You can learn all you need to know about 3D animation in Autodesk Maya, including modelling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation, and dynamics. InventaTeq has everything you need to know.

  • ✓ Your artefacts will shadow
  • ✓ Proper UV formation
  • ✓ The Artifacts texturing
  • ✓ Clear the scene and create shadows
  • ✓ Let the idea happen
  • ✓ The rigging of animation characters
  • ✓ Keyframe animation
  • ✓ Toolkit Motion Graphics (MASH)
  • ✓ Simulation of textile and smoke complex results
  • ✓ Gathering a whole scenario
  • ✓ Record Placement of 9789 candidates
  • ✓ 2600+ candidates Upskilled their professional career with Maya
  • ✓ 1122+ freshers got jobs after taking up the course.
  • ✓ Company tie-ups for job placements.
  • ✓ Dedicated placement team
  • ✓ Certified Maya trainers with 10+ years of experience working in MNC
  • ✓ Classroom and online training sessions provided in Maya by experts
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Placed more than 3902+ Freshers and 2183+ Working Professionals in several IT Firms, and MNCs with Best Salary Package.

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Placement Support

InventaTe has a dedicated placement team that is committed to providing guaranteed offers to all the candidates.

Interview Assistance

We help you prepare a résumé that highlights your Maya experience and conduct practise interviews.


Everyday practice on Maya related to real-time designing needs to make you industry-ready.

Real Time Projects

Live projects, simulation projects are some of the key features.


Course design makes sure that you pass the Maya Examination by InventaTeq.

Multiple Modes of Maya Animation Training. Which one suits you?

Instructor-Led Maya Animation course Online

Maya Animation Course Duration: 45 Hours Around

EveryDay 90 Minutes Class

Maya Course Fees - Save 3000 INR

Hands-on Maya Animation Training

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Classroom - Offline

Weekdays and Weekend Classes

Lab Facility, Free Wifi and Materials

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6 Centers in Bangalore and Chennai

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Maya Animation Skills you need to learn?

Navigating Maya

Polygonal Modeling

We begin with the basics of the Maya interface and the basic skills which will help you model, texture, and transform your light from scratch.

Modeling Objects


An important feature in designing is to make give a different look to the designs and must know for Maya practitioners.

3D Modelling


Learn how to do rigging in Maya Animation.

Texturing Basics


Lighting effects are very much required to be learned by professionals for good animation.



It is very much important to render the final output in the desired format, size with proper effects as per the market need.

Why Inventateq Is The Best Maya Animation Institute In Bangalore?

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Real-Time Maya Animation Projects for Beginners

Project 1

Create a Small Butterfly animation using the tools in Maya.

Project 2

Create an animated logo with Maya particles, and then reverse the animation of any video editing software.

Project 3

Build a practical 3D coin model using Maya.

Project 4

Look for some fluid instruments and options for smoke-like texting effects using Maya animation in the project.

True Reviews by Real Students

What is Reviews of Inventateq?

Listen to what Students Say about Maya Animation Training in Bangalore

Kick-Start your Career by Becoming a Certified Maya Animation Professional.

best institute for Maya Animation in bangalore

See Inside InventaTeq Lab Facility, Classroom and Placement Cell

Looking for Best Maya Animation Training Institute in Bangalore? Inventateq is the Best Place to Join Course!

InventaTeq is rated No 1 training institute for Maya Animation in Bangalore.

Inventateq reviews on google

Google Review

Inventateq Rated as One of the Top Maya Animation Training in Bangalore, India.

4.9 ★★★★★
Maya Animation training in Bangalore with Placement support

Facebook Review

Rated #1 on Facebook - 97% of reviewers say they would recommend Inventateq Maya Animation course in bangalore to Job Seekers

5.0 ★★★★★
top Maya Animation courses

Trustpilot Review

Trainees shared their training experience about Inventateq in on the top review platform

4.8 ★★★★★
How is Inventateq placements

Justdial Review

Justdial has Awarded Inventateq with Excellence Certificate for the Quality Training Provided to students

5.0 ★★★★★
Maya Animation training reviews in inventateq btm center

Urbanpro Review

Top Education portal also rated Inventateq is the Best Software Courses Provider with Placements

4.9 ★★★★★


“The lessons are very helpful with the presentation process of the instructor. You can see him tweaking with various configurations. It doesn't feel dull. I wanted to start with the UI because I knew some basic words already, but this class provided me with a great refreshment for my mind, and also discussed the basics I didn't remember.”


