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  • The ability to secure and protect every network from hackers and data loss.
  • A comprehensive tutorial on how a virtual hacker environment is created, networks assault and password break.
  • Step by step guidance for VirtualBox isolation and development in Windows, Mac and Linux of your virtual world.

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IDS firewalls and honeypots

Advanced hacking concepts

Network packet analysis

Mobile and web technologies

Advanced log management

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Industry projects that provide you with continuous practice and practical training

Project 1

Simple Phishing Attack

Phishing is an operation through which a person secretly acquires information such as bank card numbers, username, passwords, etc. We are creating a Facebook Phishing page to get the username and password information of the victim of this ethical hacking initiative.

Project 2

Password cracker using Python Ethical hacking project

We are using python to build a password cracker in this ethical hacking project using a dictionary to crack the passwords.

Project 3

OTP Bypassing

With no rate cap, we pass several server requests or we can assume that the OTP's vicious force attack can only be considered a rate limit attack when the correct OTP strikes the server.

Project 4

Hacking a Windows Computer

Windows should be hacked? The reaction is yes. Windows can be hacked using many tools! The payload approach is one of them. You learn to hack windows using the payload approach in this ethical hacking project.

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10+ Years Of Ethical Hacking Certified Trainer


Young IT specialist, who is highly inspired by Linux, who likes to solve problems connected to networks. With an excellent eye for information and an urgent need to resolve the issue.


  • Linux command line advanced experience
  • Servers running under Unix/Linux style operating systems are installed, configured and managed
  • Naming a couple: DNS, TFTP, FTP, SSH, APACHE, SMTP, VSFTP, etc.
  • Fixing a host of network-related concerns. In other words, searching deeply on a given network for packets.
  • Wireshark uses one of my favourite network packet capture and filtering software to address end-user problems.
  • Good knowledge of the IOS and Cisco routers
  • Iptables Linux firewall configuration and implementation
  • Network flow control and filtering Protection and pen checking networks are improved for perceived vulnerabilities
  • Good awareness and qualities or shortcomings of network equipment brands
  • Back up the machine
  • Fair experience in installing, updating, patching and configuration Bash scripting equipment.
  • High-quality practitioners accredited.
  • Well linked in global corporations with Hiring HRs.
  • Expertise and topical experience in real-world technologies.
  • Trainers have seen numerous real-time projects in their firms.
  • The coaches work with Cisco, TCS, Atos and JP Morgan multinationals.
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Best Ethical Hacking Tools Covered











Burp Suit

Angry IP Scanner

Cain & Abel


Network Stumbler

Social Engineering Toolkit


Almost all businesses around the world have some kind of computer system built and rely heavily on it as information technology evolves rapidly. These programs offer businesses tremendous value. All programs, though, have flaws and bugs, which can do a lot of harm if noticed by a person with bad intentions. This is why these networks and the knowledge they provide have become essential to secure.

You will prepare for the exam by taking this course. The techniques, processes and technology you use can be taught. The aim is to help you master the issues necessary for the examination and to become an ethical hacker.

Placement Support

  • Inventateq is the best institution for Ethical Hacking in Bangalore.
  • We make mock interviews and separate students as fresh and experienced after the completion of the training according to their portfolio.
  • We give students ample tools to suit their abilities. The strengths and shortcomings of the students are right in a motivated mindset that makes them strong practitioners.
  • We also made a strong impact and the Full Stack Developer Certification Program with placements.
  • When the market is up, more interviews will be held and fewer interviews are planned if the job force is down.

Classroom Sessions and Real-Time Project Handling

  • Each batch is allocated each week.
  • 8-10 pupils in one batch.
  • 36-40 hours in practical class.
  • Cloud industry strategies and case studies.
  • Mentoring 1-1 Class.
  • Authenticated certificates of Inventateq

Industry Oriented Ethical Hacking

  • Three to twelve times a week with eight hours.
  • Remote technical assistance 24 by 7
  • Online assistance reengineered path after on-demand preparation and promotional requirements.
  • Trade of currency is conceivable
  • Concentrated on the useful time
  • Doubt clarification workshops.

