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This course consists of four modules:

  • 1D meshing - with things like rods, bars, beams, straps, etc. 1D meshing.
  • 2D meshing - for pipes, composite pieces, sheet metal, etc. 2D meshing.
  • 3D meshing - with parts such as piston, motor, shaft, etc. 3D meshing.
  • Key Features
  • Static linear analysis - for measuring tension, stress, deformation, etc.
  • Total design visibility for different sectors to the production process
  • Proper mixing of knowledge of theory and experience
  • API for deep domain perspectives
  • Institute is Altair's authorized teaching partner
  • Just accredited tech training
  • Training provided by wealthy industry trainers

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Skills You Will Learn

FEA Basics

5Ws of Finite Element Analysis

Types of engineering problem-solving methods

Types of CAE process

Model Setup

MNode's creation & node edit

Point edit

Edge edit




Linear 1D




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You are qualified in 1D, 2D (shell machining), 3D (solid meshing), and connectors by the end of this training. The course work includes a variety of dynamic templates to support you in the application of the strategies you studied. This course is the key to the FEA meshing and cleaning geometry universe before being submitted for study.

How can I learn Hypermesh course for free?

Hands-On Learning Through Real-time Projects

Project 1

Inner Panel Meshing

The inner plastic panel of the door is provided for you here. The inner panel must be removed, oriented, and meshed for the specified standard requirements. The whole part must be purified.

Project 2

Car Spare Tyre Plastic Component

The car's replacement tires under the panel will be given here. The panel below should be washed, a medium surface should be produced and the entire part meshed to meet the given quality standards.

Project 3

Verification Of a Car Bonet

The basis of this project lies behind how we will build the fine-element model for the limit, and what kind of things we can need to finish this design so that we need a good FEM awareness of how to apply loads and what the boundary requirements will be in case of an accident.

Project 4

Impact of Heavy Vehicle on Bridge

In LS-DYNA, a finite element model of 3 intervals non-continuous steel girder bridge is to be built to investigate the effect of the camion on the pier ( software ).
To prevent seven aspect distortions, the element eroding technique has to be used, while software designs and constructs each part of the bridge. In LS-DYNA, a finite element model of 3 intervals non-continuous steel girder bridge is to be built to investigate the effect of the camion on the pier ( software ).
To prevent seven aspect distortions, the element eroding technique has to be used, while software designs and constructs each part of the bridge.

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The attributes that dedicate to our faculties are commitment, honesty, professionalism, and imagination. Teachers are highly committed, experienced, and technically trained. The school delivers quality instruction and knowledge to all students and retains the policies of our Institute. Each student understands the duty to provide the best possible guidance to the students. Our teachers' panel comprises professional graphic designers, webmasters, post-production artists, and others. Although the entire faculty has a high level of experience, is innovative, they are involved in learning new approaches and concepts in the field. This is a practical exposure to pupils, not just about our teacher's learning background. They measure the skills and caliber of each pupil and aspire to meet their ultimate goals. Teachers lead and assist students as stewards of personal affairs in their challenges.

  • 10+ years of CAD skills and a certified customer (CATIA, Creo, Solidworks, FEA).
  • History in mechanical engineering.
  • Car experience. Car experience.
  • Nice to support the work of the student, thesis.
  • Conversion 2D to 3D, 3D to 2D, legacy conversion to CAD.
  • Give remote assistance.
  • Provide construction services, conform with standards at fair prices.
  • Beginning as a tutor at CATIA.
  • Injection-molded, sheet metal, casting, hydraulics, molded mechanical construction assistance.
  • The design process, link design.
  • Vehicle blind construction, steel ballistic design sections.
  • Development expertise with medical instruments.
  • Fulfill the student's wishes.
  • Available online/offline.
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Best Hypermesh Tools Covered

HyperMesh Introduction

Applications of User Profiles

Import & export files

Geometry Clean-up

Midsurface Extraction

Meshing creation for Structural and Crash components

1D Meshing or Connectors

Weld and bolt connections

2D-Meshing / Shell Meshing

Plastic and BIW parts meshing

3D-Meshing / Solid Meshing

Casting/mould parts meshing

2D & 3D Elements Quality checking

Quality improvement


InventaTeq not only gives you topical information but also trains you to take your interview faith with the active production of over 30,000 students across the whole campus.