Sagarika Mohanty

“I was able to find my dream job thanks to the Maya Course. This training was quite helpful in clarifying the principles. I can now boldly proclaim that I am a Maya Expert. InventaTeq is to thank you for this.”


Suchita P

“My friend recommended that I join InventaTeq, and it turned out to be the best move I've ever made. I finished my Maya course and am currently pursuing a career as a Data Analyst. It's like if a dream has come true.”


Ritu Rani

“The teaching atmosphere is critical for a trainee to gain the most knowledge, and I believe InventaTeq provides that. The institute is a great place to learn Maya. ”



“I am very pleased with my Maya training from InventaTeq. The institute also helped me grab two offers in the competitive market. ”


Prabhu G

“At InventaTeq, I've enrolled in the Maya course. This is the most excellent training facility. Sir Rahul is the greatest. I am satisfied with his training because he is technically sound. ”


Inventateq in the News

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Know Your Maya Animation Trainers

All the trainees get conceptual, designing and technical knowledge as per industry standards.

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Certified Maya Trainer
  • 160+ Training delivered (Classroom, Online and Corporate)
  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
  • 2478+ Reviews
  • 4484+ Students

InventaTeq has trained more than 2500+ Maya students combined Classroom, Online and Corporate training. The average feedback for Maya training is 4.8/5.

Benefits of learning with our instructors

  • 11+ years of experience in well-known designing firms.
  • Delivered many training's on Maya and Maya 3D Packages
  • Excellent programming skills in designing.
  • Conducted multiple batches on Maya Animation.
  • Crafting skills and sketching knowledge.
  • Specialized in Maya Animation Certification.
  • Training delivered on Maya Animation

Maya Animation Syllabus


Installing Maya
Maya UI
Component Mode
Bridge Polygons
Target Weld
Delete Vertices, Normals, Fill
Add Polys
Maya Hotkeys

Modeling Objects

Modeling Toolkit
Layer Panel
Alien Tree
Paint FX Tree
Arnold Render

Texturing Basics

Anatomy of a material
Creating a Material
Seamless Texture & Normal Map
Applying Textures
Texturing Spaceship
Uv Editor
Fixing Normal Map


Test Render
Setting up for Particle Effects

Character Modelling

Project Structure & Autosave Review
Image Planes
Layer Panel
Modeling the Leg
Modeling the Foot
Modeling the Body
Modeling the Head
Modeling the Arm
Modeling the Hand
Tweaking the Model
Modeling Eyes
Combining Meshes
Texturing Kermit
UV Editor
Texturing the Mouth
Final Face Tweaks
Exporting Character as FBX

3D Modelling

Insert Edge, Extrude and Append
Update: Common Mistakes
Bevel & Normals
Knob Motion Path
Front, Merge Vertices
Front, Doors
Topology - Lineflow
Topology - Reducing Even Numbers
Topology - Reducing Odd Numbers
Bones - Imageplane Setup
Bones - Box vs. Edge Modeling
Bones - Make Live Tool
Bones - Sculpting
Bones - Eye Socket Edge Loops
Bones - Eye Attach

Bones - Nose
Bones - Cleaning Topology
Update: Retopo and Remesh tools
Bones - Mirroring Head
Update: Mirror Tool
Bones - Lattice Deformer
Bones - Spine Wire Deformer
Bones - Ribs Bend Deformer
Bones - Sternum
Bones - Right Side Body

Stinkfly Character

Modeling the Body
Modeling the Ears
Texturing the Fly
Rigging Stinkfly
Binding Skin to Joints
Weight Painting
Fixing Unparented Joints
Fixing Weight Painting
Final Words on Stinkfly Animation


Importing Image Plane
Creating Body, Face, & Eyes
Modeling the Back Legs
Extruding the Arm with a Curve
Cleaning Topology
Mirroring the Frog
Tweaking the Model
Organizing Model & Cleaning the Outliner
Adding Frog Texture
UV Smile
UV Eyes
Finishing UV's on the Body
Image Sequence Texture
Adding Leg Joints
Adding Toe Joints
Creating Arm Joints and Joint Display Size
Finger Joints
Keeping Organized
Body and Head Joints
Weight Painting
Set Driven Key to Animate Texture
Animating the Frog
Secondary Animation
Exporting Froggy Bottoms

