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Why Join Artificial Intelligence League?

86% of business executives claim that artificial intelligence is going to be mainstream in their firm by 2025.

With that said, there is no doubt that the scope of artificial intelligence will only continue to grow.

Therefore, this is the correct time you enrol yourself in an AI and machine learning course in Chicago.Learn artificial intelligence courses online if you wish to ace in the future as well.

If you always wonder what exactly artificial intelligence is and why it is important and are not well equipped with AI fundamentals, you will become outdated in the next 3 years!

From healthcare to agriculture, AI is being implemented to make things smoother, accurate and efficient. So, no matter which industry you choose to pursue your career in or you are currently working in, AI is the only way to keep up with technological changes.

Artificial Intelligence

Correctly Identify Latest Trends

Identify the latest trends and patterns with artificial intelligence!

Machine learning works on reviewing and analysing a large amount of data and helps you analyse the latest trends and patterns which is not feasible for humans. For instance, for any eCommerce brand, AI can help you understand your consumer purchasing trends, consumer behaviour in different countries and purchase histories. This helps companies to give a better and more satisfactory user experience to the user in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Reduces Human Intervention

Make automation your next move with Artificial intelligence!

Now you no need to babysit your project at every step. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can complete your projects with maximum efficiency without human intervention.

So why are you still working when your system can do it for you? Register yourself on the best AI learning course in Chicago with InventaTeq and make your work easier.

Artificial Intelligence

Increase In Productivity

Improve continuously with AI!

With the increase in machine learning algorithm experiences, efficiency and productivity increase. Therefore, there is always a scope for improvement with AI. Also, Keep up with the latest trends of AI so that you do not get stuck to the old conventional ways of performing activities.

Artificial Intelligence

Handles A Variety Of Data

Artificial intelligence handles multi-variety and multi-dimensional data!!

With quintals of data being generated daily, it becomes harder to manage that data. Artificial intelligence manages all this data with effective and convenient methods. This data is then utilised to understand the trends and patterns of data and users.

So, if you are just scrolling through your social media account, you are still using AI.

Artificial Intelligence

Add all the relevant skills and projects to your resume!

With InventaTeq, work on the projects and skills that actually matter. Work on 50+ projects in your course duration and build an impressive profile to get hired by the best companies.

A well-prepared interview is your first step to success!

Clearing an interview and landing your dream job is your ultimate goal and we completely understand it. Therefore to polish your skills regularly, we offer multiple mock interviews in your course duration.

Get placed in the best companies with InventaTeq!

From helping you prepare for the interview questions with answers in artificial intelligence to helping you prepare your resume, InventaTeq has got you covered. We have more than 150 hiring partners to ensure that each of our students gets placed and head start their careers.

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Artificial Intelligence

On-Demand Course Modules

Learn, learn because there is no substitute for learning!

InventaTeq artificial intelligence course syllabus begins with the basics of artificial intelligence and slowly unfolds each chapter of AI.

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Mode of Training

Relax and learn with InventaTeq at your home!

Start your artificial intelligence training from your home. Covid-19 has completely transformed the learning methods. No matter which country or city you are in, with InventaTeq, you can learn artificial intelligence at your home.


Course Length

Become an AI expert in only two months! A full-fledged artificial intelligence course in two months? Seems unreal?


Certification From The Experts

Get recognized by the big players of the industry!

Not only this, but InventaTeq also enables you to work on some live and good AI projects View Certificate


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Dedicated experts giving you lifetime experiences!

  • Our expert and the best AI trainer in India. has been a part of the data science industry for more than 12 years. In his career, he has been a part of many tech giant firms and has served more than 100 clients. With his knowledge of data science and its implementation, you will always find a new thing to learn in your classes.
Artificial Intelligence

Features Of Artificial Intelligence Course

A course curated by experts to make you an expert!

This AI learning training in Chicago caters to the needs of every individual whether you are an expert or a fresher.

The course has the following features:

  • Working on the live projects
  • Training on the recommended tools like SciPy, pandas, and PySpark.
  • Learn from the best experts from all over the world.
  • Complete placement assistance on course completion.
  • Online training methods to help you learn at your convenience.
  • Best Artificial Intelligence Course Materials to Study online

Best Artificial Intelligence AI Course Tools Covered

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Wide Spectrum Of Application

From education to agriculture, AI is present everywhere!

Artificial intelligence is now used in almost 80% of industries directly or indirectly. In the coming years, it is expected to be used almost everywhere. Therefore, the demand for AI is increasing day by day. Hence, for someone who wants a promising career in any field, enrol yourself in a Chicago artificial intelligence course with InventaTeq!

Join us to know Where can you get an Internship for artificial intelligence engineering students?

Career Options

A fulfilling and well-paying career awaits you!

The AI industry is booming and the demand for AI experts, especially the experienced and skilful ones is increasing day by day.

