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  • Obtain Data Science authentication from the industry that demonstrates your qualifications.
  • Job plan situated with MNC preparation records.

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Skills You Will Learn

Python for Data Science

Apache Spark


R Programming

Data Visualization using Python



Hypothesis testing

Data Analysis





Regression modeling

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Data Science Course Methodology

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Industry Projects that give you constant practice and Hands-on learning

Project 1

(Live communication, Remote Support, Simulation Projects)

Cab Service Fee Forecast

The paradigm increases the value of the professional company and works with taxis by growing demands.

Project 2

(Live connection, Remote Support, Simulation Projects)

Rating schedule on an eCommerce platform for different products.

The plausibility of the item is tested by anticipating the item's ranking before its dispatch for assistance.

Project 3

(Live collaboration, Remote Support, Simulation Projects)

Web-based Media Suggestion

The role consists of preparing customer operations and making different advice and assistance with the elimination of misrepresentation by investigating customer records.

Project 4

(Live cooperation, Remote Support, Simulation Projects)

Walmart Sales Data

Get acquitted Data Scientist with different methods, which rely on different classifications, with a tremendous amount of knowledge and similar order. The organization wants to help you comprehend the diverse situation resulting from web-based and disconnected knowledge and how the equivalent is handled.

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10+ Years Experience in Data Scientist

Who is Your Data Science Trainer

He has been a Data Scientist for 10+ years with 13+ years in the business. He has finished his instruction from a superior establishment and has the energy for preparing.

InventaTeq focuses on the provision of a remarkable and best-learning environment for all the understudies. Alongside business experience, both mentors play a vital role in education. Knowledge researchers from Google or IBM are guaranteed to have mentors. We at InventaTeq agree that both are important to studying down earth and theories and that our experts aim to provide everybody with a high degree of the learning experience. Organizations had trouble working together to manage their knowledge in these lines. InventaTeq has almost 2000 Data Science students and has recognized that each undergraduate study requires and promises that every undergraduate study has an unmatched lifelong learning experience.

Try not to compromise your studies Join our Data Science Classroom Training in Rajaji Nagar. You are free to learn from industry experts in your movement and time. InventaTeq is redesigning the data science curriculum modules using its creative approach and aiming to make this programming practical for additional understudies.

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Best Data Science Tools Covered

Data Analytics with Python

Data Science with R Programming

Scipy, Numpy, and Pandas

Linear Regression

Data Science with Julia

Tensor Flow


Hadoop with spark & Scala

Data Visualisation

Supervised and unsupervised

Deep Learning with NLP, Keras

Big Data Analytics

Decision Tree


Unix, Git, SQL

Data Science

Data Visualization with Tableau

Modeling Techniques



With a placement record of 95% in MNC, startups, mid-scale industries InventaTeq has trained about 2000+ professionals on DATA SCIENCE. Looking to be a subsequent DATA SCIENCE Industry Professional? Get certified from Inventateq today.

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  • Effective time firms can allow you to quickly learn the course and see actual challenges.
  • Get to meet professionals who are promised as a coach who has been employed with the sector for over 13 years.
  • Multiple test records and an audited bank will be liable for a chat of answers.

Classroom Sessions and Real-Time Project Handling

  • Per batch is allocated every week.
  • 8-10 pupils in one batch.
  • 36 - 40 hours of practical lessons.
  • Cloud sector initiatives and case studies.
  • Mentoring 1-1 Class.
  • Return of cynicism in due time.
  • Inventateq Authenticated Certification Post data Science Course

Industry Oriented Data Science

  • Three to twelve weeks, eight week hours.
  • 24 by 7 technical online assistance
  • The online support after the course
  • The reengineered path on-demand and promotional requirements.
  • Listings will be exchanged
  • Undergraduate backup lessons according to the useful time
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions.

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Mastery in a region is essential, but in a short time, the equivalent is difficult to explain. The key technique for legitimating your mastery is accreditation for assumed and luxury foundations. Train with InventaTeq in these ways and confirm yourself with Rajaji Nagar’s best base.

  • Serve as a data science expert and follow MNC roles.
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  • Redesign yourself to make the business move easier.
  • The enterprise leads you with the will.

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10+ Modules at Data Science Courses at Inventateq

you need to learn for Better Job Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence Course

Learn and see how man-made reasoning aids in future gauges. Create calculations and foresee the results with or without human intercessions.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Learn the various approaches to comprehend the example and improve the business result by covering various points like Evaluation technique, Data investigation, and so forth.

Data Science with R Programming

Data Science with R Programming

Learn the parts of investigating the information utilizing R Programming. Become a business master with R Programming and utilize diverse information and example to get the maximum out of information.

Data Science with Python

Data Science with Python

Learn how to utilize Python and its instruments to perform distinctive measurable activities and picture the information.

Data Science with SAS

Learn how to give specialized help at work, prescient examination, a criminal examination, and so on with the utilization of measurable capacities in information science.

Data Analytics Classes

Data Analytics Classes

With the expansion in the eCommerce business, the interest for Data Analyst is rising. Organizations are searching for a specialist expert and draw the example with the Data.

Use SQL and Excel for Business Data

Use SQL and Excel for Business Data

Learn how to utilize dominate and get an understanding of the information in different sorts and structures.

Advance MS Excel Training

Advance MS Excel Training

The advanced MS dominant preparation encourages you to comprehend the information and do information representation and play out different informational index procedures on the equivalent.

Tableau Training

Learn how to utilize scenes to orchestrate mass information, get the bits of knowledge into the information and disentangle the comprehensibility of the information utilizing the configurations of diagrams and graphs.

Tensor Flow Classes

Tensor Flow Classes

Learn Tensor stream to assist you with learning distinctive number related libraries and use them advantageously for various programming in information science and information stream.

Neural Network and Deep Learning

Neural Network and Deep Learning

Deep learning has now become a vital piece of Data Science. Become familiar with the key boundaries, and how to manufacture a neural organization and its application.

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Course Content of Rajaji Nagar Data Science Course (10+ Modules)

Different Techniques of Data Science
Tools and Career in DS
Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Introduction to Probability
Bayesian Inference
Bernoulli Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Statistics with R
Frequency Distribution
Different Charts: Histogram, Scatter Plot, etc
Skewness in the Graph
Variance and Covariance
What is Hypothesis
Rule of rejection
Type 1 and Type 2 errors
Linear regression
Cluster Analysis
Logistic Regression
Modeling using regression
Introduction to R
Linear Regression using R
Logistic Regression using R
Decision Tree using R
Naïve Bayes modelling using R
K-mean using R
C-mean using R
ETS modeling using R
Time Forecasting using R
Neural Network using R
Introduction to Python
Linear Regression using Python
Decision Tree using Python
Naïve Bayes modelling using Python
K-mean using Python
ETS modeling using Python
Time Forecasting using Python
Neural Network using Python
Deep Learning – Introduction
Neural Networks using TensorFlow
Keras API
Introduction to Big Data
Data Collection
Eliminating Bad Data
Data Analysis- Tools
Quick View
Qualitative Analysis
Data Cleaning using Excel
Data modeling using Excel
Regression using Excel
Data Analysis using Excel
Graphical representation using Excel
Lookup Functions
Statistics Tools like Solver integration etc
Report Writing
Reporting- using Tableau
Report Preparing
Reporting Mechanism- using Excel
Data connectivity
Data endpoints
Communicate with Software products using a Text file
Integration of the software- Basics
Integration of the software- Detailed
Content Hours Available
Industry Projects
Live Streaming Sessions
Expert Coaching Sessions
Programming Tools/ Languages

Best Data Science Training Institute in Rajaji Nagar, Data Scientist courses near me, Machine Learning coaching center in Basaveshwaranagar, Malleshwaram, Mahalakshmipuram, vijayanagar, yaswanthpur, majestic, and Nagarbhavi


  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Analytics using R Programming
  • Machine Learning in Python
  • Hadoop & Spark for Data Science
  • Deploying Models on Azure & AWS
  • Simple Linear Regression and Multiple Linear Regression
  • Generalized Regression Models, Forecasting
  • Data Mining, Text Mining.


  • Graduate Bachelor.
  • Gain new ideas and technological enhancements enthusiastically
  • The use of a PC / Laptop must be understood.
  • Strong exposure to many IT processes


  • Approximately 12000 individuals.
  • The recruiting partner's Amazon, IBM, TCS are over 300.
  • 60 percent annual Data science salary.


  • Freshers.
  • Professionals
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals.


The lessons are held in the Rajaji Nagar training center. Driven is encouraged for all schools.

You will get the Data Science course module via e-mail, and the teaching hub will send you a physical duplicate.

Separate meetings for clearing confusion are perfected for questions and understudies can even ask questions in the ongoing classes.

Data researchers and data developers are very famous on the market. Based on information from several tonnes of events and entries, information science will be extended tremendously in the coming years.

If you skip a lesson, you can join the class with registered lessons or you can offer an extra class for undergraduate reinforcing class.

All the students who complete the course have IBM, Microsoft accreditation which can be viewed on your Linkedin Profile and Resume to earn major salaries

Both R and Python have numerous data processing implementations and can be used for any information science mission. In any event, in different areas both have their quality. Python is better suited for in-depth learning analysis though R is very helpful in observable research. For all instructions, both may be used.

InventaTeq offers 100% assistance and spends all the resources required to get them in top organizations in the cities of Chennai/Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and so on. Our group strives carefully with the equivalent and we are associated with various MNCs to provide optimal circumstances.

For an information science course, a bachelor's certificate is appropriate. However, if you are profoundly involved in mathematics and calculations, you can usually settle for the course at this stage.

Should you skip a lecture, you will get registered lessons as our entire lesson is recorded and question-clearing sessions will also be conducted to answer all questions.

Anyone involved in the course will take a free tutorial course. Call to let us know that you are keen to plan the presentation class.

All the students do fire live tasks as instructors are actively involved in live-action with them.

The mentors of InventaTeq are from the MNC and have been employed for more than 13 years. The DS workers are engaged in planning and improvement for 7 years.

A knowledge researcher is someone who makes measurements to read and evaluate the information. You will have the option of playing the accompanying after the course:

  • Collect information and process it
  • Peruse Rave Details
  • Examine the details and predict it
  • Show results

Those who have wanted expertise for 1 to 2 years of participation are usually given 5 LPA to 7 LPA. By improving your skills and expertise, in 5 to 7 years of participation, you will hit 15 LPA with higher stages.

Information sciences are difficult for refreshers but it turns out to be straightforward for someone who is arithmetic and calculative and who is excited about data science.

You will get a widely accepted testament when you end the course. For the odds of snatching your CV, we will send it to numerous organizations. Continue to request via LinkedIn for different open doors:

  • Check the work of the data investigator
  • Read the work picture
  • Modify the CV
  • Create a Job

Join classes online, reduce the extra fees, and get a level discount. You put aside a lot of money and get entry to the course for life.
The free tutorial class lets you know the product before you pay.

In 3 months and 8 hours a week, you can study Data Science. For any user who fails the lectures, an option of talks will be registered that you will understand. In comparison, we have 1:1 vulnerability in order not to misunderstand under-science and to find that data science is worrying.

Data science learning is accepted legitimately in statistics and estimates. Science capability makes it possible for DS to understand.

InventaTeq in Rajaji Nagar offers the best data science course. You may choose a mode on the web or unlinked. With 13+ long cycles of engagement tutor, you can get the course familiar. Join the research and enter into the fantasy work.

We provide FREE technical assistance after the completion of the course

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Step 1: Take FREE Demo Class

Attend one or two Free Demo Classes with Expert Trainer and ensuring you're ready for the program.

Step 2: Discuss Requirements

Whats your Requirments? Discuss with Trainer and Management and get answers for all your questions you have

Step 3: Register in Course

Start Learning from basics to Advanced level topics, apply on projects, Attend Interviews and Get Placement

Latest job openings of DATA SCIENCE in Bengaluru, India.

InventaTeq has tie-up with numerous IT and Non-IT MNC. At whatever point another opening is up we get them and offer with our understudies to find them a fantasy line of work as quickly as time permits.

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The cell should legitimately shed light on any understudies who are associated with InventaTeq who are excited about any job opportunities. It will serve to introduce the resume to the right institutions in the undergraduate judgment clear.

The organizations are consistently chasing well-established practitioners who can carry out the study in an unprecedented movement and show their activities. InventaTeq, among other teaching centers, is excellent from now on for preparing students who need to reinvent themselves in Rajaji Nagar for homeroom preparations. You want to offer the amount you pay the best.

Covered Modules: R, Big Data, Python, Statistics, Excel, Graphical Modelling, Data Extraction, Data Analysis, Data Modelling.

Anyone interested in engaging with data and enthusiastic about mathematics should take up their technical careers in the field of data science. The desire to achieve an outcome, forecasting, and data prediction is very important in the field of data science for learning and progress. The businesses should consider the data and should encourage their staff to engage in the data science course by analyzing the data.

As InventaTeq, we pledge our specialized methods and resources to have the highest degree of class awareness. We would also ensure that the studies are flawless and benefit you in all respects through the on-line training model.

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The Data Science course can be availed using online methods available. For further information/suggestions feel free to contact us.

Classroom Conducted Data Science Course

Develop know-how in data processing, viewing, forecasting, computer learning, and data science. You can start or progress a good data career with the skills you get in Data Science through this Inventateq program. Begin to learn precious expertise instantly, build a portfolio of projects to show your skills, and obtain Data Science help from mentors, friends, and specialists in the area.

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In the persevering scene, InventaTeq has made it clear and easy to complete the Data Science course. It doesn't affect if you are working or need to learn close by some other course that you are in. You can, by and large, learn data science whether or not you are at home or on a trip.

Data Science Labs

It is clear and easy to learn Data Science with InventaTeq and get attested. We have arranged the course so that you can acquire the course from wherever in the globe. So get anxious to acquire capability with the best Data Science course from InventaTeq.

The Data Science course has its inclinations. It urges an individual to appreciate what data says and become a data-driven individual too. The whole world twists around the data.

Learn with our lord Industrial tutors from around the planet and experience the altogether extraordinary time of guidance and planning theory, refreshed to suit the understudies of each age and part.

Student Testimonials:

The candidate pool in InventaTeq is from IT, Ecommerce, MBA, Industries, etc. As of now, InvetaTeq has trained many to become entrepreneurs, help in Job hunts, Business Acumens, MBA’s and others to get desired results.

Please check what trainees have to say about their training and learning experience.

Data Science certification students’ reviews about their Training Experience in InventaTeq.com

InventaTeq has educated and inspired over 3000+ Data Science applicants, for example, to increase market competitiveness, accomplish a dream job and overcome the requirement of applicant pools for MNC.

“I joined InventaTeq with my friends and hope in our eyes for our dream work, but we didn't feel that we were sure of Rahul Sir. As the course advanced, we were more optimistic and we completed our dream work at the end of the course. In honesty, it seemed unlikely, but Rahul Sir allowed it. Thank you, sir. Thank you. The reality about the Institute is the tagline of InventaTeq: "Enter as an intern and departure as a professional."

Written by Alok Singh, Inventateq.

Our Rating: 4.7 / 5 Inventateq Data Science Certification Course. 4.7 / 5 InventaTeq.

Classroom Data Science will buy the DATA SCIENCE course. If necessary, you can call us for demo slots confirmation. We provide placement support.