Big Chungus

Intro to Big Chungus Unit
Intro to Big Chungus Unit
Modeling the Chungus Body
Modeling Arms & Hands
Modeling the Foot
Modeling the Head and Ears
Mirroring the Body
Adding Nose & Mouth
Eyes & Teeth
Maya Interface Issues
Fixing Topology & Edge Flow
Ears & Eyelids
AUTOSAVE interval
Final Modeling Tweaks
Texturing 1: Ears and Body
Texturing 2: Hands
Texturing 3: Teeth & Eyes
Broken Textures & Deleting History
A painful trip to Mixamo
Rigging pt1 Leg, Arm, Body
Mirroring Joints Adding Ear and Jaw Joints
Skinning the Chungus
Painting Skin Weights pt 1
Mirroring Skin Weights
Setting Up Eye Controls
Fixing some things on the rig
Blend Shapes - One Big Mouth
Blend Shapes - 2 Blinking
Blend Shapes- 3 Big Belly
Importing Audio

Look Development

Look Development Introduction
UVs Intro & Planar Projection
UVs - Merge Borders & Cylindrical Projection
UVs - Straighten and Transfer
UVs - Final Ghostbuster Trap
UVs - "Bones" Head
UVs - "Bones" Body

Intro to Shaders

Lighting Shaders
Photographic Textures
Procedural Textures
Scene Adjustments
Hypershade Intro and Fractals
Brushed Metal and Bump Maps
OBJ File Format & Fix "Bones"
"Bones" 3D Paint Tool
Mix Rust Shader
GB Trap Finishing Touches

Fog Lighting

"Bones" Displacement Map
"Bones" Glass Material
"Bones" Lights
"Bones" Render Sequence


Rigging Intro
Rigging QuickRig
Prop Rigging Parent Constraint
Prop Rigging Pivot Control
IK vs. FK
Bones-QuickRig Skeleton
Bones-Joint Orientation
Bones-Rotate Order
Bones-Recreate Limbs
Bones-Pole Vectors
Bones- Hand Controls
Bones-Reverse Foot Rig
Bones-Foot Roll SDK
Bones-Independent Toe
Pose Space Deformation
Bones-Skin Body
Fix Forearm Twist
Bones-Head Blendshapes
Bones-Clean Up

Basic Animation

Quick Update to the Spaceship
Setting Keyframes
Using the dopesheet
Using the Graph Editor


Bouncing Ball
Graph Editor
Finishing Generic Ball Bounce
Squash and Stretch
Ball Exercise
Ball Exercise Review
Animation Scene Setup
Follow Through
Follow Through Polish
Antics, Contrast, and Overshoots
Referenced Rigs
Walk Cycle Start
Walk Cycle Mirror Keys
Walk Cycle Breakdowns
Walk Cycle Finish Lower Body
Walk Cycle Upper Body
Walk Cycle Offsets
Walk Cycle Polish
Walk Cycle Off The Spot
Walk Cycle Polish More
Walk Cycle Motion Trail Wrists
Walk Cycle Motion Path
Wrap Up


Scene Scale
MASH Brick Wall
Bullet Simulation Intro
Bullet Shatter
Alembic Cache
nParticle Ground Shatter
Ground Bullet Simulation
Fix Sim
Fireflies Dynamics
Fireflies Dynamics Animated
nHair Rope
nCloth Banner
nCloth Vest
Bifrost Liquid
MASH Grass
Render Setup

How Maya Certification can help you grow your career!

Understand and validate that you can work on Maya projects with skilful designing as per market needs and become a professional.
Maya Animation Associate Certification

It is for beginners. This certificate is awarded to the trainees who are entering the corporate field.

Maya Animation Specialist Certification

This is awarded to the professionals who are an advanced designer and has been working for at least 3 years in the industry.

Maya Animation Professional Certification

This is a pro certificate awarded to those who complete individual projects and have experience of more than 5 years in the industry.

Best Maya Animation Courses and Training in Bangalore

Make sure to attend our Free Demo Classes tomorrow. Call us on 7676765421 or 8550000909 and Book your seat!


Which is the Best Job Oriented Course you should Learn?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Want to learn more about our Maya Animation? Here are some frequently asked questions about class times, duration, and more.

When and where are classes conducted?

We have classes on weekdays and weekends. Classes are in the form of online or offline at our centers.

What if I miss the classes for Maya Animation?

Backup Maya Animation classes are always available to help you learn it again.

Will I get Technical Support after completion of the Maya Animation course?


Am I required to purchase any software for learning Maya?

No, we provide all the software requirements for learning Maya.

What are the specific system requirements to run Maya Animation?

Maya can run on all basic systems. On average, an i5 processor or equivalent with 8 GB Ram and 250 GB HDD/SSD are enough

What projects do we work with?

You will execute real-time projects available with the instructor.

Are students being helped in Job placement and interviews?

Yes, we always provide top interviews for Maya positions with multiple companies.

