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Salesforce is the world's largest customer relationship management (CRM), which takes businesses closer to their digital clients. Established in 1999 and featuring powerful technologies—cloud, web, social, internet, artificial intelligence, voice, and blockchain—Salesforce enables businesses in all sorts of industries to create a 360-degree view. Briefly enough, Salesforce is a software for customer relations that is important for the day-to-day working professionals. The platform consists of the following: Sales Cloud, Business Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Marketplace Cloud, Analytics Cloud, IoT, Cloud, Computer Cloud, Wellness Cloud, Chatter and . Salesforce technology increasingly changes the way businesses work, profiles and jobs are transformed. It is necessary to receive a Salesforce credential from the best training institution so it will act as the first starting point for your career. This credential also gives an applicant an upper hand among peers. Inventateq's ClassRoom training in Kalyan Nagar offers the following features:

  • Advanced Class Training lasts 70+ hours
  • Admin + Developer + integration + lightning + wave review Salesforce CRM
  • The functionality in Salesforce CRM
  • Area forms, validation rules and salesforce objects
  • Modeling and maintenance of data
  • User control and setup
  • Protection and access to data
  • Automation of workflows
  • Cloud configuration of sales and operation
  • Installation of flash components
  • Interface for Salesforce
  • Deployment of the programme and maintenance of the transition network.
  • Creation of framework by using a declaratory interface
  • Configuring User Interface

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Skills You Will Learn

Salesforce overview.

Sales and service cloud.

Quote templates.

Salesforce objects.

App development.

Server Side Controller.


Data Management.

Custom Buttons.

Link Units.

Average Salary Hike

Career Transitions
Highest Salary

Hiring Partners


SalesForce Course Methodology

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Training begins and Practice on 2 Mock Test

Prepared for Live Projects

Assistance in Interview and Resume Preparation

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Work with your instructor in Real-Time projects using the applications and features of TABLEAU.

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Hands-On Learning Through Industry Projects

Project 1

Creating a Recruitment Process

For a major recruitment company, create a CRM that tracks job postings of various recruiters and the candidate responses against the jobs.

Project 2

Student Performance Tracker

Design the workflow for an engineering college that wishes to track students' success and immediately warn a teacher if the student fails.

Project 3

Process Management System

Improvement of the facilities of a telephone firm by monitoring consumers who record cell phone issues and problems and quality.

Project 4

Tracking Business Entries

Using Salesforce to introduce purchase and discount capture and monitor previous market entries for the Clothing Organization in Salesforce.

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SalesForce course helps to cut down on unnecessary expenses and
you can learn from anywhere around the world from our Industrial experts having 10+ years of experience..

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10+ Years Of Salesforce Developer Excellence


Our teachers allow students unlimited opportunities to explore the subject and learn in real-time. Our coaches support and also coach applicants for the questions and answers to interviews. Candidates are still free to ask questions. Our teacher is a salesforce specialist who works in real-time.

  • He has more than 10 years of experience in the industry
  • About 4160+ Salesforce students were educated.
  • Professional business exercises.
  • 4X CRM Certified
  • Bengaluru's famous trainer
  • Expert in practical practice along with teaching
  • Helpful to help students overcome problems.
  • Have previously worked with organizations Cisco, Nasdaq, and Sony.
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Best SalesForce Tools Covered


Schema Builder

Lightning Component Framework

Link Units

Process Builder

Salesforce Objects

Security Controls


For a decade, Inventateq assisted students and professionals. The number of its students is 95%. With over 25,000 qualified students, Inventateq is actively engaged in the development of creative methods and modules that can boost its students' competitiveness.

Placement Support

  • Dedicated placement Cell in apprenticeships to meet students' needs.
  • Resume Preparation according to new market criteria.
  • In interviews, we have questions and answers
  • Mock interviews
  • Interview Preparation
  • Preliminary needs: students from IT/non-IT - students from OPT/H1B - professionals working/non-work
  • Act with live business examples
  • Access to ongoing interviews and placements.

Industry Oriented Classroom Training

  • 10+ Module Course Content.
  • Show back up groups
  • Salesforce Certification
  • Research lab and Free Wi-Fi
  • The material of the latest study
  • First Class is Free
  • Quick course with best fees available

Topic Covered

  • The functionality in Salesforce CRM
  • Area forms, validation rules, and salesforce artifacts
  • Modeling and maintenance of data
  • User control and setup
  • Protection and access to data
  • Automation of workflows
  • Cloud configuration of sales and operation
  • Installation of flash components
  • Interface for Salesforce
  • Deployment of the program and maintenance of the transition network
  • Creation of framework by using a declaratory interface
  • Configuring User Interface
  • Preparation for certification assessments for the Salesforce Management (ADM 201) and the Software Designer.

