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  • Students develop a profound trust in the "Internet of Things"
  • Know the numerous Internet of Things technologies.
  • Understand the diverse technologies of the Internet of Things.
  • Examine case studies and IoT impacts on business
  • Work to sensor
  • Find more about the related IoT sections
  • Integrate sensing information for Thing and Cayenne.
  • With the Cayenne platform, an IoT Prototype solution is quickly created
  • Act on separate IoT channels
  • To implement IoT solutions use the ESP8266 "Thing"
  • Create IoT solutions for ESP8266 for Things and Cayenne.
  • Worldwide oversight of home appliances
  • Use physical equipment such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Design every IoT apps
  • Attractive multi-use dashboard concept

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Skills You Will Learn

IoT Architecture

Internet of Things - Evolution

Difference between M2M and Io

People connecting with Things

Things connecting with Things

Unlocking the Massive potential of IoT

Looming Opportunity

IoT Applications.

Working with Sensors and Actuators.

SparkFun ESP8266

Arduino Language

Technical Description of RPi

Raspberry Pi Vs Arduino

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With the IoT technology in the modern industry continuing to expand, researchers and technology enthusiasts are ready to participate in the production of groundbreaking IoT ventures. *

Project 1

Smart Agriculture System

This IoT-based project focuses on creating a smart agriculture device that can execute and even track a host of farming tasks including scheduling the machine to irrigate a piece of land automatically, spraying fertilizers/pesticides on the crops wirelessly from your smartphone.

Project 2

Smart Home Automation

IoT-based home automation project seeks to automate the operation of household equipment and objects over the Internet. All the household items that are wired over the IoT network can be managed and regulated from your smartphone.

Project 3

Traffic Management System

This IoT-based project develops a smart traffic control system that can easily control traffic on highways, and provide accessible routes to emergency services like ambulance and fire trucks.

Project 4

Health Monitoring System

This IoT-powered health monitoring system is designed to allow patients to take charge of their health actively. The system will enable users to monitor their body vitals and send the data to qualified doctors and healthcare professionals. The doctors can then provide patients with immediate solutions and guidance based on their health condition. The sensors in the application can monitor patient vitals like blood pressure, sugar level, and heartbeat.

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  • Experience in software creation, tracking and security.
  • Consultation with big governmental, telecom, electrical, FMCG and start-ups businesses. Consultation. Manage ventures using automation and agile methods.
  • He has worked parallel in many subjects and activities in the past seven years such as real-time analysis, IoT, IA and RA.
  • Have about 50000 students enrolled in his courses on Inventateq..
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Best IoT Skills Covered

People connecting with Things

Things connecting with Things

Unlocking the Massive potential of IoT

IoT Applications

SparkFun ESP8266


Analog & Digital Signal

Raspberry Pi

Current & Voltage



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Topics Covered

  • IoT Architecture
  • Internet of Things - Evolution
  • Difference between M2M and Io
  • People connecting with Things
  • Things connecting with Things
  • Unlocking the Massive potential of IoT
  • Looming Opportunity
  • IoT Applications.
  • Working with Sensors and Actuators.
  • SparkFun ESP8266
  • Arduino Language
  • Technical Description of RPi
  • Raspberry Pi Vs Arduino
  • Operating Systems for RPi
  • Preparing SD Card for Pi
  • Introduction to Sim800/900

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This latest technology revolution has been brought on by the Internet of Things. This software gives you a strong grasp on how your IoT application can be generated and implemented by using sensors-linked IoT devices and IoT gateways, and how to build and evaluate your own IoT Cloud. It consists of four courses planned with different practical exercises and case studies by experts of the business sector.


Company and university cutting-edge systems combine instruction to develop capabilities fit for jobs. Leading experts who present the best practices and case studies at meetings that suit the regular program.

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Understand the definition and the architecture of the Internet Of Things.

Origin and Impact

Origin and Impact

Understand the revolution in industries, overview and evolution of IoT, M2M Vs IOT

IoT Platforms

IoT Platforms

Learn about the building blocks of IoT, data management for IoT, hardware for IoT, mobile applications, cloud computing for IoT.

Design and Development

Design and Development

Understand IoT Device and Reference architecture, standardization, and design considerations.

IoT Security

Know about IoT Attack and Vulnerabilities Hardware Solutions, IoT Software Solutions

Structure IOT

Structure IOT

Role of Micro-controllers, How Things Communicate and know if IoT has "Internet"?