Where do Maya Animation classes take place? and Timings

Classes are conducted both online and offline. We have live instructor-led classroom facilities. You can join InventaTeq and learn at your convenience.

Will I Get a FREE Demo Class before paying Fees?

Yes. You can book your Demo class.

What are the projects in Maya Animation? Are they Real-Time?

All the projects in Maya are based on real-time data sets and most of them are currently running and you get a chance to work on them with your Maya Animation Instructor.

Do you conduct Mock Interviews?

We make sure you are interview-ready by conducting multiple mock interviews, examinations, practice sessions etc. in Maya.

Who are the Trainers for Maya in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, we have multiple faculty members for online, offline and corporate training. All are having experience of 9+ years in the industry working on real-time projects.

How many interviews will be allowed to attend?

Interview Scheduling is unlimited, so we will help you find the position that is right for you.

Do you provide Maya Animation Courses in other cities?

Yes. Other cities include Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Noida, Delhi, Vijayawada Amaravati, Chicago, Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore, Dubai, Santa Clara, Frankfurt, Irving, Munich, New York, Ashburn, London, Los Angeles, Virginia,

How a Maya Animation Course in Bangalore will help in our career?

After completing the Maya animation course, you will become knowledgeable enough to perform any kind of animation task and land up a decent job. You can also start your projects and work as a freelancer and InventaTeq will try to get you going with a few projects.

Does InventaTeq Offer Job Assistance?

Inventateq provides placement support by giving guaranteed interviews. We provide interview opportunities with all major MNC for Maya Animation and other companies. InventaTeq is a certified training institute and has partnered up with many top companies in India to deliver JOBS and Transform your career in the best possible way.

Which are the top companies hiring Maya Animation professionals?

You can name any company and it is hiring professionals with Maya knowledge. It is a compulsory skill set in today’s world. Google, Microsoft, Infosys, Apple, Facebook, and Uber are always looking for people who have relevant skills and experience in Maya.

Where do Maya Animation classes take place? and Timings

Classes are conducted both online and offline. We have live instructor-led classroom facilities. You can join InventaTeq and learn at your convenience.

Is Maya Animation Course still in demand?

Maya has been in demand for years and now with the emerging video requirements for advertisements and other industry it has grown multiple folds.

Is it difficult to land a Maya job?

Maya Animation always adds an advantage in making your career or job prospects. It is always an added advantage to learn Maya Animation.

Can Maya Animation be self-taught?

Yes, you can learn Maya Animation by yourself, but a valid certification helps you in proving your knowledge compared to others.

What Certifications do you provide after Maya Animation training in Bangalore?

We provide Basic, Advanced and Pro level certification in Maya Animation.

Why One Should Take The Maya Course Online with Inventateq?

Online classes are led by Maya professionals with more than ten years of online and offline training experience. They are aware of the fundamental requirements for teaching you Maya online.

Are you still looking for a Job? But getting rejected learn Maya.

  • Companies are looking at Maya experts.
  • Recruiters are looking for your profile!
  • All you need is to Learn the A-Z of Maya with InventaTeq.

List of Modules available in the Maya Animation Course

For Managers and above:
Maya Professional
3-D animation with Ad creation.

For Beginners:
Maya Animation Basic Knowledge
Advance Maya Certification


Learn the industry standard and demanding skills from certified experts, validate your Knowledge, and excel in your career with Maya Animation.

InventaTeq's customizable online and offline training curriculum, which includes in-person and virtual online training, can help you become a Maya Professional. — all built by Maya Animation Certified Trainers.

  • Mobile App login for placement support is provided for direct intimation of jobs and career improvements during the training.
  • Multiple practice questions for Interviews in Maya are being provided to help you clear all Interviews.
  • Fast track training support helps you excel your career prospects with Maya.
Course Duration
  • Maya Animation training in BTM.
  • Training mode:
    Classroom training
    Instructor LED online training Corporate Maya Training
  • Weekday Classes for Maya - 1.5 month - 1 Hour Mon-Fri Class.
  • Weekend Classes for Maya Animation
  • Real-time projects on Maya
  • 100 Days 2 Hour Classes
  • Technical Support on Maya
  • Free Software assistance for learning Maya
  • Back up Classes.
  • Course Complete Certification.
  • Free Wi-Fi and Lab Facility.
  • Location: Courses are run in our Bangalore training Centers.
    BTM Layout, Marathahalli, JayaNagar, Kalyan Nagar, RajajiNagar, and Chennai.
  • Onsite Training for Maya at Client location.
Main Salesforce Einstein Analytics Topics covered
  • Modelling Objects
  • 3D Modelling
  • Texturing Basics
  • Rendering
  • Character Modelling
  • Froggy Concept
  • Big Chungus
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • FX
  • Lighting Artist
  • 2D Modeling
  • Scene Assembly
  • Simulation