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Altair Hypermesh is a revolutionary invention in mechanical engineering which enables the user to modify the legacy meshes without re-meshing the interactive feature. Inventateq's Altair Hypermesh certification training helps candidates understand the role and responsibility of a CAD/CAM mechanical professional as to how to geometrically and variably optimise the model's design.

In addition, Inventateq's Hypermesh certification course is designed to ensure that both students and professionals can learn about the FEA modelling framework. The training assists candidates to learn Hexa and Penta mesh, topography and topology, results in HyperMesh visualisation, Thermal, Static and Standard Mode analysis, 1D and 2D optimization of the measurements, and 2D and 3D optimisation of form, among others. Through this online training Altair Hypermesh, candidates in the CAD/CAM industries can build a bright future.

Inventateq offers a complete range of Altair HyperWorks Classroom training courses including Hypermesh and Finite Element Analysis finite mixing by Hypermesh and ANSYS / Radioss / Optistruct. Currículo includes the topics FEA &Hypermesh Introduction, Geometry Clean-up, Shell Meshing, 3D Solid Meshing, 1D Meshing & Connectors, Analysis Setup and Loading, Export & Solving, and HyperView Introduction. Students can select from ANSYS, Radios and Optistruct the FEA Solver of their choice.
Some of the main advantages of certification are:

  • Knowledge validation
  • Marketability improved
  • Enhanced profitability
  • Improved academic achievement
  • Reputation enhanced
  • Improved credibility
  • Enhanced trust
  • Compliance with peers
  • Certification can improve academic performance1
  • For high school students, a higher grade point average was 3.12 vs 2.78 (4.0 scale)
  • Higher graduation rates for students at accredited secondary school: 97.5% vs 78.4%
  • Increased post-secondary enrollment: 84% vs 82%
  • Reduced dropout rates: 0.2% vs 1.0%

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This module explores the basic concepts of Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA is a generic approach used to address problems with limited importance. In structural analysis, FEA sees numerous applications. We will explore the FEA math and the following subjects in this module.



You will analyze HyperMesh, the meshing program in this module. HyperMesh is a highly competent simulation program, with the tools and features HyperMesh has to bring in this module.



It is important to take away minor features and holes that are inherent in the design of a CAD model when working with complex 3D components. The batch meshes macro, which is crucial in doing this, is being implemented.



1D Meshing is a marvelous method of speeding the simulation time without losing the precision. Different 1D element forms exist, each with its form feature and properties.



In this module, you can learn how to clean the surface of a given geometry using an integrated tool - the auto center surface - and to remove the middle surface. You can also learn how to manually clean the surface because depending only on the Auto-mid option will result in a blurred surface when working with more complicated geometry.



This module offers you the basics of 2D mesh, how a surface is mated, how a net surface can be mapped using Elements, and how meshes flow in the geometry can be achieved. You will also understand how the Tria elements in the model are treated.



In this module, you discover what quality control is and you grasp HyperMesh's multiple quality controls. You can also learn how to address areas where quality management has failed.



Through this module, when the automated surface option fails you learn how to manually surface. If they are symmetrical, usual tests on the model and its value, and free arcs with their importance will also help you manage geometry.



You can learn in this module the various instruments and techniques to construct a hexamesh for a certain geometry. Several techniques for producing tetra mesh are also taught. You can also appreciate the consistency tests for tetra components and how these checks can be rectified.



The meshes are often created with interspersed 2D and 3D mesh. The interface between two types of meshes, connectors help the machine understand. The connector is time-saving, which in big models is a must. Also, connectors provide a way to make the machine aware of the seam welding of two parts.



You can consider the uses and the implementations of batch meshing in this module in industrial applications. You can learn how to optimize the parameter file and test the file for the requirement.



This module gives you an insight into how limits, volumes, and geometry can be accomplished. You also use the built-in execution options to manipulate TCL commands.

