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Tableau is a powerful and rapidly growing tool used in the business intelligence industry for data visualization. It helps to simplify raw data in a format that is very easy to understand. Data analysis with Tableau is very quick and visualizations are created in the form of dashboards and sheets of information. The information generated by Tableau can be understood at any level in an organization by professionals. This allows even a non-technical user to build a custom dashboard.
Tableau's great thing is that no technical or programming abilities are required to work. The tool has attracted people from all industries, such as companies, researchers, various industries, etc.

  • 50+ hours of Advanced ClassTraining.
  • 30+ hours of Project Work.
  • Learn Tableau from the Basic to Advanced Level with Placement Assistance
  • Delivered by 8+ Years Tableau Certified Expert with Live Projects
  • 3000+ Students Trained & 300+ Tie up Companies
  • Start Your Career with a Tableau Course that leads you to a better job with an average salary of 6 Lacs in Just 2 Months!
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Tableau Course Concepts Data Analysis, Tableau Dashboard, Data Visualization, Organize Data, Creating Charts, Mapping data in Tableau, Installing Tableau Desktop, SQL, Filters, and Reports.

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Skills You Will Learn

Data Visualization

Tableau Data Types


Data Blending

Build Formulas for Table

Develop bar charts

Create Region Maps

Maps are produced

Scatterplots are formed

Develop piecharts

Develop treemaps

Establish digital dashboards

Tableau Data Mixing Function

Create storylines

understand join forms



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Tableau Course Methodology

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Training begins and Practice on 2 Mock Test

Prepared for Live Projects

Assistance in Interview and Resume Preparation

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Work with your instructor in Real-Time projects using the applications and features of TABLEAU.

The course modules mostly focus on the balance of theory and practical sessions. Every module will allow you to use its application in Real-Time Use Cases

How can I learn Tableau course for free?

Hands-On Learning Through Industry Projects

Project 1

Create a Sales Performance Dashboard

Create a dashboard for each product segment and product category to present monthly sales results to identify areas that have met their sales targets or exceeded them.

Project 2

Analyzing a Customer

Establish a dashboard that provides customer statistics, which are classified by profit and sales plus profits by region

Project 3

Product Analysis

Create a dashboard with the ability to drill down to the product level and check if the products have the right price by product category over time.

Project 4

Calculate percentage of Daily Makers.

Calculate and establish a dashboard that calculates the percentage of a population smoking in the age group of 18 years and above from the year 2005-2020.

Tableau Course Student's Review

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Tableau course helps to cut down on unnecessary expenses and
you can learn from anywhere around the world from our Industrial experts having 10+ years of experience..

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8+ Years Of Tableau Professional Certified Trainer


He has been qualified by Deloitte's best analytical experts with over 8 years of expertise in financing, retail, logistics, and other sectors and now uses Big Data to guide corporate planning, revamp consumer experience and revolutionize current business processes. From his courses, you can immediately see how he blends real-life expertise with a university education in physics and mathematics to offer step-by-step technical coaching in the area of data science.

  • 8+ years of experience.
  • Trained over 5000+ students.
  • Strong experience in theory and real case scenarios.
  • Highly linked in multinationals with recruiting HRs.
  • Topic information at the professional stage and thoroughly educated about applications in the real world industry.
  • Have previously worked with organizations Deloitte, TCS, and Birlasoft.
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Best Tableau Tools Covered

Tableau Basics

Time Series.



LOD Expressions






Inventateq has been serving students and practitioners for a decade. It has a record of 95 percent of its students. With more than 25,000 students trained, Inventateq continuously dedicates itself to the creation of innovative methods and modules that can better improve the competitiveness of its students.

Placement Support

  • After Tableau's Classroom preparation, we have 100% assured placement service.
  • We look at different vacancies in Tableau and pass that on to our students.
  • Our competent staff offers preparation for interviewers and mock interviews.
  • To build confidence over the interview, we plan placement questions with answers.
  • Our faculties provide the help to eliminate any questions about placement.
  • We are related to multiple organizations that have taken Tableau to refer to our stakeholders.
  • We also have a close friendship and get information about job prospects from our Institute alumni.
  • We hold seminars with accredited Tableau experts for students.
  • We plan multiple interviews and pave a forum for performance to the participants.

