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Learn how to use the industry standard and applications for 3D modeling and animation: Maya 2018.


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  • Using the interface Maya 2018
  • Create your awesome 3D models
  • Join your amazing 3D scenes and build them
  • Build your materials in Maya 2018 with the Hypershade
  • Use HDRI maps to mirror and illuminate
  • How to model extraordinary 3D properties with picture planes
  • Working in Maya 2018 with lights
  • How to make awesome animations with the Maya Graph Editor
  • Creating awesome 3D text
  • Use Bullet Physics Engine to do physics simulation.
  • Projections of UV and UV
  • Render the scene and animation in Maya 2018 with the awesome Arnold Renderer.

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2D Modeling


Autodesk Maya

Data Management



Object Insertion

Object Management

Pipeline Integration


Scene Assembly


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Autodesk Maya is still one of the programs to think of when it comes to the high-end 3D digital graphics and 3D modeling software kit. Maya is an important part of the 3D graphics and animation industry and for many artists, in small or large production they are the top choices.

How can I learn Autodesk Maya course for free?


Project 1

Butterfly Animation

This lesson teaches you how to make a basic butterfly animate.

Project 2

Form animate a logo from particles

In this tutorial, you can build an animated logo with Mayan particles and then reverse the animation made in any video editing program you choose.

Project 3

3D Coin Model

A tutorial that helps you make realistic coins with Maya 3D.

Project 4

Melting text

Check for some fluid tools and choices with this teaching to produce smoke-like melting text effects.

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Dedication, sincerity, professionalism, and creativity are certain characteristics that determine our Faculty. Teachers are extremely committed, knowledgeable, and professional. The school provides all students with quality education and information, holding our institute's policies. Each student acknowledges his/her responsibility for providing students with the best possible instruction. Our panel of instructors includes trained graphic designers, webmasters, artists in post-production, etc. Although the whole faculty has a high degree of expertise, is creative, they are keen to learn new methods and ideas in the area. It's not just our teachers' academic experience but also realistic exposure to students. They evaluate each student's abilities and caliber and strive to accomplish their desired objectives. The faculty members direct and support students in their struggles as guardians of personal matters.

  • With over 17 years of experience in collaborating with various advertising companies, I am a graphic designer, motion designer, and post production artist with expertise.
  • Have taught online and in-class instruction to hundreds of national and foreign students.
  • Actively engage in academic and other co-curricular programs of the institute and hold a variety of seminars to teach the students basic principles in web and design.
  • An active participant in many prominent forums and groups. His deep knowledge and understanding greatly supported and helped students.
  • Has also worked in the fields of graphic architecture, photoshop, CorelDraw, illustrator, design, artistic thinking, grammar, UXD, etc.
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Manipulating Objects.

Using Modelling Tools.

Selecting and Hiding Objects.

Object Settings.

Extrude and Bevel.

Arnold Render Preview.

Motion Blur

OptiFX Techniques and Tips

Selective Ray tracing

Rebuilding surfaces

Editing Control Vertices (CV)

NURBS Boolean


Sculpt Object



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  • The trainer is a graphic designer, motion designer, and post production artist who has over 17 years of experience working for numerous advertisement agencies.
  • Have been educating hundreds of domestic and international students online and in-class.
  • Successful participation in the Institute's academic and other co-curricular programs and some workshops to teach web and design fundamental concepts to students.

Topics Covered

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  • Creating Objects
  • Layouts, Saved Layouts
  • Grouping and Parenting
  • Shader Networks
  • Using Modelling Tools
  • Channel Box and Manipulators
  • NURBS Boolean
  • Particle Time Control
  • Connections
  • Shading Groups
  • Materials
  • Nodes, Attributes
  • Lights
  • Particle collision

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The Maya Specialist Accredited Badge confirms the specialized experience of the Maya tools, functionality, and typical activities of professional users. Awareness of scene assembly and pipeline combined, rendered, animated, and more using Maya was demonstrated by employees of this designation.

Autodesk Certification ensures that employers and consumers all around the world have their experience and skills. It is widely advised that you prepare your test for completion, using the exam maps and the virtual course to arrange your exam preparation as research guidance. This course is intended for training the virtual Maya Certification by incorporating test categories and certification targets in a workflow-based way in Maya as a preparation for the user/professional exam. The course will take the required examples in each category to have useful insight for the review.