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Inventateq certifies all the major multinationals throughout the world. After the theoretical and practical workshops, we have new and company trainees. Our credential Inventateq is accredited worldwide. The curriculum vitae is critical and with this certification, you can be the leader of leading MNCs worldwide.


The credentials only come after satisfactory completion of our teaching and practical projects.

A PDF Certificate that can be accessed directly upon completion of the course.

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Information Security Overview

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Hacking Concepts

Ethical Hacking Concepts

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Information Security Controls

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Information Security Laws and Standards

Footprinting Concepts

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Website Footprinting

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Email Footprinting

Competitive Intelligence

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Who is Footprinting

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Footprinting Tools

Network Scanning Concepts

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture


Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Vulnerability Analysis

System Hacking Concepts

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Escalating Privileges

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Executing Applications

Covering Tracks

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Malware Threats

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Trojan Concepts

Virus and Worm Concepts

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Malware Analysis

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Anti-Malware Software

Sniffing Concepts

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Sniffing Technique: Spoofing Attacks

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Sniffing Tools

DoS/DDoS Attack Techniques

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Session Hijacking

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Web Server Concepts

SQL Injection

Cloud Robotics and Advances Ethical Hacking Architecture

Hacking Wireless Networks

Designing and Implementation Ethical Hacking solution

Hacking Android OS


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Course Content of Rajaji Nagar Ethical Hacking Course (10+ Modules)

