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cake and baking Classes in Bangalore From Experts.

Towards ensuring expertisation and for complete excavation of hidden skills, we are introducing platform for cake docaration and baking & egg and eggless training..

2 Months Course | Rs. 5,000 | 2809+ Trained Professionals | 4.9/5 Rating

TYPES OF cake and baking COURSES

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We offer a variety of cake and baking workshops, events and classes, giving you the Best opportunity to bring out your creative side and socialise with others. Classes are for both beginners and children.

For the Industry, By the Industry

  •  Highly Talented Teacher with 7+ Years Experience
  •  In Depth Training Syllabus Designed By Experts Based on Latest Trendy Requirements.
  •  Practice by Preparing Items with Real Materials

Course Details

  •  Free exhibitions of hand cake and baking;
  •  Opportunity to display your final cake and baking at flea markets;
  •  Opportunity to hire your works on expertisation of fine works

Career Guidance

  •   We Provide you Freelance Assistance, help you prepare to earn more money after Course Completion.

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Kickstcake and baking your career with an Industry Recognised Certification from Inventateq.

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Trainer Profile: LEARN FROM Highly Skilled Teacher

 7+ Year Exp.in cake and baking Space

Lakshmi is a Wonderful and very friendly Faculty who will understand ur requirement and teaches you in ur own pace to make sure u learn how to prepare hand made items easily and quickly

 Industry Interaction

Personalised Attention provided for each student in class to make you JOB Ready