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Why Get AWS Certification?

Cloud Migration is the way to modernization!

Amazon web services are now available in 63 zones spread across 21 regions.

In the upcoming years, the AWS market is expected to grow and it will be used almost everywhere. It is the global leader among all the other cloud computing services and it’s for a reason! Amazon is a trusted platform that is now used to build and deploy applications, processes, and websites by many enterprises and startups.

Amazon web services have successfully fueled the shift over to the cloud infrastructure for both small and large firms.

Do you know that 709,503+ companies now use AWS to manage their data? This makes it necessary for you to learn about Amazon web services. Therefore, opt for an AWS course in Dubai and be a part of the revolution.

Artificial Intelligence

A Reliable Community

With the trust of Amazon, AWS has a reliable community! AWS offers a more secure and private system. Also, it provides you with disaster recovery options along with backup plans. Not only this, AWS is one of the reliable sources and is used by every top company like Deloitte, Airbnb, and Unilever. Also, it has a community that you can lean on. Latest trends and global events are also posted in these AWS communities related to the service only.

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An Affordable Option

The free-tier AWS account is a great option for beginners! Among all the cloud service providers available in the market, employing AWS is an affordable option. If you are a beginner and do not want to invest much, you can have a free-tier account. Moreover, if you feel that this AWS is the right software for you, you can get the plan as per your need.

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Firms Migrating To Cloud Services

More than 9 million websites use AWS! AWS is now used globally to build websites, applications, and processes on the web. Many companies and server message blocks are migrating to AWS to operate their functions. However, migrating to the cloud is not an easy task for firms. Therefore, it is important for the firms to hire AWS professionals to do the same.

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Fast Growing Cloud Service

Amazon web services have a YOY growth of 57% These numbers are surely fascinating for everyone.Moreover, there is no doubt that the industry will grow in the coming future. So, there is no point in holding you back from learning AWS and taking a step towards a great career. Take up the AWS lesson in Dubai with InventaTeq and grow on your own terms.

Artificial Intelligence

Be known as an AWS expert!

With our regular sessions, build a profile that showcases your skills. Depicts your AWS expertise in front of companies with us!

Crack your interviews with efficiency!

Work on your lagging spots with valid and constructive feedback through our Mock Interview sessions.

Prepare For Your Next Interview!

With InventaTeq, do not only gain knowledge but also learn to use the gained knowledge in the right way. From preparing your resume to mock tests to mock interview questions and answers in AWS, InventaTeq prepares you for everything including your next interview with your dream company.

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Course Curriculum

All-in-one AWS assistance is here!

Experts at Inventateq have ensured that our training sessions cover all the essential topics of AWS throughout our training process.

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Online Training mode

Learn from the luxury of your home!

Inventateq allows you to access world-class AWS sessions by experts without leaving your home. You can now learn AWS concepts, tools, applications, etc. Through our instructor-led online sessions.


Course Duration

Become an AWS Expert in 2 months!/h6>

Inventateq has an intensive course curriculum that makes you an AWS expert in just 2 months. We have covered all starting from theoretical and conceptual understanding to live and hands-on projects.


Certification by the Experts

Providing quality learning for a long time!

InventaTeq is an ISO-certified training platform. The certification ensures that we provide you with quality education and tool knowledge as per industry standards.

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Transform your professional life with expert guidance!

  • Inventateq offers you a chance of getting trained by an ultimate Expert in the industry. Our trainer is skilled in AWS specifications and applications. He provides you with in-depth knowledge of every aspect of AWS that you must know to excel at cloud computing tools. Under the mentorship of our skilled trainer, you will be given knowledge of unique and exclusive skills of AWS tools.
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Course Highlights

Key Highlights of the Course:
  • Hands-on training for all AWS tools
  • RRegular instructor-led online sessions
  • 100% Career assistance by experts
  • Detailed sessions on cloud concepts and AWS tools
  • Integrated course of less than 2 months
  • Globally accepted ISO-Approved certification

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Career Growth

Grow your career in the right direction! It is the time to implement all your plans and work towards making your dream true. Join the growing community of cloud computing with the right kind of skills by learning from InventaTeq.

Every firm is now switching to the cloud to store and manage its data which has opened up a lot of career opportunities for freshers and working professionals.

Job prospects:

  • Cloud developer
  • Cloud system administrator
  • Cloud network engineer
  • Cloud security engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud DevOps engineer

Unroll each chapter of AWS with perfection!

Be a part of the InventaTeq family and take a step toward perfectly learning everything about AWS! AWS has been dominating the cloud computing industry for a long time now. It is now used by many firms to manage data.

Therefore, the demand for AWS professionals will increase. But with so many people competing in the same industry, how will you stand out from others? Well, join InventaTeq to follow a distinguished approach from others. At InventaTeq, we are assuring you to provide more than just theoretical knowledge. We make you reality-ready with the top AWS training in Dubai!