Demo of Aspen and iLabs
Internet is an Integral Part of Business and Personal Life - What Happens Online in 60 Seconds
Essential Terminology
Elements of Information Security
The Security, Functionality, and Usability Triangle
Motives, Goals, and Objectives of Information Security Attacks
Top Information Security Attack Vectors
Information Security Threat Categories
Types of Attacks on a System
Information Warfare
Lesson 06 - Penetration Testing Concepts
Penetration Testing
Why Penetration Testing
Comparing Security Audit, Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Testing
Blue Teaming/Red Teaming
Types of Penetration Testing
Phases of Penetration Testing
Security Testing Methodology
What is Hacking
Who is a Hacker?
Hacker Classes
Hacking Phases
What is Ethical Hacking?
Why Ethical Hacking is Necessary
Scope and Limitations of Ethical Hacking
Skills of an Ethical Hacker
Information Assurance (IA)
Information Security Management Program
Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA)
Network Security Zoning
Defence in Depth
Information Security Policies
Physical Security
What is Risk?
Threat Modeling
Incident Management
Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)
User Behavior Analytics (UBA)
Network Security Controls
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Data Leakage
Data Backup
Data Recovery
Role of AI/ML in Cyber Security
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
Cyber Law in Different Countries
What is Footprinting?
Objectives of Footprinting
Footprinting through Search Engines
Footprinting using Advanced Google Hacking Techniques
Information Gathering Using Google Advanced Search and Image Search
Google Hacking Database
VoIP and VPN Footprinting through Google Hacking Database
Finding Company’s Top-level Domains (TLDs) and Sub-domains
Finding the Geographical Location of the Target
People Search on Social Networking Sites and People Search Services07:41
Gathering Information from LinkedIn
Gather Information from Financial Services
Footprinting through Job Sites00:56
Monitoring Target Using Alerts
Information Gathering Using Groups, Forums, and Blogs
Determining the Operating System
VoIP and VPN Footprinting through SHODAN
Website Footprinting
Website Footprinting using Web Spiders
Mirroring Entire Website
Extracting Website Information from
Extracting Metadata of Public Documents
Monitoring Web Pages for Updates and Changes
Tracking Email Communications
Collecting Information from Email Header
Email Tracking Tools
Competitive Intelligence Gathering
Competitive Intelligence - When Did this Company Begin? How Did it Develop?
Competitive Intelligence - What Are the Company's Plans?
Competitive Intelligence - What Expert Opinions Say About the Company
Monitoring Website Traffic of Target Company
Tracking Online Reputation of the Target
Who is Lookup
Who is Lookup Result Analysis
Who is Lookup Tools
Finding IP Geolocation Information
Additional Footprinting Tools
Overview of Network Scanning
TCP Communication Flags
TCP/IP Communication
Creating Custom Packet Using TCP Flags
Scanning in IPv6 Networks
Hping2 / Hping3
Scanning Tools
Scanning Tools for Mobile
What is Enumeration?
Techniques for Enumeration
Services and Ports to Enumerate
NetBIOS Enumeration
NetBIOS Enumeration Tool
Enumerating User Accounts
Enumerating Shared Resources Using Net View
1 SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Enumeration
Working of SNMP
Management Information Base (MIB)
SNMP Enumeration Tools
LDAP Enumeration Tools
NTP Enumeration
NTP Enumeration Commands
NTP Enumeration Tools
SMTP Enumeration
SMTP Enumeration Tools
DNS Enumeration Using Zone Transfer
IPsec Enumeration
VoIP Enumeration
RPC Enumeration
Unix/Linux User Enumeration
Enumeration Countermeasures
Enumeration Pen Testing
Vulnerability Research
Vulnerability Classification
What is a Vulnerability Assessment?
Types of Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability-Management Life Cycle
Comparing Approaches to Vulnerability Assessment
Working of Vulnerability Scanning Solutions
Types of Vulnerability Assessment Tools
Characteristics of a Good Vulnerability Assessment Solution
Choosing a Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Criteria for Choosing a Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Best Practices for Selecting Vulnerability Assessment Tools
Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
National Vulnerability Database (NVD)
Resources for Vulnerability Research
Vulnerability Assessment Tools
Vulnerability Assessment Tools for Mobile
Vulnerability Assessment Reports
Analyzing Vulnerability Scanning Report
CEH Hacking Methodology (CHM)
System Hacking Goals
Password Cracking
Types of Password Attacks
Password Recovery Tools
Microsoft Authentication
How Hash Passwords Are Stored in Windows SAM?
NTLM Authentication Process
Kerberos Authentication
Password Salting
Tools to Extract the Password Hashes
Password Cracking Tools
How to Defend against Password Cracking
How to Defend against LLMNR/NBT-NS Poisoning
Privilege Escalation
Privilege Escalation Using DLL Hijacking
Privilege Escalation by Exploiting Vulnerabilities
Privilege Escalation Using Dylib Hijacking
Privilege Escalation using Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities
Other Privilege Escalation Techniques
How to Defend Against Privilege Escalation
Executing Applications
How to Defend Against Keyloggers
How to Defend Against Spyware
NTFS Data Stream
What is Steganography?
Covering Tracks
Disabling Auditing: Auditpol
Clearing Logs
Manually Clearing Event Logs
Ways to Clear Online Tracks
Covering BASH Shell Tracks
Covering Tracks on Network
Covering Tracks on OS
Covering Tracks Tools
Password Cracking
Privilege Escalation
Executing Applications
Hiding Files
Covering Tracks
Introduction to Malware
Different Ways Malware can Get into a System
