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Why Enroll in AWS Certification?

What is AI and why is it important? How does it really work?

Over 1 million users are actively using AWS to store their data in the cloud. With an efficient data storage system, the AWS team has finally reached yet another milestone.

Cloud computing is the new trend in technology! Hop on the trend with AWS certification training Melbourne as the majority of enterprises and tech giants are using it.

Join the AWS clan today!

Cloud-based services allow you to store and access your data easily. You can extract any piece of data from online portals.

However, this is only the case if you have access to this storage!

Also, if you consider the data security on AWS, you must know that hacking cloud storage is next to impossible due to several reasons.

The world is choosing AWS as their choice of cloud storage in place of servers for several reasons out of which data security lies on top.

Artificial Intelligence

Highly flexible

AWS can do it all! Are you worried about the specifications of your operating system or the programming language in which you generate the codes? AWS proudly owns more than 7000 products and services as per their latest portfolio! You can select the services of your choice and make up your cloud computing network with AWS. AWS provides you with the services your applications need. Also, with new services based on your existing applications, the migration process for data becomes easier and more convenient.

Artificial Intelligence

AWS has reached every sector

Every sector is using AWS for Cloud computing! More than 8,000 businesses spread around different sectors are using AWS actively. “Managing and accessing data has never been this convenient,” says the businesses that have already accepted cloud computing. To make it easier for all, you will have to link storage, management, and data access through an established system.

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Epicenter of new opportunities

AWS is bringing new opportunities daily AWS proudly stands on the top of the best Iaas provider. In Infrastructure-as-a-service abbreviated as IaaS, AWS holds a higher ranking than Microsoft, Google, and all the other players. Most companies today are adopting AWS as their IaaS provider. With this, the AWS experts have unlocked a new door of opportunities to begin their success journey. Fresh graduates can also join internships in AWS. By registering yourself in aws course Melbourne, you can also enter the world of cloud and experience the change.

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Reliable cloud computing

Store tons of data without storage running out! You can now get your hands on various AWS tools that help you to scale your applications as per the demand. Make use of tools like auto-scaling, elastic load balancing, and others to raise or drag back your application's scale. With AWS, the data storage on cloud-based platforms is now easily scalable.

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Showcase your skills with the right profile

With the right skills, you can target the right job profile. InventaTeq helps you in building a profile that attracts and impresses the cloud industry giants.

Get the best cloud-based jobs with us!

We equip you with all that you need. Take advantage of our mock interviews so that you would be ready to face the real job interviews..

World-class placement assistance

We believe in showcasing our excellence through our placement rates.
Inventateq provides you with a specialized team of experts to assist you at every stage throughout your placements.
We regularly introduce our candidates to the tech giants who are constantly looking for AWS experts and trained candidates.

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Course Curriculum

Broaden your cloud computing insights with us!

Our course is curated and diversified with real-time projects, Hybrid cloud computing training, 2 months integrated course, practical and theoretical learning, ISO-approved Certification and more.

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Course Duration

Get AWS trained in less than 2 months!

Learn AWS courses online at Inventateq with a duration of fewer than 2 months which makes it an even more convenient upskill option for all.


AWS Skills

Skills are all that matter!

You will become an all-rounder with Inventateq experts with access to specifically the best AWS course materials to study online and unique training methodologies.


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Experts helping you become experts!

Get a certificate that marks excellence.
Inventateq offers an ISO-approved certification. ISO stands for the international organization of standardization.

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Learn from the best expert!

  • Our AI expert brings the best knowledge of AWS tools, cloud computing, components of cloud storage, and other important concepts to the table. The AI trainer work towards the vision of equipping you with the right AI skills.
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Course Learnings

Be the cloud computing leader with AWS certification at Inventateq!
Key highlights
  • Learn all the aspects of AWS from scratch with regular Amazon Web Services online lessons Melbourne
  • Get guidance from the team of experts with professionals having more than 8 years of experience
  • Apply concepts of AWS and cloud computing to real-time problems
  • Enhance the ability of practical application.
  • Get your hands on the best and latest AWS tools.
  • Choose Job Oriented Amazon Web Services course in Melbourne to unlock several opportunities
  • Get 100% placement assistance with the most efficient placement support at Inventateq

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Cloud computing is an IT necessity

Proficiency in cloud computing is essential for IT professionals.

Managing data is one of the biggest challenges in front of IT professionals today.

Due to enormous data generation throughout several processes, accessing specific data becomes a hustle.

AWS allows you to gain insights of your data without restriction of system time.

Start the journey of server-independent data storage with AWS certification training classes Melbourne.

AWS is all you need!

From fundamentals to advanced concepts, feed it all with one course! Be it small or middle-sized businesses, AWS is for all.

With thousands of businesses and enterprises using Cloud computing as their data storage solution, the demand for AWS experts is at its peak.

If you belong to a technical background or are simply a tech-savvy professional, Amazon Web Services Classes Melbourne is your solution for all your data access issues.

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock every AWS segment

Inventateq is your ultimate guide to starting your cloud computing and AWS career from scratch.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced professional, Inventateq offers you opportunities to explore all the segments of AWS.

Reach the heights in your career with our AWS course Melbourne and get placed in your targeted company.

Get guaranteed placements with Inventateq as we offer 100% placement support and assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inventateq experts provide you with ISO certifications that can be used to apply to companies worldwide. The Inventateq AWS certification holds international acceptance.

Online Amazon Web Services session is the training sessions conducted for the candidates to know all about AWS and how it works in the tech World. Book your free demo at Inventateq today to get a brief about the same.

AWS is one of the advanced technologies that is highly demanded in Melbourne. With a growing number of businesses and companies joining cloud computing, AWS courses and training are provided in the best form possible.

Melbourne online sessions are the easiest way of adding AWS skills to your resume. Get access to uninterrupted sessions of AWS tools and theories to ensure that you get to start your AWS journey from your home.

Inventateq offers world-class and highly efficient placement support for all its students. We provide you opportunities to join the giants of the industry and give your career the boost that it needs.

Inventateq provides online AWS training through Instructor-led classes. These sessions are interactive and fulfill the requirement of face-to-face interaction with the best AWS trainer in India. You can discuss your doubts or queries during the sessions.

AWS certification opens the doors of opportunities in different sectors. You can apply as:

  • Front end developers
  • AWS experts
  • AWS developers
  • Software engineer
  • Data management expert
  • Cloud computing engineer

With a revised and improved curriculum of Inventateq AWS training, learning AWS will not be difficult for you. Our excellence-driven professionals ensure that every AI session at inventateq is informative and a source of fun for all.

Inventateq ensures that you get a flexible schedule to upscale your career. You can gain expertise in this field within 2 months through our AWS training courses.

AWS certification is for all. Professionals looking for building a career in data management, cloud computing, data storage systems, and such can take the maximum benefits of AWS certification.


Join hands with Inventateq

All under one roof

Enough searching through the web to get your hands on AWS concepts!

We have gathered all the significant aspects of AWS and curated them in different modules of our AWS training courses.

With our diverse modules and vast AWS course syllabus, we cover every aspect with utmost importance.
Gain a highly-demanded skill


Everyone’s data is on the cloud!

Data management has been one of the most demanding sectors for organizations.

Inventateq offers you excellence in a skill that every organization is looking for.

With a huge amount of databases online, you can easily maintain the data flow inside your organization.


Learn with the Experts

Our experts will make it easier
At Inventateq, the experts have professional experience in the AWS and cloud computing field for 8 + years.

Our experts ensure that you learn the practical application of the AWS concepts through their skill knowledge and experience in their field.

After all, everything is better when you prepare it from an expert's technique.

Experts at Inventateq provide you insights into AWS that can only be gained with actual field experience.

Making you ready for every situation in the tech world is our duty!


Interview Ready

Be interview ready with us!

Does attending an interview or any thought of it scare you because you think that you are not ready?

Be ready to face all the questions your interviewers ask with us

We organize regular sessions of mock interview questions and answers in AWS to ensure that you are ready to face any questions. Face situations throughout your interview with confidence and the right piece of knowledge with us!


Break the monotonous server system with AWS cloud computing at Inventateq!

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Mode of course

Upscale your skills without stepping out of your comfort zone!

Online is the new schooling normal for all the leading domains. Avail Amazon Web Services online lessons Melbourne to give you a better foundation.

Start your AWS career with our instructor-led classes provided by the experts of the field. We are driven to provide the most interactive AWS training to make learning fun for all.

Clear your doubts with our experts while working on live AWS projects for beginners through interactive sessions. Take Amazon Web Services Online session Melbourne by Inventateq experts from your comfort environment and become a pro!.

No need of dropping your current job in the search of a career up-skill option, AWS online training is your rescue. We will help you know new job openings in AWS.

The future of AWS cloud computing is here!

Be a part of the Top AWS training Melbourne with Inventateq. Sign-up for the experts.

If you are still looking for the best AWS training courses in Melbourne? Well, your search has ended now.

Add significant differences to your AWS knowledge with the Inventateq Amazon Web Services course in Melbourne with placement courses today!