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Why Get RPA certified?

Do you know?

Employees generally spend up to 25% of their working time performing repetitive processes!

These repetitive processes make work monotonous, making employees feel exhausted!

Undoubtedly most business processes are repetitive in nature but this monotony and repetitiveness in processes somewhere impacts the performance of an employee. To solve this problem and increase the productivity of employees, robotic process automation is used.

Well, the name has made it quite clear that the technology simply automates processes!

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Wider Career Opportunities

RPA technology is still new to the world and most companies are still figuring out a way to get hold of this technology. At this point, taking out time to sign up for a certification always makes you stand out in the competition. Not only does the certification help you grab better opportunities but you also find it easier to negotiate salaries.

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Learn Implementation Of Tools

Enrolling yourself in RPA certification Training courses in Hyderabad will help you focus on the practical aspects of RPA as well. The trainers will help you learn RPA courses online including the implementation of theoretical concepts on real life projects as well.

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Showcase Your Skills

When you apply for a job, there are multiple factors based on which the employer judges an employee. Besides that, the major factor considered is your credentials. Getting RPA certified showcases your dedication to work as an RPA developer and at the same time, it demonstrates that you have gained desired knowledge in the respective field.

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Stay Up To Date

In an RPA certification training in Hyderabad, the best RPA trainer in India follows the latest and the best course study material to learn online and teach you the latest technologies and trends. Since these courses are led by industry leaders, you get access to updated knowledge only.

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Profile building

Meet occupational standards with industry-relevant profiles!

What makes you different from your competitors is your skills. At InventaTeq, we allow you to work on use cases and working projects of RPA in your RPA training classes in Hyderabad to help you make your profile stronger and showcase your skills in the right way. We also show you RPA resume samples to help freshers build an effective profile.

Interview Preparation

Outlook your competition with impressive interview skills!

InventaTeq does not only help you learn RPA but also helps you get placed in top companies. Join us to get access to simulated interviews conducted by experienced faculty and get feedback to improve your interview skills. This will give you the confidence to attempt real-life interview questions and answers in RPA.

100% placement assistance

A great industry exposure awaits you!

InventaTeq conducts multiple job fairs and alumni meet throughout your RPA online training in Hyderabad to help you build a network and gain industry exposure. You can connect with like-minded people and get mentorship from existing working professionals in these job fairs.

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Course Curriculum

Curated as per the latest trends of RPA!

Covering all the latest, basics and advanced concepts and tools of RPA, InventaTeq's RPA course in Hyderabad is perfect for all.

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Course Duration

Become an RPA expert in only 60 hours!

These 60-hours RPA classes in Hyderabad are enough to train you to work in the corporate culture. In these two months of instructor-led training, you will be taught RPA and the team will also prepare you for the interview.


Online Training Mode

Making learning more flexible!

With our multiple batches of RPA learning in Hyderabad, we ensure that our classes fit everyone's schedule. We give you the flexibility to choose a batch that is convenient for you.


Certification From Experts

Let your credentials talk for you in an interview!

Stay ahead of your competition by getting certification recognised in the industry.

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Students Who Loved Us

best Machine Learning trainer in bangalore btm and marathahalli


Expert -delivered best RPA session in Hyderabad!

  • With extensive experience in the field of RPA, our expert trainer has gained skills to implement RPA in existing processes. He has gained expertise in tools like UiPath and in his career, has helped a lot of companies to adapt RPA in their operations.
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What will you learn in this course?

Experience classrooms online!

Key highlights:

  • Instructor-led sessions to provide you a classroom experience.
  • Flexible online RPA session in Hyderabad.
  • Hands-on training to teach you concept implementation.
  • Faculty with a proven experience in the field.
  • Interview preparation sessions to build your confidence.
  • 150+ hiring companies to help you start your career.

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RPA class in Hyderabad is for one and All!

At InventaTeq, we value your time, money and effort to learn something new and hence, we ensure to provide courses that fit your requirements. Our RPA training sessions cover all the crucial aspects of RPA to make them perfect for both professionals and freshers.