Common Techniques Attackers Use to Distribute Malware on the Web
Components of Malware
What is Trojan?
How Hackers Use Trojans
Common Ports used by Trojans
How to Infect Systems Using a Trojan
Trojan Horse Construction Kit
How Attackers Deploy a Trojan
Exploit Kits
Evading Anti-Virus Techniques
Types of Trojans
Introduction to Viruses
Stages of Virus Life
Working of Viruses
Indications of Virus Attack
How does a Computer Get Infected by Viruses
Virus Hoaxes
Fake Antiviruses
Types of Viruses
Creating a Virus
Computer Worms
Worm Makers
What is a Sheep Dip Computer?
Anti-Virus Sensor Systems
Introduction to Malware Analysis
Malware Analysis Procedure: Preparing Testbed
Static Malware Analysis
Dynamic Malware Analysis
Virus Detection Methods
Trojan Analysis: ZeuS/Zbot
Virus Analysis: WannaCry
Trojan Countermeasures
Backdoor Countermeasures
Virus and Worms Countermeasures
Anti-Trojan Software
Antivirus Software
Network Sniffing
Types of Sniffing
How an Attacker Hacks the Network Using Sniffers
Protocols Vulnerable to Sniffing
Sniffing in the Data Link Layer of the OSI Model
Hardware Protocol Analyzers
Lawful Interception
How DHCP Works
DHCP Request/Reply Messages
DHCP Starvation Attack
Rogue DHCP Server Attack
How to Defend Against DHCP Starvation and Rogue Server Attack
What Is Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)?
ARP Spoofing Attack
Threats of ARP Poisoning
ARP Poisoning Tools
MAC Spoofing/Duplicating
MAC Spoofing Technique: Windows
MAC Spoofing Tools
IRDP Spoofing
Sniffing Tool: Wireshark
Sniffing Tools
Packet Sniffing Tools for Mobile
Basic Categories of DoS/DDoS Attack Vectors
UDP Flood Attack
ICMP Flood Attack
Ping of Death and Smurf Attack
SYN Flood Attack
Fragmentation Attack
HTTP GET/POST and Slowloris Attacks
Multi-Vector Attack
Peer-to-Peer Attacks
Permanent Denial-of-Service Attack
Distributed Reflection Denial-of-Service (DRDoS)
DDoS Case Study
DDoS Attack
Hackers Advertise Links to Download Botnet
Use of Mobile Devices as Botnets for Launching DDoS Attacks
DDoS Case Study: Dyn DDoS Attack
DoS/DDoS Protection Tools
Advanced DDoS Protection Appliances
DoS/DDoS Protection Tools
What is Session Hijacking?
Why is Session Hijacking Successful?
Session Hijacking Process
Packet Analysis of a Local Session Hijack
Types of Session Hijacking
Session Hijacking in the OSI Model
Spoofing vs. Hijacking
TCP/IP Hijacking
IP Spoofing: Source Routed Packets
RST Hijacking
Blind Hijacking
UDP Hijacking
MiTM Attack Using Forged ICMP and ARP Spoofing
Web Server Operations
Open Source Web Server Architecture
IIS Web Server Architecture
Web Server Security Issue
Why Web Servers Are Compromised?
Impact of Web Server Attacks
DoS/DDoS Attacks
DNS Server Hijacking
DNS Amplification Attack
Directory Traversal Attacks
Man-in-the-Middle/Sniffing Attack
Phishing Attacks
Website Defacement
Web Server Misconfiguration
HTTP Response Splitting Attack
Web Cache Poisoning Attack
SSH Brute Force Attack
Web Server Password Cracking
Web Application Attacks
SQL Injection Concepts
What is SQL Injection?
SQL Injection and Server-side Technologies
Understanding HTTP POST Request
Understanding Normal SQL Query
Understanding an SQL Injection Query
Understanding an SQL Injection Query – Code Analysis
Types of SQL Injection
SQL Injection Methodology
SQL Injection Tools
SQL Injection Tools for Mobile
SQL Injection Detection Tools
Wireless Concepts
Wireless Terminologies
Wireless Networks
Wireless Standards
Service Set Identifier (SSID)
Wi-Fi Authentication Modes
Wi-Fi Authentication Process Using a Centralized Authentication Server
Types of Wireless Antenna
Wireless Encryption
WEP vs. WPA vs. WPA2
WEP Issues
Weak Initialization Vectors (IV)
Wireless Threats
Wireless Hacking Methodology
WEP/WPA Cracking Tools
WEP/WPA Cracking Tool for Mobile
Wi-Fi Sniffer
Wi-Fi Traffic Analyzer Tools
Other Wireless Hacking Tools
Bluetooth Hacking
Bluetooth Stack
Bluetooth Hacking
Bluetooth Threats
How to BlueJack a Victim?
Bluetooth Hacking Tools
Wireless IPS Deployment
Wi-Fi Security Auditing Tool
Wi-Fi Intrusion Prevention System
Wi-Fi Predictive Planning Tools
Wi-Fi Vulnerability Scanning Tools
Bluetooth Security Tool
Wi-Fi Security Tools for Mobile
Wireless Penetration Testing
Wireless Penetration Testing Framework
Android OS
Android Rooting
Blocking Wi-Fi Access using NetCut
Hacking with zANTI
Hacking Networks Using Network Spoofer
Launching DoS Attack using Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC)
Performing Session Hijacking Using DroidSheep
Hacking with Orbot Proxy
Android-based Sniffers
1Android Trojans
Securing Android Devices
Android Security Tool: Find My Device
Android Security Tools
Android Vulnerability Scanner
Android Device Tracking Tools
Apple iOS
Jailbreaking iOS
iOS Trojans
Guidelines for Securing iOS Devices
iOS Device Tracking Tools
iOS Device Security Tools
Mobile Spyware
Mobile Spyware: mSpy
Mobile Spywares
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Mobile Device Management Solutions
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Government Access to Keys (GAK)
Encryption Algorithms
Data Encryption Standard (DES)
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
RC4, RC5, and RC6 Algorithms
The DSA and Related Signature Schemes
Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA)
Message Digest (One-Way Hash) Functions
Cryptography Tools
MD5 Hash Calculators
Hash Calculators for Mobile
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Email Encryption
Digital Signature
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Cryptography Toolkit
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
Disk Encryption Tools
Cryptanalysis Methods
Code Breaking Methodologies
Cryptography Attacks
Cryptanalysis Tools
Online MD5 Decryption Tools
How to Defend Against Cryptographic Attacks
Content Hours Available
Industry Projects
Live Streaming Sessions
Expert Coaching Sessions
Programming Tools/ Languages