Basic Electronics

Basic Electronics

Analog & Digital Signal, Current & Voltage, and Circuits.



Know about the technical description of Arduino, Blinking LED, Reading a Button

Raspberry Pi

Understand RPi technically, Raspberry Pi Vs Arduino, Exploring Raspberry Pi Environment

Python Programming and GPIO

Python Programming and GPIO

Learn about Basic Python Programming, Controlling GPIO's with Python.

Opportunities with IoT

Opportunities with IoT

Understand Data Analytics with IoT in Business, Data Analytics with IoT, Business Efficiency, Industry and IoT Internet of Everything: Overview

IoT in Enterprise

IoT in Enterprise

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Course Content of Rajaji Nagar IOT Course (10+ Modules)

Introduction to IOT.
  • Origin and Impact
  • IoT Revolution in Industries
  • Fleet Management Using IoT
  • Benefits of IoT in Fleet Management
  • IoT for Financial Services
  • Benefits of IoT for Financial Services
  • IoT in Dairy Farming
  • Overview of IoT
  • Evolution of IoT
  • Transforming Digital World
  • Differences between M2M and IoT
  • Building Blocks of IoT
  • Hardware for IoT
  • Connectivity Blocks and Communication Protocols
  • Platforms Supporting IoT
  • Cloud Computing for IoT
  • Data Management for IoT
  • Mobile Applications for IoT
  • IoT Design and Development Considerations
  • IoT Device Architecture
  • IoT Reference Architecture
  • IoT Standardization and Design Considerations
  • IoT Device Architecture: Network and Cloud
  • IoT Security Standards and Best Practices
  • IoT Attack and Vulnerabilities
  • IoT Hardware Solutions
  • IoT Software Solutions
  • IoT’s Open Source Solutions
  • IoT Utility Companies
  • IoT Security in Utilities Challenges
  • General Block Diagram
  • Role of Micro-controllers
  • How Things Communicate?
  • Does every IoT has "Internet"?
  • Analog & Digital Signal
  • Current & Voltage
  • Some Basic Circuits
  • Technical Description of Arduino
  • Setting Up Arduino IDE
  • Blinking LED
  • Reading a Button
  • Getting Started with Raspberry Pi8 lectures
  • Technical Description of RPi
  • Raspberry Pi Vs Arduino
  • Operating Systems for RPi
  • Preparing SD Card for Pi
  • Connecting Raspberry Pi as PC
  • Connecting Raspberry Pi with Windows PC using Ethernet Cable
  • Exploring Raspberry Pi Environment
  • Basic Python Programming
  • Controlling GPIO's with Python
  • Opportunities with IoT
  • Data Analytics with IoT in Business
  • Data Analytics with IoT: Business Efficiency
  • Industry 4.0 and IoT
  • Internet of Everything: Overview
  • Internet of Everything: Introduction
  • Internet Of Everything: Use Cases
  • Social IoT
  • IoT in Enterprise
  • IoT Decision Framework for Enterprises
  • Case Study: Logistics and Transportation
  • Case Study- Manufacturing
  • Case Study- Chemicals
  • Case Study- Health Care
  • Case Study-Consumer Goods Industry
  • Case Study- Energy
  • Case Study - Casino
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IoT Training in Bangalore, IOT Training in Rajaji Nagar, IOT Certification Near Me, Jalahalli, Peenya, Peenya Industries, Majestic, Malleswaram.

Top Skills You Will Learn

  • IoT Architecture
  • Internet of Things - Evolution
  • Difference between M2M and Io
  • People connecting with Things
  • Things connecting with Things
  • Unlocking the Massive potential of IoT
  • Looming Opportunity
  • IoT Applications.
  • Working with Sensors and Actuators.
  • SparkFun ESP8266
  • Arduino Language
  • Technical Description of RPi
  • Raspberry Pi Vs Arduino
  • Operating Systems for RPi
  • Preparing SD Card for Pi
  • Introduction to Sim800/900

Minimum Eligibility

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • The industry's fresher.
  • Experienced mid-level practitioners pursuing new credentials.

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  • 500+ Hiring Partners.
  • Various Mechanical Manufactural and Designing company.

Who can get Enrolled

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  • Automobile/Mechanical professional.


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a collection of interrelated, internet-connected devices that can gather and transmit data over a wireless network without human interference. The personal or business possibilities are infinite.

IoT sensors can be used to track and manage the mechanical, electrical, and computer equipment used in different types of buildings (e.g., public and private, commercial, institutions, or residential) in home automation and building automation systems.