Industry Oriented Classroom Training

  • 10+ Module Course Content.
  • There is a contest to determine the learning for and lesson.
  • The live project focused on each of the preferred applications, requiring the introduction of different Tableau principles.
  • For all our pupils, we have a shared network that encourages learning through communicating with others and by understanding.
  • Access to many selected jobs and business content.

Topic Covered

  • Tableau statistics.
  • Building interactive dashboards.Building interactive dashboards.
  • Arithmetic logical.
  • LOD calculations
  • Quick table Calculation
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Cumulative histogram.

Get into Top IT Companies after Successful Completion of the Course


Inventateq understands the needs of the industry and we give more realistic training in Bangalore. We framed our program to meet the criteria for both new and intermediate levels in the real world.
Both big multinational corporations worldwide have accredited Inventateq Certification. We provide fresher and corporate apprentices with our theoretical and practical classes. Our Inventateq credential is approved worldwide.


The importance of the curriculum vitae is improved and you will gain top employment in big MNCs around the world with this credential.

The credential is only granted after our preparation and realistic projects have been completed

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Learn 10+ Modules Classroom TABLEAU Course

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Learn about Data Visualisation, Tableau Interface installation, and data preparation.

Different Chart Types


Learn how to start with Tableau and the ways to export and share work is done in Tableau.

Fundamentals of Tableau


Learn connection to excel, joins, and working with null values.

Simplifying Data


Learn about constant and computed sets. Also learn to create and edit them.



Learn about sorting and the types, filtering and its types.

Data Connection


Learn using the formatting pane, edit axes, and annotations. Also learn about forecasting.



Learn to work on coordinate points., plot longitude and latitude. Also, learn how to create map projects.



Learn about syntax and function calculations, various types of calculations, and LOD Expressions.



Learn how to create and calculate parameters, and know how to use parameters in filter session, calculated field and the reference line.

Table Calculation


Know about the various types of charts, histograms, and dual-axis graphs.

Level of Detail


Learn how to create and format a dashboard, types of joins, and table field types.

Data Errors


Learn about the overview of Tableau Server.

Data Errors


Learn how to integrate Tableau with R and HADOOP.

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Course Content of Kalyan Nagar Tableau Course (10+ Modules)

Data visualization?
Installing Tableau.
Tableau interface.
Connecting to DataSource
Tableau data types
Data preparation.
Joining tables.
Data Blending.
Installation of Tableau Desktop
Architecture of Tableau
Data Pane
Analytics Pane
Share and Export Work in tableau
Excel relation
PDFs & Cubes
Metadata and extract management
Preparedness of data
Joins (Left, Right, internal and external) and Union Union
NULL values, cross-database connection, data extraction, data mixing, recovery, incremental extraction, extract construct, etc.
Creating and editing sets, IN/OUT, sets in hierarchies.
Sets- Constant
Filtering continuous dates, dimensions, and measures
Interactive Filters, marks card, and hierarchies
Create Folders in Tableau
Types of Sorting
Conditional Filters
Top and Bottom Filters
Filters on Measures
Context Filters
Slicing Filters
Data Source Filters
Extract Filters
Formatting pane for menu work, fonts, alignments, and copy-paste. Formalization pane
Formatting data with tooltips and labels.
Modify annotations and axes.
K-means analysis of the cluster.
Trend lines and benchmarks
Tableau's visual analysis.
Prediction, the interval of confidence, benchmarks, and bands
Coordinating points work
Length and latitude plotting
Unidentified locations editing
Web Mapping services, geocoding customizations, polygon charts, WMS.
The background picture functions, including adding graphics.
Image picture points and coordinates from their generation.
Custom territory visualization map, map box, map WMS.
How can I create Tableau map projects?
Dual-axis maps and location editing
Area Chart
Bar Chart
Box Plot
Bubble Chart
Bump Chart
Bullet Graph
Circle Views
Dual Combination Chart
Dual Lines Chart
Funnel Chart
Traditional Funnel Charts
Gantt Chart
Grouped Bar or Side by Side Bars Chart
Highlight Table
Cumulative Histogram
Line Chart
Lollipop Chart
Pareto Chart
Pie Chart
Scatter Plot
Stacked Bar Chart
Text Label
Word Cloud
Waterfall Chart
Tableau syntax of estimation and functions
Type, string, date, aggregate, logic, and numbers of different calculations
Definition and grammar include LOD expressions
LOD expressions are aggregated and repeated
Expressions Nested LOD
Detail levels: fixed, lower, and higher levels
Calculation of fast tables
Creating the fields measured
Calculations predefined
Parameters formation
Calculation criteria
Usage of filter parameters
Parameters for a column collection
Parameters of Map Collection
How to use filter session parameters
Calculated sector how to use parameters
How to use the reference line parameters
Scale, artifacts, display, filter, and iconic dashboard create and format
Good practices for innovative and interactive dashboards by way of actions
Develop tales, including the introduction of stories
Create plot points and refresh them
Increasing graphics in stories
Adding annotations; dashboards and stories of explanations
What is the table of contents?
Enhance acts, URL actions, and response filters
Values to pick and clear
Best practices for dashboard formation
The table workspace and tableau GUI are the examples
Tableau learning is included
Joint forms
Field forms of table
Saving and publication of data
Live vs.Extract
Introduction to R.
Deploying R in Tableau
Integrating Tableau with Hadoop
Content Hours Available
Industry Projects
Live Streaming Sessions
Expert Coaching Sessions
Programming Tools/ Languages

