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Artificial Intelligence

Industry Expert Certification

In-Depth Course Curriculum

4+ Capstone Projects

100% Placement Assistance

Resume & Interviews Preparation

Instructor-led Online Training

Why learn the course?

Are you aware?

The RPA market is likely to reach $11 billion by 2027!

Such figures are quite evident that the RPA industry is only going to expand in the coming future. RPA is helping various industries directly and indirectly throughout the globe.

Other than advancement in technology, there are several aspects in which you can find the influence of robotics in different domains. So, if you are looking for ways to learn RPA courses online, Inventateq is your answer!

Artificial Intelligence

Saves Money and Time

With Robotics Process Automation, complex problems can also be resolved in less time which ultimately saves resources and money. In this fast-paced technology, saving time and money are major factors considered in efficiency of a system or a product.

Artificial Intelligence

Defined Processes

With RPA, functions and processes are defined and are carried out in a structured format to avoid any chaos and collision between processes. This also helps avoid repetitive tasks.

Artificial Intelligence

Analysing Workforce Capacity

When used in workflow systems, RPA can help analyse the performance and working abilities of your employees. In this way, you can develop better KPIs for your employees.

Artificial Intelligence

Secure Systems

Due to less human intervention, the systems are made securer. It uses encrypted files which makes these files safer. You can save your data from any breach through multiple layers of security.

Artificial Intelligence

Profile building

RPA Skills to build a solid foundational resume!

The only way to get ahead of your competition is to gain skills better than your competitors. Choose from the multiple good RPA projects for beginners and work on them to gain and enhance your RPA skills.

Interview Preparation

RPA preparation is made easier with the best-in-class certifications!

Do you know what can help you crack every interview? If you are struggling to find the right answers to this question, the InventaTeq team of experienced experts can help you. Be a part of simulated interviews throughout the course and build interview skills with unbiased feedback and constant improvements. You will learn how to answer typical interview questions and answers in RPA by using your wits!

100% placement assistance

Best RPA Classes in Noida to turn the placement tables!

Learn the evolution, present and future of RPA and get hired by the best companies. Take part in different job fairs and tours conducted by the InventaTeq team to network and get your hands on great job opportunities from all around the globe.

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Course Curriculum

Curriculum curated by leading experts!

InventaTeq’s team of experts have relevant experience in the field. We have the best RPA course materials to study online.

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Course Duration

A two month centered RPA training!

Unfold every aspect of RPA in Inventateq’s comprehensive RPA learning in Noida!

In these two months, you will be trained on live projects and the team will help you prepare for upcoming interviews.


Online Training Mode

Your time and convenience matters to us!

Let your learning begin from your home only. Get a chance to connect with leading experts at your home and gain insights of the industry. You can also access recorded sessions in case you miss any sessions for any reason.


Certification From Experts

Validate your skills with expert certification!

On successful completion of your course, InventaTeq provides you with a course completion certificate.

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The path to success is easier with the right mentor!

  • Inventateq provides you access to detailed lessons by an industry expert in different tech domains. Our expert holds more than 8 years of this experience in handling live projects as well as training students from different backgrounds. Throughout his career as a technical expert, he has tutored and brushed up on more than 5,000 tech enthusiasts. Learn from an expert to become a professional with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the concepts.
Artificial Intelligence

What will you learn in this course?

All you need to excel is our detailed curriculum!

Key highlights:

  • Detailed online sessions with doubt-resolving sessions
  • Compacted and integrated 2 months
  • Live sessions by the industry experts
  • Hands-on training in several tools
  • Sessions for Interview preparation and RPA resume samples for freshers
  • Group discussions and interactive session exercises to enhance performance

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

RPA certification is for one and All!

Robots are the new working assets for humans!

Different domains are utilizing the invention and advancement of RPA in their style. Even if you are a young graduate professional, the world of robotics and automation is wide open for all.

Several companies are continuously hiring young professionals and experienced candidates for several posts with their RPA certification.

Explore different industries and chances of entrepreneurship while dealing with RPA, especially with the robotics essential.

Unfold every aspect of RPA

RPA i.e. Robotic process automation helps you to uncover various aspects of robotics and their processes.