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Course Content of Rajaji Nagar Hypermesh Course (10+ Modules)

Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
Basic steps in Finite Element Analysis
FEM methods and detailed explanation of any one method.
Types of analysis
Basic element study: 1D, 2D, 3D
Shape Function
Derivation of Stiffness Matrix Equation
About Altair HyperWorks and its products
About Hypermesh
Consistent Units
Getting Started With HyperMesh
Opening and Saving Files
Working With Panels
Organizing a Model
Controlling the Display
Hypermesh Geometry Terminology
Importing and Repairing CAD Geometry
Generating a Midsurface
Simplifying Geometry
Shell Meshing
Checking and Editing Mesh
Planning the Solution
Creating a Solution Checklist
Boundary Conditions and Load Cases
Linear Assumption
Consistent Units
Understanding Element Behavior
Element Selection
Mesh Density and Solution Convergence
Compatibility and Mechanisms
Rigid Elements
Static Analysis
Stress Results
Presentation of Results.
1D Beam Bending Problem ( Cantilever Beam )
Beam Bending Problem
Fix Beam Assignment
Assignment Solution ( Simply Supported Beam )
Beam Orientation
Line Mesh
Import and Export Files
create Nodes
Organize a Model
Repair Geometry
Generating a Mid Surface
2D mesh Part 1
2D mesh Part 2
2D mesh Part 3
Free Edges
Node Edit
Project Elements
Replace Nodes
Smooth Elements
Translate Nodes
Split Element
Element Quality
Improve Element Quality 1
Improve Element Quality 2
Assembly mesh part 1
Assembly mesh part 2
Ruled mesh
Create line part 1
Create line part 2
Create Surfaces
Create Solids
3D meshing fundamental
Solid Edit
Solid Map
Mappable Geometry
3D mesh Project 1
3D mesh Project 2 part 1
3D mesh Project 2 part 2
3D mesh Project 3 part 1
3D mesh Project 3 part 2
Sphere Meshing
Sphere Meshing Connectivity
Tetra - meshing Part 1
Tetra - meshing Part 2
Tetra mesh Manual
Concept of Von Mises Stress
Linear Static Analysis part 1 (Problem Definition)
Linear Static Analysis part 2 (Material Properties)
Linear Static Analysis part 3 (Performing analysis)
Buckling Analysis Example 1 Part 1
Buckling Analysis Example 1 Part 2
Buckling Analysis Example 2 Part 1
Buckling Analysis Example 2 Part 2
Thermal Analysis Example 1 Part 1
Thermal Analysis Example 1 Part 2
Thermal Analysis Example 2 Part 1
Thermal Analysis Example 2 Part 2
Content Hours Available
Industry Projects
Live Streaming Sessions
Expert Coaching Sessions
Programming Tools/ Languages

HYPERMESH Training in Bangalore, HYPERMESH Training in Rajaji Nagar, HYPERMESH Certification Near Me, Jalahalli, Peenya, Peenya Industries, Majestic, Malleswaram.

Top Skills You Will Learn

  • Model Organization
  • Geom Defeature and Midsurface
  • 2D Meshing
  • Tetra Meshing
  • HyperWorks Desktop Post Processing Interface
  • Plotting Basics with HyperGraph
  • Geom Import and Cleanup
  • Geom Refinement
  • Hexa/Penta Solid Meshing
  • Analysis Setup
  • Post Processing with HyperView
  • Saving and Publishing Reports

Minimum Eligibility

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • The industry's fresher.
  • Experienced mid-level practitioners pursuing new credentials.

Job Offers

  • 500+ Hiring Partners.
  • Various Mechanical Manufactural and Designing company.

People who can get Enrolled

  • Freshers
  • Professionals
  • Automobile/Mechanical professional


In Fortune 500 firms, our teachers are business specialists. The lectures are conducted in collaboration with them. The material and assignments that are tracked are available every week.

B.E/B.Tech is also eligible for Automotive, Aircraft, or Automobile Technology.

Our structure of assistance is fantastic! To see this on Google, you will read our reviews. We work on helping one-on-one which nobody else does. We connect in person with you through video conferencing, WhatsApp messages/calls, single online sessions. An engineer who is appointed to lead you through the problem areas and clarify any questions you may have is responsible for addresses doubts and inquiries.

After consulting industry experts, our courses are developed. This gives you the ability to apply what you have learned as theory only and to work on projects that can make your career progress – whether it is an MS admission, a new job, or development in your business. It lets you overcome the divide between academia and business and get you ready for the market.

