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How AI Is Transforming The World?

As per the digits of Semrush, the AI industry will grow up to 33.2% of its size in the duration 2020 to 2027.

Are you also looking to learn what AI is and why it is important, then you have landed on the right page? Today all the tech giants, small start-ups, entrepreneurs, and all sorts of businesses are using AI.

Most businesses which have not used AI till now are keeping it as their tech goal.

The majority of these businesses are eagerly waiting to build up a strong team of AI professionals to boost their company’s growth.

Do you understand what that means for the budding AI aspirants? More and more job openings for artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Helps You Understand New Trends

Keep pace with changing trends with AI!

Technological trends change daily. Each day a new algorithm or a new trend originates on the internet and in different industries.

With AI, all the data is consolidated and analysed in a way to help you understand the new trends.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Is The Solution For Big Data

On average, about 1.8 quintals of data is generated every day throughout the globe!

Can you imagine how difficult it would become to handle this amount of data?

Thankfully enough, we have AI for this! Artificial intelligence allows you to manage, operate, and analyse a huge amount of data without losing accuracy.

For the tech giants where the majority of data is generated from several technologies and services, AI has worked like a wonder!

Artificial Intelligence

AI Is The Growing Industry

The numbers are enough to tell of AI's popularity!

Do you know that the AI industry alone contributes around 62 billion USD to the global market?

And this digit is constantly increasing with a considerable ratio.

The graph of AI growth is accelerating exponentially. Hence, the chances of your growth in this career go several folds as well.

Up till now, the growth of AI is estimated to be 13X the current size of the industry. No wonder why every candidate is joining AI for a bright and secured future.

Artificial Intelligence

Exciting Job Opportunities in AI

AI is the sea of job opportunities!

Do you know that AI job opportunities are not limited to AI engineers only?

You can apply for various vivid posts, job specifications and internships for artificial intelligence. Not only this, you get to choose the industry of your choice.

If medicine is something that excites you but you belong to an accounting background, let AI bridge this gap for you.

You can apply for various posts including data analysts, business development experts, and data scientists, or you can join the robotics team!

Artificial Intelligence

Build an impressive profile with the experts!

With InventaTeq, focus more on practical concepts rather than just theory. We make you work on 20+ live projects that you can add to your resume and make an impression on the hiring manager.

Interview Preparation

We train you to face the real world!

InventaTeq focuses on making you job-ready. We offer you multiple mock interviews so that you can also build the confidence to face the outside world. Our curated mock interview questions with answers in artificial intelligence are a reflector of real interviews as they are done while replicating real-life settings.

Placement Assistance To Land Your Dream Job

From learning to resume preparation, InventaTeq has got your back!

We do not only provide you with theoretical knowledge but we also provide you with 100% placement. InventaTeq has partnered with a lot of firms. This increases your chances of getting hired after the completion of the course.

Therefore, if you are interested in switching your career or starting your career, InventaTeq’s AI training placement in Los Angeles is what you need.

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Course Curriculum

Beginning from programming to machine learning to data analysis, this Artificial intelligence course in Los Angeles covers everything.

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Course Duration

This Two-month course is your way to a cheering career!

In two months you will be AI-ready! That sounds unachievable, right?

InventaTeq has designed this course in a way that it corporate all the concepts of AI as well as their implementation in the real world.


Skills You Will Learn

Skills that you will cultivate all your life!

InventaTeq is not only teaching you the concepts of Artificial intelligence but we are also making you ready to face the industry.

Our experts will help you create a professional resume to make a good impression on the managers or the hiring team.


Online Training Methods

Do not let any boundaries stop you from learning!

InventaTeq provides you with online artificial intelligence training in Los Angeles to let you learn from the experts in the industry.

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Get trained by industry experts!

  • Our expert trainer is currently working as a machine learning expert in the industry. He is leading as one of the best AI trainers in India to make you learn AI skills practically. With an experience of over 10 years, he is well-equipped with the basic knowledge and advanced application of machine learning concepts. In his career, he has worked for over 8 companies and was involved in 50+ projects.
Artificial Intelligence

What You Will Learn In This Course?

Get what the industry needs!

InventaTeq understands how only theoretical knowledge is not enough to survive the harsh reality of the corporate world. Therefore, we curate the course in a way that you learn what is required in the industry.

