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Why Amazon Web Services?

With more than 40% of the cloud service market, AWS rules the tech world!

Move to the next era of data storage with cloud computing and storage by AWS and take your data to the cloud. We are sure that the question of what AWS is and why it is important must be bothering you. Amazon Web Services is the new definition of storing data accurately and efficiently.

Can you think about what would happen if this data got lost due to a technical error? In that case, the AWS system has got your back.

Amazon Web Services also known as AWS is a budding cloud solution offered by Amazon to make your data storage easier.

Store your data without the fear of losing it over a technical error! This comprehensive clouding model comes with a combination of three main components. The three pillars of AWS are: IAAS: Infrastructure as a service, PAAS: Platform as a service, and SAAS: Software as a service. You get the benefits of three major clouding tools in one with AWS!

Artificial Intelligence

Tools for everyone

Reach the sky of success with AWS tools AWS offers vivid tools to suit every working domain. AWS gives you access to a variety of tech-tools including computing, monitoring, analytics, big data management, and much more!

Artificial Intelligence

Need of the hour

Embrace the future of technology today! Aws certification training Los Angeles gives you access to the leading technology. It is changing the perspective and the AWS course syllabus in a way the way the world stores data. From cloud computing to gaining access to data analysis, the cloud knows it all!

Artificial Intelligence

Data storage model for all

The public cloud storage market is expected to grow up to 17.5 percent in the upcoming years! Enrolling in the AWS learning course Los Angeles is not limited to storing data conveniently. There are many added advantages of getting an AWS certification including big data management, computing, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Highly Scaled Employment

AWS Tunes Cloud computing industry! With the majority of technical services providers and middle-sized organizations using cloud computing, AWS is highly in demand. Up till now, companies have been using the traditional way of data management and storage. But with the intriguing benefits that the cloud offers, every company wishes to move to cloud computing.

Artificial Intelligence

Generate a resume that helps you stand out!

With our regular sessions for profile building, create a profile that gives you access to the job you wish for!

Kick-start your career journey with AWS interview preparations!

Get insights about improvement-worthy sections of your preparation through our regular Interview trials and discussions.

Get trained, get employed!

Inventateq offers regular interactive sessions and mock interview questions and answers in AWS to enhance your concept clarity and establish a great understanding of all the major aspects of AWS.

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Course Curriculum

Learn AWS courses online all that you need

Do you know what makes Inventateq one of the best training platforms for professionals and beginners? We offer the best AWS course materials to study online.

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Course Duration

Be an AWS expert in 2 months!

Yes, in just two months you can turn the wheels of your career on a path of growth and success. With Inventateq you can sign up for AWS certification sessions online through their regular sessions.
You will be trained in AWS tools, concepts, and all the major components of AWS in about 45 days.


Online Training Mode

Experience interactive learning with Inventateq!

At Inventateq, we offer the courses that fit right into your schedule. From flexible timing to adequate duration, our courses will keep your lifestyle intact!
Gain knowledge through specialized classes with a team of experts.


Expert certification

Gain ISO standard certification!

Get access to real-time problem-solving assessments. Once you get your hold on such concepts you will be awarded an ISO-approved certification.

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Enriched experience, in-depth knowledge, and practical approach define us!

  • Inventateq AWS expert and the best trainer in India has gained excellence from over 10 years of experience in the field. Our experts have gathered deep insights into the AWS tools. Through the guidance of our AWS expert, you will get accurate guidance on concepts of cloud computing and training to operate AWS tools in real-time situations.
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Ultimate AWS Guide

We serve you with the courses you are looking for.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced candidate for cloud computing, Inventateq AWS courses Los Angeles will be the game changers for you.

Get data access anytime and anywhere with AWS! Register today for a free demo at Inventateq to get your hands on the Best AWS learning training Los Angeles offers!

Course highlights:
  • Free demo class for AWS training and certification
  • Specialized instructor-led training sessions
  • We include AWS projects for beginners
  • Training with the experts in cloud computing and the AWS field
  • Unlock new job opportunities and be job-ready with job-oriented courses by Inventateq
  • Work on the latest AWS tools
  • Get Online Amazon Web Services session Los Angeles and become an expert

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AWS is growing exponentially

More than 47% of the tech companies are using AWS!

Launched back in 2006, AWS has gained more than half of the leading public cloud market. Do you want to be a part of this growth? Take a step towards the cloud with Amazon Web Services Classes Los Angeles! With the continuously growing sector of AWS Cloud computing, secure your future in the IT sector today!