INVENTATEQ Coaching Centers Located at

Jayanagar Center
No. 16, 2nd Floor, 11th Main Road, 33rd Cross Rd, Jayanagar 4th 'T' Block, Above Sun Times in Jayanagar, Near KFC Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560041
Nearby Locations : JP Nagar, Banashankari, Koramangala, BTM Layout, Bannerghatta Main Road, Wilson Garden, Basavanagudi, Richmond, Majestic, Vijaya Nagar, Malleswaram, Mysore Road, Cox and frazer town, Shivaji Nagar.

Landline: 08041502315

Mobile: 8550000909
Marathahalli Institute
No.43, 3rd Floor, Marathahalli, from Brand Factory towards Old Airport, Next to Axis Bank, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Nearby Locations : Marathahalli, Bellandur, CV Raman Nagar, white field, itpl , mahadevapura, yemlur, Kadubeesanahalli, HAL Airport road, Indra Nagar, Domlur, K R Puram, Tin Factory, Hoodi, kadugodi, Kundalahalli,AECS Layout, Brookefield

Landline: 08042024661

Mobile: 7899332878
Inventateq BTM Layout Center
#687, 1st Floor, 29th Main Road, 3rd Cross, Near AXA Company Signal, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, BTM Lake Road, Next to Lalitha or Belle Palace PG hostel, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560076
Nearby Locations : BTM 1st stage, BTM 2nd stage, Madiwala, Bommanahalli, HSR Layout, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Electronic city, Koramangala, Sarjapura road, Tavarekere, Maruti Nagar, JP Nagar, Jayanagar, Ejipura,bilekahalli, domlur.

Landline: 08042108236

Mobile: 9986917655
Rajaji Nagar
No. 18, 2nd Floor, Mahakavi Kuvempu Rd, near Navrang Theatre Road, MKK Road, 1st Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010.
Nearby Locations : Rajaji Nagar, Vijaya Nagar, Malleswaram, Near to Bashyam circle, Star Circle, Orion Mall, ISKCON temple, Basaveshwara nagar, Manjunath Nagar, Mahalakshmipuram, West of Chord road 2nd stage, Agrahara Dasarahalli, Magadi Main road, Yeswanthpur, Peenya, Rajarajeshwari, Vasanth Nagar, MG road, Brigade road,

Landline: 08041713019
Kalyan Nagar
No. 509, 4th Main, Kammanahalli Main Rd, HRBR Layout 3rd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043 Near McDonald's, Opposite to Aptech Bangalore, Karnataka 560043.
Nearby Locations : Kalyan Nagar, HRBR Layout, HBR Layout, Ramamurthy Nagar, Hoysala Nagar, Banaswadi, Halasuru, Baiyyappanahalli metro station, Hennur, Nagawara, R T Nagar, Hebbal, Sahakar Nagar , kr puram, Fraser Town, cox town,Manyata Tech Park

Mobile: +91-7899332878
Velachery main road,No 2, 11th Main Road, G1 Es El En Manasarover, Vijaya nagar Opposite to Grand Mall, Near Chennai Silks, Next to Venkateswara Super Market, VELACHERY, Chennai, Tamilnadu-600042
Nearby Locations : OMR Road, Adyar, Tambaram, Anna Nagar, T-Nagar, Pallikaranai, Perumbakkam, Guindy, Porur, Thiruvanmiyur, Siruseri, Vadapalani.

Landline: 044-43324939

Mobile: +91-9840021877

Communicate with us

Mobile: 7676765421 , 7899332878 , 9986917655

Cell: 080 - 42108236 , 080 - 42024661 , 080 - 41502315

Email:You can also mail us your query on the following mail ID. ,

What is Maya Animation and how it works?

Maya Animation is a 3D computer graphics application that helps in animation. It is a handy tool for animation in our day to day activities. It has multiple uses and features as per requirement.

Which is the best Maya Animation Cours in Bangalore with Placement?

Inventateq Maya Animation course in Bangalore provides the skills and necessary training to enter exciting career opportunities.
You will learn the way you work in Industry from the experts in Maya

InventaTeq is rated as the #1 Maya Course provider- What is your review of Inventateq in Bangalore?

If you want the best Maya training in Bangalore, just contact InventaTeq. There is no institute to provide real-time Maya Projects in Bangalore as InventaTeq.

What's New:

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