RPA course in Hyderabad with placement!

What's your final goal of getting into this course?

If you have said getting placed, we couldn't agree more! Keeping the aim of our students in mind, we have curated a job-oriented RPA class in Hyderabad to make you ready to get placed in a company. As we have said, these are job-oriented courses which simply means that we have designed these courses keeping current job requirements in mind.

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Do not miss out on a chance to learn from certified mentors of the industry! Book your demo RPA session in Hyderabad with us and take the first step towards elevating your career!

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Do you know what is the best RPA training in Hyderabad?

If you are still looking for the correct answer, your search ends here!

To thrive in the industry, InventaTeq's RPA training courses in Hyderabad are all you need! Beginning from the RPA fundamentals to their integration to latest tools like UiPath, our courses cover everything!

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Skills You Will Gain

Gain RPA skills with real-life use cases and projects!

Get a stronghold of important concepts and tools of RPA including UI automation concepts, exception handling, error handling, REFramework, and Workflow OCR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting RPA certified ensures that you have been through all the concepts of RPA under the guidance of experts and leaders of the field. It ensures that you are qualified to work on some good RPA projects.

Yes, you can become an RPA expert without having any background in IT or coding.

InventaTeq is chosen by many learners because of our rigorous and job oriented curriculum. The RPA course syllabus contains all the important concepts in only two months and makes its students ready for the job openings in RPA with a good salary range.

RPA technology is one of the growing technologies and has a wide scope in the coming years as well. Therefore, it is the right time to learn RPA for people who are looking to make a career in automation. It helps you learn everything starting from what is RPA & why it is important to how to start your career in RPA.

In an online session, you get to learn from the trainers at your home only. They conduct one-on-one sessions to train you just like normal classrooms.

In India, the salary of an RPA varies between 3 lakhs to 9 lakhs. However, after getting certified, there are high chances to negotiate the salary and get better opportunities.

The RPA training classes cover all the important concepts of RPA including UiPath, interpreting existing applications, automation of user interface, data table based programming and citrix manipulation.

To sign up for the course, you can send us your query regarding the course and you can call us directly.

InventaTeq provides you with a 2 months or 60 hours course. However, you also get access to recorded sessions to help you learn RPA at your own pace.

InventaTeq conducts its courses in online mode to help you learn at your home only.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Industry specific and quality training is all we are working for!

The only way to survive in the corporate world is to gain industry knowledge and skills. At InventaTeq, we make it possible for you.


Dedicated Student Portal

Get access to a personalised learning space!

One of the key differentiators that makes us top RPA training in Hyderabad is our dedicated portal for students. On the portal, you can reach out to the student support team, attend classes and also get access to the recorded sessions.


Hands-on Learning

Implementation is the only way to remember!

Despite providing online RPA sessions in Hyderabad, our team provides our students with hands-on experience. Choose from all the available use cases and projects to work on and gain relevant experience in the domain. The team will guide you through the whole learning and implementation process.


Flexible Schedule

Choose batches as per your convenience and preference!

We are providing you with complete flexibility to learn whatever and wherever you want. You can choose a batch that fits your schedule and if you have missed any of your sessions, you have the option to attend recorded sessions as well.


How are you planning to get your dream job in the RPA domain?

Still finding an answer to this question? Get in touch with our experts and get honest career guidance along with the best RPAs session in Hyderabad!

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Training Methodology

Blended approach to make you an expert!

At InventaTeq, our experts understand the importance of practical as well as theoretical training. Therefore, they follow a blended approach to train our students in a way to include practical and theoretical training in a balanced way. We work on making your foundation strong and at the same time ensure that you are ready to work on real-life projects. You can work on our virtual labs and get guidance to improve and become more efficient in RPA concepts and this is what makes InventaTeq the best RPA training institute in Bangalore.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Grab the best RPA job opportunities by signing up with the top RPA institute in Chennai with Placement!

Gain all the essential skills related to the domain and increase your credentials to stand out from the crowd!

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