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What is Google Cloud Platform and Why Should You Choose it?

Take your business to the clouds with Google! 

Do you know that tech giants like LinkedIn Corp, Facebook Inc, Intel, Yahoo, and others are widely using GCP to store their data on the cloud storage? 

Google Cloud Platform stands third amongst the top cloud platforms available globally. It shows how convenient and effective the Google cloud platform is for users. 

If you are wondering why you should join the Google cloud platform and what opportunities will it open for you, let us help with a clear picture for you. 

In this article, we will explain why you should consider gaining google cloud computing certification and using GCP as your data management and storing option.

Lets start with understanding what the Google cloud platform is and what it does. 

What Is The Google Cloud Platform

More than 4 million apps are using GCP! 

Google cloud platform allows you to store your data, and manage applications. Also you can perform cloud computing services, perform web services and provide web solutions through your mobile wih GCP. 

Get access to your data and organize it properly with the convenience of your phone. 

The best part about the Google cloud platform is the simple backend system they use. This cloud computing platform is based on a simple file-based system. 

GCP allows you to access your data directly from the data center at Google. You can either get this clouding service for free or on different paid plans. 

GCP offers more than 800 different cloud computing and management services to the users. Various services provided by GCP include:

  • Data management
  • Cost management
  • Delivering videos
  • AI and machine learning
  • Host web-based applications

And many more such cloud computing services. 

The GCP receives various demands for exchanging the information through some simple commands and hence, fast while execution. 

The most advanced advantage of the GCP is that it allows you to use the common user interface of MS office and word with the added benefit of cloud storage. You can use applications like Google sheets, Google documents, and others to generate and maintain the information through various users. You can edit this information and documents while your other team members are also working on it. 

This will also make your process less time consuming and quick. You can easily maintain a record without manually saving your changes now and then. 

Lets see why you should choose the Google cloud platform as your cloud computing solution. 

Why Choose GCP

Google cloud platform is the need of the hour! 

There are different reasons why GCP is preferred by millions of users. It can be its efficiency, accuracy, convenience, and many more such factors. Following is the list of reasons why you should use GCP as your cloud computing solution and move towards a better future:

1. Advanced security

Google security has evolved over a decade!

More than 15 years of input has been given to keep Googles security intact. With over 500 security specialists, Google ensures that your data remains safe and secure. 

Also, Google always keeps the security level at its best. It offers a minimum scope of backdrop over the introduction of new technologies. 

2. Regular efficient updates

The Google cloud platform is getting better every day! 

There are a lot of scopes to becoming a front-end or back-end developer after attaining Google cloud platform certification. With the help of experts, Google is improving its cloud services every day. 

You can get updates for the Google system every week or even for a shorter period. 

3. Multiple access 

Work as a team on your data!

Google cloud platform allows you to gain multiple access to the same data. You can edit and maintain your records on different systems and desktops as you require. 

However, due to security purposes, you will have to provide access to the particular member/members of the team. Once you provide editorial access, your team members can simultaneously work on your sheet or document. All the changes will be saved automatically. 

4. High uptime

Google cloud platform never stops! 

Even if the data center of Google information fails to provide you access to your data at a given instant, the platform diverts the users to a secondary center. Without any delays from googles end, you can easily access your data. All the services will remain working even if the primary data center or server is not working well. 

5. Industry-specific solution

Google cloud platform is for every industry! 

Google allows you to customize the Cloud computing solutions as per your industry and office requirements. You can maintain and organize your files in different formats on Google and transfer them to your fellow team members. 

Get the security and convenience of sharing files of different formats and volumes with a single computing solution. 

6. Convenient billing

Pay for every second you use! 

Google cloud platform allows you to pay your fee for cloud computing in a convenient manner. You can pay the fees based on your overall usage or simply for each second for which you use these services. 

This is one of the most important benefits of choosing the GCP as there is no fixed fee or charges for cloud computing. Your bill will be generated on a “pay per second” Basis. 

7. Easy to scale

Work with a giant team on a single platform! 

Starting from 2-3 employees to 100-200employees, GCP can easily be scaled as per your requirements. 

You can modify or edit the number of devices on which you wish to access your data anytime. Also, you can set your GCP services to adapt to the current traffic on the network and add the systems likewise. 

8. Job opportunities

Google cloud computing certification is valuable! 

With millions of companies using GCP, the demand for skilled Google cloud computing certification holders has boomed. 

Winding Up

From Spotify to Facebook, Google cloud computing is one of the major parts of the data storage and analysis kit of these giants. 

You can choose your cloud computing services carefully and unlock doors to new opportunities in your professional domain. 

Get your Google cloud computing certification today and begin your success journey today!

by Patrick Wayne