InventaTeq Speciality:

  • Instructor-led training
  • Designed according to industry standards
  • Convenient placement support
  • Online training methods
  • Working with the latest trends and tools of AI

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Pair AI With Machine Learning

Bring machines to life with AI and ML

How exciting our world would become if we can convert machines into something more than just metal pieces?

Machine learning is one of the leading technologies that is transforming the world today. But imagine how incredible it would become if we pair it with AI.

AI allows you to enhance the power of machine learning and the accurate application of its concepts.

Unroll Every Concept of AI With InventaTeq!

Our artificial intelligence course syllabus makes us the best AI learning training in Los Angeles.

We have curated our instructor-led course. This course delivers you the right kinds of training and information you need to stay ahead of others.

Artificial Intelligence
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Unroll Every Concept of AI With InventaTeq!

Our artificial intelligence course syllabus makes us the best AI learning training in Los Angeles.

We have curated our instructor-led course. This course delivers you the right kinds of training and information you need to stay ahead of others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AI is applied in several industries including medicine, digital services, robotics, research, music, and much more. It is safe to say that almost every industry is using AI today. So, no matter which industry you are working in, you will encounter AI everywhere. Therefore, to stay ahead of others, it's the time you enrol on an artificial intelligence course in Los Angeles.

All you need to start your AI journey is to enrol in the top AI learning training in Los Angeles offered by InventaTeq today and have the enthusiasm to reform the tech world.

AI is a skill for everyone. For candidates that are looking forward to building their career in data analysis, robotics, data science, machine learning, and other advanced technologies, AI is a must-have skill. Therefore, if you are a coding enthusiast, you can enrol yourself for online artificial intelligence training in Los Angeles with InventaTeq.

Yes, the least qualification of a candidate accepted as an AI expert is graduation. You must have acquired a degree in computer science or information technology. Also, any field similar to technology is enough to kick-start your AI career.

AI is a great tool for software engineers around the world. Most tech giants are constantly looking for AI experts for their organizations. You can either join as a software engineer or simply as an AI expert only.

Tech giants such as Apple, Google, HCL, and many more are actively involving AI experts in their teams to improve their growth. You can get entry-level jobs at such companies as well. Therefore, if you also have a dream of joining any of these companies, our job-oriented artificial intelligence Classes in Los Angeles are all you need.

The average salary of AI engineers starts from 8 lakhs when they join as a newbie. With experience, the salary can be increased up to 50 lakhs per year on average. With that said, it is quite evident that you can make a good living by choosing AI as your career.

The AI industry is far from being saturated. More than 48% of the companies are planning to adopt AI as their tech support. Hence, job opportunities are opening up daily in this field. Therefore, this is the correct time to learn artificial intelligence in Los Angeles with InventaTeq. Enrol in the AI course and see your career blossom.


Join InventaTeq For A Promising Career

A great career is waiting for you!

Right from the beginning of the course, we focus on making you corporate-level ready. We have curated our course in a way to offer you maximum exposure and implementation of the concepts.


Curriculum As Per Industry Standards

Learn as per the industry standards!

InventaTeq does not follow the old school methods to teach you AI. With InventaTeq, learn the latest trends and technologies of AI along with the fundamentals.


Focus On Making You Industry Ready

Your first step towards a bright and promising future!

InventaTeq focuses on providing you with the necessary skills to stand out from the crowd. We have incorporated working on good AI projects for beginners in a way that you become better at problem-solving and understanding the concepts of AI.


Instructor-led Courses

The instructor-led training makes you well-versed with AI topics while enhancing your understanding over basics and advanced concepts.


AI Training At Your Convenience

Our training methods make us the top AI learning training in Los Angeles!

Gone are the days of keeping hard copies of your notes or learning in offline institutes. With InventaTeq, make learning simplified and access notes and sessions at your fingertips. Inventateq, the best AI training institute in Banglore to let you learn AI at your convenience.

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Artificial Intelligence

To become the best, learn from the best!

Are working in the healthcare or education industries? Do you know AI is also used in such industries?.

Well, that’s true. Even in fields like agriculture, AI is used to monitor the farm conditions and the condition of your crop.

Then why are you staying behind?

Enrol on the best artificial intelligence online session in Los Angeles with InventaTeq! Take a step ahead to a shining future.

Experience Quality Like No Other With InventaTeq

We are not your basic online artificial intelligence session in Los Angeles!

With InventaTeq AI courses, experience what quality education feels like. The course is curated to give you the right and adequate knowledge to survive and thrive throughout your career.

You are just a few clicks away!

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