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  • 55 Hours + Real Time Projects
  • 2 Months Duration
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Program Overview

Master the techniques of designing and implementing Einstein Analytics and Discovery solution and Tableau CRM in real-life roles!

Salesforce Einstein is a different and important tool by Einstein. This advanced and cloud-based visualisation and business-intelligence system are designed to provide insight into the data to the user.

In this course, we will be discussing in detail what the Salesforce Einstein Analytics platform is and why it is preferred over other CRM systems. Not only this, but you will also get a chance to learn about advanced concepts of data analytics including SAQL, dataflow, recipes, datasets, and dashboard editors.

We will be covering Salesforce Einstein concepts from scratch to help even the newbies to get a stronghold of the system.

Who should take this program?


Students with a background in marketing, commerce, or information technology may prefer this course. Students pursuing or who have already accomplished their, BBA, BCA, MCA,, or MBA can learn about the Salesforce marketing cloud.

Working Professional

This course is open to Salesforce ecosystem professionals, data analytics and data visualization.

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Get all of the insider information you need to crack the stiffest and most difficult interviews. Master genuine interview methods and skills by participating in mock interviews throughout the course.

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With the help of a remarkable and industry-relevant profile, you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Collaborate on Salesforce Einstein analytics assignments and activities and add them to your portfolio to position yourself as the employer's first choice.

Course Curriculum

Get access to the expert curated curriculum!

From introduction to Einstein analytics to its integration with salesforce to all modules, components and techniques, we cover everything in our specially curated course. Our team also keep on updating the course as per industry standards.

Course Duration

Be an Einstein Analytics Expert in Two Months!

Fastrack your CRM career with instructor-led training program that will give you walkthrough on the every aspect of salesforce technology to equip you with the right knowledge.

Online Training Mode

Online training at your convenience!

Don’t miss a chance to enhance your skill pool with the mentor-defined online classes which cover every single detail of Salesforce Einstein Analytics course so that you can start your career in the right direction.

Expert Certification

Get your badge of certificate from experts!

Be salesforce ready by taking the flagship training sessions from experts. This certificate would be a plus on your resume as it gives you an ultimate experience to better gain your insights.

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Learners’ Journey

  • Step 1

    Access the InventaTeq website.

  • Setp 2

    Finish your Salesforce course.

    • Introduction to the Salesforce Einstein Analytics Platform.
    • Master concepts of data Transformations.
    • Learn to use write-back.
    • Learn about event monitoring.
  • Step 3

    Complete and submit your Capstone project.

  • Setp 4

    Be evaluated by the InventaTeq faculty.

  • Step 5

    Obtain your certificate of completion.

  • Setp 6

    Register for the FutureSkill Assessment.

  • Step 7

    Obtain your FutureSkill evaluation certificate.

  • Setp 8

    Get money from the Indian government.

True Reviews by Real Students

I am so thankful that I chose InventaTeq for pursuing a certification program. The faculty and the curriculum is perfect for anyone who wants to learn and master the platform.


The time I spent at InventaTeq was really worth it. The team has helped gain all the required skills to work on the Salesforce platform beginning from installing the platform to using the platform for business intelligence.


InventaTeq is the best institute in all the possible ways. From faculty to projects to interview training, the team puts every effort to make the course successful for each student. It was truly a great experience learning at InventaTeq.


InventaTeq is arming us with the complete knowledge of the Salesforce platform and I can not be more thankful for it. The curriculum covered almost everything that one needs to know about the platform before working on it in real life. Not only this, the faculty has also helped me in my projects to build a portfolio.


Why learn the course?

Did you know?

With the Cloud Einstein product recommendations, companies noticed conversion rates jumping from 9.6% to 15.5%!

From collecting huge volume of data to automating tasks to boosting sales, Salesforce Einstein Analytics is undoubtedly today’s buzzword. By enrolling in an ideal Salesforce Einstein course, you can better equip yourself with its valuable knowledge.

Gainful Insights

Salesforce Einstein Analytics give insights on critical business metrics by telling what your business is doing and to help the business partners in taking outcome-oriented data decisions.

Better Predictions

Salesforce Einstein analytics takes innovation to a whole new level. It gives valuable insights to the sales agents on how they can better interact with the customers and to gain maximum satisfaction.

