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Artificial Intelligence

Industry Expert Certification

In-Depth Course Curriculum

4+ Capstone Projects

100% Placement Assistance

Resume & Interviews Preparation

Instructor-led Online Training

Why learn the course?

Did you know?

The RPA global market is estimated to grow at a rate of 38.2% in upcoming years!

Robotics is one of the most rewarding domains available for aspirants today. If you are also looking forward to joining the globally leading teams, this certification is the right tool to enter your dream teams efficiently. So, start learning an RPA course online today.

Artificial Intelligence

Job security

Out of 82 companies, more than 40 companies use RPA blueprism

With the increasing demand for RPA blueprism professionals, candidates can easily secure their jobs with such a certification. Join the best RPA training institute in Bangalore and you can use this training and skills as your assets to join the leading teams of your choice.

Artificial Intelligence

Global opportunities

RPA is expanding over different countries

You can now find various countries and technical establishments using RPA for solving various problem statements. In several countries, RPA is utilized in government segments as well to increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Artificial Intelligence

Higher salary packages

Widen your salary brackets with RPA blueprism certification

The average salary of RPA blueprism training holders lies around 6.5LPA to 10 LPA. This salary bracket is much wider than the other developers without a valid certification. You can attain skills that help you to fetch an amazing salary package and perks.

Artificial Intelligence

Credibility by Experts

Exhibit your skills with a valid credibility score

Companies today require a valid score to examine your credibility in a certain skill or tool. Having expert training and certification in RPA blueprism will help you showcase your skills and credibility with the right documents.

Artificial Intelligence

Profile building

Build a rewarding profile with us!

Generate a CV and portfolio that helps you to attract companies in your domain. Inventateq helps you generate a detailed and expressive CV. Based on your domain you can easily customize your portfolio. This portfolio and CV will help you accurately exhibit your skills and strengths.

Interview Preparation

Crack your interviews with excellent preparation

Attend Inventateq Interview preparation rounds to practice interview questions and Answers in RPA to boost your overall performance in the tech interviews. With these sessions, you can develop excellence in different interview skills such as problem-solving, communication, quick response, and many other skills.

100% placement assistance

Join the industry giants with the right kickstart!

There are three major things you need to get shortlisted at the tech giants. These are skills, guidance, and preparation. Inventateq offers you the perfect combination of these three aspects to help you get shortlisted. With Inventateq, you get the much-needed kickstart that will help you to get your dream job openings in RPA easily.

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Course Curriculum

An assured certification!

Keeping various aspects of the learning process in mind, the best RPA course material to study online is designed in a schematic way.

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Course Duration

All you need is a 2-month course to excel!

Inventateq allows you to excel at various RPA blueprism tools in less than 2 months. You can complete your Job Oriented RPA blueprism course in Kochi at Inventateq with regular sessions in about 60 days. This time frame consists of online hands-on training sessions as well.


Online Training Mode

Begin assured training from your home

All the Job Oriented RPA blueprism classes in Kochi by Inventateq are conducted online. If you are a student Or a working professional who is wishing to upgrade your skills, this course is the right choice for you.

Upscale yourself on the go! Attend your online sessions from anywhere and at any time.


Certification From Experts

Get a badge of excellence from the experts

Inventateq provides you with a globally accepted certification in RPA blueprism. These certifications are provided by the industry experts themselves.

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Students Who Loved Us

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Assured excellence with an Industry expert!

  • Inventateq expert holds more than 8 years of experience in the technical and teaching field. Our expert has trained more than 5,000 students all around the globe with different backgrounds. As for practical exposure, our expert has successfully delivered more than 100 projects. An extra edge with practical exposure is provided by our trainer to all the aspirants.
Artificial Intelligence

What will you learn in this course?

Key to a convenient skill upgrade

  • Hands-on training in several RPA blueprism tools
  • Online learning platform with regular sessions
  • Uninterrupted sessions conducted by Industry experts
  • RPA Resume samples for freshers
  • Portfolio-building sessions
  • Interactive sessions for interview preparations
  • Flexible online schedule of online sessions
  • An integrated course of 8 weeks

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

RPA blueprism is for one and All!

Learn every RPA blueprism concept from scratch

From beginners to existing professionals, every professional can learn the basics and advanced concepts of RPA blueprism with Inventateq. You can easily explore the industry-specific applications of the concepts through our detailed modules and curriculum. Cover all the efficient tools of RPA blueprism and excel at a much-demanded skill in the IT industry.