Affordable IT solution

Get an affordable and convenient solution to all your data problems!

Switching from an old data storage system to a new one can be quite expensive! But not anymore, as AWS is here for your rescue.

Do you know that AWS offers many services to users for free? Yes, you read it right! AWS offers a free-tier account level that is available for the users without paying a single penny. This will help you to get their hands on this amazing tool.

Although the services you will get are limited at this level, you get all these services for as long as you wish. Even when you wish to avail more benefits in this field, you will be given flexible pay-up options for different services you select. Avail budget-friendly technical cloud-based tools with AWS.

Artificial Intelligence

Sign up today for the Best AWS session Los Angeles has to offer!
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You are just a decision away to get your desired job. get enrolled in the AWS training classes Los Angeles.

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Job Spectrum

Get placed at the best ones in the game!

Thousands of jobs at giants are waiting for you. Master AWS Skills and elevate your career by landing your dream. AWS Certification is the lock that opens doors to brilliant job openings in AWS. Join Job Oriented Amazon Web Services Classes in Los Angeles today!

Apply at the tech giants at highly paying IT jobs for the roles of:

  • Full stack developer
  • Software development engineers
  • AWS data engineers
  • Business analysts
  • Cloud IAM engineers
  • Cloud solution engineers

And many more such jobs in technical and accounting backgrounds. You can get into any MNC at the location of your choice with AWS certification in your possession.

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Inventateq is serving AWS on the reality table!

We provide world-class training through advanced technologies and training techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

AWS is expected to cover more than 50% of the total cloud computing market. This shows that the AWS growth graph is moving forward incredibly.

Most tech giants and organizations are looking for AWS engineers that have acquired certified training in AWS and its application.

Inventateq is offering free demo sessions for AWS through the official website and online portal. All you need to do is visit the website, tap on the orange “book a demo” button, and fill out some details.

Inventateq offers AWS certification with 100% placement results at a pocket-friendly price for all.

Yes, Inventateq online training is well suited for professionals as well. You get to choose the appropriate training duration and flexible schedule to learn without any interruptions.

On average the salary of most AWS developers starts from about 134,988 USD per year. This amount depends on the years of experience you hold.

From the tech giants like TCS, Infosys, Apple, Accenture, etc. To the small businesses, every organization is looking for AWS developers around the globe.

Inventateq offers two different batches of aws training classes Los Angeles. You can select the regular or weekend batches as per your convenience and lifestyle.


Go for the Inventateq Experience

Corporate training

We make you face the world!

We believe that once you get trained in AWS by Inventateq, you must be ready to handle any hindrance coming your way.

At Inventateq we provide you with specific training for: Building up a decent resume, Prepare you for various interview questions through interactive mock interviews, Teach application of concepts on problem statements, and much more.

We provide you access to a full package course. Be a part of the best Amazon Web Services placement training institute in los angeles.


Hands-on training by Inventateq

Get your “hands-on” AWS tools!

We feed concepts like no other!

Inventateq offers instructor-led online sessions to make the concepts of AWS and cloud computing easy for you.

Apart from concepts, you will be trained by our experts in utilizing the tools of AWS. Gain expertise with Job Oriented Amazon Web Services course in los angeles at Inventateq, the best AWS Training Institutes in Bangalore.

Our training methodology allows you to learn different aspects of such tools by helping you try them on your own.

Through our interactive Online Amazon Web Services session Los Angeles, ask your doubts and be a part of discussions to make concepts clear.



Get certified at a global level!

Inventateq offers ISO-approved certifications that are accepted in different corners of the world.

This means that you get to work for MNCs and companies running globally. Be a part of the best teams at the tech giants using your Inventateq AWS certification.


Flexibletraining schedule

Get up-skilled without leaving your job!

Inventateq Amazon Web Services course in Los Angeles with placement is available in regular and weekend batches.

If you select the regular batch, you will be provided with regular classes on a fixed schedule for 45 days.

In case you are a working professional and willing to take up classes only on the weekends, your classes will run accordingly. Although the duration of this batch might go up to 75 days.

However, in case you miss a class on a working day Or any weekend, Inventateq experts will provide you with a backup class to help you in catching up!


Engage with a team of professionals at Top online AWS training Los Angeles and land your dream job!

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Take your data to the sky through the cloud! Change the way you access your data!