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Why Learn AWS?

Hail the god of cloud computing - Amazon Web Services!

The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is expected to reach $370 billion by the end of 2022.

In terms of the market share, Amazon Web Services continue to make heads turn with their unprecedented growth!

Cloud services have become the new normal for providing hosted services on the internet. Amazon Web Services is a scalable and cost-efficient program that helps users in building their desired applications on the cloud.

With millions of active partners worldwide, AWS has become the gold standard of cloud computing.

From Netflix in the entertainment business to astronomical institutions like NASA; everyone is using Amazon web services.

Artificial Intelligence

Assured Data Security & Recovery

Your data is in safe hands with Amazon Web Services! Do you know what is the prime reason behind the global rise of AWS adoption? The answer is - excellent security, data privacy, and backup services for customers. Doesn’t matter the scale of your business, AWS delivers extensive security support through Identity and Access Management. Authenticate your data sources and explore cloud-based recovery options with our AWS course in Toronto!

Artificial Intelligence

Significant Enterprise Migration to AWS

A global surge in demand for AWS professionals! Enterprises that are increasingly migrating their data to cloud computing systems like Amazon Web Services are facing several challenges and roadblocks. This means that there’s a need in the IT industry for professionals who have an in-depth knowledge about cloud computing systems. An in-depth knowledge about AWS is undeniably a valuable asset for IT professionals! Therefore, the right time to begin learning an AWS course online is right now.

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AWS is Growing Every Minute of the Day

Learn the quintessential cloud computing skills and become an AWS prodigy! Amazon Web Services was the first company to market its revolutionary public cloud services. In fact, just a year after the launch of AWS, the company had 180,000 users on the platform. Since then, the company hasn’t looked back. Today, the brand holds the biggest share in the cloud computing market.

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Affordable Pricing

Facilitating IT modernisation through competitive pricing! Doesn’t matter whether you’re an apprentice, a trainee, a novice, or a working professional looking for a practical experience with AWS, you can create an AWS account for free! That’s right! This free-tier account will provide you access to certain exclusive services that will last you your entire life.

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Learn to hide the need and start showing your skills!

The future will be of people with skills. Therefore, to ace the future, it’s the right time to equip yourself with the right kind of skills. InventaTeq gives you an opportunity to work on multiple AWS projects for beginners and build the right kind of skills.

Preparing yourself is the key to your success!

A common mistake that everyone makes is that either they do not prepare or they over prepare for an interview. There are only some people who prepare aptly and according to what is required. You can be one of those rare people by attempting all the mock interviews conducted by InventaTeq..

Your six-figure salary will no longer be a far-fetched dream!

We provide the best job-oriented Amazon Web Services sessions in Toronto and the same is certified by the learning experience of our students.

After the completion of our course, you’ll emerge as a trained AWS professional ready to take on any IT challenge!

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Course Curriculum

From fundamentals to advanced concepts, our experts cover everything!

Our Amazon Web Services modules are designed in a way to help you cover each cloud computing concept.

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Training Mode

A multi-tiered approach to virtual learning!

Work from home has changed the entire landscape of the corporate industry.
Moreover, if you’re busy with your professional and personal commitments but don’t want to miss out on the latest IT developments, then our Amazon Web Services online training in Toronto can be godsend for you.


Hands-On Training

Explore the practical angle of Amazon Web Services!

Along with the exclusive access to our self-paced virtual AWS classes, we also provide you industrial-level exposure to practical AWS tools. Furthermore, we provide instructor-led training in smaller batches to accommodate students with all learning paces.


Enroll in our Batches

At Inventateq, we let you choose your learning path!

To make room for your busy schedule we provide the best AWS learning experience with new batches every week.

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Learn the required skills from the experts themselves!

  • Our expert and best AWS trainer in India is well-equipped with the terms and concepts of cloud computing. He began his career as a cloud developer and is now working as a cloud architect. In a career of 12 years, he has worked for over 80 clients from all over the world.
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What You Will Learn In This Course?

Course Highlights:
  • Instructor-led Amazon Web services training.
  • Customized designed AWS modules for concept strengthening.
  • Introduction to the latest cloud computing technology.
  • Virtual Training modules to suit your learning path!
  • 100% placement assistance to land a secure job!
  • Mock interview training to help track your progress.

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Incredible Learning Resources

A career where demand overtakes supply!

AWS certifications have been into existence since the year 2013.

For anybody who is interested in learning more about Amazon Web Services can enrol in our prestigious AWS course in Toronto.

Our tutoring resources include manuals, dedicated AWS course syllabus, practice exams, assignments, and much more.

Learn everything from the starting and basic concepts like what AWS is and why it is important?

Validate Your AWS Credibility

Prove your IT expertise to the employers!

Trust in your knowledge and experience is a huge factor when it comes to getting hired by IT firms.

An AWS certification can work as your proof of knowledge and help you become a member of the growing global AWS community.