The best thing about AI is that it opens doors to multiplejob openings for artificial intelligence. This means that you can take up the roles and responsibilities based on your interest and skills.

Isn’t it great?

Are you unaware of the career opportunities in artificial intelligence online training in Chicago?

Career Opportunities in AI:

  • User experience developer
  • Big data analysts
  • Software engineer
  • Researcher
  • Data scientists
  • Big data engineer
  • Business intelligence
  • Computer vision engineer
  • Robotics engineer
Artificial Intelligence

Unravel each concept of artificial intelligence with
InventaTeq and be ready to face the corporate world!

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because we build you from scratch!

During the Artificial intelligence course duration, each chapter of artificial intelligence will be unfolded one by one. Register today for the Job Oriented artificial intelligence course in Chicago.

Get your hands on the best and most detailed knowledge of AI.

From understanding the basics of deep learning to machine learning in python to working on real-life projects on recommender systems, everything is taught in this course with no details spared!

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Learn programming, machine learning and design- all in a single place!

Enrol yourself in the top AI learning training in Chicago and make your first step toward the world of artificial intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, coding is one of the crucial parts of AI. Therefore, you need to learn to code to enrol yourself in the artificial intelligence course. You can choose any language including Python, R, Linux and more.

Surely, yes. As per the reports, the AI industry is likely to reach $190 billion by 2025. With such numbers, it is quite evident that the AI industry is going to boom in the near future. Therefore, it is the correct time to enrol yourself in AI courses and practice artificial intelligence on real-life projects.

InventaTeq provides you with online artificial intelligence training in Chicago to give you the flexibility to learn anywhere at any time. In this course, we have covered crucial topics like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and data analysis.

  • Big data engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Research scientist
  • Software engineer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Software architect
  • Business intelligence developer.

If you are looking for a trusted partner to learn AI, InventaTeq is your place! The team has been a support for a lot of aspirants who can not join physical classes and want to learn AI. InventaTeq is an ISO-certified online artificial intelligence curated by experienced staff to give you the right kind and amount of training in two months.

Though there are no advanced requirements to learn AI you need to have a good understanding of computer science, science and maths. However, if you have experience in advanced maths including concepts like probability, calculus, Bayesian algorithm and algebra, it will only make learning AI easier for you.

People who are interested and enthusiastic about learning about science and coding should enrol themselves in AI courses. Such people are more comfortable experimenting with the latest concepts and technologies. So, if you are also a coding enthusiast and love to learn about science and coding, enrol today in the artificial intelligence online training in Chicago with InventaTeq.

Luckily Yes. InventaTeq offers you 100% placement assistance post completion of your course. Not only this, but our experts also help you build your resume and make a professional impression in front of your next employer. We focus on making your foundation so strong that you can easily crack your next interview and be a part of your dream company.

There are numerous benefits of enrolling yourself in an AI learning course in Chicago. This includes getting a better understanding of how AI works, working on real-life projects, dealing with the client’s requirements, and other skills to develop your career in AI.


Why InventaTeq?

Quality educationthat everyone deserves!

InventaTeq believes in providing everyone with the quality education they need and deserve. We offer you job-oriented courses, 100% placement assistance, resume building and a lot more to make you ready for your next job. Beginners can also consider Internship for artificial intelligence to get started with AI.

Well, this is not it. The artificial intelligence course in Chicago by InventaTeq is designed to cater to the needs of business owners, working professionals and students. So, give wings to your career and join the league of InventaTeq.


Instructor-led AI Course

Learn AI now as per your capabilities!

InventaTeq provides you with instructor-led training in which an instructor is assigned to you to guide you during your course. The Instructor will help you resolve any kind of problems that you may face during the course.


Job Oriented Courses

We validate a strong career foundation!

These job-oriented artificial intelligence classes in Chicago are designed to fulfil the requirement of the industry and the individual. This course will benefit both working professionals who wish to add a skill to their kitty and freshers who wish to start their career.

The course covers important topics like programming using Python, and Linux, analysis of data and linear algebra and statistics.



Stand out from the competition with a well-written interview!

InventaTeq will be there for your support even after the completion of your course. Our curriculum includes helping you make a professional resume that you need to make an impression on your next employer.


But do you know what’s easier? Enrolling in an AI class with InventaTeq, the Best AI Training Institute in Bangalore!

Be AI Certified in a wide spectrum of AI Job-functions!

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Artificial Intelligence

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Credibility and Quality in a single place!

InventaTeq is an ISO-certified and one of top Artificial intelligence institutes with Placement. It ensures that the right and appropriate information is being delivered to the people. ISO certification makes InventaTeq a credible institute so you can trust us with your career. We ensure to follow the international standards of learning and abide by the government laws of teaching.

You will be assigned with an industry-expert who will be your mentor throughout your AI learning journey.

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