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Why Learn Artificial Intelligence?

A leading-edge tech to empower your career!

Is the question: What is artificial intelligence and why is it important in our lives? Automation has already become an indispensable part of our lives. AI adoption across multiple sectors is breaking industrial records! The growth of artificial intelligence is all set to bring a huge wave of job opportunities for AI enthusiasts!

Secure future financial sustainability through comprehensive AI learning!

AI has the power to help you gain a promising career with an excellent salary in your chosen domain.

But, wait. The AI learning benefits don’t end here! Here are some of the reasons why learning AI can be groundbreaking for your career!

Artificial Intelligence

Enhance Employability

Take Off Your Career and Reach New Heights with AI!
You’d be surprised to learn that even entry-level AI jobs pay nearly two times better than your regular programming jobs. There’s a huge industrial demand for AI experts with an analytical mind of their own.
If you have the requisite AI skills on your resume, there's no doubt that you will prosper in your chosen career choices in the future!

Artificial Intelligence

A Rewarding Working Experience

Be at Par with the Evolving Tech Industry!
AI is transforming multiple industries at the rate of electricity! While some of the AI innovations help eliminate the grind of everyday tasks, some are used for security surveillance, and some are ruling the healthcare industry!
Provide your life a new meaning and join the global workforce in its AI training!
At Inventateq, we take it as our responsibility to help you upgrade your skills and get ready to join the revolution!

Artificial Intelligence

Powerful Tool for Business Orientation

A Strong AI Foundation Equates Better Future!
Believe it or not, AI will dominate every industrial domain worldwide for the next 100 years! Now that’s enough of a reason to convince you to join the AI league!
But, wait. There’s more!
According to a Forbes estimate, machine learning and AI jobs will be worth nearly $31 billion by the year 2024!
With interesting subfields to invoke your desire to upskill, AI has much more to offer to the world than we can see.

Artificial Intelligence

No Prior Experience Needed!

A course where fresh graduates and working professionals come at par with each other!
Can’t find an AI lesson in Munich that serves fresh graduates and working professionals alike? Knock on the doors of Inventateq to find a solution that works for both! Freshers can start internships in artificial intelligence at their initial level.
The courses offered by us can make AI easy for all - working professionals, fresh graduates, and business-owners.
Be ready to empower the world with your innovations!

Artificial Intelligence

Add job-relevant achievements to your resume!

To help you land the job that you desire, our career experts help you practice essential technical skills. These skills help you gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the candidates in an interview and build a splendid resume for hiring companies.

A structured method to prepare for any corporate job interview!

If it is your career goal to work as an AI expert in any of the Fortune 500 companies, then our interview questions with answers in artificial intelligence will make sure you’re ready for it! Get exclusive access to over 20 mock interviews to polish not just your technical knowledge but soft skills too! .

Keep Your Interview Progress in Check!

Inventateq smoothens your transition from the AI course to your chosen industry through 100% placement assistance.

With a detailed track of your interview progress, our experts highlight major improvement areas to enhance your employability chances. We work with our students during the course and provide focused mentorship.

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Course Curriculum

Become AI Smart & Elevate Your Business Performance!

Inventateq’s online artificial training in Munich is invented to provide its students a complete understanding of AI fundamentals.

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Course Duration

A Short Course to Prepare You For the Evolving Tech Industry!

Try Inventateq’s 2-months short course that will not only introduce you to the world of artificial intelligence but also make you a seasoned professional in the field!


Online Training Mode

World-Class Content by Industry-Certified Experts Through Videos!

Be prepared to lead the competitive tech industry by mastering the best artificial intelligence course materials to study online.


Validate Your Success

Learn Latest Trends with Real-World Experience!

Our experts write stories of success through their industrial experience. Rest assured, Inventateq experts will help you master the latest AI trends.

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Let skilled trainers teach you key AI concepts with their years of experience!

  • Our expert trainer is a passionate AI professional who has dedicated more than 12 years of his life to learning Artificial Intelligence. Through this course, our expert will help the students learn the AI fundamentals with ease and through thorough practical training!
Artificial Intelligence

Trust Inventateq to Define Your Growth Trajectory!

Key highlights:
  • World-Class AI content curated by industrial experts.
  • Mentorship by industry-certified experts.
  • Learn every possible practical application of AI
  • Polish every AI concept, from basics to advanced.
  • Some good and live AI projects for beginners.
  • Supplement your knowledge with advanced AI tools.
  • 100% placement assistance.
  • Instructor-led AI training

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

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Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence

Practice the AI Craft

Say Hello to A Bright Career Ahead!
Pursuing our artificial intelligence training in Munich can guarantee you the career of your dreams. After pursuing this course, you can find employment in various industrial domains as a business intelligence developer, research engineer, machine learning engineer, data analyst, and much more!

The emergence of artificial intelligence is all set to create over and above 133 million jobs worldwide.

Learn artificial intelligence courses online and Join the current employment trend and earn a job at major tech giants - Google, Microsoft, and Amazon!

An Authentic Program To Tackle the AI Challenge!

No theoretical learning is complete without gaining the required practical knowledge!

At Inventateq, we understand what our students desire!

Not only do we help our students gain clarity on every technical AI concept, but also polish their concepts with an amazing hands-on experience.

The field of artificial intelligence is ever-evolving and to be the master of the AI landscape, your knowledge needs to evolve too!

Artificial Intelligence

Let your inner data scientist spread its wings of knowledge with
Inventateq’s AI Learning Classes in Munich!

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Level Up Your AI Skills

Pioneer New Innovations with the Top Artificial Intelligence Institute in Chennai with Placement!

Keep up with emerging AI trends and align with the latest industrial developments!

Join our expert curated online courses and climb the ladder of success! Learn everything you’d want to learn about AI at one destination!

From AI basics like programming languages to advanced concepts of Neural Networks, we cover everything under our courses!

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Building Careers with AI

Get Your Dream Career Break with Inventateq!

There’s an acute shortage of AI and machine learning experts across the world. At Inventateq, we understand this dire situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this detailed 2-month course our experts will cover AI basics and fundamentals along with advanced AI concepts. Some of the most interesting topics that you will study during the course duration are:

  • Machine learning implications in the field of artificial intelligence
  • TensorFlow
  • Neural Networks
  • Supervised and Unsupervised learning

The best part about Inventateq’s courses is that they can be pursued by both fresh engineering graduates and working professionals looking to upskill themselves. Book yourself an AI lesson in Munich today to feel the difference!

All you need is a basic understanding of programming languages, mathematics, and statistics to get started with our AI course. Our industry-certified experts will take care of the rest!

Major tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Uber are always keen on hiring skilled AI professionals. As we are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution, the demand for professionals with AI skills on their resume will only flourish.

Before beginning your artificial intelligence training in Munich, you must have solid basics of computer science, science, data science, and maths. Having experience with advanced math is always a plus!!

Artificial intelligence is a varied job profile that requires one to become a master of several skill sets including - AI programming, probability, statistics, linear algebra, and knowledge of various data structures and algorithms.

Our AI courses are job-oriented and enlighten you with critical AI concepts that will help skyrocket your career growth. Furthermore, our courses are 100% online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Through this course, you’ll gain key corporate skills, enjoy a hands-on learning experience, and also get 100% placement assistance.

Our artificial intelligence training course in Munich is 100% online. Visit our website to book the best artificial intelligence session in Munich today!

To pursue the artificial intelligence Course in Munich provided by InventaTeq, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field of engineering (preferably computer science).

After completing our 2-months long AI course, you’ll find yourself equipped with the necessary AI knowledge and skills required to become the master of your workplace! You’ll be able to achieve your desired career goals and tackle industrial challenges to build an AI-powered future!


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Premium Mentoring

Master the AI and Machine Learning Spectrum!

Inventateq leads with the mission of empowering the IT industry with skilled AI professionals. Learn key AI aspects, collaborate with worldwide AI experts, and develop creative AI innovations; all at the comfort of your home!

Inventateq is laser-focused towards helping our students grow in this fast-paced industry.

Our master and best trainer in India to learn AI practically ensures that you gain a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge from this course!


DomainFocused Curriculum

Gain In-Demand Technical & Analytical Skills!

Our industry-certified mentors professionally groom every student and make them future-ready!

During your time in this artificial intelligence course in Munich, you’ll get a chance to enhance several skill sets.

At Inventateq we rely on case studies, practical assignments, and hands-on experience to strengthen your AI fundamentals.

Through our course of artificial intelligence certification in Munich, you can gain a chance to improve your understanding of the future demands of your industry.

Our experts thrive to polish your corporate skills and make your AI transition smoother!



Courses Tailored to Incorporate Competitive Industrial Skills!

Our job-oriented AI learning classes in Munich are domain-focused. Our experts introduce you to the most prevalent technologies in your industry and strengthen your networking.

Develop a sound business acuity and a deep understanding of your domain to overcome critical industry challenges!

Our in-class assignments help you build an analytical mind and solve real industry-based case scenarios.


Additional Benefits

Demonstrate Your AI Skills & Gain a Leading Business Edge!

Let Inventateq be your stepping stone to success!

Our courses build a strong AI foundation and help master data Analytics along with major programming languages.

We assist you in understanding data visualisation tools along with key machine learning concepts. Not just this, we also provide one-on-one mentorship for crucial interpersonal corporate and aptitude skills!

Become placement ready with Inventateq’s AI learning training in Munich!


Shape your career path and define your success with 100% placement through our online artificial intelligence training in Munich!

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Artificial Intelligence

Hands-On Experience

Carve Your Pathway to Lucrative Placements!

Our AI programs are designed to help you blend in the tech world through an integrated course. The teaching team at Inventateq is composed of industry-certified tech experts. They give equal importance to learning theoretical concepts and practical applications.

Inventateq is building the future workforce, one student at a time!

Join our artificial intelligence classes in Munich to become a part of the movement!

Discover The InventaTeq Difference

Gain confidence in your industry through an integrated AI training program!

Display an outstanding presentation of technical AI skills and team-collaboration!

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