Get into Top IT Companies after Successful Completion of the Course


The training course for Inventateq Salesforce will help you to clear the following certifications.

  • Salesforce Administrator ADM 201 Certification
  • Salesforce App Builder Certification.

You must pass both the Salesforce Administrator Test and the Salesforce App Creator Exam to become a Licensed Salesforce Administrator and Developer.
Inventateq Certification is recognized by all large international corporations around the world. Following theoretical and practical workshops, we have new and business apprentices. It strengthens the curriculum vitae and with this certification, you will achieve leadership positions in MNC's worldwide.
The qualifications are only granted after we have accomplished our teaching and practical ventures. After the completion of the Salesforce Certification Training.


We give 100% placement to MNC organizations and supportive guidance to trainers through mock interviews.

The teacher's input and guidance is the hint behind the success stories of our students.

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Learn 10+ Modules Classroom SALESFORCE Course

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Learn about IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS.

R Programming Language


Learn about Pricing, User menu, and global search.

TensorFlow APIs

Tab Bar

Learn about Recycle Bin Salesforce and an introduction to objects.


Learn about roll-up summary fields, hierarchy in a relationship, single relationship, and many-many relationships


Learn about the features of license security and sharing.

R Programming Language


Learn about sorting and the types, filtering and its types

TensorFlow APIs


Learn about forceful password expiry and session details.


Learn about the rules of sharing, manual sharing, and field-level permission.


Create the approval process and steps, introduce multi step approval, final approval/rejection actions.

R Programming Language


Learn about the workflow rules, also learn how to update records, create a task and automate emails.

TensorFlow APIs


Learn about record types with the single page and multipage layout.

Basic Programming

Learn about variables, Operators, Class, Objects, and functions.


Learn about Collection, list, set, maps, and the debugging process and methodology.

R Programming Language


Understanding the concept of triggered variables, testing, and annotations in salesforce.

TensorFlow APIs


Learn to insert, update and delete statements. Also, learn about Visual Force.


Learn about Input text fields and controllers. Know the types of controllers and also learn about query languages.


understand what is SOQL, SOSL, difference between SOQL and SOSL.

R Programming Language


Learn to use the start, execute and finish commands, batch interface, and scheduling batches using CRON job.

TensorFlow APIs


Learn about setup management, builder advance process, Lightning App builder, key pillars of lightning, javascript function, and many more.

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Are you ready to be the next Salesforce Hire? Looking for the best Salesforce Training in Bangalore?

Get your resume highlighted for SalesForce jobs. Certify yourself. Grab the recruiters’ attention. Get certified with SalesForce. Help them reach out to you with your certification putting a value on your resume.

Course Content of Kalyan Nagar SalesForce Course (10+ Modules)

Infrastructure as a Service
Platform as a Service
Software as a Service
CRM introduction
Salesforce history Launch
Salesforce climate awareness.
Logo of the App
Global Searching
Menu- App
Salesforce Database Recycling bin
familiar with the setup parts
Introducing Apps.
Introducing Objects
Roll-up Summary fields
Hierarchy Relationship
Self Relationship
Many to many Relationship
User Management
Introduction Users
User management process
Features license security and Sharing
IP Address restrictions
Audit Trials
Forceful password expiry
Session details
Organization-Wide Defaults
Permission Sets
Creating an Approval process
Creating Approval steps
Multi-step Approvals
Final approval action
Final rejection action
Working on recalling
Delegate process
Multiple approvers Vs Single approver
Using Custom Workflow Processes
Regulations on workflow
Record upgrade
Establish mission
Machine Emails
Text Outbound
Workflows based on time
Deep dive into the parameters of the measurement period
Using the appraisal requirements scenario
Workflow constraints
Update Record
Workflow Vs Process Builder
Benefits of Process Builder
Record types
Record types with page layout
Record types with multiple page layout
ExpressionsLooping Statement
Controlling Statement
Architecture Apex /
Data Types in Salesforce
Debug process and methodology
Building logic through programming
APEX Class
Triggers in Salesforce
Invoking Apex classes from Triggers
Trigger handlers
Trigger ScopeTrigger Types
Trigger Events
Best Practices Triggers
Best Practices APEX class
Insert statement
Update StatementDelete Statement
Getting data from recycle bin
MVC pattern in Salesforce
Introduction to Visual Force
Enabling VF for your Organization and Execution Creating First VF page
Working on UI with Visualforce Pages
Building Page Block Table in VF page
Building Form in VF page
Types of Controllers
Standard Controllers
Custom Controllers
Controller ExtensionRerender
With sharing
Without sharing
VF page with multiple extension class
Best Practices Visualforce
Query Languages
Batch class
Using Start()
Using Execute()
Using Finish()
Batchable interface
Understanding BatchableContext
Schedule Class
Schedulable interface
Calling batch from scheduled class
Scheduling using CRON job
Setup Management.
Builder advance Process.
Component Markup.
Conditional Markup.
Tag Register
Use of “name”
Key Javascript keywords
Object Values.
Content Hours Available
Industry Projects
Live Streaming Sessions
Expert Coaching Sessions
Programming Tools/ Languages

