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  • Hadoop and YARN foundations and write maltreatment applications.
  • Application Spark Administration activities like cluster management, monitoring, administration, and troubleshooting Club set-up on Amazon EC2 HDFS, MapReduce, Sive, Pig, Oozie, Sqoop, Flume, ZooKeeper and MMBase Spark, Spark Square, Streaming, Data Frame, RDD, GraphX, and MLlib Spark application
  • Sets tool ETL to MapReduce, Hive, Pig, etc, for Pentaho/Talend.
  • Mistreatment of Hadoop test applications MRUnit and alternative tools for automation
  • Creating information formats for Avro
  • Actual practice leads to abuse Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • To clear large amounts of information. Certification of Hadoop

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Spark Streaming


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Project 1

Analyze Insurance Claims

Use Hadoop features to predict trends and to exchange comments that operate for a car insurance company.

Project 2

Analyze the Price Exchange

Use data technology at Hive in New York and data market processing at the stock market.

Project 3

Determine Employee Sentiment

Conduct feel research on Google, Netflix, and Facebook data derived from feedback from employees.

Project 4

Determine Product PerformanceConduct product segmentation and consumer segmentation to increase Amazon sales.

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Experienced technological and product leader with years of experience with developing large-scale products for the global public and India from launching and performance through scale products to millions of customers and developing world-class highly-motivated teams.

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  • Knowledgeable in technologies like Cloud computing (TensorFlow, Scikit-learning, MLlib) Specialties - Web software (Python, Django, Flask, JavaScript), Computer distribution (Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Redshift, Hive, AirFlow, PostgreSQL), Cloud computing (MLL) (AWS and GCP)
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You will be able to complete Cloudera Spark and Hadoop Developer certificates (CCA175). These qualification programs, which help you to easily complete the certification tests and obtain the best jobs in the highest MNCs, meet all of their training content. Within this training course, you can concentrate on real-time projects and tasks which have an enormous impact on real-world situations.


You will have an evaluation at the end of this training course which fully reflects the questions raised during each qualification evaluation and enables you to achieve a better result.

On completion and at least 60 percent marks in the competition, the Inventateq Course Completion Certificate will be granted after the completion of project work (after an expert examination).

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Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

Hadoop Architecture

Hadoop Architecture, Distributed Storage (HDFS), and YARN

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion into Big Data Systems and ETL

MapReduce and Pig

Distributed Processing - MapReduce Framework and Pig

Apache Hive

Apache Hive


NoSQL Databases - HBase

Functional Programming- Scala

Basics of Functional Programming and Scala

Big Data Framework

Apache Spark Next-Generation Big Data Framework

Spark SQL

Spark Core Processing RDD

Spark MLLib

Spark MLlib Modeling Big Data with Spark

Spark Streaming

Stream Processing Frameworks and Spark Streaming

Spark GraphX

Spark GraphX

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Course Content of Rajaji Nagar Big Data Hadoop Course (10+ Modules)

Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
Introduction to Big Data
Big Data Analytics
What is Big Data
Four Vs Of Big Data
Case Study: Royal Bank of Scotland
Challenges of Traditional System
Distributed Systems
Introduction to Hadoop
Components of Hadoop Ecosystem: Part One
Components of Hadoop Ecosystem: Part Two
Components of Hadoop Ecosystem: Part Three
Commercial Hadoop Distributions
Demo: Walkthrough of Simplilearn Cloudlab
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Hadoop Architecture Distributed Storage (HDFS) and YARN
What Is HDFS
Need for HDFS
Regular File System vs HDFS
Characteristics of HDFS
HDFS Architecture and Components
High Availability Cluster Implementations
HDFS Component File System Namespace
Data Block Split
Data Replication Topology
HDFS Command Line
Demo: Common HDFS Commands
HDFS Command Line
YARN Introduction
YARN Use Case
YARN and Its Architecture
Resource Manager
How Resource Manager Operates
Application Master
How YARN Runs an Application
Tools for YARN Developers
Demo: Walkthrough of Cluster Part One
Demo: Walkthrough of Cluster Part Two
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Hadoop Architecture, Distributed Storage (HDFS) and YARN
Data Ingestion into Big Data Systems and ETL
Data Ingestion Overview Part One
Data Ingestion Overview Part Two
Apache Sqoop
Sqoop and Its Uses
Sqoop Processing
Sqoop Import Process
Assisted Practice: Import into Sqoop
Sqoop Connectors
Demo: Importing and Exporting Data from MySQL to HDFS
Apache Sqoop
Apache Flume
Flume Model
Scalability in Flume
Components in Flume’s Architecture
Configuring Flume Components
Demo: Ingest Twitter Data
Apache Kafka
Aggregating User Activity Using Kafka
Kafka Data Model
Apache Kafka Architecture
Demo: Setup Kafka Cluster
Producer Side API Example
Consumer Side API
Consumer Side API Example
Kafka Connect
Demo: Creating Sample Kafka Data Pipeline using Producer and Consumer
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Data Ingestion into Big Data Systems and ETL
Distributed Processing MapReduce Framework and Pig
Distributed Processing in MapReduce
Word Count Example
Map Execution Phases
Map Execution Distributed Two Node Environment
MapReduce Jobs
Hadoop MapReduce Job Work Interaction
Setting Up the Environment for MapReduce Development
Set of Classes
Creating a New Project
Advanced MapReduce
Data Types in Hadoop
OutputFormats in MapReduce
Using Distributed Cache
Joins in MapReduce
Replicated Join
Introduction to Pig
Components of Pig
Pig Data Model
Pig Interactive Modes
Pig Operations
Various Relations Performed by Developers
Demo: Analyzing Web Log Data Using MapReduce
Demo: Analyzing Sales Data and Solving KPIs using PIG
Apache Pig
Demo: Wordcount
Key takeaways
Knowledge Check
Distributed Processing - MapReduce Framework and Pig
Apache Hive
Hive SQL over Hadoop MapReduce
Hive Architecture
Interfaces to Run Hive Queries
Running Beeline from Command Line
Hive Metastore
Hive DDL and DML
Creating a New Table
Data Types
Validation of Data
File Format Types
Data Serialization
Hive Table and Avro Schema
Hive Optimization Partitioning Bucketing and Sampling
Non-Partitioned Table
Data Insertion
Dynamic Partitioning in Hive
What Do Buckets Do
Hive Analytics UDF and UDAF
Assisted Practice: Synchronization
Other Functions of Hive
Demo: Real-Time Analysis and Data Filteration
Demo: Real-World Problem
Demo: Data Representation and Import using Hive
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Apache Hive
NoSQL Databases HBase
NoSQL Introduction
Demo: Yarn Tuning
HBase Overview
HBase Architecture
Data Model
Connecting to HBase
HBase Shell
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
NoSQL Databases - HBase
Basics of Functional Programming and Scala
Introduction to Scala
Demo: Scala Installation
Functional Programming
Programming with Scala
Demo: Basic Literals and Arithmetic Operators
Demo: Logical Operators
Type Inference Classes Objects and Functions in Scala
Demo: Type Inference Functions Anonymous Function and Class
Types of Collections
Demo: Five Types of Collections
Demo: Operations on List
Scala REPL
Assisted Practice: Scala REPL
Demo: Features of Scala REPL
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Basics of Functional Programming and Scala
Apache Spark Next-Generation Big Data Framework
History of Spark
Limitations of MapReduce in Hadoop
Introduction to Apache Spark
Components of Spark
Application of In-Memory Processing
Hadoop Ecosystem vs Spark
Advantages of Spark
Spark Architecture
Spark Cluster in Real World
Demo: Running a Scala Programs in Spark Shell
Demo: Setting Up Execution Environment in IDE
Demo: Spark Web UI
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Apache Spark Next-Generation Big Data Framework
Processing RDD
Introduction to Spark RDD
RDD in Spark
Creating Spark RDD
Pair RDD
Demo: Spark Transformation Detailed Exploration Using Scala Examples
Demo: Spark Action Detailed Exploration Using Scala
Caching and Persistence
Storage Levels
Lineage and DAG
Need for DAG
Debugging in Spark
Partitioning in Spark
Scheduling in Spark
Shuffling in Spark
Sort Shuffle
Aggregating Data with Pair RDD
Demo: Spark Application with Data Written Back to HDFS and Spark UI
Demo: Changing Spark Application Parameters
Demo: Handling Different File Formats
Demo: Spark RDD with Real-World Application
Demo: Optimizing Spark Jobs
Assisted Practice: Changing Spark Application Params
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Spark Core Processing RDD
Spark SQL - Processing DataFrames
Spark SQL Processing DataFrames
Spark SQL Introduction
Spark SQL Architecture
Demo: Handling Various Data Formats
Demo: Implement Various DataFrame Operations
Demo: UDF and UDAF
Interoperating with RDDs
Demo: Process DataFrame Using SQL Query
RDD vs DataFrame vs Dataset
Processing DataFrames
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Spark SQL - Processing DataFrames
Role of Data Scientist and Data Analyst in Big Data
Analytics in Spark
Machine Learning
Supervised Learning
Demo: Classification of Linear SVM
Demo: Linear Regression with Real-World Case Studies
Unsupervised Learning
Demo: Unsupervised Clustering K-Means
Assisted Practice: Unsupervised Clustering K-means
Reinforcement Learning
Semi-Supervised Learning
Overview of MLlib
MLlib Pipelines
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Spark MLLib - Modeling BigData with Spark
Stream Processing Frameworks and Spark Streaming
Streaming Overview
Real-Time Processing of Big Data
Data Processing Architectures
Demo: Real-Time Data Processing
Spark Streaming
Demo: Writing Spark Streaming Application
Introduction to DStreams
Transformations on DStreams
Design Patterns for Using ForeachRDD
State Operations
Windowing Operations
Join Operations stream-dataset Join
Demo: Windowing of Real-Time Data Processing
Streaming Sources
Demo: Processing Twitter Streaming Data
Structured Spark Streaming
Use Case Banking Transactions
Structured Streaming Architecture Model and Its Components
Output Sinks
Structured Streaming APIs
Constructing Columns in Structured Streaming
Windowed Operations on Event-Time
Use Cases
Demo: Streaming Pipeline
Spark Streaming
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Stream Processing Frameworks and Spark Streaming
Spark GraphX
Introduction to Graph
Graphx in Spark
Graph Operators
Join Operators
Graph Parallel System
Algorithms in Spark
Pregel API
Use Case of GraphX
Demo: GraphX Vertex Predicate
Demo: Page Rank Algorithm
Key Takeaways
Knowledge Check
Content Hours Available
Industry Projects
Live Streaming Sessions
Expert Coaching Sessions
Programming Tools/ Languages