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Join a fresh batch of AWS courses in Dubai and learn everything from scratch.
Begin from a demo class and then turn it into a complete course if you like it.


Effective Mode of Training

Anywhere, Anytime: learn AWS at your convenience!

Since the hit of covid-19 and the introduction of work-from-home patterns, how we pursue and understand our lives has completely changed including our training methods.

InventaTeq provides you with Amazon Web Services online training in Dubai to help you learn at your home only.

Even if you miss any of your classes, you do not need to worry and can watch recorded sessions multiple times.

Not only this, but InventaTeq also offers you instructor-led online training. The instructor will always be there to guide you during your course regarding anything related to the curriculum or projects.

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Become an expert

Inventateq is the new hub for manufacturing and presenting the tech experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

For people who are starting to learn cloud computing, AWS is the best and most affordable platform. The API of this platform is quite integrated and allows you to build and deploy your applications easily. Not only this, for beginners it also offers a free-tier option so that you can try how it works.

Using and working on AWS is easy. To use the platform, you will not need any kind of programming or experience. However, if you wish to stay ahead of your competition, AWS certification training in Dubai will be a plus. So, what’s better than getting trained by the experts themselves at InventaTeq?

The average salary of AWS-certified freshers ranges up to 3.8 lakhs per annum. However, the salary of the candidate increases with an increase in their experience.

An AWS professional is an expert who migrates, creates, transfers, and evolves cloud infrastructure for existing applications. This includes environments for testing, deploying, and developing the required websites and applications. We offer the best AWS course materials to study online.

Fortunately, yes. You can now learn AWS courses online from the experts in only 2 months. InventaTeq offers you a detailed AWS course for beginners and professionals. This 2-month duration AWS course by InventaTeq covers all the important details and concepts that you need to learn to become an AWS expert and stand out from the crowd.

Certainly. InventaTeq has made it possible for you to learn AWS from home. Now, you can get recognized by experts in the industry just sitting at your home. If you are not sure of it, you can book your demo class with InventaTeq and learn everything about its AWS courses in Dubai.

AWS is a cloud computing service. To work on AWS, you need to have a clear idea of development-related terms. With that said, it is evident that there is no need to learn coding to work on AWS.

For more than six years, AWS has been on the top when it comes to cloud computing services. With the increasing data production, cloud migration has increased. And there is no doubt that AWS will maintain its top position for a long time now. Therefore, choosing AWS as your career is a great option. However, prefer signing up for a professional AWS course in Dubai to make your resume more appealing to the employer.

You need to be well-equipped with the basics of programming if you are choosing to be an AWS engineer. But of all the languages, Java is generally preferred. Most applications or websites on AWS use Java because of its robustness.

In your AWS course, you will learn basic and advanced topics of AWS. This includes computation, database, storage, IoT, enterprise application, management tools, developer tools, and more.


Take The Right Decision And Join InventaTeq

Ability To ConnectWith Mentor

Connect with your mentor whenever you want! InventaTeq provides you with one on one trainers throughout the process. You can contact your mentor in case of any queries. This instructor-led training is developed to ensure that each student gets all the knowledge at the pace that our experts are delivering.


Projects As PerThe Industry

Do not only learn but implement your learnings!

Our practical approach is what makes us the top AWS training in Dubai. In your course duration, we make you work on basic and advanced projects of AWS and help you gain the practical knowledge that you need.


Experienced Trainers

Experience is the greatest teacher of all time!

We have a huge team of experienced working professionals working in senior positions in firms like Amazon, Google, Genpact, Infosys, and HCL. These experts train you as per their experience in the field of AWS and provide you with the same kind of expertise.


A Complete Student Support Team

Get help even after your class hours!

InventaTeq also provides you with a complete student support team so that you can even get assistance after your class hours. The support team is always there to help you out with all your queries related to your course, fees, placement, or any other issues that you may face.


Become a data science geek with the best training offered by Dubai in AWS at Inventateq.

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Artificial Intelligence

Become a leader in the cloud computing world!

InventaTeq has been providing industry-based training to all candidates for a long time. The team of InventaTeq is dedicated to giving you a bright and desired future.

We provide you with application-based learning to teach you the right implementation of the concepts of AWS.

Learn how to integrate PHP code in AWS applications or advanced concepts like IAM and CloudWatch.

InventaTeq offers online Amazon Web Services training in Dubai to help you get trained at your home only.

Join The League Of Experts With InventaTeq

Learning AWS is now easier!

Sign up for the best AWS session in Dubai with InventaTeq and outrank your competition with the right skills.

With InventaTeq by your side, join the cloud computing community and bring revolution!