Client case studies

We work with thousands of organisations – both large and small and across all industry sectors – to help them implement standards of excellence so that they can perform better, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth.
Here's a selection of clients we've worked with and the benefits they've gained. Find out how you too can benefit by selecting a subject and reading their stories.

Case Study 1

Client: Wipro Limited

Course: AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Participants: All the candidates/fresher’s have completed their Bachelor's degree in Computer Application (BCA), and BSC . They have completed 2 industrial projects and 1 internship training during their academic career. Moreover, they have been undergoing Wipro Fresher’s training for 3 months after getting placed in Wipro.

Objective: Train the batch of fresher candidates hired by Wipro on AWS training so that they can perform cloud computing tasks, get their certification and can be deployed on the client projects based on their client Interview.

Problem Definition: Wipro wanted the batch of fresher to undergo AWS training and get exposed to real-time projects before getting deployed to the client projects. The candidates already completed the mandatory HR training before the intervention by InventaTeq. The candidates were also required to have an AWS certificate so that they can be deployed to client projects.

InventaTeq Solution: InventaTeq allocated a dedicated resource at the Wipro office in Sarjapur, Bangalore. The resource person carries an overall experience of 15 years in corporate and has been a certified AWS trainer for 9+ years and trained over 5000 candidates across the domain. Candidates after completing the AWS training were also given a 4-hour interview booster program to enhance their interview with the client.

Post Training Assessment: After the 90 hours of training provided by InventaTeq, the trainees were able to complete 2 hands-on projects as practice projects. All the candidates got allocated to different teams in Wipro. The professionals trained also cleared the AWS certification examination conducted by Amazon and InventaTeq and got their certification completed with InventaTeq.

Benefits for the firm (Client): The 90-hour training was completed in a 2.5 Months. The efficiency of the training helped the company save a lot of time, and provided them with a strong bench strength for the upcoming projects.

Case Study 2

Client: L Brands

Course: Python

Participants: The batch of students has been recently recruited from colleges and has a BCA/ B.E/ B. Tech/ M. Tech/ MCA qualification. All the candidates were from the current batch. Most of the students have completed their industrial training on Python with different MNC’s. The candidates have also attended their induction program for a week and were allocated to a Python environment for further training.

Objective: The major task was to provide online training to the candidates and make sure they should be able to deliver the best with working in work from home situations. The training needs to enable the candidates to do Python programming individually or as a team.

Problem Definition: The students were required to undergo Python training and must be able to do Data Analytics with Python. All of them were required to complete at least 3 projects in their training and must be sharp with Data scraping, Data Cleaning, etc. The training needs to be delivered 100% online.

InventaTeq Solution: The major requirement was to arrange a faculty who can deliver the training online and help them complete their projects so that the students become an independent programmer. InventaTeq provided 2 resource persons with the expertise of 12+ years for the training and enabled their online Lab facility for the training. During the training period, the candidates were provided in-depth knowledge of working in teams, remote, etc to fulfil the work from home criteria for the company.

Post Training Assessment: The training was completed in 10 weeks. All the participants completed 3 projects and worked on 1 live project with the trainer. They received the training completion certification from InventaTeq. Moreover, all the candidates joined the different teams and have been performing well as per the latest feedback received from HR.

Benefits for the firm (Client): The training provided by InventaTeq helped the firm in saving their resources who were working on multiple projects. InventaTeq provided the lab resources which benefitted the firm most and helped them save cost. The experience of the trainer helped the firm offer their candidates’ world-class training on Python.

Case Study 3

Client: Hexaware

Course: Software Testing

Participants: Candidates having B.COM/ BSC/ BBA/ B. Tech degree having completed a course on Software Testing course. The students belong to different batches of InventaTeq, selected by Hexaware were trained on the Advance Software Testing module as per the company guidelines.

Objective: The main objective was to train the hired candidates who were selected from InventaTeq. The training curriculum was provided by the company and InventaTeq was required to deploy a resource person for the training.

Problem Definition: Students were required to complete the Software Testing module as per company norms and attend their client’s interview to get eligible for the projects. All the candidates were required to complete the mandatory 2 projects with 100% result in testing and work as a team.

InventaTeq Solution: The hired candidates were clubbed as a single batch of 40 candidates. InventaTeq also arranged an industry expert to provide them with advanced software testing for 14 weeks and arranged for the Lab Facility. The induction program for 1 week was conducted at InventaTeq’s centre followed by 11 weeks of training by the expert. Once the training was completed, the candidates also underwent multiple assessments and got into the projects by Hexaware.

Post Training Assessment: Post the training, an expert panel from Hexaware conducted an assessment. Once the candidates, passed the assessment they attended the client interview and deployed in their respective projects.

Benefits for the firm (Client): The training program solved the major task of hiring candidates from multiple colleges/ training institutes. Also, the induction program and corporate training for the candidates were provided at our centre by an industry expert who was interviewed by Hexaware. The process helped the company save 30% of the cost as per the HR feedback.

Case Study 4

Client: TATA

Course: Mulesoft + Cloud Apps

Participants: All the candidates are having 2+ years of experience and are currently employed with TATA. The candidates are from different backgrounds i.e. BCA/ BE / MSC/ MCA etc.

Objective: The engineers were required to be trained on Mulesoft + Cloud APPS in 45 days program. The candidates after the training must be able to perform their tasks as per client requirements and must be able to understand Cloud Migrations, Apps development and other cloud works. Coming to Mulesoft, participants were able to salesforce connection to Mulesoft, designing and developing using anypoint studio

Problem Definition: The trainer was required to provide training along with 2 live projects related to company projects which participants will be working after fnishing course. After the training is completed candidates must pass the Mulesoft Certification examination.

InventaTeq Solution: The complete training module with the project details were provided to InventaTeq on Friday afternoon. Once the details were received InventaTeq lined up the trainers for interview by Saturday morning. After the trainer’s selection, the training was started on Monday and finished in 45 working days. All the trainer’s interviewed was having 10+ years of training experience and an overall experience of 15+ years in MNC.

Post Training Assessment: After the completion of the training InventaTeq conducted the preliminary tests for all the candidates and provided the candidates with certification. Candidates were also required to attend mandatory training hours and pass the internal examination conducted by TATA and attend Manager’s round for getting deployed to different projects.

Benefits for the firm (Client): The candidates/ employees of TATA received an external exposure apart from their internal training programs. The company got an external view of the live projects that were utilized for training the candidates. This proved to be highly beneficial and helped in increasing the productivity of the firm.

Case Study 5

Client: HP


Participants: Students hired by the company to work in the Data Analytics field. Most of the candidates belonged to the non-IT background i.e. B.Com, Ba Eco, BCA, BBA, and MBA etc.

Objective: To provide Data Analytics training with different tools for the candidate hired by HP in 16 weeks and enable them to work on different projects.

Problem Definition: The trainer was required to conduct the sessions at the HP office in Electronic city, Bangalore for 16 weeks and provide them with insights into Data Analytics. Apart from the regular training, the candidates were also required to complete an end to end Data Analytics job and pass the internal examination by the firm.

InventaTeq Solution: InventaTeq lined up 3 trainers for the interview with 9+ years of experience in the field of Data Science. The interview was conducted by HP Data Scientist and the trainer was selected for the training. The training started the next week for 4 hours a day and continued for 16 weeks. Post the training, the candidates were provided with certification from InventaTeq.

Post Training Assessment: The candidates were required to undergo a certification examination conducted by InventaTeq with IBM partnership. After getting certified, the candidates were interviewed by respective team managers to include them in their projects as Jr. Data Analyst.

Benefits for the firm (Client): The training helped HP in getting the new batch trained immediately for a project as their training resources were busy with other programs. Moreover, the training conducted by InventaTeq’s team also provided them with a great resource and support to their L&D team for multiple pieces of training within the team as well.

Case Study 6

Client: IMS Group

Course: Multiple Courses Like SAP + Python + JAVA + Data Science and many more

Participants: training program was conducted for the New Hires / College Passed out Freshers. The trainees belong to different educational backgrounds including BE, BSC, BCA, BBA,, BA Eco, MCA, M. Tech etc.

Objective: Dividing the Batches and Providing Training from scratch to advance level and make them Work Ready Technically in Digital Skills like JAVA, BigData, Python, SAP and in Other Technologies

Problem Definition: The training needs to be aimed at New Beginners to complete the Technical Training program so that they can be a professional in tasks and perform their work at its best.