Rajaji Nagar Training Institute for Hadoop, BigData Classes Near Basaveshwaranagar, Malleshwaram, Mahalakshmipuram, vijayanagar, yaswanthpur, majestic, and Nagarbhavi

Top Skills You Will Learn

  • Spark
  • Scala
  • Sqoop
  • Pig
  • Apache
  • Flume Hive
  • HCatalog
  • AVRO
  • Scala REPL
  • SBT/Eclipse
  • Apache Kafka
  • Spark Streaming
  • Impala

Minimum Eligibility

  • Beginners of the Web app
  • Beginners in code and programming
  • Web-building apps for students.

Job Offers

  • Approximately 12000 individuals.
  • The recruiting partners Amazon, IBM, TCS are over 300.
  • 60 percent annual Big Data salary.

Who can get enrolled

  • Freshers
  • IT Professionals
  • Computer Science/Information Science students


Big Data Hadoop Course overview. The Big Data Hadoop course aims to provide a complete understanding of Spark and Hadoop's large data environment. In this realistic Hadoop course, you will be running real-world business ventures with Integrated Lab. I am a non-engineering or programmer from a background.

Programmable Hadoop is simpler for those with SQL experience, thanks to Pig and Hive. Pig and Hive are extremely easy to understand and code for SQL experts, to improve their Hadoop capabilities.

Big data is considered a valuable asset, while the main difference between Big Data and Hadoop is called "Hadoop." A program is the value of the asset. If big data is not structured and crude, Hadoop keeps and treats complex and sophisticated big data.

To be a full stack developer requires time, effort, and the ability to specialize at all ends of the system to allow the process to repeat itself – but don't let these few problems prevent you from following a goal as a full stack developer.

The market is huge for large data specialists, the salaries are also very high. There are huge opportunities in many areas. This makes the Big Data sector interesting for professionals who look for sharp progress and a learning curve.

Hadoop skills are demanded – an overwhelming reality! IT professionals must therefore urgently keep up with Hadoop and Big Data. Apache Hadoop offers you the means to expand your work and the following advantages: Accelerated career development.

Hadoop is an open-source computing application encoded with Java to store and process large data distribution volumes. Hadoop needs no coding. You just need to study Pig and Hive with Hadoop, which only needs a basic SQL understanding.

The data is processed in several respects by Hadoop and SQL. Hadoop is a software component programming language platform. The benefits and drawbacks of these approaches for large data.

In big data technology, Python is known to be one of the best approaches. Python and broad data are well adapted where it is necessary to provide data collection and web applications or mathematical code in the output database.

The horizon can be extended by big data experiments. Puzzles in the world of big data and data mining are to be overcome and will considerably improve math and reasoned reasoning. The main fields of Big Data are statistics and problem resolution capabilities.

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Step 1: Take FREE Demo Class

Attend one or two Free Demo Classes with Expert Trainer and ensuring you're ready for the program.

Step 2: Discuss Requirements

Whats your Requirments? Discuss with Trainer and Management and get answers for all your questions you have

Step 3: Register in Course

Start Learning from basics to Advanced level topics, apply on projects, Attend Interviews and Get Placement

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According to Forbes Big Data & Hadoop Market, the sector is expected to reach 99.31B dollars, up by 2015 to 42.1 percent of CAGR. McKinsey plans to miss 1.5 million data experts by 2018. The total pay for Big Data developers in Hadoop is $135 K. Data on wages The course discusses the topics for big data Hadoop qualification from the fundamental stage of beginners to seasoned practitioners. This is a must-have course for aspiring Big Data practitioners. The courses are Hadoop, HDFS, Map Reduce, YARN, Apache Hive, PIG, Impala. The courses include:
The whole newbies who require Hands-On Guided Hadoop Training.

The preparation of Big Data Hadoop Online Certification is suitable for IT professionals who are interested in gaining expertise in Big Data Hadoop, such as programmers, programmers, IT experts, general and expert experts in the field of the intelligentsia, project managers, aspiring computer scientists, graduates of large data, etc. The credentials for Big Data online are fantastic.


Professionals who enter the Big Data Hadoop certification training will understand CoreJava and SQL. As part of its program, if you want to increase your Core Java skills, Simplilearn offers the free independent Java course for Hadoop

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The Big Data Hadoop course can be availed using various online methods available. For further information/suggestions feel free to contact us.

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The Big Data Hadoop course aims to provide a complete understanding of Spark and Hadoop's large data environment.
In this realistic Hadoop course, you will be running real-world business ventures with Integrated Lab.
You will learn the principle of Hadoop, the great data techniques, and the methodology for your position as a Big Data Developer and train you for success with our Big Data Hadoop Certification course. Find out how different components of the Hadoop ecosystem can be integrated into the big data analysis life cycle.
Surveys by the understudies

Classroom Conducted Big Data Course

Great information of Inventateq Hadoop education program, which is prepared for Cloudera CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification (CCA 175), also helps you to master huge Hadoop and Spark information when Master Hadoop Administration comes with fourteen periods of time industry-oriented case study. You can master MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, and Flume during this huge information course and work on Amazon EC2 for Cluster set-up, Spark Framework and RDD, Scala, and Spark SQL, SPAL, Spark Machine Learning, etc.

Student Testimonials:

The InventaTeq pool is included in IT, Ecommerce, MBA, and specialized candidates. InvetaTeq has since educated many business people and helped them to find careers, company expertise, MBAs, and other activities. Read the experience and education the trainees had to say.

Big Data certification students’ reviews about their Training Experience in InventaTeq.com

You will discover the philosophy of Hadoop, the great data techniques, and the methods for your role as a Big Data Developer and prepare you for success with our Big Data Hadoop Certification course. Find out how various components of the Hadoop ecosystem can be incorporated into the big data processing life cycle.
“For the last three months, I have researched Hadoop and Spark with Inventateq, and I can prove that. You learn from training videos and practice in your cloud-based laboratory. It's a place of business. The materials are well prepared for the thesis, and if I did not say that it was flawless I would lie. The Inventateq team, therefore, has thumbs up. I'd like to conclude by suggesting that if you're up for big data, I highly recommend InventaTeq ”

Written by Soma Agarwal

“This is one of the most informative and expert classes. The killer characteristic of the machine/profound learning of Inventateq is the live session in which practical experience will reach laboratories! This makes any conversation possible when the live sessions are absent. The teacher is compassionate and his approach to explaining situations is exceptional. Maybe, I've had better feedback here after I understand more. Good work guys! Nice jobs! Great job guys! ”

Written by Raghav Mishra

Our Rating: 4.7/ 5 Inventateq Big Data Certification Course. 4.7 /5 InventaTeq.

Big Data: info@inventateq.com, inventateq@gmBig Datal.com

Classroom Big Data will buy the BIG DATA course. If necessary, you can call us for demo slots confirmation. We provide placement support.