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Artificial Intelligence

Industry Expert Certification

In-Depth Course Curriculum

4+ Capstone Projects

100% Placement Assistance

Resume & Interviews Preparation

Instructor-led Online Training

Why learn the course?

Have you been informed?

The global market of RPA is estimated to cross 2.32 billion in 2022

Robotics and Robot processes are one of the most flourishing industries around the globe. Due to increased interest and advancement in the field of robotics, RPA has now become the need of the hour. Experts have estimated the growth rate of the RPA sector as 38.2 in the upcoming 8-10 years which is undoubtedly a green signal to join this domain for young minds. So, start learning an RPA course online today.

Artificial Intelligence

Mapped out processes

Define a process with RPA to fetch better results!

There is no point in beating around the bush when you can develop an efficient, accurate, and convenient process with RPA training in Pune. The processes are simply the instructions that are embedded in robots to carry out a specific function or operation. The tasks that require even a minimum human touch can easily be carried out with the RPA process defined.

Artificial Intelligence

Reduced Manual work

An Intelligent Automation

The minimal things that require human touch can be completed with a detailed RPA application along with room for customization. It is based on certain theories and concepts that help you develop some processes or workflow. These workflows can be individual-specific or industry-specific. All you need to reduce the overall manual work for a certain process is to initiate your RPA training in Pune.

Artificial Intelligence

Extreme security

Your data's security is in your hands

RPA allows the employee to set up accessibility and other factors related to data security. While using RPA, the data is stored in a Central repository that makes it easier for you to protect your data. You can restrict the users and only allow the ones who need the data for their respective workflow. This way you can minimize the chances of breach in data.

Artificial Intelligence

Easy Technology

Learning and Implementing RPA is easy!

If you think that robotics and the processes related to it can not be solved without picking your brain in a complex program, you are wrong. RPA is one of the easiest concepts that can be applied to the codes. All you need is a few theories, hands-on training in tools, and certification.

Artificial Intelligence

Profile building

Reflect on your skills through your profile

Building an expressive and impressive profile is one of the major challenges for young candidates. We will help you learn the components of a well-built CV along with how you can generate an expressive portfolio. Create a glance-worthy profile to attract the right opportunities for yourself.

Interview Preparation

Crack your interviews with excellent preparation!

Prepare for your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the experts of the Industry. Our team will help you develop various skills to enhance your chances of getting shortlisted for your dream job. Throughout your RPA certification training classes in Pune, you will be provided access to interactive sessions, group discussions, quizzes, and much more to make you interview-ready.

100% placement assistance

The right opportunities are waiting for you!

Search out the best job openings for RPA with the Job Oriented RPA course in Pune. Our team of experts provides you with insights into various placement processes. You will get access to a dedicated team of professionals to help you throughout the placement process from the scratch!

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Course Curriculum

Expert designed curriculum!

InventaTeq has best RPA course materials to study online and helps you understand how the RPA works along with its practical application.

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Course Duration

A two month centered RPA training!

Learn RPA concepts in less than 2 months!

InventaTeq now offers you an opportunity to learn various concepts of RPA in less than 2 months. You can easily learn all the concepts at your pace with instructor-led sessions.


Online Training Mode

Online classes are the right tool to begin your learning

If the unavailability of excessive time is restraining you from upskilling yourself, InventaTeq is here for your rescue. You can now choose the online classes for RPA in Pune to kickstart your career in robotics with the right skill in your pocket. Take help of a flexible schedule through which you can resume your classes on the go! We also have RPA resume samples for freshers to give a brief idea how their resume should look.


Certification From Experts

A certification that validates your skills!

Various organizations have made it mandatory to get a valid certification in RPA to join the working teams.

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The right mentor is all you need to excel!

  • Expert trainer at InventaTeq holds more than 8 years of experience in imparting training and knowledge to students worldwide. Being from a corporate background himself, our expert can help you learn the insights of the practical application of each tool in detail. InventaTeq offers you to brush up your skills with the help of industry experts. Join InventaTeq, the top RPA institute in Chennai with Placement.
Artificial Intelligence

What will you learn in this course?