Rajaji Nagar Training Institute for Ethical Hacking, cyber security Classes Near Basaveshwaranagar, Malleshwaram, Mahalakshmipuram, vijayanagar, yaswanthpur, majestic, and Nagarbhavi

Top Skills You Will Learn

  • W3af
  • BackTrack.
  • SQLninja
  • SQLmap
  • Metasploit
  • bettercap
  • WireShark
  • AirCrack-NG

Minimum Eligibility

  • Students from an IT Background.

Job Offers

  • Approximately 12000 individuals.
  • The recruiting partner's Cisco, Atos, Zendesk, etc.
  • 60 per cent annual Ethical Hacking salary.

Who can Get enrolled

  • Freshers.
  • Professionals.
  • IT Background students


Ethical hacking entails an authorised attempt to penetrate an operating device, program or data without authorisation. An ethical hack requires the reproduction of malicious aggressors' tactics and behaviour. Ethical hackers are safety professionals who carry out those evaluations and are classified as "white hats."

1. Black Hat.
2. White Hat.
3. Grey Hat.

It is perfectly ethical to hack into or circumvent a network or online device to uncover its shortcomings (and you can make a nice living doing it too.) For example, the exploitation or exposition of a website to find its weaknesses includes ethical hacking.

A multitude of software applications are now available to facilitate hacking but you certainly need to have a fundamental knowledge of programming if you want to know how it is achieved. PHP, HTML, JavaScript and various other programming languages are used.

One of the most in-demand positions in this field is that of an ethical hacker—an IT professional who purposefully penetrates networks and systems to find and fix potential vulnerabilities. If you're looking to put on your “white hat” and infiltrate systems for good, this position can be a great career opportunity.

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Step 1: Take FREE Demo Class

Attend one or two Free Demo Classes with Expert Trainer and ensuring you're ready for the program.

Step 2: Discuss Requirements

Whats your Requirments? Discuss with Trainer and Management and get answers for all your questions you have

Step 3: Register in Course

Start Learning from basics to Advanced level topics, apply on projects, Attend Interviews and Get Placement

Latest job openings of ETHICAL HACKING in Bengaluru, India.

Numerous IT and non-IT MNCs are linked to InventaTeq. Anywhere else, we have them and sell you a dream line of work as soon as time allows for our understudies.