  • Some of the main advantages of certification are:
  • Knowledge validation
  • Marketability improved
  • Enhanced profitability
  • Improved academic achievement
  • Reputation enhanced
  • Improved credibility
  • Enhanced trust
  • Compliance with peers

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Navigating Maya

We begin with the basics of the Maya interface and the basic skills which will help you model, texture, and transform your light from scratch.

Creating Objects

Creating Objects

You need to build artifacts when you begin modeling. The simplest way to begin modeling is to construct primitive geometries like circles, squares, cylinders, and planes that can form the basis of more complicated objects.

Manipulating Objects

Manipulating Objects

In this class, you will be able to use simple 3D modeling techniques in the user interface to control polygons, edges, faces, and vertexes.

Rendering Overview

Rendering Overview

Know about rendering, how Maya renders, Shader Networks, Shading Groups, Materials, Lights, and Maya architecture.

Selection and Hiding of Objects

Selection and Hiding of Objects

Keeping your scene ordered is critical. In this class, we will use simple selection strategies and how objects are hidden and exposed to make the scene handier. Keeping your scene ordered is critical. In this class, we will use simple selection strategies and how objects are hidden and exposed to make the scene handier.

Object Setting

Object Setting

Then we can explore the Editor attribute, which lists attributes for the chosen object and provides you with complete graphical controls to edit attributes instead of text boxes.



Learn about the types of lights, Light Linking, New linking to Objects, Light attributes, Light Fog.

General Animation

General Animation

Know about powerful Keyframing Tools, Keyframing, Animation playblast for rapid review of complex scenes, Path Animation, Animating an object, Set Driven Key and Dope sheet.

Organic Modelling

Organic Modelling

learn about rebuilding surfaces, Editing Control Vertices (CV), NURBS Boolean, Create rounded bevels of a constant radius on any NURBS object, Surface Offset, Create new surfaces, offset from original specific value, Create NURBS from up to 4 curves.

Dependency Graph

Dependency Graph

Know about Nodes, Attributes, Connections, Hierarchies and Dependencies, Shading group nodes

Deformation Tools

Deformation Tools

Understand Lattices, Sculpt Object and Wires

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Course Content of Rajaji Nagar Autodesk Maya Course (10+ Modules)

  • Creating primitive objects
  • Moving Objects in the 3D Space
  • Maya View Tools
  • Layouts, Saved Layouts
  • Channel Box and Manipulators
  • Grouping and Parenting
  • Spline Modelling
  • About NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-spline)
  • Creating Curve and Surfaces
  • Attaching and closing Surfaces
  • Duplicating curves
  • Lofting and revolving surfaces
  • Procedural Modeling
  • Create complex object scenes using scripts as an alternative to GUI – based tools.
  • What is rendering
  • How Maya renders
  • Shader Networks
  • Shading Groups
  • Materials
  • Lights
  • Maya architecture
  • Nodes and Attributes
  • HyperGraph
  • IPR (Interactive Photorealistic Rendering)
  • Type of lights – usage of each, techniques for each
  • Light Linking
  • New linking to Objects (and sets) workflow
  • Reason for light linking – matching live footage lighting
  • Light attributes – What you’re adjusting and why – show manipulators
  • Light Fog
  • Intensity Curves
  • Depth map
  • What
  • When and Why to use
  • Reuse / Share depth maps
  • Ray-traced
  • What, When, and why to use
  • Shadow Techniques (For realism and Optimization)
  • Adding hard or soft shadows to a scene
  • Shafts of Light – light fog
  • Troubleshooting section for shadow problems
  • Occlusion – as applies to light glow
  • Auto – exposure – as applies to Shader Glow
  • Selective Ray tracing
  • Multithreaded tile-based batch renderer concepts
  • Renderer
  • Powerful Keyframing Tools
  • Keyframing
  • First Cut, copy and paste animated objects in the timeline
  • Animation playblast for rapid review of complex scenes
  • Path Animation
  • Animate an object along a curve or surface Edit path or other animation parameters during playback;
  • Set Driven Key
  • Establish Relationships where one action automatically drives another
  • Dope sheet
  • Rapid and intuitive global editing of keyframe timing
  • Channel Box
  • Quickly edit an Object’s attributes, one or more fields at a time
  • Graph Editor
  • Precise Controlling on animated parameter changes over time.
  • Rebuilding surfaces
  • Editing Control Vertices (CV)
  • NURBS Boolean
  • Apply subtraction, intersect, and union Operations across multiple NURBS surfaces
  • Round
  • Create rounded bevels of the constant radius on any NURBS object
  • Surface Offset
  • Create new surfaces, offset from original specific value.
  • Working with trimmed or untrimmed surfaces
  • Enhanced Extrude
  • Scale and Rotation Control for extruding a curve along a path
  • Square
  • Create NURBS from up to 4 curves
  • Global Stitching
  • Stitching multiple adjoining surfaces together with full continuity
  • Subdivision of Surfaces
  • Nodes, Attributes
  • Connections
  • Hierarchies and Dependencies
  • Shading group nodes
  • Lattices
  • Sculpt Object
  • Wires
  • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Realistic high-speed simulation of multiple rigid objects
  • Dynamic Constraints such as nails, hinges, barriers, pins, and springs
  • Soft Body Dynamics
  • Simulation of flexible objects
  • Creation of secondary motion effects like muscle jiggles, floppy hats, etc
  • Powerful Spring architecture
  • Extensible Integrated Particle System
  • Powerful integrated particle system with expression-based control over particle attributes, motion, and dynamics
  • Manipulating particle, fields, and emitters
  • Textured control of particle emission
  • Geometry instancing on single or cycling geometry onto any particle
  • Particle collision
  • Particle Time Control
  • Precise keyframe control by adjusting the base timing for each particle object effect
  • Fields
  • Applying fields like gravity, vortex, air, turbulence, etc.
  • Custom fields via extensive dynamics API
  • ClipFX
  • Library of ready-made effects like fire, curve and surface flow, shatter, fireworks and lighting
  • Powerful Painting Techniques
  • Create jungles of trees and plants
  • Flowing hair
  • Flickering flames
  • And many more
  • Paint Effects brushes
  • Natural Media Brushes
  • Effects Brushes
  • Brush Attributes
  • Rendering Paint Effects
  • Pose Based Characters
  • Skeletons and Inverse Kinematics (IK)
  • Skinning
  • Advance Layered Deformations
  • Integrated sound Synchronization
  • Integrated Motion Capture Concepts
  • turtle
  • Create any Fashion in any Fabric
  • Animate any Fabric object
  • Unique Solver
  • Integration with Maya
  • Artisan User Interface
  • Using Artisan to paint fur
  • Using the Artisan brush to comb the hair
  • Multiple Fur Type
  • Using Multiple fur types
  • Assigning Attributes to fur
  • Applying Texture on the fur
  • Animating Fur
  • Fur Rendering
  • Match 3D Elements with Live action shots
  • 2D tracking
  • Tolerant of noisy tracking observations
  • Bi-directional tracking
  • Different Solvers for different Problems
  • Interactive root frame solver for complete interaction with the camera extraction process
  • Automated comprehensive solver with exclusive Inverse Computer Graphics
  • Reconstructing Live action elements as 3D Geometry
  • Placing Maya 3D Locators in the 3D positions to easily constructing scene geometry and precisely position 3D objects relative to the live-action scene.
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  • Layouts, Saved Layouts
  • Grouping and Parenting
  • Shader Networks
  • Using Modelling Tools
  • Channel Box and Manipulators
  • NURBS Boolean
  • Particle Time Control
  • Connections
  • Shading Groups
  • Materials
  • Nodes, Attributes
  • Lights
  • Particle collision


  • Mechanical degree/automotive degree.
  • The industry's fresher.
  • Experienced mid-level practitioners pursuing new credentials.


  • 500+ Hiring Partners.
  • Various Mechanical Manufacturer and Designing company.


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Maya For Free Download: Available Features Maya is a common industry for both 3D Modeling and 3D Animator thanks to its highly customizable user interface.

Autodesk Maya is an animation and 3D modeling software for 3D printing and animated graphics. Maya provides all of the tools you need to generate competent, quality outcomes, including for a beginner if you intend to model or change artifacts.

An annual subscription to Maya amounts to $1,620 and the monthly subscription to Maya is $205,600. The price of a subscription to Maya for 3 years is $4,375.

Maya is software for cyclopedia. It will do anything you want to do with a 3D kit. That is how strong it is – but it's also hard to learn. It's a difficult job to conceal functionality inside menus.

It's valuable Maya. But if the Maya knowledge can be mixed with programming, that's where the real money is. What you need is a kick-ass game or app at the Play shop or Apple store and you make a big deal.

It is not only a feature of Autodesk Maya software but also the basis of the MEL script language (Maya Embedded Language). Any Maya feature is a MEL command accessible with menus, icons, keys, menu markers, and other functions.

Yeah, we have an engaged positioning team for internships, OJTs, work, and more.

  • Requirements for Hardware
  • RAM 4 GB (8GB recommended)
  • Multi-core processor 64-bit Intel or AMD.
  • Camera.
  • Microphone headset.
  • Mouse with 3 keys (a two-button mouse will not work with Maya)
  • For downloading Maya 4 GB of free disc space.

You are allowed to install and use 3 older versions of your Maya subscription. After upgrading to your Autodesk account, the downloads available are listed at administration.autodesk.com. For subscribers see also recent updates.

You can run it on up to three computers or other machines with a subscription to Maya software. However, it can only be logged in and used on a single machine at any time by the designated person. For more details please see the Software Licensing Agreement.

Sign up for management.autodesk.com, pick Billing & Orders, press Edit Payment, and deactivate automatic renewal. Instead of a renewal deadline, the subscription information list an end date. Until the expiration date, your subscription remains active.

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Step 1: Take FREE Demo Class

Attend one or two Free Demo Classes with Expert Trainer and ensuring you're ready for the program.

Step 2: Discuss Requirements

Whats your Requirments? Discuss with Trainer and Management and get answers for all your questions you have

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Maya is a 3D app for movie, television, game development, and architecture applications. The software for the operating system IRIX was initially released. In August 2006 after the release of version 6.5, however, this support was discontinued. In both 'Full' and 'Unlimited' editions, Maya was available until August 2008 when it became one set.

Eligible students, educators, or contractors of a qualified school accredited by an authorized government agency for the primary purpose of teaching enrolled students are the ones who are enrolled in, employed in, or contracts. This includes accredited secondary schools, secondary schools, and higher schools.

  • Students
  • Educators and faculty members
  • Autodesk-sponsored competition participants and mentors
  • Not eligible for the Education plan

While the exact amount of RAM you need depends on your specific projects, we usually recommend a minimum of 16GB for Maya. Very complex scenes may require up to 32GB of RAM, but Maya uses more than 32GB for it is rare. With some exciting new GPU accelerated features, Autodesk Maya 2020, one of the most widely recognizable 3D animation and visual effect applications now also comes in: GPU cache n-cloth and n-particles enable a smooth and real-time playback of animations, without needing playback or skipped frames.

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Instructor-led classroom for AUTODESK MAYA training

Autodesk Maya, which is commonly just shortened to Maya, is an Alias Systems Company (formerly, Alias|Wavefront)-owned 3D graphic app running on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It produces immersive 3D (including computer games), animated movies, tv shows, and special effects. The animation applications of Autodesk Maya continuously extend to new markets, from computer games and simulations to architectural design.

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Are you able to learn all Maya things? If you do, start researching the Maya app tutorials and classes below and learn about Maya projects from experts with real-world experience.

Learn Maya to create awesome animations, worlds, motion graphics, experience, and characters from virtual reality. The Maya courses of Inventateq's taking you through all Maya tools that comprise Animation, Design, Rendering, and Simulation. Learn how this strong and intuitive device can better be used by business professionals to make your concepts a reality.

This course covers nearly all topics on which you might work. This is a complete course for AUTODESK MAYA. Inventateq has both a newcomer and a high-level customer expected to train. A beginner can continue to learn the product quickly from the primary workout by following the course. This is an incredibly defined course for an expert AUTODESK MAYA customer who prefers the items to do.

Student Testimonials:

“An extremely sophisticated course to give people with an absolute novice and those with limited knowledge of 3D the requisite skills and trust .”

“A great way for a novice like me. Taking teaching together with good content and logical progress helps you to learn the key elements and techniques of the industry and to be proud of something in a relatively short period."

Inventateq has supplied an AUTODESK MAYA Certification direction for quite 10000+ candidates. 1000’s of the trainees are presently working in MNC’s with a straightforward salary.

Our Rating: 4.9 / 5 Inventateq Autodesk Maya Certification Course. 4.7 / 5 InventaTeq.