are adopting Salesforce for their operations, the demand for Salesforce administrators has increased. However, the scarcity of experts have led to Lucrative salaries for people and this makes Salesforce administrator not only a rising career but a lucrative one as well.

A customer data platform is basically designed for marketing purposes. It collects and then unifies customers data with multiple sources in order to build a single and coherent view for each of the customers to make the data available for all the customers.

Salesforce CDP and data warehouse are not considered mutually exclusive. The data warehouse offers a system for the storage of long term data. On the other hand, CDP offers an infrastructure for the real-time connectivity of data.

Customer data platform comprises several components which includes data lake, an environment, a management console and certain data sources which includes machine learning, data warehouse, replication manager or data engineering.