This certification tells the hiring committee that you’ve gone through tedious training to reach this stage in your career and can take on any complex task required by the hiring organization!

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Boost Employability

A smarter way to launch your career in the IT industry!

Regarded as one of the highest-paying IT certifications, an AWS course is a must-do for every IT professional! Want to enjoy the financial sustainability guaranteed by a six-figure salary?

Unfold every chapter in the book of Amazon Web Services with Inventateq!

Inventateq is the chosen AWS learning partner of millions of students across the globe.

We are ready to introduce IT enthusiasts in Toronto to the world of cloud computing through our unique training methodology and instructor led courses.

We aim to build a captivating learning environment for our students and scale their skills!

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Our experts make AWS learning a realisable career goal!

At Inventateq, we give prime importance to conceptual clarity and practical learning.

We take pride in having provided instructor-led training to IT enthusiasts from all walks of life in their chosen career fields. From artificial intelligence to cloud computing, Inventateq is at the frontier of every IT technology tutoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Web Services holds a mind-boggling share of 69% in the global cloud computing market. Due to this gigantic share in the IT industry, several notable firms like Adobe, Airbnb, and Google are migrating and storing their data on AWS. Through Inventateq’s online AWS Toronto courses, you can gain a widespread exposure to the AWS platform and become a cloud computing professional!

Our AWS courses are designed to help seasoned IT learner’s and fresh students learn about the architectural aspects of cloud computing. Our industry-certified experts will guide you through this course to learn about - AWS architecture, Storage Services, Database Services, Content Delivery & Networking Services, etc. Internships in AWS are also available for fresh graduates to get started with industry.

Whether you’re an IoT developer, a web developer, or a freshly passed out computer science graduate, our AWS course will help you become a trained AWS professional. Apart from this we also polish your corporate soft skills to transform you into a complete corporate professional.

This course is designed to cater to the interests of - freshers, web developers, architects, and any other type of IT professional who wants to venture into the world of cloud computing.

Our average AWS course duration is 2 months. If you choose to be in the weekday batch, then the online classes will go on for 45 days. But, if you choose the weekend batch then the online classes will last for 75 days.

Having witnessed the explosive growth of Amazon Web Services in the cloud computing domain, we want to provide our students an in-depth knowledge of this arena. This will help our students to become global IT leaders and get an opportunity to work at the topmost IT firms.

Today, Amazon Web Services are regarded as the most desirable IT certification globally. It is the king of cloud computing systems and people spend billions of dollars on an annual basis to utilize the platform to its full potential. Monetising on the growth of this platform through our AWS course in Toronto can prove to be the best decision for your career.

No, there are no prerequisites for joining our AWS course in Toronto. Any candidate who has a basic understanding of computing systems and programming languages can benefit immensely from this course!

After the completion of this course, you should be able to earn a hefty paycheck by joining any of the following job openings in AWS:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Data Architect

Inventateq, the best AWS training institute in Bangalore provides mentor-led AWS learning courses at the most competitive prices. You too can become a part of the Inventateq family by booking your free AWS demo session on our website today!


InventaTeq: Our Courses Speak Volumes

Instructor-Led Courses

Who better to guide you through the AWS wave than our computing experts!

We provide you one-on-one mentorship throughout your AWS learning journey with us. Our students can contact their mentors any time to clarify any doubts that they have in mind.

Our experts bring their IT industry experience with them to your digital screens through hands-on training and practical assignments!


Career Counselling Sessions

With Inventateq, you get access to premium career building features!

At InventaTeq, we have a dedicated career support team that helps propel our mission of providing 100% placement assistance through our job-oriented Amazon Web Services classes in Toronto.

Track your career progress, take real-time interview questions and answers in AWS, and avail the benefits of resume building with Inventateq as your partner!


Accessible Digital Learning

Now you can avail instructor-led training from any corner of the world!

The best part about our AWS lesson in Toronto; you can access it whenever and wherever you want! Yes. With Inventateq courses, you decide the time and place of your learnings.

Don’t ever miss out on critical AWS topics because our instructors have got your back! Due to our program structure, you can rewind and rewatch the lectures multiple times to gain conceptual clarity!


ISO Certification

Certification from experts to verify your knowledge!

We are an ISO-certified company. Therefore, after pursuing our AWS course in Toronto, you’ll be given an ISO certification to validate your learnings.

This certification is highly sought-after by giant tech firms such as Google and will help you succeed in your career for sure!


Connect with our learning advisors to know about the scope of cloud computing and its importance for projecting your IT career! Get IT-trained at home with Inventateq’s leading online Amazon Web Services Training in Toronto!

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Inventateq: Making AWS learning an achievable goal!

Learning AWS will no longer be a challenge; all thanks to Inventateq, the top AWS training institute in Chennai with placement!

Embark on your AWS journey and join the league of IT experts! Volunteer for the best AWS session in Toronto today!