Best SalesForce Training Institute in Kalyan Nagar, SalesForce developer and lightning courses near me hebbal, hrbr layout, ramamurthy nagar, banaswadi, kr puram, Nagawara and RT nagar


  • APEX
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Process Builder.
  • Lightning component Framework.
  • Security Controls.
  • User Interface.
  • Data Management.
  • Application Lifestyle.


  • This training course for Salesforce certification is ideal for individuals interested in developing a Salesforce career, especially app designers, engineers, system administrators, sales staff, IT managers, and product managers.
  • This Salesforce Administrator & App Designer training course has no conditions. However, previous job experience as a consultant or developer is desirable


  • 300+ Hiring Partners.
  • Salesforce administrator.
  • Application Builder.
  • Developer.


  • Salesforce professionals
  • Software administrators
  • App builders
  • Developers
  • Analysts
  • IT managers
  • Sales managers & executives.


This qualification training is an intensive learning methodology for the Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrator. In the tutorial, you can learn the basics of salesforce, graphics, Pinnacle, dashboards, process automation, and more. It conforms to the Salesforce qualification tests in the training.

For this Salesforce training course, there are no clear criteria. This training can be selected by anybody. However, experience as a developer or boss would certainly give your learning a lift.

We would deliver the best discount rates in the market to get our discount offers to speak to our representative. Our CRM training fee for Salesforce in Bangalore is affordable. We still have the option of partial payment. We're here to help you, please email us.

Yeah, we're going to help you certify Salesforce. We will teach you questions on qualification with responses to help you pass the Admin 201, 401 production and lighting tests, etc.;

We have CRM preparation and 100 percent practice in real-time, project-oriented Salesforce. So you will understand practical and practical ideas from day 1. You acquire realistic skills to help you face interviews with trust.

In our Bangalore Salesforce Training, we will have the morning and night lots as per your comfort and versatility. At the time of the online Demo session, standard class dates will be revealed.

Yeah, yes, our training course is designed to ensure you pass the first examinations. The training provides you not only the confidence to pass examinations with a realistic approach to learning but also allows you to hold knowledge after examinations

You can learn the definition of Salesforce from basic to advanced, which helps you to develop your apps on Salesforce. Our realistic experience assists you in operating a consulting business through Salesforce. With this training, our goal is to make you ready for work.

Salesforce Administration and Development can be mastered by someone without programming expertise. The benefit of our course is that everyone can learn without coding, we will teach from the fundamental principles, that is our guarantee.

Salesforce is a software corporation (SaaS) specializing in the management of customer relations (CRM). Salesforce's services help companies to better link with clients, partners, and potential customers through the use of cloud technology.

Salesforce is among the 10 best digital skills to improve your careers in marketing, according to Burning Glass. There was a mistake. You will start strong when you launch or expand your career in technology by creating and proving your Salesforce capabilities.

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Step 1: Take FREE Demo Class

Attend one or two Free Demo Classes with Expert Trainer and ensuring you're ready for the program.

Step 2: Discuss Requirements

Whats your Requirments? Discuss with Trainer and Management and get answers for all your questions you have

Step 3: Register in Course

Start Learning from basics to Advanced level topics, apply on projects, Attend Interviews and Get Placement

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We have tie up with Many IT and Non IT Companies, From whom we keep on get regular Job Openings which are listed below

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Kalyan Nagar location

Kalyan Nagar

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 No. 509, 4th Main, Kammanahalli Main Rd, HRBR Layout 3rd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043 Near McDonald's, Opposite to Aptech Bangalore, Karnataka 560043.

Near By Locations: Kalyan Nagar, HRBR Layout, HBR Layout, Ramamurthy Nagar, Hoysala Nagar, Banaswadi, Halasuru, Baiyyappanahalli metro station, Hennur, Nagawara, R T Nagar, Hebbal, Sahakar Nagar, kr puram, Fraser Town, cox town, and Manyata Tech Park

Chennai location


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Near By Locations: OMR Road, Adyar, Tambaram, Anna Nagar, T-Nagar, Pallikaranai, Perumbakkam, Guindy, Porur, Thiruvanmiyur, Siruseri, Vadapalani.


This salesforce credential training course guarantees you know the principles of an App Designer and App Creator. This Salesforce course teaches you how to configure Salesforce to capture, analysis and collect valuable customer information and to build applications through Salesforce Lightning.
The course is suited for people interested in a career in Salesforce, particularly app developers, system administrators, sales representatives, IT managers, and product managers. .Recommended professionals would be

  • Salesforce professionals
  • Software administrators
  • App builders
  • Developers
  • Analysts
  • IT managers
  • Sales managers & executives

Salesforce technology increasingly changes the way businesses work, profiles and jobs are transformed. It is necessary to receive a Salesforce credential from the best training institution because it will serve as the first starting point for your career. The nominee also obtains certification from peers.
Looking for the best Classroom Salesforce Training in Bangalore? Register with Inventateq today!

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You will register with Inventateq for a free one-day tutorial. We will register you if you like the course and your instructor. Please note that this is a lecture and the student must take part in the courses at the Center Kalyan Nagar. Inventateq delivers online training to become a Salesforce administrator and consultant with live instructor-led tutorials and self-run Salesforce. You will have a complete background in managing the Salesforce case, Salesforce platform, Salesforce database, application design, platform setup, automation processes, project management, Salesforce lightning application creation, and more Salesforce training.
The rising number of students pursuing training has grown with Salesforce's increasing penetration into businesses. However, the dilemma is the option of a trustworthy partner to follow your career. Inventateq is the supplier of Salesforce training acknowledged in Bangalore by the industry. With placements, the organization offers job-based training. They are in PAN India and have centers in Bangalore in BTM Layout, Marathalli, Kalyan Nagar, and Rajaji Nagar. Invenateq is the strongest salesforce training firm in Bangalore and certifies its prolonged market presence.

Hear from our students in our review column

Inventateq is providing live Salesforce instructor-led Classroom training to become an administrator and consultant for Salesforce. In the course of Salesforce, you can undergo complete instruction in the managing of salesforce, Salesforce platform, Salesforce database, product architecture, platform setup, project management, Salesforce lightning application creation, and more.
This training course for Salesforce Qualification in Bangalore provides the theoretical skills to obtain insight into sales. Salesforce Certification is the perfect way to learn and fine-tune the sales process in the modern world. The Salesforce Class Live training of Inventateq in Bangalore will help to clear the official certification of the Salesforce. Many job descriptions on the role of a salesforce creator and manager include certification from the salesforce
The training in Inventateq provides enough opportunity to work on real-world projects and case studies that are industrially planned. This will all help you track your career easily with realistic domain knowledge. After the preparation is done, you can solve quizzes modeling the questions of these qualification examinations on the particular types of questions posed.
The roadmap for the qualification of Salesforce Developers is synonymous with periodic updates. The Salesforce Accredited Software Designer, the Salesforce Certified Developer I, the Developer certified II, and the Developer of the I/II Certified Platform of Salesforce are all part of our institution. DEV-401 is not available now from the Salesforce developer. We direct students through Salesforce Qualification School, Bangalore, with current details about certification changes.
Surveys by the understudies

Student Testimonials:

Our Bangalore Salesforce Course allows you to create personalized Salesforce apps with sample data for your company needs. Learn about the development and initiation of your project work with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services. Our Inventateq certification is certified internationally. It improves your resume's worth and you can reach leadership roles in leading MNC's worldwide with the help of this credential. The credential is given only after our teaching and realistic projects have been completed.

Salesforce certification student reviews about their Training Experience with

“Before beginning the course, I was nervous. But it was very fun when I was attending and I enjoyed it so much. I have been part of this Online Program, the coach is very knowledgeable and supportive. At Inventateq it was very good coaching.”

By Suman K

“The course of Inventateq is well organized from the content of the course curriculum, instruction, immersive workshops, PowerPoint, day-to-day resources, questions, and exercises. Each teacher will tell us about the relevant questions for the interview and explain their meaning clearly. “

By Roshan B

Our Rating: 4.8/ 5 Inventateq SalesForce Certification Course. 4.8 /5 InventaTeq.