To ensure that you learn the application of the concepts in depth, our detailed curriculum and expert team will ensure a vast syllabus.

You will be introduced to several new technologies along with the basic concepts of RPA. Learn all the RPA basics in detail throughout the RPA certification in Noida. Upgrade your skills at the trusted center for several young minds, Inventateq!

Artificial Intelligence

Make pace with the growing RPA sector with the best RPA training Institute in Bangalore!

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The world is moving towards the era of robots and robotic automation! Join the race with globally leading teams and experts with the right skill in your pocket! Become an RPA expert with Top RPA learning in Noida today

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Skills You Will Gain

Skills are the biggest weapons to reach your goals!

Learning theory skills are never enough to excel at any specification, tool, or domain. To make sure that you develop useful skills throughout your certification course, our experts will help you. We will guide you to learn the practical application of each concept via different problem statements, exercises, and other intuitive methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Noida is a budding hub for RPA job openings in RPA along with different other tech industries. This is one of the reasons Why is RPA courses are best in Noida

Online sessions are the right option for working professionals who wish to explore this domain without compromising their work. You will get answers to all your questions like what is RPA & why it is important to how to start your career in it.

RPA is one of the leading career options available for young minds as well as working professionals to enhance their payscale

RPA sessions help the candidates to explore various aspects of this technology and learn their application through the latest tools

RPA professionals are paid quite high salaries based on their skills and experience. The young candidates also get high salary packages as compared to other domains

Getting a certification enhances your chances of getting shortlisted at an MNC. This is Why rpa training is important in Noida.

Inventateq is amongst the top RPA institutes in Chennai with Placement. Our team is well known for its placement assistance and documentation aid.

Inventateq provides you with economical solutions for all your RPA certification issues. You can now opt for an economical and budget-friendly course.

Online RPA sessions at Inventateq are conducted by experienced trainers with experience of over a decade in this field. Hence making Inventateq the best RPA learning training in Noida.

Our online classes may go up to 2 months and can easily be completed in less than the given time frame with efficiency and punctuality.


Partnering With InventaTeq

Accelerate your growth with industry experts!

Inventateq is just the right kickstart you need to boost your career. If robotics and process automation is your interest domain, Inventateq can help you with a successful career of your interest!

Through advanced teaching and tutoring methods, our teams provide you with a magnificent experience while learning aspects of RPA.


One-on-one sessions

Connect with your guide directly for a hassle-free session!

Inventateq helps you to resolve your doubts and queries through detailed direct sessions with expert trainers. You can discuss your doubts and interests with the best RPA trainers in India and learn its skills practically.

You can ask for industry-specific applications for different concepts from our trainer as well.


Multiple projects

Don't limit your learnings to a specific industry!

Inventateq offers you an opportunity to attempt multiple projects under the guidance of experts. You can learn the application of tools in different problem situations and also in several domains. This will help you to widen your horizons and learn a lot more than just 2-3 concepts. Under the guidance of our experts, you can learn problem-solving techniques along with the proper application of concepts.


Interactive exercises

Boost your confidence with public speaking skills under Inventateq experts!

One thing that is a must-have while applying for the job of your dreams is confidence. To boost your confidence and help you develop skills to answer difficult interview questions, Inventateq holds interactive group sessions. We also help engineering students to get an internship in RPA.

Various exercises such as Quizzes, group discussions, and others are hosted under the guidance of Inventateq experts to brush up your skills.


Kickstart your future in Robotics with the advanced tools of RPA. Get hands-on training in the top RPA tools with Inventateq experts now!

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Artificial Intelligence

Training Methodology

Eliminate the hurdles on your path to success!

Inventateq experts have designed a detailed curriculum to help you learn the different concepts from scratch. Our training modules will help you to learn advanced concepts step-by-step. Inventateq helps you to develop a strong foundation for your concepts with our leading tricks, techniques, and technologies.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Be an expert by joining hands with experts!

From your application to complete placement assistance, Inventateq is your ultimate solution for each RPA certification Training problem. Experience the excellence and detailed explanations of different concepts by the Inventateq experts.

Robotics is running at a fast pace, running foot-by-foot with the technology with Inventateq expert support and guidance!