A single course to cover different aspects of RPA

Key highlights:

  • Online training sessions to cover theories and practical applications
  • Hands-on training in the latest tools of RPA
  • Detailed curriculum to cover different domains
  • The integrated course of 2 months for a quicker way to success
  • Industry-specific live projects

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

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RPA training is for one and All!

From graduates to working professionals RPA is open to all!

RPA is a growing sector with a lot of room for young minds and working professionals. You can apply at various MNCs with the right skills and experience in the field. However, the field is also open for young minds that are enthusiasts of RPA and robotics. At InventaTeq, we will make you learn every basic concept including what RPA is and why it is important to how to make your career.

Unfold every aspect of RPA

RPA is much more than just processes!

RPA holds great significance when it comes to the world of Robotics. With the help of our detailed curriculum, you can explore different applications of these concepts and tools for real-time application. All that you need to learn about RPA tools and their application is embedded carefully in InventaTeq RPA training in Pune.

Artificial Intelligence

Are you fascinated by the world of robots and advanced man-made machines? Become a part of the robotics world with an Advanced RPA course in Pune by InventaTeq!

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Do the working process of robots and the logic behind their action itch your brain? Be an expert at these skills yourself. Learn advanced robotics process skills with job-oriented RPA classes in Pune today!

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Skills You Will Gain

Become the biggest RPA asset with leading skills. Skills learned throughout your RPA course at InventaTeq will help you resolve the problem statements efficiently and accurately. Upgrade your skills to make the best out of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can join RPA classes just after your graduation or whenever you wish to switch your domain to robotics.

This training can help you learn all the components of RPA from scratch. It is a highly beneficial course for the young enthusiasts

Online sessions in Pune by InventaTeq help you to explore different domains of RPA certification through online mode efficiently and conveniently.

RPA professionals are highly paid professionals with upstream growth in the tech industry

Various globally running companies are constantly looking for candidates to expand their tech teams. They require candidates with valid RPA certification

InventaTeq offers you an affordable and economic course to learn the advanced tools of RPA

With help of our interactive online sessions, we help the students to develop a unique skill set.

The course is designed to cover all the important aspects within the time frame efficiently. You can cover different aspects in less than 2 months easily.

InventaTeq provides detailed instructor-led sessions, to make sure all the students can discuss their doubts with the instructor.

Knowledge of coding and the basic concepts associated with it can be quite helpful for candidates to learn RPA tools easily. However, there is no such prerequisite for this course.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Excellent learning is waiting for you at your doorstep with InventaTeq.

If you think that online sessions and training are not efficient, let InventaTeq surprise you in the best way possible.


Instructor-led sessions

Interactive sessions at InventaTeq are the right choice

If you are looking for a chance to learn different skills and tools through interesting lessons, InventaTeq is the right choice for you. Our instructor-led sessions allow you the best RPA Trainer in India to Learn AI Skills Practically.


ISO-Approved certification

A globally accepted certification for all!

InventaTeq offers you a chance to explore global opportunities with an ISO-Approved certification. This certification will allow you to apply in different countries without any additional skill documentation. Explore the country of your dreams with an efficient skill in your pocket.


Industry-specific projects

Explore the industry-specific applications in detail

You can now learn the domain-specific applications of different RPA tools with different live projects. At InventaTeq, you can indulge in different/multiple and good RPA projects for beginners throughout your code to explore the industry of your choice. All the projects will be executed under expert guidance by the InventaTeq team.


Looking for a career boost? Register yourself for RPA certification and training in Pune to achieve your goals faster!

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Artificial Intelligence

Training Methodology

A strong strategy always yields strong results

Experts at InventaTeq have designed a detailed methodology to help you learn each concept at the right time. Our experts ensure that the knowledge is fed to you most efficiently.

To make sure that you learn everything in detail, the process is initiated with the basic modules of RPA tools and concepts. The course will cover advanced concepts, as well as the duration of the process, when completed. Moreover, engineering freshers can join internships for RPA.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

InventaTeq offers you an opportunity to unlock unique skills and capabilities to utilize the RPA tools. Our course covers various aspects of RPA training. In addition to this, InventaTeq sessions also help you develop soft skills as well.

From your interview preparations to brushing up your technical skills, InventaTeq will cover every aspect of training to assure excellence. We help you practice interview questions and answers in RPA.