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Why Enroll in AWS Certification?

More than 1 million users are using AWS actively to maintain their database.

AWS is one of the most advanced technical fields offering new and exciting job openings in AWS to all!

Today, no sector is left untouched by the magic of AWS. Due to its unbeatable efficiency and convenience, AWS has now replaced traditional data storage systems to a huge extent.

AWS is now more than just an option for developers since the IaaS and PaaS services provided by AWS are undoubtedly the best in the industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Exciting job opportunities

In the previous year, AWS’s market has grown by 39%, So, AWS is on the checklist of leading companies in every sector Undoubtedly, the job opportunities in this field are enormous and increasing exponentially every day! AWS has built a huge network of thousands of enterprises, businesses, and organizations, over the past years. However, the AWS team is still constantly entering new sectors every day! With an increased network, the need for AWS experts is growing at the same rate!

Artificial Intelligence

Higher pay scale

Upgrade your pay-scale amount as well! Did you know that AWS certification training in San Francisco has become a reason why many of the existing companies have increased the salaries of their existing AWS experts by about 25%? Yes, you can get an unbelievable hike on your existing salary package. However, for the newbies as well, this field looks quite promising. The new or fresh recruits in the field with AWS learning course san Francisco certification can expect up to 93,000 USD per year! They even go for internships in AWS. Some of the highest paying profiles throughout the globe include different positions like architects, developers, etc. Even the newbies in the field are offered handsome salaries at the beginning of their careers as well.

Artificial Intelligence

AWS is affordable and preferred by all

Get benefits of advanced tools without straining your pockets Although there are many options for cloud computing in the market today, AWS stands on the top due to its efficiency and the features that it provides. You can get access to various tools and specific features in AWS at a pocket-friendly price. If you think that adopting cloud computing will be an expensive process, try AWS! You will be amazed by the prices and the features.

Artificial Intelligence

Highest growth rate

10 folds growth with Cloud Amongst the other competitors of AWS, only AWS has made a 10 times growth to its initial value. All the tech giants today are working on AWS to make their processes easier and more convenient than ever. As per the predictions of the experts, AWS will grow more in the upcoming years. Imagine the job opportunities and growth capacity AWS holds.

Artificial Intelligence

Feeding you with the relevant industry skills!

InventaTeq provides you with industry-based training to help you be prepared for your next job and stand out from the crowd. We give you the opportunity to work on multiple projects from basic to advanced to ensure that you are equipped with all the skills to work in the industry.

Experience real-life interviews with our mock interviews!

No matter how equipped you are with the right skills, it will be of no use if you don’t know how to showcase them. Therefore, we conduct multiple mock interviews for you to give you an insight into how real-life interviews are done.
Inventateq's team of experts arranges regular mock interviews to make you acquainted with the concept, procedure, and practicing interview questions with answers in AWS.

100% Placement Assistance

Our team at Inventateq gives you access to 100% placement support. We ensure that we will provide you with world-class assistance to make your onboarding easier with the company of your dreams.

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Course Curriculum

Get knowledge about applying several AWS and cloud computing concepts with live projects.

Learn through the experience of our experts at the Amazon Web Services online lessons in San Francisco.

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Course Duration

Step inside the cloud world with Inventateq!

Inventateq offers various courses for the candidates to complete in less than 2 months!
Uncover a new and significant segment of AWS with our experts at every AWS session in San Francisco.
Complete various modules of AWS concepts within a fixed duration.


Online Training Mode

Unique training technique

Inventateq offers you a chance of getting a skill that will boost your career whilst sitting at your home.
Learn AWS courses online and Gain hands-on training on how to operate and use the tools through an online portal.


Certification From Experts

Get certified from the geeks!

Our professional certification will help you embark on your journey to success. Acquire an ISO-approved certification to showcase your efficiency in tools.

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Take the right step towards your career with the experts!

  • Our best AWS trainer in India started his career as a DevOps engineer in AWS and has completed 10 years in the industry. In his career, he has worked as an operations engineer, system administrator and DevOps engineer. His main area of expertise is DevOps. He joined InventaTeq two years back and is focused on providing you with his expertise.
Artificial Intelligence

Know all about AWS

We cover every AWS aspect!

Inventateq experts ensure that all the essential AWS aspects under specially designed and curated AWS courses in San Francisco

Course highlights
  • Specialized instructor-led regular classes for all
  • Direct interactive sessions with experienced mentors
  • Guides with more than 8years of experience belonging to giants like dell, intel, etc.
  • Professional and in-depth training on the latest AWS tools
  • Live industry-specific projects to provide training in specific industries
  • Flexible class schedule with regular classes

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Major industries are using AWS

Join the giants with AWS!

Amazon Web Services certification training courses in San Francisco will provide you access to join the companies that you have always wanted to join.

Starting from large technology companies to small and mid-sized businesses are using AWS to use cloud computing like a pro.