  • Related appliances.
  • Smart home surveillance services.
  • Autonomous agricultural machines.
  • Wearable fitness monitors.
  • Smart factory appliances.
  • Wireless inventory trackers.
  • Ultra-high performance broadband internet.
  • Biometric cybersecurity detectors

As the robots of IoT connect and connect with each other and do a lot of work for us, so they reduce the human effort. Saving time: As it decreases human activity then it certainly saves our time. Time is the primary factor that can save via an IoT network.

Kevin Ashton is an innovator and market sensor researcher who invented the term “the Internet of Things” to describe the network linking objects in the real world to the Internet.

The word “Internet of Things” refers to any nonstandard computing system that connects to wifi and can relay data. Established examples of IoT devices include Smart speakers, such as Amazon Alexa, Aple Watch, internet-related baby displays, video doorbells and even toys. IoT products are also known for their smart voice.

As you can see, embedded devices can have many useful applications. The IoT framework facilitates machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity resulting in improved long-term productivity for both the business and customer. The rate of growth for the machine-to-machine contact is high.

The Internet of Things is not recent, but the IoT is so common today because of its association with open source, big data, security and privacy, and software-defined networking (SDN). Devices other than computers and phones have been connected to the Internet for decades.

Along with sophisticated data analytics, IoT-enabled technologies and sensors are helping us mitigate air emissions in some of our world's biggest cities, improve agriculture and our food supplies, and also track and contain deadly viruses.

IoT's future has an infinite potential. Industrial internet development is speeded up by improved network mobility and the potential to deploy, automate, orchestrate, protect and diversify hyper-scale applications.

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Instructor-led classroom for IOT training

IoT is a hot field that can affect a variety of sectors. This course is expected to incorporate and will be systematic in the IoT sector the broadest possible community of people. This lesson offers a detailed description of the theory. The integration of various technology, real-time analytics, machinery education, commodities sensors, and embedded systems have brought innovations.

Conventional areas such as embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, monitoring systems, automation (including home- and building automation) as well as other areas relate to the InternetIoT technology is largely associated on the consumer sector with items that serve one or more popular environments, like computers and appliances (e.g. lighting systems, thermostats, home protection systems, cameras, and other home equipment), which can be operated by smartphones and the smartphones that attach the setting. In healthcare services, IoT may also be used.


This course is for anybody curious who wants to explore how he/she can learn IoT and benefit from the IoT megatrend. This course is designed keeping in mind all levels of the Audience, Anyone who is interested in creating IoT products to sell or for professional use, personal use, or for college projects can take this course.

This course is meant for those interested in IoT and others who prepare to attend graduate qualifications inside the Internet of Things. The short course has no preconditions. The global demand for IoT is expected to rise at a total annual growth rate of 15 to 23 per cent by 2020 to $581 billion and result in strong employment. At the moment, more than 24,000 IT professionals with a yearly income of $150,000 are working vacancies worldwide.

  • Beginner-level experience in Programming.
  • Getting a beginner level understanding of electronic and electrical circuits is recommended but not mandatory
  • Getting keys to Raspberry Pi or Arduino

The key aim of the IoT course is to provide you with insight on the vibrant and optimistic future of the IoT. (IoT). The course shows you the origins, results, methodologies and methods of IoT and how IoT is used in software applications to improve business efficiency.

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IoT is a hot field that can impact several industries. This course is intended to integrate and will be systemic in the IoT sector the broadest possible group of citizens. This lesson gives a detailed explanation of the theory.

This course is designed to provide an overview of the Internet of Things graduate degree. This course closely maps to subject focus areas within the diploma, which is intended to assist the student in recognizing the focus areas. The teachers of this short course also teach graduate courses under the IoT graduate degree.

Student Testimonials:

“Thank you for providing a good basic understanding of the IoT and how and where it can be used. Good study course. Nice Presentation! I liked the way of teaching making the topic easy and understandable.”
- Anurag Turning

“The trainer is really nice and the course is like this. If writing is a little lighter/larger as I research on the phone it would be better for me. Thanks for the preparation. Thanks. The course offered a full picture of the life cycle of the IoT device. The specifics were wonderfully covered. It was really good to hear. Thank you so much for putting them here!"
- Suvajit M

Inventateq has supplied an IOT Qualification direction for very 10000+ applicants. 1000’s of the trainees are currently employed in MNC’s with a simple wage.

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