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Coaching Centers Located at

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Jayanagar Center

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Marathahalli Institute

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Kalyan Nagar

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Near By Locations: Kalyan Nagar, HRBR Layout, HBR Layout, Ramamurthy Nagar, Hoysala Nagar, Banaswadi, Halasuru, Baiyyappanahalli metro station, Hennur, Nagawara, R T Nagar, Hebbal, Sahakar Nagar, kr puram, Fraser Town, cox town, and Manyata Tech Park

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Near By Locations: OMR Road, Adyar, Tambaram, Anna Nagar, T-Nagar, Pallikaranai, Perumbakkam, Guindy, Porur, Thiruvanmiyur, Siruseri, Vadapalani.


The training is designed for students to evaluate their security positions in a given IT network or device using hacking tools and techniques. Students can search, test, hack and protect IT systems after finishing their course. They are specialized in penetration tests and other evaluation techniques to ensure the protection of information systems in an enterprise. All of our highly trained coaches are accredited by CEH (v11) with at least 15 years' preparation and job experience in the fields of cyber defence, IT services and architecture. Before you are certified to train with us, each has undergone a stringent application process, including profile screening, technological assessment and a training demo. We also make sure that our faculty remains just trainers of a high ranking.

At InventaTeq, we commit ourselves to use our specialized methods and instruments to reach the highest possible levels of class understanding. We would also guarantee that the experiments are excellent and that you learn in any way from the Online Training Model.

  • This course is for entrepreneurs and hobbyists
  • This course is for beginners - no previous experience is needed
  • This course is for people who want to change careers.
  • Anyone interested in knowing the depths and looking for a future in Cyber Security.
  • This is a course for teachers.

Communicate with us
Mobile 7676765421/7899332878/9986917655/ 8050585880
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The Ethical Hacking course can be availed using various online methods available. For further information/suggestions feel free to contact us.

Classroom Conducted Ethical Hacking Course:

This course in Classroom Led teaches you ethical hacking and becoming an ethical hacker. Recognition, protocols, Windows hacking, Site attacking, and pen testing of wireless networks are available. You examine managerial, operational and physical monitoring controls as well as the secrecy, completeness, availability of information and other principles of ethical hacking. The qualification training course from Inventateq provides you with realistic training to master the technologies used by hackers to infiltrate network infrastructure and improve the system against them. This course in ethical hacking is compatible with EC-new Council's CEH V11 and will train you to increase your expertise for the squad.

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Were you ever involved in figuring out how the system faults and weaknesses? Have you ever asked how defence workers secure their devices from intruders? Want to learn technology in hacking? If so, it's for you the path.
Get answers from a highly-qualified IT expert to any question you ask about learning, like the Kali Linux install, VirtualBox, Linux, Tor, Proxychains, VPN, Macchangers, Nmap, Wi-Fi crashing, aviation, DoS threats, SLL strips, documented bugs, SQL injections, Linux password cracking, and more.
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Student Testimonials:

InventaTeq's applicant pool covers IT, Ecommerce, MBA, and business professionals. As of now, InvetaTeq has educated many people to become entrepreneurs, as well as assisting with job searches, business acumen, MBAs, and other endeavours. Please read what trainees have to say about their education and training.

Ethical Hacking certification students’ reviews about their Training Experience in

InventaTeq has educated and inspired over 3000+ Ethical Hacking applicants, for example, to increase market competitiveness, accomplish a dream job and overcome the requirement of applicant pools for MNC.
“The instruction and distribution structure inspired me thoroughly. For those wishing to expand or start operating in cybersecurity, the course is ideal. Each course had a benchmarking review to ensure that our interpretation was completely learned. Another highlight that I don't want to forget is the industrial ventures that have provided me with practical knowledge about a cybersecurity project.”
“The expertise I have acquired in this course already helps me in my current job as a specialist where I conduct cloud-related work where data security is of paramount importance. This journey of understanding was a rich experience for my career and overall development .”

Written by S. Sandhya, Inventateq

Our Rating: 4.7/ 5 Inventateq Ethical Hacking Certification Course. 4.7 /5 InventaTeq.

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