InventaTeq Solution: InventaTeq identified Best trainers who are professionals, Certified and worked in the IT Industry for more than 10+ years with expertise in thier respective domains . The trainers were first required to submit the curriculum and then interviewed by the company. the Trainer imparted Knowledge with More Practical Approach and provided daily assignments to make sure each participants get strong Technical Hold on Subject so that IMS Group can deploy Talent in thier client's place easily.

Post Training Assessment: After the successful completion of the training program, all the candidates underwent certification examination with InventaTeq and received certification. The assessment was conducted in two parts by individual trainers.

Benefits for the firm (Client): With the training completed by InventaTeq, the IMS group got a lot of Appreciations from their clients as there was a sharp increase in the productivity of the employees trained by InventaTeq. The company HR informed that the productivity level has increased by 30% on an average in 4 months of the training.

Case Study 7

Client: Mphasis

Course: Java

Participants: Mphasis was looking to hire 30 trained Java candidates and recruited 15 of them from InventaTeq and others from different institutes. All the candidates were interviewed and offered placement from InventaTeq. The candidates are from BE, B.Com, M.CA, BCA, etc as their educational background.

Objective: To align the new corporate training as per the norms of Mphasis for the selected candidates from InventaTeq and other institutes and form a batch that will be provided with advanced Java training and corporate cultural training as per the guidelines provided by Mphasis.

Problem Definition: The Java training needs to guide the students on the company work, culture, projects etc. The students need to become professional developers in 14 weeks of training and take the heat on the floor.

InventaTeq Solution: With the requirement at the priority from Mphasis, InventaTeq immediately identified 2 corporate trainers for Java and the other for cultural training as per Mphasis norms. The training schedule was made and shared with the client. Once we got the approval, the training started the next day Virtually.

Post Training Assessment: The training was completed in 14 weeks and the assessment was done for the candidates on multiple parameters. On successful completion of training and assessment, all the candidates were provided with InventaTeq’s certification and deployed to different teams by Mphasis at their different offices in India.

Benefits for the firm (Client): The training helped the firm get candidates who were ready to hit the floor and perform their duties from day 1 they joined the team. This helped Mpahsis in getting the professional Java training with 15+ years of an experienced trainer at a decent budget. The company HR was very much satisfied as she visited our training centre on regular basis.

Case Study 8

Client: 6D Technology

Course: C++

Participants: The professionals have been working with the firm for 6 months after their recruitment from different colleges by the company. There were 65 C++ professionals from BSC, BBS, BA, B. TECH/ M. TECH/ MA/ MCA and ITI etc. who were required to be trained on Linux, advanced C and C++ programming specific to a new project. The professionals were working in different teams and were selected for a particular project along with 2 senior trainers and a Manager.

Objective: To deploy a professional and certified trainer at the company campus for the C++ training. It was also required to provide them with strong guidance in team building by identifying the strengths of every candidate for the manager so that they can get the best result in the project.

Problem Definition: The C++ training needs to be aligned with the new project development. Moreover, the developers need to be good enough to work as a team and take responsibility for the project on the company’s behalf.

InventaTeq Solution: InventaTeq was up to the assignment with its best trainer for training the candidates. The trainer deployed is a Manager in IT Company having 7 years of corporate training experience and 17+ years of experience working as a C++ professional. He has handled multiple projects and has been working as a consultant with a renowned MNC for learning and development.

Post Training Assessment: After the training was completed, the assessment of the candidates was done. There was a pre-assessment, another assessment in 3 weeks to understand the new skill sets for the professionals and team alignment and a final assessment to understand how good the trainees were able to grab the training. Post that, all the professionals were provided with certificates from InventaTeq along with 6D technology and deployed in the project.

Benefits for the firm (Client): The feedback was collected from the company HR for 3 consecutive months and it showed that the candidates have been performing well. The productivity of the employees increased by 40% and helped the firm perform in the new project. The candidates trained were also happy with the firm approach and received an average bonus of 35% from the client.

Case Study 9

Client: Armstrong

Course: Java

Participants: Freshers hired by Armstrong in campus drive. The freshers have their background in BE, B. Tech, M. Tech, MCA, BCA, etc. The hired candidates have completed their college with 60% and 3 industrial projects with 1 in Java.

Objective: To deploy a Java expert who can train the newly recruited batch on Java and its application in real-time business. It was also required to provide them with proper team management training and facing abroad clients and also to adjust their schedule according to the country of operation.

Problem Definition: The Java training needs to be done on the latest version i.e. Java 16 for all the candidates. Apart from Java training, they were required to understand the working with the enterprise version and learn in-depth of parallel programming.

InventaTeq Solution: InventaTeq identified the best trainer who has been working on Java for 15 years. The trainer has worked on almost all the versions of Java and has seen the development very closely. He is also a master trainer for Java 16 and has been a consultant for HCL Technologies for the past 4 years.

Post Training Assessment: The training was conducted at InventaTeq’s BTM training facility centre for 8 weeks. After successful completion of the training, all the candidates were provided with certification based on the certification examination and their project works provided by the trainer.

Benefits for the firm (Client): Armstrong was benefitted in multiple ways. The exposure to the best training by InventaTeq for the freshers helped them to deploy candidates in the project easily. Continuous feedback from HR has suggested InventaTeq that all the candidates are working good in their projects and has been earning profit for the company and claiming monthly bonus from the client for their work.

Case Study 10

Client: DXC

Course: SAP

Participants: The fresher candidates were hired in the campus drive conducted by DXC for different colleges. There were 200 candidates from different backgrounds including MBA/ BE/ B. Tech/ BBA/ BCA/ MCA etc. The freshers have joined the firm 2 weeks back and completed their Induction and other programs and were waiting for their training on SAP.

Objective: To deploy multiple resources for SAP training for 6 months for the freshers and conduct their assessment to understand their strengths in different SAP modules and identify the fit for the different SAP job roles in the company.

Problem Definition: The SAP training for the freshers was required and help them work on different projects. The major challenge was to identify different modules of SAP training and align them for the best fit of the candidates as per company requirements.

InventaTeq Solution: InventaTeq identified multiple trainers and an interview was conducted by DXC for the trainers. In total, 8 trainers were finalized and deployed at the DXC office in Whitefield for the training. All the trainers had a minimum experience of 9+ years working in SAP and training for 4+ years in the domain. The training was divided into three segments namely mandatory training, specialization training and subject matter expertise training.

Post Training Assessment: There were 3 assessments done by InventaTeq to understand the potential of the candidate and divide them based on the results into expertise training. After the training was completed, all the candidates were assessed and provided with certification on SAP by InventaTeq and prepared for their project interview.

Benefits for the firm (Client): The training helped DXC complete the training without any hassle. The biggest advantage DXC got was that the training went undisturbed with their other training programs and helped the company in cost savings as there were no direct employees hired for the training. As per the HR, it helped them to get the resources onboard faster, otherwise, there would have been a 3-month delay to get these resources onboard.

Case Study 11

Client: Realsoft

Course: RPA (Robotics Process Automation)

Participants: Realsoft hired 10 candidates from InventaTeq and wanted them to be trained with RPA modules as per the requirement for 4 weeks at their facility centre along with other 5 professionals who have joined the firm in the last 6 months. The candidates belong to BCA/ B. Com/ BBA/ MBA/ B. Tech etc.

Objective: To deploy a training resource for RPA training at Realsoft facility centre for 4 weeks and complete the advance training for all the 15 candidates in the batch. Moreover, complete their assessment and provide feedback for all the candidates based on their knowledge level at the end of 4 weeks.

Problem Definition: InventaTeq was required to support the L&D team of Realsoft by providing the fresher’s with professional training as due to team expansion there was no time with the L&D team. It was required to coordinate with the L&D team and conduct the training as per company standards.

InventaTeq Solution: InventaTeq provided Realsoft with 5 trainer’s profiles out of which 2 were selected by the interview process conducted by the L&D head. Both the trainers were deployed at their facility centre for a month and complete the training parallel to industry training as per the requirement by the company. All the trainers have 7+ years of industrial experience and have been certified RPA professionals.

Post Training Assessment: After the successful training, the candidates underwent the assessment examination and interview by the Managers. The assessment was followed by certification from InventaTeq.

Benefits for the firm (Client): The training helped the firm provide quality training to its employees even though there was an expansion going on where there was a limited L&D team. InventaTeq assisted the L&D team and provided an A+ training solution for the company. The company HR has expressed word of appreciation and are looking forward to furthering training outsourcing to InventaTeq as per the latest interaction.