Through working extensively on projects that are important to business, tools, and software, which can help you get ahead of the market, you can gain an advantage among your colleagues. Our course will expand your portfolio to boost MS Accepts grants and bursaries, pursuing innovation and development opportunities and seeking this much-loved place in key businesses.

Altair sells a HyperMesh student edition with a license limit of 1 year. The certificate is locked with a node. We are happy to supply you with the Academic Edition of HyperWorks.

The license would require about 72 hours at least 5 hours.

No, you can't have one PC and Laptop license since Altair gives a node-locked license. It can only be used on a computer matching the host ID you used to obtain the certificate.

This course is based on meshing, so every day it takes about 2-3 hours for geometry to be cleaned up and perfected at meshing.

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Step 1: Take FREE Demo Class

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Step 2: Discuss Requirements

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Step 3: Register in Course

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Altair Hypermesh is a groundbreaking mechanical engineering innovation that enables users to adjust their legacy mesh without revisiting its interactive function. The online qualification training provided by Altair Hypermesh by Inventateq enables the applicants to consider a mechanical CAD-CAM professionals' position and duty, such as the geometrically and variable type optimization of the model.

Also, Inventateq's Altair Hypermesh qualification course is intended to provide students and experts with a good understanding of the FEA modeling framework. The course allows the applicants to learn Hexa-and-Penta mesh, topology and topology, HyperMesh thermal, static and normal mode analysis, optimization of 1D and 2D size, and 2D and 3D form optimization, etc. Via the online training of Altair Hypermesh, applicants in the CAD/CAM industry will make a promising future.

  • Master's and Ph.D. students in mechanical engineers and research students
  • Engineers in Aerospace
  • Model engineer for cars
  • Whoever would like to be a CAE technician (computer-aided engineering)
  • All who needs to learn how to use FEA in reality ( finite element analysis)
  • Anybody wanting to study mechanical systems meshing and analysis

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You can register for a free one-day demonstration course with Inventateq. If you like the course and your mentor, we will be able to register you for the course. Please note that it is a class and the student is expected to attend our RajajiNagar Center classes physically.

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Within Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) workflow there are three phases; Pre-processing, Solving, and Post-Processing. This course focuses on the pre-processing phase. This course is for you if you are someone who wants to work in the CAE sector. When you complete this course, you can be hired as a CAE model/measurer in every industry. As soon as possible. Geometry brushing, shell meshing, firm netting, 1D netting, connectors and morphing are all you learn. In addition, a description of HyperMesh can also be obtained and will also be helpful in the realms of FEA, MBD and CFD.

This is an advanced course for developing and configuring final element templates for study using HyperMesh. Combining lectures and instruction, students can become acquainted with HyperMesh's setting, method and toolkit to begin using HyperMesh.

Student Testimonials:

“I want to thank Inventateq first of all for all. Here is my encounter with Inventateq – I honestly didn't have any idea and was searching for jobs when I first got to know Inventateq. So I figured it was a smarter idea to enter here and have some tech expertise and a few interviews, which was a fantastic thing for me. I was then guaranteed and joined by the Institute workers. I sensed another energetic feeling in the classroom from day one. And all the staff are well educated, well trained and polite with all, they have never shown any annoyance as a student who has supported me a lot, although I asked repeatedly for the same things. A student needs to learn anything about the program because all of the curriculums are adequately hidden. Thank you for delivering a seminar that helped me a great deal to interrupt an interview. Thanks for making my career Inventateq "

Written by Madhurima

“I am very grateful to Inventateq for the internships that have helped me cope and plan for the challenges in the field. The school and its personnel are both committed to the progress and creativity of the pupil, making Inventateq an inspiring place to study. The open and competent learning atmosphere gives the chance to discover yourself. "

Written by Sougandha

Inventateq has supplied an HYPERMESH Certification direction for quite 10000+ candidates. 1000’s of the trainees are presently working in MNC’s with a straightforward salary.

Our Rating: 4.9 / 5 Inventateq Hypermesh Certification Course. 4.7 / 5 InventaTeq.

We are one of the leading companies in corporate training course from over a decade and training students and professionals in different areas. If you are looking to expand you IT/software sector and sharpen the working of employee in this era of technology-driven work, collaborate with us today and improve your ROI.

Our team makes sure that the training programme runs as per the Industrial standard and so they continuously work on improving the working of the institution with following incentives: