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Why Should You Study Artificial Intelligence?

From small private businesses to large government organizations, artificial intelligence is at the frontier of every entity across the globe.

According to a survey conducted by International Data Corporation, nearly $22 billion were spent on AI across Europe till 2022.
This number will skyrocket to nearly $50 billion by the year 2025.

The question of the hour is - What is the role of AI in building our future? What is artificial intelligence and why it is important.

Artificial intelligence is now claimed to be the most explosive and powerful technology in the world. Industries are in dire need of AI specialists to tame this technology to their advantage.

With increased adoption of AI across various domains, it’s no surprise that joining a distinguished AI learning course in London, UK can prove to be beneficial for your career!

Artificial Intelligence

Increased Job Opportunities

Strengthen Your Business Capabilities with AI!

From McDonalds in the culinary industry to healthcare giants like Pfizer, businesses are going gaga over the latest AI emulations!

A NewVantage report (2022) has shown that 9/10 businesses have reported an ongoing investment in artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Has Penetrated Every Sector

Change Your Business Outlook Forever with the Power of AI!

What does AI bring to the business table? The answer - enhanced business efficiency through predictive Analytics & machine learning.

Bid goodbye to your worries about tedious tasks and learn an artificial intelligence course online to solve complex business problems!

Artificial intelligence is a fundamental tool that will shape the future of millions of businesses across the world!

Artificial Intelligence

Harness AI for Good

Be the force behind the futuristic changes with AI!

By enrolling in the best artificial intelligence course in London, UK; you can become a part of the first generation of AI graduates and use its power wisely!

Today, artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous. In the foreseeable future, AI skills will be at the top of everybody’s tongue.

Artificial Intelligence

AI: An Essential Skill For Professionals

Crack Every Job Interview with Holistic AI Awareness!

In today’s workplace, your appreciation and knowledge of AI capabilities will set you apart from the crowd. AI challenges you to brainstorm innovations through deep research.

Increase the breadth of ideas at the world business table with AI skills on your resume!

You don’t need to be a well-settled computing professional to join the Inventateq AI learning course in London, UK with the best AI trainers in India to learn AI skill practically.

Artificial Intelligence

Prove yourself to be an expert with Inventateq hands-on training on your profile!

Portfolio building guided by career experts is an important part of the course at Inventateq. Our experts aim to build comprehensive profiles that easily catch the eyes of the interviewers and establish you as an expert!

Step into the corporate arena fearlessly with expert interview guidance!

At Inventateq, you can practice your technical knowledge with the help of more than 20 mock job openings in artificial intelligenceinterview questions and answers in artificial intelligence. Not just this, we also help you track your interview progress and highlight the areas of improvement.

Do You Want to Become Job-Ready with Inventateq?

A college degree alone won’t help you make the cut in this harsh cut-throat corporate competition!
Our job-oriented AI learning classes in London, UK gives you complete career support through a structured AI program!
With live online classes, industry leaders as mentors, AI certification, and 100% placement support, we leave no stone unturned in guiding our students to the path of success!

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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Course Curriculum

Explore the Captivating World of AI with Inventateq!

Enjoy working on hands-on AI projects for beginners and expand your network with other AI enthusiasts across the world!

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Course Duration

Join the largest community of AI experts! We will walk you through artificial intelligence in just 2 months!

If you’re in a time crunch but still want to upskill to artificial intelligence, then this 2-month online course is perfect for you!

Learn AI and build key corporate skills for success at the same time!


Industry-Certified Mentors

Take Your AI Knowledge to New Heights!

Make a successful career transition by benchmarking the success stories of our AI learners!

Under the guidance of the industry-certified experts in our course, you too can land preferential jobs and internships in the field of AI & machine learning!


Certification From Experts

Land Your Dream Job !

Gain a much-needed AI certification by completing our AI learning course in London. This certificate will help launch your career to new horizons.

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Students Who Loved Us

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Expert Trainer

  • Master the AI challenges by learning from our industrial experience!
  • Our expert trainer has over 20 years of experience at handling various AI analytical projects and working with cumbersome AI algorithms in a multitude of domains.
  • Students can benefit immensely from his knowledge of Big Data Environment and important programming languages like Python, SQL, SAS, etc.
Artificial Intelligence

Learnings Offered in the Course

Discover untapped future AI possibilities with InventaTeq AI courses!

Key highlights:

  • AI training under the guidance of certified experts.
  • Learn key corporate skills!
  • Online training mode to teach every AI module!
  • 100% Placement support through corporate mentorship.
  • Hands-on experience with amazing AI learning tools.
  • Portfolio building to land lucrative job openings for artificial intelligence!

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Reap the Benefits of a Handsome Paycheck

Build a Proactive AI Learning Approach!

A report submitted by the World Economic Forum claims that AI will generate nearly 58 million jobs in the coming few years.

A healthy approach to learning AI through online artificial intelligence training in London, UK can prove to be godsend for your career! You can be a newbie in the field of AI or can be a seasoned learner.

Earn a handsome paycheck, become an AI pro, and join the league of tech giants worldwide!

Enroll in Inventateq’s AI certification courses today to become the master of your destiny!

Stand at the Height of AI Powered Industrial Revolution:

Grasp Critical AI Concepts with Both Hands!