Every sector including banking, real estate, pharmaceuticals, and many more is using AWS to store and access their data.

You can join the Job Oriented Amazon Web Services course in San Francisco to unlock the opportunities every sector holds.

Scalable cloud storage option

Store tons of data under one section

AWS offers scalability of storage to ensure that there is never a “space shortage” for your essential data.

Amazon Web Services allow you to increase or simply reduce the scale of data storage as per your requirement without any additional process.

Your convenience and accessibility are kept a priority by AWS. You can handle your data using various AWS tools like auto-scaling, elastic load balancing, and much more.

These tools can help you to and adjust the scale of your cloud storage easily.

Artificial Intelligence

Join online sessions at Inventateq through your smartphone or desktop.
Tick Mark your skills with the best AL learning in San Francisco!

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Highly Secure Cloud Storage

Your security is a priority

AWS uses an end-to-end technique to prevent your data from getting lost.

This approach ensures that you allow the user to access your data from your end as well instead of directly giving him access to the data.

Get answers to all your questions related to AWS like what AWS is and why it is important. AWS ensures that your data is secured from all corners and that you do not lose your confidential data to anyone.

Also, with this technique, you can access your data from legitimate systems only. This will make sure that data does not leave the circle of your trusted and registered people.

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AWS Skill Set

Be ready for all the hurdles in your way with us!

The Inventateq team pays attention to your technical skills. But more importantly, we consider your overall growth as a major attention center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inventateq offers AWS sessions on two different types of batches. You can select regular or weekend batches at your convenience. Take classes at Inventateq at your utmost convenience.

Tools like auto-scaling, cloud storage, cloud computing, EC2, etc. Will be explained during your AWS training classes in San Francisco at Inventateq.

If you wish to build a career in cloud computing, cloud software development, and other cloud-based profiles, AWS is a must-have skill

AWS is one of the fastest growing public cloud platforms with new job opportunities daily. The industry doors are wide open for the newbies as well given that they have acquired Job Oriented Amazon Web Services course in San Francisco

Inventateq, the top AWS institute in Chennai with placement ensures 100% placement assistance to all its students with a specialized team of experts. You will get 100% assistance from our experts to make your selection process easier.

As per the statistics, the AWS growth rate is constantly improving and moving in a positive direction on the graph. The growth of the AWS section has resulted in providing a maximum share of cloud to AWS only.

You can register yourself for a free demo at Inventateq. Simply visit our official website and tap on the “book a demo” button. You will not have to pay any penny for the same.

Inventateq provides instructor-led classes for all the students. These classes are interactive and make learning simple and easy for all. You can ask questions, participate in discussions, and learn actual concepts through them.


Be on the top of your career ladder with Inventateq

Industry-specificLive Projects

We believe in imparting practical knowledge

Select the industry-specific live AWS projects for beginners that excite you the most!

We provide you with several options to apply your concepts in different sectors including banking, real estate, technology, and whatnot.
If you want to choose and stay committed to any specific industry, you will have to learn how to apply the concepts of AWS in the industry-specific situations.
Learn this art with us at Best AWS certification training in San Francisco.



Learn concepts and also their with us!

The Inventateq offers the best course material to study online that allows the candidates to work on live training projects, real-time problem solving, case studies, and training of software and tools with detailed instructions.

We also ensure that you have smooth onboarding to the course. Our experts provide you with detailed instructions through videos for installing your tools on your systems.

Get access to videos explaining the stepwise procedure of installing the tools on your system and open them adequately.


Devoted StudentSupport

We will always have your back!

Be it during office hours or beyond, our experts in the placement support team assist all the students throughout the day.

You can leave a message for our experts throughout the day regarding any placement query or technical issue.



Build a unique and awarding resume with us!

How would your resume look different from the thousands of resumes lying on the HR table?

We will help you build a resume that gets highlighted. Add a skill that counts on your resume.

The majority of the companies today are looking for candidates that have acquired AWS training from the accredited training institution like Inventateq, the best AWS training institute in Bangalore.


Become AWS experts with the biggest assets in this field At Inventateq!

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Artificial Intelligence

Job Prospects

Over 8,000 companies are using AWS

From leading technical organizations to bank services, every sector is now including AWS in its curriculum.

With the increase in popularity of AWS, the need for AWS experts, architects, developers, and other professionals has increased exponentially in previous years.

You can apply at various organizations under the role following job profiles after getting your AWS certification training classes san Francisco at Inventateq: Cloud Architect, Cloud developer, DevOps engineer (cloud), Cloud network engineer, AWS expert, Front end developer and many more.

That’s not it!

You can also use the skills you gather during Amazon Web Services Classes in San Francisco to start something on your own.

Start your journey with Inventateq and smoothen the curves!

Modes of courses

Get upskilled without leaving your comfort zone!

Our team of driven professionals is converting dreams into reality through their hard work.