Unfold every aspect of RPA blueprism

RPA is much more than just robots!

Inventateq provides you with a detailed curriculum that helps you explore several aspects of RPA blueprism in a single course. You will get detailed theoretical concepts as well as hands-on training in different RPA blueprism tools by Inventateq experts. Use the advanced technologies and applications of RPA blueprism to solve different domain-specific problem statements easily.

Artificial Intelligence

Are you still waiting for the right time to join RPA blueprism? The right time is here!
Join the globally demanded RPA blueprism certification and training in Kochi with Inventateq now!

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Join tech experts in the field of robotics with RPA blueprism training in Kochi by experienced RPA blueprism trainers!

Grab the golden opportunity of getting trained by industry experts today!

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Skills You Will Gain

Become a skilled expert with the right tools!

RPA blueprism course in Kochi by Inventateq will help you develop various useful skills. Learn different concepts and theories of RPA blueprism along with detailed practical sessions. Through hands-on training in different tools, you can attain the skills of handling and resolving problem statements like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

RPA blueprism is one of the most demanded skills on a global level. In upcoming years, probably the scope of RPA blueprism will widen multiple times to its current size.

You can join the classes right after your graduation to ensure no further delays

Aspirants can easily book rpa blueprism session in Kochi by Inventateq through the online portal. Book a free demo session through the online platform itself.

Avail the Top RPA Institute in Chennai with Placement at affordable prices for all. Inventateq offers you a chance to explore RPA blueprism and its concepts in a budget-friendly course.

RPA blueprism online lessons in Kochi by Inventateq are interactive sessions. These are instructor-led sessions that help you attain knowledge and excellence

Inventateq offers you overall development with regular mock interviews and personality grooming classes

Learning RPA blueprism with prior knowledge in coding can help you in speeding up the process along with excellence.

Having prior knowledge of tech tools can help in understanding the RPA blueprism tools with better insight. However, there is no compulsion for the same

Inventateq helps you to clear the RPA blueprism certification in Kochi within 2 months. However, your expertise will depend on your practice and skills.

The average salary of the RPA blueprism experts is much higher than the candidates of the same qualification level.


Partnering With InventaTeq

One-step solution for all RPA blueprism tool training

Inventateq offers you a chance to develop a globally demanded skill with constant guidance from industry experts. You can learn different industry-specific applications and theories of RPA blueprism with Inventateq's RPA blueprism lessons in Kochi.


Mentor Connect

Direct interaction with your mentor for a better understanding

Resolve your doubts and queries with a unique feature of Inventateq courses. You can now connect directly with the best RPA trainer in India to Learn AI Skills Practically. Also, you can easily explore the industry-specific applications of RPA blueprism tools with expert guidance.


Multiple Live projects

Learn the practical applications through different live projects

Inventateq believes in the overall development of the candidate. You can now indulge in some good projects for beginners to learn the practical application of the tools. Through hands-on training, our experts ensure that you learn the tools in detail. Also, you can learn to resolve different problem statements in live projects under the guidance of Inventateq experts.


Mock Interviews

Prepare for your interviews with excellence and guidance

Experts at Inventateq organize various mock interviews to help you learn the skills you need to crack your interviews. You can develop essential skills through these mock interviews. These interactive sessions will help you further boost your confidence and monitor your communication skills as well. Experts help you learn corporate or interview insights through these mock interviews based on their experience in the industry.


Become a part of a global revolution in the IT industry with Inventateq's RPA blueprism courses in Kochi today!

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Artificial Intelligence

Training Methodology

Select the right path to success!

Inventateq follows a detailed and specifically designed curriculum for the RPA blueprism lessons in Kochi. The training for all candidates is completed in different steps and modules. The overall outline of the path is carefully bifurcated into different steps to make learning fun and convenient for all.

Discover the InventaTeq difference

Assured excellence for all RPA blueprism aspirants

Through a detailed course curriculum and devoted professionals, Inventateq assured excellence and efficiency in each RPA blueprism lesson in Kochi. Learn the different applications of RPA blueprism tools with the help of real-time problem statements and experiential guidance from industry experts.

Gain expertise in different RPA blueprism tools and theories under expert guidance.