Brand Building

Einstein platform enhances the caliber of your CRM by transforming your brand’s image in order to build better customer relations. It aligns the whole processes to reap maximum customer satisfaction.

Growing Arena

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a growing arena that is accepted by almost every business. So it is not a bad idea to explore more opportunities in this field. It will help you grow your career and get maximum benefits of all the opportunities offered to you.

Program Attributes

  • Tailored programme based on national employment standards.
  • Sanctioned by the Government of India.
  • Learn to transform, extract, and load your data into the Einstein Analytics system.
  • Learn how to code recipes and data flows.
  • Master the implementation of Salesforce object write-back.
  • Get to know about under-fitting and overfitting.
  • Master concepts like migration between production to sandbox and dashboard inspector.
  • Become accredited by the best trainers at InventaTeq.
  • Use dependable and pertinent career advice.
  • Get to know in detail about the security module of the course including app-level sharing, inheritance, and controlling data sets, rows, and columns.

Unfold Every Aspect of Salesforce Einstein Analytics

With top-notch Salesforce Einstein Analytics, you can learn to extract, transform and conclude results from your data.

Learn the knits and grits of the course with our training module and enhance your chances of getting hired.

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Know Your Trainer

Experienced and knowledgeable trainer for you!

Professionally a Salesforce architect and a trainer, our faculty member has more than 15 years of experience. He has worked on multiple complex projects and taught 1500+ students. His core areas of training include Salesforce lightning, Einstein analytics, web components, Salesforce Development and others. Attend classes with him from your home to get an expanded and explained knowledge of the platform.

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Skills you will gain

Fostering your skills with a proficient course!

We give new momentum to your skills with our expert training modules. We help you become well-versed with the tools and get your hands-on techniques that are at par with the industry standards.

Partnering with Inventateq

We build a strong foundation for your career!

Inventateq renowned certified courses are designed to let you shine high in the field of Salesforce computing. With expert-led sessions, you can join the league of nerds.

Broad Course

With a broad course curriculum, learn every detail in the course!

Our course is well-defined with the latest industry standards which are curated so to cover every single detail. This course will help you learn everything about salesforce Einstein Analytics in-depth.

Tools Help

Tools helps you learn better!

With the help of tools, we help you learn better. These tools help you make well-versed with automation and technology. You can use them for your future purpose.

Course for Everyone

Everyone can take help of this course!

From students to developers to technology freaks, the Salesforce Einstein Analytics course is curated for all. The course help you get a stronghold on the industry-related curriculum.

Resume Building

Prepare your resume with us!

With the best-in-class strategies, we help build a strong resume. Our course will be an add-on to your resume as it will give you an edge over other aspirants in the interview.

Training Methodology

Top-rated instructor-led training!

Our training methodology is the combination of both practical and theoretical training. With the premium classes, we make you well-versed with different training modules to arm you for the future.

Discover the Inventateq Difference

Open opportunities with the best-in-class Salesforce Einstein Course!

Stand tall in the salesforce arena with the course that help you climb the ladder of success. Inventateq expert course is designed as per industry-standards so that you will fill your knowledge bank with latest trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can attend live classes from your home only. All you need is a computer system and an Internet connection to attend the classes.

In this course, the trainers will begin with giving you a complete introduction to the platform and will then cover important topics of the platform like components of Einstein analytics, data manager, loading data to Einstein platform, and applying security.

InventaTeq offers you a complete placement support to help you prepare for the job interviews. The team will help you build your resume and arrange job fairs to help you network with your dream companies.

No, there are no specific preliminary requirements to learn about Salesforce Einstein platform. However, if you have any prior knowledge about the platform, the whole learning process will be easy for you.

To join the course, send us your queries through our email or the contact form available. The team will get back to you shortly.

Users can easily access Einstein Analytics in the salesforce as the free trial of it is offered to the users plus for the 30 days. After that, they can subscribe to the service with a monthly or the multiyear payment options.

Working with the Salesforce Einstein doesn’t require coding as the Einstein bot can easily tap into the salesforce with a configured interface. You need not to learn programming for Einstein Analytics.

Salesforce Einstein is a cloud-based analytic tool which allows the users to understand or visualise the data that is coming from the different locations. Certain tech giants use it for artificial intelligence marketing.