Inventateq offers you a chance to learn core computing skills like - statistics, basic mathematical fundamentals, and programming languages.

Let your imagination run wild with hands-on AI learning experience and practical applications. Derive concrete outcomes to complex real-world problems using AI concepts under the guidance of industrial experts!

Hone your professional computing skills and get sure shot placement assistance, only at Inventateq!

Artificial Intelligence

Gain the AI experience from top industry leaders and change the course of your career path!
Partner with us today to get access to ambitious AI projects and dynamic AI professionals!

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Mode of Courses

Learning is Possible in Every Nook & Corner of the World!

If convenience and comfort while learning is what you desire, then enroll in our online artificial intelligence session in London, UK!

Build a strong AI foundation and gain a holistic overview of AI!

Take our instructor-led online courses to learn basic coding to advanced topics like Neural Networks and Clustering through our instructor-led online courses.

Our team of mentors comprises skilled AI practitioners who’ve had the pleasure to work for esteemed organizations. We help build a strong AI foundation for both - seasoned professionals and fresh AI enthusiasts.

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Skills to Learn

Build an Appealing Corporate Portfolio!

At Inventateq we don’t just provide our students powerful insights into the world of AI.

We also focus upon extensive career guidance, résumé building, and key corporate skills development to make you interview-ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

Inventateq provides holistic AI training in London through online courses and modules led by industry-certified experts. We believe in the power of the combination of theoretical concepts and practical knowledge to succeed in your career.

Inventateq is a global best AI training institute in Bangalore that provides comprehensive AI training courses. Our artificial intelligence course syllabus is in tune with your industry requirements. They cater to both experienced professionals and fresh AI aspirants.

The course of the AI training modules is available on our website. You can also contact us, the top artificial intelligence institute in Chennai with placement for more details about the course.

AI has diffused through every industry. Therefore, to stay relevant in your industry niche, you must add certain AI skills to your resume. This can be done by joining prestigious artificial intelligence classes in London, UK.

If you are a fresh AI aspirant, then joining this course can help you land a lucrative job in future. You can choose from any of the AI-based professions:

  • Robotics engineer
  • Artificial intelligence researcher
  • Data scientist
  • Deep learning engineer
  • Machine learning engineer

Our AI training course in London, UK with placement teaches every AI concept from beginner to advanced level. The duration of this online course will be 2 months and the key concepts of our best artificial intelligence course materials to study online that will be taught include - Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Neural Network, Core Algorithms, etc.

Yes, machine learning is a critical lesson in our AI course.

Here are a few USP’s that differentiate us from our competitors:

  • A comprehensive AI course with multiple training modules.
  • Industry-certified experts to mentor you throughout the course.
  • Online mode of teaching to enhance accessibility.
  • Hands-on experience with practical AI applications.
  • 100% placement assistance.

Yes, InventaTeq will honor you with a certificate after completing our AI learning course in London, UK. You add this certificate to your resume to land your dream job as well!

The AI modules in our course are designed by industry-certified experts while keeping in mind the requirements of every industrial niche. These training modules will empower you to be the change and ace any tech interview!


InventaTeq: Your Career Companion

Explore the AI Roots

We specialize in intensive AI and programming training to make you work-ready!

Experience AI like never before! Our AI modules facilitate your conceptual Learnings with immense practical applications!

Having trouble finding an AI course that best suits your needs?

If yes, then book yourself a demo AI learning class in London, UK with Inventateq roday!


In Tune with the Industry Needs

Our Courses Yield New-Age AI Experts!

Today, every industry is welcoming AI and investing billions of dollars towards its development. Therefore, to keep up with the industrial demands, we design industry relevant AI modules alongside other areas of computing.

This specialist course can be pursued by any AI enthusiast - fresh or professional to transform their careers!

Join the Top AI learning training in London, UK to become a sound AI specialist!


Added Benefits

Choose a Learning Path that Serves You the Best!

Attest your expertise with AI certification gained from your AI learning in London, UK with Inventateq!

Give your career a digital kick start and learn AI from world-class faculty at your home! At Inventateq, we don’t just provide training modules. We believe in empowering our students with the right amount of knowledge and career to help their careers bloom.

In this course, you’ll get access to unique demonstrations, real-time AI projects, and a chance to work with state-of-the-art AI tools! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


Instructor-Led Training

Expect an Excellent Demand for your Skills!

Whether you’re aiming for Google, Microsoft, or any other open source platforms, this course will amp up your demand in the market!

Our AI placement training institute in London, UK is led by industry-certified experts. With one-on-one mentorship to guide you through the program, you too can learn every AI concept effortlessly!


Doesn’t matter your ultimate career goal, Inventateq experts will always support you!
Join the league of AI experts through an artificial intelligence course in London with InventaTeq!

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Artificial Intelligence

Training Methodology

Recognise the Transformative Potential of Artificial Intelligence!

Feeding your brains just theoretical concepts is an approach we don’t follow at Inventateq!

We empower young minds with both practical and theoretical knowledge to open a way for promising career opportunities!

Learn AI like never before! Hold the hands of our AI mentors to sail through your AI learning journey!

Launch Your Career in the Cyber World!

Expand your Breadth of Expertise in AI with InventaTeq!

Take a step forward and register your interests in our artificial intelligence session in London, UK today!