Tableau Courses in Kalyan Nagar, Best Desktop and server Training Institute in Ramamurthy, Hebbal, Hrbr layout, Nagawara, ulsoor, frazer cox town, Kr puram, manyata tech park, and Tableau Classes Near me


  • Tableau Basics.
  • Time Series.
  • Aggregation.
  • Filters.
  • LOD Expressions.
  • Charts.
  • Graphs.
  • Dashboards.
  • Stories.


  • Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Professionals, and Testing Professionals
  • Statisticians, Business Analysts, and Project Managers
  • Data Visualization Analysts and Functional Experts
  • Graduates and professionals looking to move into the analytics domain.


  • 500+ Hiring Partners.
  • Analytics companies.


  • Freshers
  • Mid Level Professional


In the business intelligence field, Tableau is one of the most effective and fast-group visualization methods. It helps summarise raw data without the need for technological and coding information in an intuitive format.

Tableau is one of the most advanced scientific and business intelligence methods. Organizations are now recognizing the immense ability to use the vast quantities of data available from data analyzers and data scientists.

Don't worry. Inventateq promises that nobody loses the subjects of particular lectures. Under the stipulated duration of the course, we will reprogram the classes if you wish. You can also attend with other lots on this subject if needed.

You can obtain a certificate of Inventateq that has been recognized internationally.

Most Invenatateq Learners have documented improvements to their profile (promotion), place of work (site), lateral transfers, and new employment opportunities. The IT industry has well-known IT qualification, which is evidence of the intense and realistic knowledge obtained from Inventateq and your real-life ventures.

Yes, before enrolling in the course you can take the first Demo Class.

Tableau is a data analytics engine that encourages development using dashboards of immersive visual analytics. These dashboards enable the conversion of data into understandable digital diagrams for non-technical analysts and end-users.

Tableau is the fastest-growing data visualization and business intelligence (BI) platform. It can be introduced very efficiently, easily learned, and easily applied to a client.

Tableau provides an integrated live SQL server connector to allow us to build graphs, reports, and dashboards directly from our results.

The knowledge provided via Tableau can be understood at any level in an organization by professionals. This helps even a non-technical user to create a personalized dashboard. Tableau's wonderful thing is that no technological or programming expertise is needed to function.

Tableau's app developers use several languages, although the programming containing the vast majority of Tableau Desktop is C++.

Tableau is a method for visualizing data, which allows one to construct real-time data. In business intelligence, it is really useful because it helps you make fast decisions. There was a mistake. 90% of companies that focus on data visualization use tableau as a fantastic data visualization method.

For statistical analysis, R is a popular open-source environment. There was a mistake. The integration of Tableau with R allows you to incorporate in a drag-and-drop graphic analysis environment a detailed statistical analysis.

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Step 1: Take FREE Demo Class

Attend one or two Free Demo Classes with Expert Trainer and ensuring you're ready for the program.

Step 2: Discuss Requirements

Whats your Requirments? Discuss with Trainer and Management and get answers for all your questions you have

Step 3: Register in Course

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Learn industry experts' Tableau Training Course and get better-paying jobs. Become a Tableau Concepts master with our 50+ Hours Live Project Hands-on Course. Get profound knowledge of Tableau to generate interactive and reliable reports, market charts according to requirements. Register now and get a valid career certificate. The qualification of the Classroom tableau aims at establishing professionals who can work as top data analysts or business intelligence managers. The Focused Job Training offers your hands through engaging classes and Mock interviews. Inventateq's Tableau e-learning course is great for experts, IT developers and testers, data analysts, data scientists, IB professionals, and monitoring professionals as well as project managers.
Anyone as a matter of fact can take up the Tableau Course, but aims at:

  • Professionals in data science, business intelligence, and research
  • Company analysts, statistics, and project managers
  • Analysts and functional experts for data visualization
  • Graduates and professionals who want to enter the field of analytics

Are you looking for the best Classroom Tableau Course in Bangalore?

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You will register with Inventateq for a free one-day tutorial. We will register you if you like the course and your instructor. Please note that this is a lecture and the student must take part in the courses at the Center Kalyan Nagar. You will be a highly professional Tableau user when you finish this course. As a data scientist, you will use your expertise to extract information to be able to quickly analyses and envision complex problems. You will be completely prepared to compile, review and report data for any reason, be it dealing with scientific data or forecasting purchasing patterns for income.

Hear from our students in our review column

Curated by specialists in business intelligence, Inventatheq's Tableau Preparation & Qualification course covers a detailed understanding of the Tableau Prep Designer, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Classroom programs. You will focus on real-life cases for the sectors of shopping, entertainment, transportation, and living sciences in this Classroom instructor-led tableau training. In this experience, you will be introduced to Tableau's use in diverse fields such as housing, education, insurance, and demo banking. Develop the tableau bi ability to create versatile templates and flexible photos with Smartphone and desktop sensor dashboards.
This training allows you to practice real-time data analysis and data cleaning test cases using the tableau and learn SQL queries to become a better table creating business. It offers guidelines for you in addressing all real-time situations in diverse fields such as finance, insurance, telecommunication, and retail. Enter your name for the next Classroom training sessions of the Tableau. Inventateq's Tableau certification training curriculum lets you understand Tableau and develop data visualization principles with a good knowledge of the design of the Tableau. You are familiar with filters, criteria, charts, graphs, dashboards, and table estimation concepts.
The Classroom Tableau course is the first step in your path to business intelligence. Inventateq offers the best qualification image course where applicants undergo practical instruction on a variety of Tableau instruments. Also, throughout the training session and training duration, our students will be provided with various opportunities to work on industrial Tableau projects which are focused on career.
Surveys by the understudies

Student Testimonials:

The Tableau Training in Inventateq will help you create interactive tableaux and learn data visualization. Inventateq This course prepares you for the Qualified Associate credential test at the Tableau Desktop. In this Tableau certification training, you will learn about Tableau Desktop and public integration with R and Big Data. The course is suitable for software developers and IT managers as well as for BI specialists. In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for research and market intelligence platforms, Tableau was consistently classed as a "leader." Tableau's experience is highly respected in analytics because Tableau is a preferred reporting method for businesses worldwide.

Tableau certification student reviews about their Training Experience with

“Sessions with simple consistency, strong resolution, organized course content, pre-selection of data set outstanding to support better comprehension and save time have been planned to make this training easy to understand. I will suggest that students practice along with the sessions and that they not build up practice for later dates. There are questions, and the teacher has strong experience in this matter .”

By Aditi M

“Really good course. - Very good course. I adopted and attempted as illustrated the techniques. With Tableau visualizations, I became much more relaxed. I'd suggest the people who are ready to look at and try this course. "

By Sumit N

Our Rating: 4.8/ 5 Inventateq TABLEAU Certification Course. 4.8 /5 InventaTeq.

We are one of the leading companies in corporate training course from over a decade and training students and professionals in different areas. If you are looking to expand you IT/software sector and sharpen the working of employee in this era of technology-driven work, collaborate with us today and improve your ROI.

Our team makes sure that the training programme runs as per the Industrial standard and so they continuously work on improving the working of the institution with following incentives: